I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 45

On the weekend night, the banquet hall was full of wine and preparation, three people talked, and there was a clear sound between the wine glasses.

“Sir, that’s going back to school.” The housekeeper moved forward quietly and said in a low voice.

Qin yubai sipped the champagne in his hand, said a few words to the people who were greeting, handed the wine glass to a waiter, “go.”

Qin yubai passed through the banquet hall and attracted many greetings all the way. The gorgeous chandelier reflected gorgeous brilliance and followed his shadow with everyone’s eyes.

Out of the banquet hall, Qin yubai untied the buttons of his suit. The night wind blew across his neck and brought out a faint smell of wine. Wei Yichen didn’t touch the wine, followed behind him and whispered, “Sir, are you going to send someone to school?”

Qin yubai stepped slightly, “why, do you have an opinion?”

“Of course not,” Wei Yichen lowered his head and said respectfully, “there’s something I want to report to Mr.”

Qin yubai turned to his face and looked like a smile, “Oh? What’s the matter?”

“I bought a gift for Mr. to give to that person. I don’t know if Mr. needs it tonight.”

The suffocating silence pervaded between the master and servant. Wei Yichen lowered his head gently and could feel Qin yubai’s eyes cut on him like a delay.

He is not the one who suspects, nor is he the one who misunderstands. How can he be counted, he just helped the master a small favor. The service is considerate and the mission will be achieved.

Another guest came out of the hall. Qin yubai’s expression changed. He shook hands with people as usual and exchanged greetings. “There’s something at home. I’ll go back first.” Yu Guang glanced at Wei Yichen, “let’s go.”

There is no one in the parking lot.

The master and servant stood by the car. Qin yubai looked calm. He said slowly, “you should be glad that I am no longer as impulsive as when I was young.” he rolled up his sleeves, Qin yubai opened the door, sat in the driver’s seat, looked at the housekeeper standing still in the night, and took back his cold eyes. “From now on, you can take a vacation.”

The vehicle disappeared, leaving only flying sand and stones.

Wei Yichen helped his glasses and looked as usual. Qin yubai’s reaction was more insipid than he thought. It seems that Yan Shuang did tame his employer well.

He should also take credit for it.

Take out the mobile phone in your pocket and tentatively edit a smiling face to send – the sending failed.

As if he was really angry, he put his mobile phone back in his pocket. Wei Yichen tasted the strange emotion filled his chest, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

I feel happy no matter how I am treated.

He’s really… Getting deeper and deeper.

It’s nerve racking.

Qin yubai returned to Qin’s house. Yan Shuang had left. The driver said, “Mr. Yan wouldn’t let us see him off. He took the bus.”

Qin yubai’s face was gloomy. He took his mobile phone and called Yan Shuang.


A nice soft voice came from the phone.

Qin yubai and Yan Shuang spent most of their time in bed these two days.

Although sex and love cannot be equated, they do play a catalytic role in regulating the relationship.

There is intimacy and tenderness in bed. When you get out of bed, you can’t compete with each other as before.

“Where are you?” Qin yubai’s language is also soft.

“Still in the car.”

“Why don’t you stay for another night?”

“There will be an early class tomorrow. It’s too far away. I’m afraid it’s too late.”


Obviously trying to escape.

Qin yubai was silent for a moment and said, “it’s mid autumn festival soon. I’ll send someone to pick you up at that time.”

Yan Shuang was also silent at the other end.

There was only a gentle breathing sound in the mobile phone. It seemed that it took a long time before a response came.


He made up his mind and hung up immediately.

Qin yubai stood in the garden, his ears leaning against the mobile phone. After a while, he put it down, his arms hanging on his side, his sleeves cluttered on his wrists, and his face became increasingly irritable.

Qin yubai took a deep breath and drove out the complicated emotions in his mind. He walked back to the house, walked up to the third floor and gently opened the door of the room.

The thin figure disappeared in the night.

“Why don’t you turn on the light?”

Qin yubai reaches out to touch the switch on the wall.

“Don’t turn on the light. I like it.”

The cold voice came, cold and hard without a trace of softness. Different from his weak body, his tone and intonation were extremely indifferent. When talking, he was still playing the piano with concentration and devotion.

This sentence has been his most generous response.

Qin yubai doesn’t know what to say to make him happy in the face of his estranged brother.

In fact, Qin Qing was very attached to him when he was a child. He always pestered him to hold him, took his hand and called him “big brother”.

Later, he became busier and busier, and Qin Qing became more and more closed to himself, gradually reaching such an irreparable situation.

“OK, then you play,” Qin yubai smiled bitterly, retreated to the door, and finally told, “go to bed early.”

The sound of the piano stopped suddenly in the room.

The figure in the dark stood up and went deep into the bedroom.

On the bus, Yan Shuang looked at the assist text message sent by she you in the dormitory and couldn’t close his mouth.

Originally, he wanted to stay and brush a few plot points with Qin yubai tonight. Should we say it or not? Thanks to Wei Yichen these two days, Qin yubai has worked hard and has superior efficiency. One day is better than three days. He had stayed for three months to go with Qin yubai. It seems that he is still conservative.

Qin yubai’s progress here has exceeded expectations. He has to catch up with Ji Yao’s progress.

If you don’t doze off, someone will give you a pillow.

The roommate didn’t forget him as a marginal person. He specially sent a message to tell him that the other four people in their dormitory will go to the Internet cafe all night tonight. If Yan Shuang returns to the dormitory, don’t panic and pay attention to safety alone.


I’m kidding, it must be with Xiaoji!

Xiao Ji has been out of touch with him for several days. Can’t you hold it?

As soon as Yan Shuang arrived at the dormitory, he quickly texted Ji Yao.

“The people in the dormitory are going out to play all night tonight. I’m a little afraid to sleep alone in the dormitory. Can you come back with me tonight? I promise I won’t disturb you, okay?”

The mobile phone on the table shook.

Seeing this, Xiao Qingyang quickly drank the wine in the cup, took a few steps to pick up the mobile phone, and smiled when he saw the information on the mobile phone.

“Look at your smile…” Cui Zheng said as he released his hand. “What coke do you have? Share it with me.”

Xiao Qingyang showed Cui Zheng the mobile phone screen.

Cui Zheng glanced and laughed, “interesting, Ji Yao, what kind of green tea bitch has he been stained with recently?”

“You’ve seen it,” Xiao Qingyang clasped his cell phone. “Last time I was in the parking lot in the suburbs.”

Cui Zheng immediately responded, “Oh, it’s him.”

Xiao Qingyang nodded.

Cui Zheng smiled again, laughing so hard that he couldn’t see his teeth. “It’s a loss that you didn’t see it with your own eyes that day. The real-life idol drama gave me goose bumps. I dreamed that someone was blocking the car in those two nights.”

“Shut up,” Xiao Qingyang beat him on the shoulder. “Be less poor. Ji Yao really takes him as a character.”

Xiao Qingyang went out with his cell phone.

“No…” Cui Zheng followed him out. “Ji Yao moved his heart?”

The horse farm at night is quieter than during the day, and the green grass under the light is shiny.

“Where’s Prince Charming?”

“He’s still running,” Cui Zheng said with a smile. “I don’t think he can pick up the car in a short time. Run a horse to relieve the boredom, or I’m really afraid he’ll suffocate… Continue to talk about this little green tea.”

Xiao Qingyang saw his face full of interest and said faintly, “don’t call him that in front of Ji Yao, and don’t underestimate him. I’ll tell you one thing.”

Cui Zheng: “say.”

“He is Qin yubai’s lover.”

“Fuck –” Cui Zheng blurted out and held it for a while before saying, “awesome.”

Xiao Qingyang smiled, “there’s something more awesome.”

Cui Zheng stared at Xiao Qingyang and motioned him to continue.

Xiao Qingyang said slowly, “Ji Yao knows this.”

Cui Zheng: ”

Cui Zheng’s thunderbolt like expression made Xiao Qingyang much more comfortable. Finally, he was not alone.

Cui Zheng shook off his gloves, shook his head, smiled bitterly and said, “is your cousin too simple?”

“My uncle protected him very well.”

“That…” Cui Zheng’s face was suspicious. “Ji Yao was so close to such people, didn’t he react?”

“Father and son have fallen out again. They want to separate.”

Xiao Qingyang saw the galloping black horse from a distance and waved his hand.

“He’s coming. Don’t talk much later.”

“How do you talk to your fifth uncle? Do you understand politeness?”

“Uncle fart, you are two years younger than me.”

The two joked and chose to shut up after Ji Yao got off his horse.

The galloping in the night wind made Ji Yao’s hair messy, fluffy and swaying. Nevertheless, he still looked meticulous and handsome.

“Someone is looking for it,” Xiao Qingyang handed over his mobile phone and joked, “don’t smash it.”

Ji Yao’s right hand first untied the glove of his left hand, received the mobile phone, stared at it for a while, looked cold and unpredictable, stared at it for a while, and directly called back.

“Well, you said.”

I don’t know what I’m talking about at the other end of the phone. Xiao Qingyang and Cui Zheng observe Ji Yao’s face.

Ji Yao’s face was like an ice sculpture. He couldn’t see any expression. A few strands of broken hair shook slightly on his head, but listened quietly.

Xiao Qingyang and Cui Zheng also grew up with Ji Yao. They know that he is willing to listen to the phone for so long. They have attached great importance to the people on the other end of the phone.

Xiao Qingyang gave Cui Zheng a silent look and gave him a “look”. Cui Zheng shook his head silently and stretched out his fist. Xiao Qingyang also stretched out his fist and touched him.

“There are no ghosts in the world.”

When they heard Ji Yao’s cold face say such words, their faces suddenly became more colorful.

Xiao Qingyang took Cui Zheng half a step back and said in a low voice, “do you want to bet?”

“What are you betting on?”

“Bet he will go back to the dormitory.”

“Don’t gamble,” Cui Zheng looked at Ji Yao hanging up the phone and had gone straight to the sports car. “People are going to go.”

“Fuck –”

Xiao Qingyang ran to the car step by step, “Ji Yao, are you going back to school?”

“Yes.” Ji Yao took off a pair of gloves and handed them to Xiao Qingyang.

Xiao Qingyang said, “Why are you leaving so late? Besides, he is a big man. Do you need your company?”

Ji Yao glanced at him with cold eyes.

Xiao Qingyang surrendered and said, “I helped you get your cell phone. I saw it accidentally.”

Ji Yao took back his eyes, remained silent for a moment, and explained, “he will cry.”

Xiao Qingyang: ”

Cui Zheng, who followed him, couldn’t help laughing. There was a leak on both sides of his mouth. He sat beside Xiao Qingyang and said to Ji Yao, “then go quickly. People will be scared to cry. Boys are very weak these days, especially those who like to block cars. Generally, they are very timid.”

Ji Yao looked at Cui Zheng coldly, smiled and ridiculed Yan Shuang in a cold tone, “he’s not the kind of person you think.”

Cui Zheng kindly reminded him, but he asked for nothing. He was sprayed with car exhaust on his face, hooked Xiao Qingyang’s shoulder, shook his head and said, “don’t you save the child?”

Xiao Qingyang crossed his arms. “Don’t you know his temper? Who can hold him when he’s crazy?”

Cui Zheng said, “then look at him crazy?”

“There’s no way. Let him go. Maybe he’ll get tired of it after a while. This kind of thing is getting more and more difficult,” Xiao Qingyang said to him. “Don’t say that man is bad in front of Ji Yao in the future. He doesn’t like to listen.”

Cui Zheng shook his head inconceivably. He tightened his arm. “Hey, are you Xiao’s family devoted to love?”

“Put your shit,” Xiao Qingyang scolded, “don’t curse me.”

“I didn’t say you. You are our Cui family,” Cui Zheng said. “I say your cousin. To tell you the truth, don’t you really worry about him like your aunt…”


Xiao Qingyang cut the railway with nails.

When Xiao Mingjing had an accident, he was just in middle school. That night, the war was in chaos, and his memory was actually very blurred.

He only remembers that Ji wensong, who came back from abroad that night, was very calm when he entered the door. He was not as calm as a husband who had just learned that his wife had committed suicide.

In Xiao Qingyang’s young heart, he always compared his uncle to the sun in the sky. He was high on the earth and controlled the weather and warmth of the world. Everyone could only crawl under his shadow.

So he was not surprised at the cold-blooded of the other party.

It was not until Ji wensong came and picked up Ji Yao, who was already asleep beside him, that Xiao Qingyang found that his young and cold uncle had a cluster of dazzling white hair on his temples.

Xiao Qingyang affirmed: “Uncle absolutely can’t let Ji Yao have an accident.”

Even if Ji wensong never said, the Xiao family knew how much he cared about the child.

Love… It’s not just in their Xiao family.


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