I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 44

Yan Shuang finally understood.

Qin yubai doubts his relationship with Wei Yichen.

It has to be said that Qin yubai’s move is cruel and clever.

Unexpectedly test Wei Yichen’s reaction without paying any price. The only cost may be Yan Shuang’s poor self-esteem.

And that kind of thing itself is what Qin yubai doesn’t like.

If it’s gone, it’s gone.

He is worthy of being the top profiteer in the book, and his decisions will always benefit himself at the expense of others.

The only possibility of his miscalculation is that his secretary is a pervert himself.

Yan Shuang is only worried that Wei Yichen can’t hold his breath. If he accidentally loses his attitude in front of Qin yubai, he will be embarrassed.

“Sir, shall I go out first?”

The housekeeper had no waves and no superfluous reaction.

People’s anger is an emotion that is very difficult to hide. Even if it is only for a moment, it will leak out.

But there was no real moment. Qin yubai only caught the excitement that flashed on Wei Yichen’s face.

They are all men. Qin yubai can understand this excitement.

The doubt in his heart was not completely dispelled. Qin yubai loosened his hand to clamp Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang immediately came out from under the table. His cheeks were crimson and his lips were ruddy. He waved angrily. Qin yubai, who had been prepared, grabbed his wrist and easily controlled people in his arms, “what’s going on.”

“You let go of me, you are obscene…”

The vague accusation helped Qin yubaiyuan to the scam.

Qin Yu Bai Yuguang pays attention to his housekeeper, and the other party has lowered his head wisely, pretending not to see or hear.

“You go down first.”

Without a second’s pause, the housekeeper walked out decisively, even his back was not muddy, and looked normal.

“Qin yubai!”

Yan Shuang greets Qin yubai with joy. Finally, he can brush the abuse KPI again. Brush, brush hard!

Xiao Qin is still reliable!

Qin yubai had some experience in being beaten by his lover. He controlled Yan Shuang’s hands and feet, wrapped people in his arms like silkworm pupae from behind, and said with a smile, “are you kidding, so angry?”

Yan Shuang still struggled, lowered his head and bit at Qin yubai’s tiger’s mouth.

Do you really feel the pain of being humiliated, or do you deliberately show your innocence in this way?

The tingling feeling of tiger’s mouth is far less vivid than that brought by the indelible doubt in his heart. Qin yubai’s mind is unprecedentedly calm. He pulled himself out of this special relationship and prudently judged whether his doubt is based or not from the perspective of bystanders.

Doubt doesn’t need basis, just feeling. Qin yubai said to himself soberly.

He lowered his eyes coldly, stuck Yan Shuang’s Crimson ears on his lips, and said softly, “almost, go to bed.”

The tiger’s strength loosened a little, and then he bit it more fiercely.

The bloody smell came into the nasal cavity. Qin Yu’s white eyes became colder and colder. His other hand wrapped Yan Shuang’s neck. With a little force, his tone became colder and colder, “relax.”

Strength in the neck slowly tightened, after all, there was no hard force.

Yan Shuang insisted that the slag attack was not relaxed and the KPI was full. Suddenly, he heard a slight sigh. The hand around his neck loosened and fell quietly.

“Well -”

Yan Shuang involuntarily loosened his mouth and struggled again in panic, “what are you doing…”

The wound of the tiger’s mouth gave out wisps of blood, meandering to the slender fingers and dyeing the fingertips into bright colors. Qin yubai casually wiped the blood on the white cheeks at hand. Yan Shuang avoided turning his head and was pinched by the bloody hand and twisted back on his chin.

Once some taboos are broken, there will be no worries.

After all, why set so many restrictions on yourself?

It doesn’t hurt to be free and have fun.

His little lover put away all his teeth and claws in a gentle kiss, gentle as a kitten, curled up in his arms, the tip of his tongue soft and sweet, shaking gently.

Is this charming mood true or false?

“Would you like to?” Qin yubai asked again.

Yan Shuang’s glasses have been crooked, his eyes contain a pool of water, his lips and nose tip are slightly crimson, and his cheeks are smeared with strange totems by random blood. He is being controlled by the man in a non violent form, and even the rhythm of breathing is held by his slender hands.

“Would you like to?”

His voice was low and bewitching.

The man who always disdained to spend too much time on his little lover finally made up his mind.

If he wants something, he must get it completely.

Whether he likes it or not, whether he will carefully collect such things or abandon them like old shoes in the end.

At this moment, he wants him.

No betrayal.

The pure face showed a kind of twisted pain, mixed with uncontrollable forbearance. The two lips trembled slightly, and the voice squeezed out of the throat.

“Willing to…”

Qin yubai smiled and kissed the two moist lips. His long eyelashes fell down, masking his cold eyes. He said in his heart: you’d better tell the truth.

In the afternoon, we hugged each other and were very affectionate.

No violence, no reluctance, this is the time between real lovers.

Qin Yu held Yan Shuang on his back and handed his injured hand to Yan’s eyelid, “look what you bit.”

Yan Shuang looked shy, pulled the silk quilt under his neck, covered himself tightly, and said evasively, “you deserve it.”

Qin yubai smiled and kissed Yan’s ears.

Yan Shuang’s ears are thin and red. The temperature hasn’t dropped since noon.

Qin yubai thought: can all the physical reactions be loaded? Then he’s really good. Being his little lover is second to none.

After sticking the wound on his hand to the lips of the culprit, Qin yubai whispered, “lick.”

Yan’s soft eyes were quickly armed with sharp eyes.

It’s like a cat. It’s eager to shine its claws without coaxing.

I’m afraid it’s not a cat, but a wild dog hiding behind his back. Pretending to be domesticated, he secretly conspired with another dog to eat the owner.

“Saliva can be disinfected,” Qin yubai said. He couldn’t see the light and weak. As long as the strong person’s attitude softened a little, he had a particularly touching sense of coquetry, “huh?”

The defense on Yan Shuang’s face was gradually dissolved. He turned his face, and the tip of his ears became more and more red and colorful, “lick it by himself.”

“Whoever bites is responsible.”

“… I’m going to do my homework.”

The arm on the waist was tightly bound and refused to let people go.

The gray silk was pasted by the lower skin, and it was as close as a couple. Qin yubai bit the tip of Yan Shuang’s ear, and then licked it gently, “I’ve set an example for you.”

Yan Shuang closed his lips tightly and buried his face in his arm.

The kiss fell on his shoulder, “stubborn, disobedient, like beating and biting, you say, what do I like about you…”

The shoulders trembled slightly, and the big eyes hiding in the arms poked out, blinking like temptation and doubt.

Qin Yu’s white face was calm, as if he didn’t know what he said. He stubbornly held out his hand again, “if you don’t want to lick, kiss.”

Circuitous compromise to achieve the original goal, this move is a hundred attempts and a hundred spirits.

He kissed his lips gently on the wound. Yan Shuang was blushing with shame. It seemed that he was not so ashamed when they went to bed just now, “well, let me go.”

Qin yubai happily released his hand and attracted surprised eyes.

Yan Shuang’s expression seemed to be waiting for him, but he fell empty.

Qin yubai put his arm behind his head and smiled lazily. “Do your homework well. I’ll check it later.”

Yan Shuang jumped out of bed, hurriedly dressed, fled out of the bedroom, and even forgot to leave through the hidden door behind the painting.

When the door was closed, Qin Yu smiled coldly on his white face, turning over all his doubts bit by bit in his mind.

He doesn’t mind that Yan Shuang doesn’t love him. That’s not the scope of their transaction. Yan Shuang can love Ji Yao or anyone.

But he does mind being fooled.

Especially… Being fooled by people around you.

From the performance just now, Wei Yichen can be regarded as impeccable.

The housekeeper always does.

Qin yubai thought for a while. He finally found that he seemed to have missed one thing – how could the impeccable housekeeper leak such a big flaw to him?

Yan Shuang returned to his study, moved all his books back to his room, took a shower in the bathroom, and checked the background data.

Xiaoji is behind again.

No wonder Xiaoji doesn’t make progress. It’s really that Qin yubai and Wei Yichen cooperate too much.

Although I don’t know what Wei Yichen bought, Qin yubai suddenly noticed something wrong, but I still want to thank Wei Yichen.

The emotional line and plot line are rising faster than before.

Doubt and misunderstanding are two carriages of sadism.

At the same time, Yan Shuang is also thinking, if Wei Yichen is really crazy and stabs his “true face” to Qin yubai, how should he deal with it?

In the original book, Wei Yichen loved Yan Shuang’s degeneration. Yan Shuang suffered, and he watched coldly all the way.

Before Qin Qing held a painting exhibition, Wei Yichen once invited him to the scene to see how he would collapse when he knew he was a double?

Yan Shuang has reason to believe that Wei Yichen hopes that he will fall into the abyss and be covered with dirt.

For Wei Yichen, this is also a no loss business.

Yan Shuang overturned. He was happy to see his pain.

Yan Shuang didn’t roll over, and he was willing to appreciate Yan Shuang’s appearance on the edge of danger.

As for Wei Yichen himself, Yan Shuang believes that he can easily retreat with his ability.

It’s a top calculation.

Yan Shuang wiped the water drops on his lower leg and thought lazily: in this case, we should speed up together, end early and retire early. People are so cooperative. He has no reason to be ungrateful.

After drying his short hair, Yan Shuang went out to get his mobile phone, turned out Wei Yichen’s private number and sent a text message.

The housekeeper was preparing the banquet list. His personal mobile phone was shocked. He stopped working and took out his mobile phone with a smile.

Two words.

“Thank you.”

Staring at the screen with both eyes, Wei Yichen couldn’t restrain the arc of his mouth from getting bigger and bigger.

It seems that his little skirt likes his present very much.

“Just like it.”

SMS click send.

——Sending failed.


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