I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 41

The desk light was dim, and the day’s work was finally over.

The reduced efficiency of employers means that subordinates should pay more attention.

Close the notebook, Wei Yichen takes off his glasses and gently rubs the bridge of his nose.

His temples were swollen and pounding, which was gradually consistent with the frequency of his heartbeat. The resonance of his head and chest was very bad, which was a warning to him from physical fatigue.

After taking a deep breath, Wei Yichen pressed the desktop and got up. He went into the bathroom and took a quick bath. He wiped his wet hair and touched the mobile phone at the head of the bed. At 11 o’clock, he put down his mobile phone and sat on the soft bed. Wei Yichen’s action of wiping his hair gradually slowed down, and finally put down the towel.

The coat hung on the hanger and another mobile phone was hidden in the lining.

Only one contact’s phone.

During this time, the mobile phone has been quiet, like a forgotten old toy.

Wei Yichen stood in front of his straight coat for a long time before reaching out and taking out his mobile phone from the pocket of the lining of his suit.

It is not expected or unexpected that the mobile phone still has no information.

Without putting the mobile phone back into the lining, with the mobile phone in his hand, Wei Yichen lay back in bed with his hair half wet.

There is not much information in the mobile phone. Turn it one by one and soon turn it to the head.

“It’s all right. I miss you.”

There was a glimmer on the screen, reflecting the corner of his lips.

It’s unethical to disturb others’ night sports.

I suddenly had a special imagination in my mind.

What if he did?

Yan Shuang lay lazily on the bed, his neck raised slightly, his eyes staring vaguely at the screen, carelessly replied to his prey, then looked back, hooked the gold Lord who worked hard behind him, and presented his bright red lips like a reward.

My throat is itchy. I want to smoke a cigarette.

The cell phone vibrated.

For a moment, Wei Yichen could hardly tell whether the information on his mobile phone was his imagination or reality.

——”I’m so hungry. I want to eat secretly.”

Only his own breathing and heartbeat were quiet in the room.

Staring at those words for a long time, Wei Yichen smiled.

During the day, the servants scattered in the house quietly dormant. The whole building was dark. Wei Yichen walked among them. He couldn’t help smiling when he thought of the “ghost house” mentioned by Yan Shuang.

There is a ghost in this house now.

The ghost sat barefoot on the marble table in the kitchen. The cold white moonlight shone on him. He hid in the reflection of rose flowers and asked with a smile, “where can I eat? I’m so hungry.”

“Eh,” Yan Shuang smiled and waved, “you don’t wear glasses. Come and have a look.”

The tone and attitude are too much like teasing pets.

Being treated so contemptuously, Wei Yichen just came forward calmly.

The distance was getting closer and closer until Yan Shuang’s hanging knees were pasted on his waist and abdomen.

The silk nightgown was light and soft. Yan Shuang’s knees reached the hard abdominal muscles through the cotton pajamas. He lowered his eyes, looked at the tightly fitting nightgown and pajamas, and smiled.

The housekeeper has been neglected for so long. The housekeeper is also in a little mood.

Yan Shuang stretched out his index finger and gently put on the protruding Adam’s apple in front of him. As soon as the Adam’s apple rolled slightly, the fingernails at his fingertips slowly slid upward without nostalgia. He deliberately brought a little strength, as if he wanted to scratch the fragile throat. He didn’t stop until he reached his chin. With a little force, he raised the handsome face.

The eyes without glasses looked a little less amorous. The pupils were unexpectedly clear, and the wet hair spread out smoothly. It looked a little fresh like rain and dew in the morning.

“It’s beautiful…” Yan Shuang said softly, with a light smile on his mouth, and then immediately shook off his hand, and his tone turned to dislike. “Unfortunately, I’m not hungry.” his knee pushed open close to his abdomen. Yan Shuang said frankly, “I’m hungry, I can’t find anything to eat.”

“There is no meal in the kitchen today,” Wei Yichen stepped back, bent down to open a hidden cabinet and said calmly, “because their master hasn’t come down upstairs since he came back.”

For nearly four hours, the master bedroom almost became a restricted area. Servants didn’t dare to get close easily for fear of hearing anything they shouldn’t hear.

Yan Shuang didn’t answer him at all, “what delicious food is hidden here?”

“Instant food that servants use to satisfy their hunger.”

The bread was soft and fluffy. With a cup of milk hot by the housekeeper, Yan Shuang enjoyed his supper. His legs swayed gently. He looked in a good mood.

Wei Yichen stood beside him, quietly waiting to pick up the pieces.

The moonlight outside became brighter and brighter, and the line of sight gradually adapted to the darkness.

There is a little white milk stain on the red lip. It is moist and soft. The original plump lip is slightly swollen. The upper lip is close to the peeling cup and the lip beads are tooting.

It’s different from the bite marks of previous self injury.

Yan Shuang’s lips were swollen by suction.

The black and white eyes moved to the end of his eyes. Yan Shuang looked at him with his spare light and drank the last drop of milk. He said, “the night snack is very good. I’ll give you a gift, okay?”

Barefoot lightly jumped up the steps. Yan Shuang held the railing, turned back and hooked his hand to him. He said silently, “come up.”

Is it a dream or reality?

When Wei Yichen stepped up the steps, he really stepped on the ground.

Not a dream, Wei Yichen soberly thought.

The small door opened but didn’t close, leaving only a gap.

He asked him to push the door in himself.

Wei Yichen stood at the door. There was peace in the corridor. Around a corner, it was his employer’s room.

Presumably, after his employer has enjoyed warm fragrant nephrite, he should have fallen asleep with satisfaction. How can he know that his lover will sneak out of the room and steal food?

Reach out and gently push the door open.

The room was still dark.

Yan Shuang didn’t turn on the light. He bent over and stood in front of the wardrobe. He turned back and smiled at Wei Yichen. He stretched out his hand and pointed to the third door opened by the wardrobe. His voice was very low. “Shh, be gentle. Your master will sleep in the back and come in at any time.”

The pieces of wood on the wardrobe immediately made Wei Yichen think of the painting in Qin yubai’s bedroom.

i see.

All the sounds in the room are instantly amplified several times in the eardrum, and a little movement may wake up their common owner.

It’s too dangerous.

The danger was so great that he trembled with excitement.

The sound of the zipper opening was as loud as a bullet coming out of the chamber.

Yan Shuang is opening the trunk.

“I don’t plan to stay long this time,” Yan Shuang rummaged in his suitcase, “but I brought you a present.”

A fiery red dress still shining in the night appeared in front of Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen can be sure that no matter how real the thing in front of him is, it must be a dream.

Because Mr. Ji, who is in control, can’t sell such an expensive skirt, Yan Shuang has long wanted to use the waste and wear it to the right people at the right time.

Now is the right time.

Old T-shirts and old pajamas fell quietly to the ground.

Wei Yichen stood at his desk as if watching a mysterious mime.

The play was previewed a long time ago. The previews came out again and again, which made his appetite extremely high, and almost made him lose his expectation.

But still higher than his expectations.

If Ji wensong were here, he would find how thoroughly Yan Shuang perfunctory he was.

The fiery red skirt was loosely hooked by the fingertips. It passed through the snow-white cloud like a light. The red silk slowly hung down the beautiful body and slid across the white skin like a lover’s hand.

Still too fast.

Compared with wearing, it may be a better choice to take off this skirt by hand, so that people who take off it can master the frequency and enjoy the half hidden style of this beautiful body.

Yan Shuang seemed to see through Wei Yichen’s mind. Instead of reaching for the zipper behind him, he pulled up his skirt and skillfully turned around the room.

Without the restraint of the back zipper, the thin shoulder strap fell in rotation. The perfect cutting of the waist didn’t let the red skirt fall completely from the body. It held the body like an art like bud.

The red clouds approached in rotation, and the aroma of Citrus spread strongly around him.

Close, you can see the fresh kiss marks on the flawless body in the dark.

How can you be so rude to such a great art?

Wei Yichen carried his hands on his back. When the red skirt was about to leave, he finally stretched out his hand and grasped the late night dream.

Yan Shuang gasped slightly, leaned against the housekeeper’s powerful arm, and smiled at the corners of his eyes, “is it nice?”

Wei Yichen looked at him quietly. His black hair was scattered from the center of his eyebrows, his face was white and red, his red lips were slightly open, and he exhaled a little heat.

Since it’s a dream, what if it’s ridiculous?

The lips pressed heavily, and the soft touch made the heart beat faster than it could bear.

The man in his arms trembled and immediately pushed him away.

“Pa -”

A slap in the face.

Even didn’t let Wei Yichen’s face deviate.

Yan Shuang was still laughing. He was not offended. He was still smiling. His expression was also joking. It seemed to ridicule that he was easily tempted. The red lips he kissed were slightly open and silently made a mouth shape. His action was very slow to ensure that he could see clearly.

“You — don’t — deserve –”

When he returned to the room and lay back in bed, Wei Yichen was still laughing. He couldn’t control himself to make meaningless laughter. He felt soft like floating in the clouds.

Yan Shuang… Yan Shuang… Yan Shuang

The name is all over my head.

With his left hand covering his slightly hot cheek, Wei Yichen thought to himself mockingly: it turned out that he still had a tendency to be abused.

He gave him a kiss and gave him a slap. He didn’t feel angry and ashamed. Instead, he thought these were gifts from Yan Shuang.

The original “gift” is such a good thing.

For the first time, he began to look forward to his birthday.

If it’s Yan Shuang, maybe you can expect something?

It would be impolite not to reciprocate.

Wei Yichen took his private mobile phone and made sure that the other party would place an order after delivering the notebook tomorrow.

It seems that he is a little worse than his employer. Wei Yichen laughed at himself again and thought about it in the night. It’s hard to sleep

When Qin yubai woke up, he subconsciously reached out and touched the bed beside him – empty. He suddenly opened his eyes, sat up and opened the quilt. When he saw the wrinkled sheets, he was sure that last night was not a ridiculous dream.

Last night, from the bathroom to the bedroom, all the details were in my mind. Now I think back as if the person who madly asked for it was not himself.

Qin yubai unconsciously touched his lips.


More than one.

Dry throat and beating heart.

Qin yubai sat in bed for a long time. He must do something to eliminate the influence on him last night.


He made a deal with Yan Shuang.

Last night exceeded the part of the transaction, so he used the transaction to pay it back.

The person in charge of the commercial building received a call from the big boss early in the morning. He was so surprised that he was almost out of breath. He was afraid that there was something wrong with the shop inspection yesterday. As a result, the big boss just told him to go to the shop on the third floor and take a laptop to his home.

The person in charge breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “which one do you want?”

The other end of the phone has been silent for a long time, so long that the person in charge wants to hit his mouth and dislike his talkativeness. What the big boss wants must be the best.

Sure enough, a response came from the other end of the phone.

“The latest and most expensive one.”

“No public account, my private account.”

“Send it today.”


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