I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 42

Yan Shuang mixed among the servants and had breakfast in the side hall.

The servants of the Qin family were very kind to him, warm and natural. They didn’t alienate Yan Shuang because of his “special identity”, which made Yan Shuang feel very comfortable.

Whether to say it or not, it is most comfortable to be with the working people.

After that, when he ends his retirement world and buys his beloved planet, he will work at sunrise and rest at sunset on the planet, farming and planting.

Raise some more pigs.

Pork is delicious.

Yan Shuang forked a piece of ham and thought happily.

“Good morning, housekeeper Wei.”

When the servants saw Wei Yichen coming, they stood up and said hello. Yan Shuang also stood up in fear and bowed down with him. “Good morning, housekeeper Wei.”

“Good morning.” Wei Yichen said hello to the crowd. His eyes stopped on Yan Shuang for a moment before he sat down under the long table.

As soon as the Wei Guan family arrived, the servants were a little uncomfortable. After all, the housekeeper controlled the life and death of their servants, which was equivalent to half the master of the whole family. The servants quickly ended the breakfast and chatted and left one by one.

A few minutes later, only Yan Shuang and Wei Yichen were left on the long table.

Yan Shuang slowly spread jam on the golden toast. “Some people are so popular that they scare everyone away.”

Wei Yichen drank some coffee. He didn’t rest well last night. He was a little depressed. When he heard Yan Shuang’s ridicule, his eyes just fell on him. It seems that Yan Shuang slept well, his face was white and red. At present, there is no green and black, and his whole face is white and bright with scattered vitality.

It seems that neither his employer nor him had any impact on him last night.


Wei Yichen hooked his lips and smiled, “I’ll pay attention later.” his lips dipped in a little coffee and put it down, “improve interpersonal relations.”

“Change from now on,” Yan Shuang pushed down the cup in front of him and ordered, “come on, pour the milk.”

The corners of his mouth rose so high that he could only be blocked by a coffee cup. Wei Yichen obediently picked up the milk bottle beside the table and poured milk to Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang shouted to stop half of it.

“Pour me some more coffee.”

When I went to get the coffee pot, I received new capricious instructions.

“Just what you have.”

Wei Yichen glanced.

Yan Shuang looked innocent. “I’m so old and haven’t had coffee yet. It smells like burnt. But you all like it so much. I also want to try it,” he stretched out his hand, opened his thumb and index finger and gestured, “just a little.”

The black liquid is poured from the dark coffee cup into the glass milk cup, and the whole cup of white liquid is dyed chocolate with only a little.

“Enough, enough.”

Yan Shuang hurriedly stopped, stared at the cup of coffee with milk for a while, came up to smell it again, and then took a sip of it carefully.


Yan Shuang wrinkled his face, said “bitter” with disgust, and looked at Wei Yichen with smiling eyes. His eyes were full of strange ideas, “is there a problem with your taste buds?”

Wei Yichen took another sip of coffee. The mellow bitterness filled his mouth. “Just get used to it.”

“I don’t understand why I should get used to such bad things.”

Pushing the glass in front of Wei Yichen, Yan Shuang jumped out of his seat, “I won’t drink.”

The brown liquid swayed slightly in the glass. Wei Yichen held the coffee cup and thought whether such a rare childishness was also installed?

Yan Shuang was a little confused about what was true and what was false.

It’s like a mixture of milk and coffee in front of you.

Wei Yichen put down his coffee cup, took a drink from the glass in front of him, and the corners of his mouth suddenly tilted higher.

Where bitter.

After breakfast, Yan Shuang wanted to go back to his room to deal with his homework, but he was called to the study by the servant.

The capitalists are working again.

Two people who were not “in love” kissed last night.

Yan Shuang took great pains to pretend to be unfamiliar.

But after all, it was a scum attack. It made great progress soon, so as to avoid him pretending. The two kissed each other.

Now the capitalists have a cold face of getting out of bed and not recognizing people.

“Sit down.”

Qin yubai is beating on his notebook. Yan Shuang comes in. He doesn’t look at it, but points to the seat opposite him.

Yan Shuang sat down, “what are you doing?”

“Stay with me.”

Full of ambiguous words, from Qin yubai’s mouth, there was no warmth at all. It was all alienation and indifference.

Sometimes Yan shuangzhen admires Qin yubai’s dedication.

It’s very suitable to engage in sadistic love because of the awkward handling of President Gu zaoba!

Last night, the progress bar of the relationship line has also risen to 35%, a little better than Xiaoji.

“I still have homework.”

“Write it right here.” Qin yubai’s language is casual, as if he is not worried that Yan Shuang will refuse.

Sure enough, Yan Shuang was silent for a while and whispered, “I’ll get the book.”

It’s time for him to perform! You can’t lose to Qin yubai!

In the study, they sat opposite each other and did not interfere with each other. The sound of fingertips hitting the keyboard and the sound of nibs sliding over the paper were unexpectedly harmonious.

Qin Yu Bai Yuguang crossed the computer and saw Yan Shuang writing with his head down and his long hair hanging on the paper. “The hair is so long, it’s time to cut it.”

Yan Shuang looked up at him, his lips moved, “there’s no time.”

“Mid Autumn Festival holiday, go and have your hair cut.”

“I want to work in the Mid Autumn Festival.”

Qin yubai glanced at him coldly, “go and cut your hair. This is an order.”

Yan Shuang lowered his head silently, neither obeying nor refuting, which was no small progress for Qin yubai.

The more stubborn a man is, the softer he is once tamed.

This is just the beginning. Maybe Yan Shuang will show a softer look in the future.

The mood is very complex, and the joy is mixed with indescribable anxiety.

“College assignments are not all electronic manuscripts. What’s the use of writing so much?” Qin Yu and Bai Dao.

Yan Shuang bowed his head and wrote, “go back to the school and go to the computer room to play well, soon.”

Qin yubai almost got angry again.

He doesn’t want to use his computer, does he? Later, he will see what kind of expression Yan Shuang will show when the new notebook comes.

Qin yubai seems to be in a better mood. Qin yubai returns to work.

The house is very quiet and comfortable. Qin yubai feels an unprecedented relaxation and finally has someone to accompany him

Even if he paid for it.

The cell phone on one side finally rang near noon, “President Qin, this is the case…”

The person in charge of the mall at the other end of the phone sounded very anxious, “The notebook you want is out of stock in the mall. The last one was sent out last night, and I asked about other stores. You said it’s too unfortunate. Now the whole city is out of stock, and there is only one prototype for display in the store. The prototype is not a new machine. I’m sure I can’t get it for you. Otherwise, you wait, and the machine will arrive in about two days.”

“Nothing,” Qin Yu Bai Wei frowned. Although he was unhappy, he really couldn’t blame the person in charge. He looked at Yan Shuang and said vaguely, “things must arrive before the Mid Autumn Festival.”

Yan Shuang picked his eyebrows and thought to himself what day the Mid Autumn Festival is. One or two places require things to arrive.

Well, he also set a small goal. The Mid Autumn Festival must brush the data of big eggs to 50%!

After hanging up the phone, Qin yubai caught Yan Shuang’s peeping eyes. Somehow, he became in a good mood. This stubborn person probably never dreamed that he was shopping for him.

“It’s almost time. Go down to lunch.” Qin yubai naturally said, pushing aside his chair and getting up.

Yan Shuang still sat and waited for Qin yubai to urge impatiently before he stood up.

They went downstairs one after another. Qin yubai didn’t force Yan Shuang to walk beside him.

Rich meals have been prepared in the dining room downstairs. Qin yubai doesn’t like to be served. The servants have also gone to the side hall for dinner. He sat down alone at the table and saw Yan Shuang walking to the side hall. He stopped and said, “where are you going?”

Yan Shuang stopped, but didn’t look back. His voice was light, “eat.”

If it had been before, Qin yubai would have made a few sarcastic remarks about Yan Shuang’s inferiority, and then let him go and have dinner with the servant.

“What are you doing? I’m afraid I’ll poison you.” Qin yubai’s tone is still mean. “Sit down and eat with me.”

Yan Shuang also admired Qin yubai for being able to say all his words in the most ugly way.

Still want to learn more!

Qin yubai’s food is really top.

I don’t know if the kitchen is prepared according to the quantity of several people. Anyway, there are so many dishes that people are dazzled. Yan Shuang is not polite. He chooses what he likes to eat.

A piece of spare ribs was suddenly put into the bowl.

“Eat more meat,” Qin Yu said with a blank face. “You’re so thin.”

Classic lines.

Yan Shuang resisted the impulse to laugh and took a bite of rice.

Damn it.

The bookstore is really bad.

The plot of dog blood ancient times is not bad. Sometimes it’s really funny.

Yan Shuangling and Qin yubai, who buried themselves in hard food, had a much better appetite.

It’s better to put it around. Maybe he finally found the right way to use this double. He doesn’t need to think more and explore more. He just needs to enjoy the current relaxation.

At the end of a meal, Qin yubai was in a good mood all morning. He said with great interest, “I have nothing to do in the afternoon. I’ll take you to have your hair cut.”

“I don’t want to go.” Yan Shuang refused.

Qin yubai didn’t get angry, “why?”

Yan Shuang hung his face and his long hair covered his forehead. “Now, I feel very good.”

Qin yubai stretched out his hand and lifted the bangs in front of Yan Shuang’s forehead. There was a rare smile on his handsome face, “why, do you want to stay long and be a girl?”

Yan Shuang: Yes, he also wears women’s clothes. It’s beautiful.

Seeing Yan Shuang blushing, Qin yubai is in a better mood. He wants to take someone upstairs immediately and prepare him in advance… It’s a surprise. Poke it in front of this person to see what expression he hasn’t seen.


The security guard outside the house suddenly came in.

Qin yubai put his hand down and asked, “what’s up?”

The security guard was a little frightened. He wanted to find Wei Yichen. He made two indoor calls and no one answered them.

“Housekeeper Wei has a valuable item that needs to be signed by himself. He didn’t get in touch by phone.”


Qin yubai stood up and walked to the side hall. He found that the servants in the side hall were having lunch with Wei Yichen. They were talking and laughing. The servants who should have stayed by the phone also joined the chat team.

Qin yubai rarely gets angry because the servant is lazy, but chooses to leave quietly.

He is really in a good mood today, enough to tolerate all mistakes.

“Hello, are you Mr. Wei?”


Qin yubai casually replied that what he took the pen and signed was his own name.

The effectiveness of his name is many times stronger than that of Wei Yichen, he thought.

After receiving the heavy package, Qin yubai looked at the slightly familiar outer packaging logo and frowned slowly. He thought where had he seen the logo?

“Oh, no, your signature is not Wei Yichen,” the courier was anxious when he saw the list and hurriedly stretched out his hand to get the package back. “This is tens of thousands of laptops, sir. I can’t joke.”

As soon as his hand touched the package, the man who arrogantly signed a different name from the single owner suddenly looked up, and the cold light swept over, which frightened his hand and dared not touch it again.

“What are you talking about?”

“I, I didn’t say anything. I said tens of thousands of things…”


Qin yubai repeated.

The courier was stunned. “Yes, yes, can you let Mr. Wei come out and sign for it? Our company has, has…” he couldn’t say the rest.

The other side’s face was so terrible that it was like eating people.

Qin yubai calmly and slowly opened the package.

It’s really the one I saw in the shop yesterday.

Or a gift box.

Now there are two possibilities before him.

First, his clever assistant guessed in advance that he needed the notebook and placed the order before him.

Second, his computer assistant bought an expensive notebook as a gift to someone.

“Little skirt”.

The strange title suddenly came to his mind.

The seed of doubt was planted in a moment and ignored because of conceit. Now this seed is catalyzed by coincidence and breaks through the ground again

Qin yubai’s brain almost uncontrollably thought of a face.

Yan Shuang.


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