I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 46

The lights in the dormitory have been turned off. Aunt dormitory management criticized the dandies who drove back to school in a sports car in the middle of the night, asked him to sign the register of returning late, and then taught him young people not to be too playful.

After listening quietly, Ji Yao said, “sorry, I’ll pay attention in the future.”

Seeing that others are good-looking and have a good attitude, the dormitory aunt finally released generously, “the light in the corridor of your building is broken. Be careful and take photos with your mobile phone.”

“Thank you.”

The corridor was indeed dark. Although the lights were off, there was still movement in the building. From time to time, I heard the sound of falling washbasins.

Ji Yao stepped up two steps and soon reached their floor. As soon as he turned around, he saw a man squatting at the door of the dormitory.

A small group in the dark, quiet, no sense of existence, always seems to be silently waiting for someone to take him away.

He seemed to notice the projected eyes and quickly stood up, “Ji Yao, is that you?”

The sound is crisp and full of joy that is lit up in a moment.

Those who hear his voice will clearly know how much he needs at this moment.

“Well,” Ji Yao calmed down and walked over, “why don’t you go in?”

“I’m in,” Yan Shuang said with a worried face. “There’s always a strange noise in it. I’m afraid.”

In fact, they just haven’t seen each other for two days, but they haven’t had such a dialogue for several days.

During this time, Ji Yao deliberately kept a distance from Yan Shuang.

He didn’t want to give Yan Shuang meaningless hope.

Since we can’t help him, we shouldn’t make him more unfortunate.

When he opened the dormitory door, Ji Yao heard a strange sound, like it came from the bathroom. After going in and checking, Ji Yao came out and said, “nothing, the window is not closed, and the wind blows.”

Of course Yan Shuang knows it’s the window. He opened it himself. Don’t you know?

Yan Shuang pretended to be relieved. “I’m sorry. I was too afraid to go in and specially called you back… Did you live in Xiao Qingyang tonight? Do you want to go back? I can actually be alone.”

Ji Yao frowned.

Yan Shuang’s words became more and his attitude became more calm than before.

Yan Shuang put down his schoolbag and continued to talk, “you’re right. How can there be ghosts in this world? I’m too worried.”

“Ah,” Yan Shuang seemed to suddenly think of something and pointed to his upper bunk. “Your bed hasn’t been paved. Do you have a quilt?”

What happened these two days? Why did Yan Shuang change so much?

Ji Yao approached. The window of the dormitory was not closed. The moon was getting brighter and brighter near the 15th day, which took a clear picture of his white face.

The eyes did not dodge. After looking at each other for a moment, they naturally moved away as if nothing had happened, and those faint feelings suddenly disappeared.

Although Yan Shuang bowed his head, his mouth was still clear and bright, “if you want to stay and sleep, I’ll give you a quilt, and I can barely make it through the night…”

His neck was gently touched by cool fingers. Yan Shuang’s words stopped suddenly. He raised his head and finally had a similar expression on his face. He looked at Ji Yao in surprise and didn’t know what to say.

A little red mark on the white neck is as fresh as just picked strawberries. It’s bright and dazzling in the moonlight. It’s hard for Ji Yao not to notice it.

He’s not a fool. He knows what it is.

He should pretend not to see and leave some dignity for Yan Shuang.

But I don’t know what drove him in my mind. His hand seemed to have his own consciousness.

The touch is warm, there is no abnormality, there is no fever in his imagination, it is just very ordinary, very ordinary.

It doesn’t bite.

Ji Yao retracted his hand and avoided his eyes. “There are prints.”

Yan Shuang smelled the speech, subconsciously stretched out his hand to cover his neck, and explained flustered: “it’s mosquitoes, mosquitoes bite, mosquitoes in autumn, very powerful.”

The lie that was so clumsy that he would blush when he said it himself was red with his slender neck.

Having brought people into the category of friends, Ji Yao naturally divided a new model of getting along.

The discretion of making friends was strictly controlled by his strong father when he was young.

According to his childhood education, he knew that the topic should stop.

They’re just friends. There’s no need to get to the bottom of it.

Gently expose it and whitewash it as if nothing had happened.

But now that he is an adult, why should he continue to do it in a way he doesn’t like? Isn’t he determined to get out of his father’s control?

He can do whatever he wants. He just follows his heart.

“Did he do it?” Ji Yao’s tone was cold and hard.

Yan Shuang thought that you really wronged Qin beast.

Now Qin beast is a five-star good baby in bed. He knows he hates it and never makes traces in a conspicuous place on him.

Yan Shuang pinched it in front of the mirror.

Just cheat a little virgin like Ji Yao.

Yan Shuang covered his neck and avoided, “do you want a quilt?”

Ji Yao stubbornly said, “he did it.”

Yan Shuangse shrunk, bowed his head and said nothing, which was the default.

In the moonlight, the boy’s white face looked like a layer of milky white yarn, docile and without complaint.

Ji Yao really doesn’t understand. What kind of hardship can keep Yan Shuang from getting rid of the mud?

“I can help you.”

Ji Yao said seriously, “look at me.”

Yan’s shoulders trembled slightly, but he still refused to look up.

There were only two people in the dormitory. There was still a lot of noise outside. Ji Yao didn’t like this vagueness. He had to stretch out his hand and hesitated. His fingertips gently touched Yan Shuang’s chin, and Yan Shuang immediately hid in shock.

“Ji Yao -”

He looked at him as he wished, but there was some panic in his eyes. Although it was only a moment, Ji Yao also noticed that he didn’t care, but promised again.

“I’ll help you.”

Every word.

There is no doubt that the young man will fulfill his promise at all costs.

Yan smiled on both sides, “thank you, Ji Yao, really thank you.”

This is the end of their last conversation.

Ji Yao remembers very clearly.

But something seems to have changed.

“But,” Yan Shuang smiled shyly, “I don’t need your help anymore.”

Ji Yao was stunned and immediately responded, “are you over?”

Yan Shuang shook his head. Ji Yao saw a familiar green and shy expression on Yan Shuang’s face, which was the expression he showed in front of him several times.

“We…” Yan Shuang’s voice was light and low. With cautious joy, the corners of his mouth rose slightly. “We’re just beginning now.”

His mind was like a flash of lightning. Ji Yao was confused, and many pictures in his memory emerged to him.

“I have difficulties.”

“Ji Yao, please, come back with me.”


“Thank you, really thank you.”

“But I don’t need your help anymore.”

A drop of tears finally turned into a smiling face.

Like an accelerated comedy, the turning point of black humor surprised its audience to the point of doubting themselves.

“We did have some misunderstanding at the beginning…” Yan Shuang seemed to have gained some strength – perhaps when Ji Yao alienated him. “Now the misunderstanding has been lifted, and we, we are fine.”

At last, Yan Shuang’s tone obviously contained shy happiness.

“Ji Yao,” Yan Shuang raised his face full of expectation, “you will bless me.”

Five slag attacks, one countermeasure.

Give him green!

Green body and green heart!

No green hat, create conditions to be green!

If you think he likes him, hide from him and give him what he can.

OK, I don’t like you now. How about it? Are you comfortable?

Yan Shuang saw Ji Yao’s incompetence and rage last time.

Although he was still a daily poker face with no expression, Yan Shuang could see that the handsome face of the ice sculpture was about to turn to the volcanic eruption, but he was just trying to be patient.

Yan Shuang said Xiaoji was sorry, and laughed to himself that he was about to choke out his abdominal muscles.

“What misunderstanding?”

To Yan Shuang’s surprise, Ji Yao hasn’t happened yet.

I really have to admire Xiaoji’s rapid progress in emotional control. My child is old and sensible. Abba is really happy.

But what’s the use.

The surging emotional line backstage tells everything.

Xiao Ji, if there’s a fire, it’s going to come out.

Let him add some firewood!

Yan Shuang put on a small white face.

“I always mistakenly thought that he did those things just to get my…” Yan Shuang paused, biting between his teeth with a little shame, but said bravely. “Body -” glanced at Ji Yuan shyly from the corner of his eye, and successfully caught the burning anger in Ji Yuan’s pupil.

“Only recently did I know that he should… Really like me, so…”

Yan Shuang didn’t go on and let Xiaoji understand the rest.

“So you like him, too?”

The voice was so cold that Yan Shuang almost loved him.

Look, that’s pretty clear.

Yan Shuang gave Ji Yao a “yes, that’s what you think”, and then said eagerly, “Ji Yao, this is my first love, will you bless me?”

Without saying a word, Ji Yao looked out of the window and turned to the empty dormitory. Suddenly, he fell to the ground again. After shooting around, he finally locked in Yan Shuang’s face.

That face full of hope and happiness.

Then, he stretched out his hand and took away Yan Shuang’s glasses, which fell on the table and made a clear sound.

Yan Shuang said “ah”, his collar was pulled, and the man was also pulled close to Ji Yao.

Ji Yao’s eyes were cold, mixed with anger, and some complex and more heavy emotions came to his face.

“What do you know?”

Ji Yao’s tone is no longer blindly cold, and the ice man has finally melted.

Yan Shuang thought that of course he was the elder brother.

Ji Yao is pitying him.

In his opinion, Yan Shuangzheng fell into a love scam unconsciously.

He didn’t know that his love was actually pinned on a face similar to Qin Qing. He was full of joy and rejoiced that his relationship with Qin yubai finally turned normal. He was blessed with love because of misfortune.

“Break up with him.”

“Ji Yao…”

“I repeat,” he tightened Yan Shuang’s collar with one hand, and Ji Yao’s eyes pierced Yan Shuang’s eyes, “break up with him.”

Yan’s eyes were filled with tears. He opened his eyes wide and tried not to let tears fall. His lips trembled. His voice was small but firm, “No.”

“I like him.”


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