I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 43

“Housekeeper Wei, your express.”

Surrounded by the servants, the sociable people stood up, smiled and took over the things, and said to the humanity around them, “that’s all for today. Let’s go to work.”

The servants had a pleasant chat with the housekeeper today, and all returned to their posts with satisfaction.

Wei Yichen called the security guard who handed him the express. “Did you sign for me?”

The security guard didn’t change his face. “Yes.”

“Thank you.”

Well, his employer was suspicious.

There are three missed calls in the phone.

Wei Yichen noticed the first vibration of the cell phone placed close to him. He always held a coffee cup and maintained an easy-going attitude. He left almost all the servants in the house talking and laughing in the side hall, completely ignoring the vibration of the cell phone.

The anxious courier was anxious to get people to sign for it. He could only beg the security guard at the door. The security guard didn’t dare to make decisions. When he called indoors, but there was no servant to answer, so he had to run indoors and lead him to the restaurant outside to report the situation to their master.

The master always regarded his subordinates as his own property, and never had the slightest privacy boundary.

After knowing the situation, he probably wouldn’t condescend to call people himself, but went to sign for things with anger, and then settled accounts with the inexplicably lost housekeeper.

Of course, before the end of what he expected, the owner had found that his housekeeper bought the goods he lingered in the mall and paid a lot of attention to yesterday.

His owner should wonder why he bought this commodity he didn’t need at all?

Or… In the form of gifts.

After three years with the employer, Wei Yichen knew that his employer had a wolf like intuition in the mall. The reason why he didn’t notice the true face of the little lover around him was that he didn’t really focus on that person.

How can it go on like this?

Since you have received such a desirable gift last night, of course, you should respond to the same level of gifts.

He has to help him.

I hope his little skirt likes it.

Gently put down the coffee cup, Wei Yichen raised a faint smile at the corners of his mouth, picked up the gift box and went upstairs.

When the study door opened, Qin yubai’s eyes fell on Yan Shuang’s back.

Thin is Yan Shuang’s first impression.

A thin man can easily reduce people’s vigilance and make people subconsciously feel that he is harmless.

The palm of his hand fell on Yan’s double head and his five fingers became claws. In his mind, he had ruthlessly picked up the wisp of black hair, pulled the thin man off the chair, pinched his neck and asked him, “do you like wearing skirts?”

The palm fell slowly, gently rubbed the hair top, and his tone was calm, “a lot of homework?”

“Hmm…” his head tilted slightly and avoided his palm. “It’s a little more to write.”

Qin yubai whispered, “let me buy you a computer.”

The face lifted in surprise.

The white face can look to the end without covering. His thoughts are written on his face, simple as a piece of white paper. At this time, his face is slightly red, but his lips are still stubbornly pursing, “I don’t want your things.” it seems that he is afraid that his bad tempered master will be angry. He added, “I don’t want to owe you anything.”

It’s so stubborn.

Qin Yu Bai looked at Yan Shuang calmly.

Even if those eyes were blocked by thin lenses, they looked so clear. His eyes had a panoramic view and had no intention. He was a lamb falling into a trap and would open his belly to be slaughtered in front of the hunter. Therefore, the hunter no longer had the heart to start, but just stroked his fur and even wanted to keep him as a private property.

Suddenly, Qin yubai smiled, reached out and gently touched the front slender neck, “I believe you can afford it.”

The study was covered with a soft woolen carpet.

When Yan Shuang was pushed down, his mind was a little confused. He thought that the mad dog was worthy of being a mad dog. He said that the attack would happen. Before he struggled, Qin yubai had let go of his hands and supported his arms on both sides of his cheeks. His eyes were deep, “don’t you want to?”

This is the first time he asked Yan Shuang’s opinion on this matter.

Yan Shuang’s eyes shook and then began to dodge.

He has been “attracted” to Qin yubai, but he just refuses to admit it.

He could only bite his lips over his face and didn’t say he was willing or unwilling.

This is a kind of acquiescence.

Qin yubai was not happy.

Once doubt begins, everything you see seems to change.

Is his submission, his obedience, his concern… All true?

The finger lightly touched the two red lips.

The round lips trembled nervously.

He just kissed these two lips yesterday. It tastes good and people can’t stop.

It’s strange. Why does he think this mouth won’t lie? Just like what makes him think that the housekeeper with a criminal record of devouring the Lord will not betray again?

The more angry, the more calm.

Qin yubai stood up and handed his hand to Yan Shuang, “get up.”

Yan Shuang hesitated and finally lowered his head and put his hands into the warm palms.

Qin yubai pulled the man up, but didn’t let go. Instead, he kept pulling Yan Shuang around the desk. He sat down and took Yan Shuang’s hand in a soft tone. “Answer me, would you like to?”

Yan Shuang felt a little strange.

The tone between him and Qin yubai is sadistic.

The more Qin yubai likes him, the more he wants to abuse him. The more he abuses him, the deeper he falls.

A gentle inquiry like this is not in line with their number of emotional lines at all?

With doubts in his heart, Yan Shuang remained silent, dutifully played his role, bowed his head and said nothing.

“If you don’t speak, I’ll take you as willing.”

Qin yubai said slowly, “kneel down.”

Yan Shuang: ah, the familiar taste is coming! He’s relieved!

Yan Shuang raised his eyes, looked at him incredulously, and expressed his silent anger with trembling eyelashes and red clouds on his cheeks.

Qin yubai smiled softly, “don’t want to?”

“I pay you. You listen to me. Why are you always so disobedient when you love what I want?”

Yan Shuang finally opened his mouth, “you didn’t love me, you forced me.”

So you fucking stole behind my back?!

The angry words just roared through his mind. Qin yubai was still kind, “OK, I’ll force you,” his tone became more and more affectionate. He took Yan Shuang’s hand to his lips, pecked it gently, raised his eyes, and said with a smile, “even if I beg you, OK?”

Yan Shuang’s angry expression slowly turned into a kind of embarrassment. He looked a little flustered, “what do you want to do?”

Qin yubai pulled the hands, half dragged the man onto himself, looked up, and his lips were very close to Yan Shuang’s lips. If his breath seemed to be intertwined, he said, “I want you to kiss me…”

The ending sound scattered in Yan Shuang’s ears, making Yan Shuang’s whole white face red.

“You are obscene!”

Yan Shuang said with shame and indignation that he wanted to break away Qin yubai’s hands, but Qin yubai held them back and kissed them strongly.

It is worthy of the ancient slag attack.

Even kissing skills have improved so rapidly.

The taste in Qin yubai’s mouth is fresh and clean, and the feeling of kissing is quite good.

This kiss is fierce, with a strong desire to conquer. It is to make your legs soft, make you tremble, and make you crawl under his feet unconsciously.

Yan Shuang gradually slipped with cooperation.

At the end of the long kiss, he knelt down on Qin yubai’s side like a kitten, his cheeks flushed, his eyes blurred, and his wrists were still tightly grasped.

“Try…” the low magnetic voice was tempting him. “It’s really annoying. We’ll stop.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes dodged. As soon as he twisted his face, he was twisted back by a finger.

Those dark eyes were looking at him.

The deep eyes are hidden in the well-defined eye sockets, and the thick eyelashes filter out most of the cold components in the eyes, leaving only the smoked black, which is easy to misunderstand that he is in love with you.

“Baby, trust me.”

Yan Shuang’s mind returned to the first level of vigilance.

It’s amazing. Qin yubai has even used the dirty handsome man’s trick.

He doesn’t think that in bed is worth Qin yubai’s effort.

Qin yubai really wants this one. He should take the line of violence. It’s too abnormal to cajole with such tender and sweet words.

What happened?

Yan Shuang quickly resumed the situation of the morning in his mind. Everything was normal by the end of lunch.

It was Qin yubai who went out and brought up Wei Yichen’s express. He began to turn into this strange face.

What did Wei Yichen buy? How can it stimulate Qin yubai?

No, for a cautious person like Wei Yichen, why can’t he be contacted by phone when there is express delivery?

The lips were heavily pressed by the thumb. Yan Shuang returned to his mind. Qin yubai bowed down and smiled unpredictably, “what are you thinking?”

I wonder if your housekeeper is fooling him.

Yan Shuang bit his lower lip, twisted his face violently according to people’s design, “I won’t do it.”

“Well,” Qin yubai said gently, “just sit here and finish my work with me. I won’t force you.”

And know circuitous tactics.

Yan Shuang just found out that Qin yubai also has a set.

He always thought that Qin yubai was a simple and rough mindless abuse.

You shouldn’t underestimate every character in the book.

I just don’t know what Wei Yichen did.

Yan Shuang knelt on the ground and began to think about various possible situations and countermeasures according to his understanding of Wei Yichen.

Calm down, be calm.

His people have a lot of room to play. As long as they don’t collapse, the emotional line and plot line can be adjusted and pushed slowly.

Small scene, don’t panic.

Qin yubai was working at the desk, and Yu Guang looked at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang looks very good. He sits askew with some wooden eyes. He doesn’t seem to have recovered his mind.

It looks innocent and pathetic.

Qin yubai picked up the phone on his desk, “come up.”

Yan Shuang heard the voice, his eyes did not move, and his spirit had been highly concentrated. He believed that those in front were just paving the way, and the main dish was coming.

When the door opened, Yan Shuang knew that Wei Yichen was coming just by listening to the footsteps.

“What can I do for you, sir?”

“Have you drawn up the guest list for the Mid Autumn Festival family banquet?”

“It’s being prepared. Is it urgent, sir?”

“Finish it as soon as possible. I’ll see it myself.”

“OK, I’ll deliver it to you before tonight.”

The master and servant exchanged the details of the Mid Autumn Festival family banquet in a flat tone. They talked very carefully from the list to the dishes arranged on that day. It can be heard that Qin yubai attached great importance to the family banquet.

Wei Yichen dutifully plays the role of loyal housekeeper, which is not challenging for him, just as he is familiar with the betrayal of his previous masters.

His current host said, his speed slowed down, and a helpless smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Yan Shuangzheng knelt down and racked his brains to think that Qin yubai asked him to hide here and listen to him and Wei Yichen say what the purpose of those trivial things was, Qin yubai stretched out his hand and squeezed his cheek.

That strength, even if he shielded the pain, there was a physiological “Oh” sound in his throat.

The sudden sound under the broad desk echoed between the master and servant, revealing the secret of a third person in the study.

Wei Yichen stood expressionless, looked at his master, gently shook his head, cast his eyes under the desk, and scolded with indulgence: “don’t be so greedy.”


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