I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 47

Crazy, crazy again.

Xiao Qingyang squatted with Cui Zheng, who had just got up, smoking anxiously.

“How long has he been like this?” Cui Zheng vomited a cigarette ring and scratched his blond hair like a hard stubble.

“I haven’t stopped since I came back last night.”

Xiao Qingyang also took a smoke.

With the sound of “boom”, the trees in xiaoqingyang Racecourse were reduced by one.

“It’s better to cut down trees than people.” Cui Zheng comforted.

Xiao Qingyang glanced at him and said, “that tree is 300000.”

Cui Zheng choked on the smoke. “300000, it’s OK.”

“One night,” Xiao Qingyang compared the fingers of his two hands, “ten trees, no more.”

Cui Zheng stared, “isn’t he tired?”

Xiao Qingyang: “do you think he looks tired?”

In the middle of the night last night, Xiao Qingyang was awakened by the roar of the engine. When he went out to have a look, Ji Yao came back again. The car stopped sideways and rushed angrily into the house. Then he took an axe out without expression. Xiao Qingyang was surprised that he thought he was having a nightmare.

Horror? It’s not.

“He…” Cui Zheng said, “why is he?”

Xiao Qingyang finished his last cigarette. “What do you say?”

Cui Zheng said silently, “is that little green tea so awesome?”

“Can’t Niu force to take Qin yubai?”

Cui Zheng had nothing to say and said directly, “call your uncle. If it goes on, his hands will be wasted.”

“Already,” said Xiao Qingyang, lighting a cigarette. “The servant said my uncle was resting.”

“Son is not more important than rest?”

“The servant dared not wake him up.”

Cui Zheng was speechless again, thinking that Ji Wensong could understand the work style, but still couldn’t help but Tucao, “are you sure your uncle will not make complaints about Ji Yao?”

Xiao Qingyang: “… I’m sure!”

Cui Zheng shook his head, turned his eyes to the front, and suddenly stood up, “fuck, man down!”

Human joys and sorrows are not interlinked.

Yan Shuang was satisfied with his sleep.

Xiaoji’s emotional line is really easy to brush.

Ji Yao finally had a big quarrel with him last night.

Xiao Ji’s eloquence is really no good.

Turning over and over is “breaking up” and “you don’t understand”. When you get anxious, you can’t even say anything. You will only put a cold face.

It’s not as noisy as Yan Shuang’s little white flower.

Yan Shuang has a small mouth and full of “we really love each other. I regard you as an important friend. Can’t you bless me? Ji Yao, you have really changed. I thought you would be happy for me”.

Finally broke Ji Yao’s defense.

When the man left, Yan Shuang didn’t stop him as before, and shouted at Ji Yao’s back, “we won’t break up!”

Ji Yao was so angry that his shadows were shaking that he dodged out of the door directly.

Yan Shuang gave Xiaoji a praise in his heart. When Qin beast was replaced, the door of the dormitory was estimated to have to be thrown off.

And Xiaoji, in the most broken defense moment, still maintained his demeanor!


After Yan Shuang got up, he conveniently dragged Ji Yao’s number into the blacklist.

From now on, he is a ruthless love brain.

Don’t bless him, huh? Friends don’t have to do it.

When Yan Shuang finished a class, his mobile phone received a question from Xiao Qingyang.

“What did you do to Ji Yao?! I warned you not to push too hard. If anything happens to Ji Yao, you think you will be better?!”

Well, you’re right.

Yan Shuang calmly dragged Xiao Qingyang into the blacklist.

After a while, I received another text message from a strange number.

“I’m Cui Zheng.”

Yan Shuang turned his head and thought of a golden cuntou. Oh, characters outside the plot, pull black, pull black all over.

The finger was just about to pull black.

Sent a multimedia message across the street.

In the photo, Ji Yao is lying in bed. He seems to be asleep. His eyebrows are still slightly wrinkled. The angle of the photo is flat and crooked. It looks a bit like a sneak photo, but he is still handsome obviously.

“I was tired and dizzy after cutting trees all night.”

Yan Shuang almost choked on his saliva.

Xiao Ji is angry. He doesn’t drive and cuts down trees instead? This way of venting is not so green, which seriously violates the core theme of this article.

“So fucking talented, ha ha.”

Another text message was sent across the street, gloating.

“Dude, I’ll convince you to make friends?”

Yan Shuang thought for a moment and replied.

“Can you donate some money to the Star welfare home? In my name.”

Friends, spend money to buy you.

Cui Zheng, who was holding his mobile phone, trembled with joy. Xiao Qingyang came in and saw his hair trembling with laughter. “Did he return to you?”

“No, he blackened me too.” Cui Zheng brilliant smiled and lied casually. He had fun with Ji Yao and had no position. He really felt interesting to see Ji Yao like this.

“Did that call back?”


Xiao Qingyang was depressed.

Cui Zheng was happy again. “It’s all right. He won’t let him have an accident alone. By the way, just in case I ask, does that have an illegitimate son outside?”

Xiao Qingyang glared at him, “my uncle hasn’t been around since my little aunt left.”

Cui Zheng: “you say so.”

Xiao Qingyang: “shut up. You are the most annoying person in the Cui family. Be careful. The old man will be back soon. Look at your golden hair. You will suffer at that time.”

Cui Zheng touched his short hair on his head and grinned. “What’s the matter? It’s so beautiful. Didn’t you see it last night? My hair is still luminous.”

Xiao Qingyang: ”

“You keep watch. I’ll go first.”

“Where are you going?”

Cui Zheng turned back and waved, “do charity.”

In the afternoon, Yan Shuang received 100000 receipts in the background and synchronized SMS on his mobile phone.


A picture of shaking hands with the Dean was also attached.

Golden hair, loose black shirt, big white teeth, smiling heartless.

“There is a picture and a truth.”

Yan Shuang replied “thank you”.

The other side immediately followed.

“Man, are you serious with Ji Yao?”

“How did you stimulate him to become like that?”

“I heard you had an affair with Qin yubai, really?”


For the melon eaters with tuberculosis, Yan Shuang: ignore it.

Seeing him face to face, he didn’t return, and realized that Yan Shuang didn’t want to talk to him, so he finally stopped.

After a while, I sent another text message.

“Gold, wood, water, fire and earth, guess whose leg is the longest?”

“The answer is fire.”

“Because of ham sausage! Ha ha ha ha!”

Yan Shuang: “…” well, I’d better pull the black.

When the strange number lit up on the mobile phone screen, Yan Shuang thought Cui Zheng had changed a number to harass him. Out of caution, he answered.

“Mr. Yan.”

“Can you come out for a minute? Sir, I have something for you.”

At the back door of the school, the domestic servant was standing by the car with his things waiting.

“Here you are.”

Yan Shuang took the box and saw the logo on the outer package at a glance.


“Yes,” the servant smiled, “Sir said he wanted to give it to you at the weekend. Unfortunately, the store didn’t have any goods. Today, when the goods arrived at home, I quickly asked me to deliver them.”

Yan Shuanglu was moderately shy. “Please thank him for me.”

“Thank you in person.”

The servant got into the car with a smile.

After waiting for the car to go far, Yan Shuang’s face was cold again.

Damn it, I’m in the “ambiguous period” with Qin beast now. I can’t sell the gifts from each other.

Not only can’t you sell the gifts you receive.

He has to pay back!

When you go to the convenience store to work in the afternoon, see what gifts you can collect, and just write a note.

Carrying things around, Yan Shuang didn’t take two steps. He stopped and said coldly, “Why are you following me?”

In the dark, the slender figure quietly appeared, still the same, gold rimmed glasses and meticulous suits.

“Come and give gifts.”

Two identical boxes as like as two peas.

Yan Shuang finally knew what had happened.

He thought: OK, one can be sold!

Keep Qin beast’s first. After all, he is still the main coffee now.

“Discount it.” Yan Shuang said directly.

Wei Yichen came to him and stood in front of him. Yan Shuang was still that cold look.

The gift box in his hand was taken away. Before Yan Shuang had time to attack, another gift box was stuffed.

There is no difference between the two gift boxes. The only difference is the person who gives them.

Yan Shuang glanced at Wei Yichen.

It seems that the housekeeper expressed something similar to possessiveness for the first time.

Is that an apology?

Yan Shuang smiled. He first put the gift box in his hand on the ground and took back Qin yubai’s gift box in the housekeeper’s hand.

“After discount, donate directly to the welfare home, thank you.”

Yan Shuang turned and left, throwing the gift box and the housekeeper in place.

Caught on the wrist.

“Don’t bother Ji Yao too much. Ji wensong is very difficult to mess with.”

The voice is low and gentle, with deliberate softness.

He had thought that if he fell into the abyss, he would ignore it.

But now, he’s reminding him.

He believed Yan Shuang could understand him.

Yan Shuang brewing for a moment, turned back and smiled, “I’m easy to mess with, so you’re busy, aren’t you?”

The eyes behind the lens were calm, the rare kindness was rejected, and there were no signs of injury.

Such a calm and self-contained appearance will only want people to break him more and more hard.

In other words, he himself knew that would lead to such consequences.

And he is deeply looking forward to those things.

“I hate disobedient dogs.”

His tone was gentle and his expression seemed to be coquettish. Wei Yichen received this humiliation blandly.

For him, it didn’t hurt or itch at all. It was like a slap on his face that night. The touch was more vivid than the pain.

It’s just another tug of war flirtation.

There was no wave in Wei Yichen’s heart.

But soon he knew he was wrong.

The person in front of him smiled sincerely without a trace of falsehood and continued to say slowly: “you may misunderstand that I have a little favor for you. Then I tell you, you think wrong, and I don’t like you at all.”

He was so sincere that he didn’t retaliate or deliberately hurt him. His expression and tone were rare and serious, which Wei Yichen had never seen before.

The sweet red lips are like the poison of honey, with a clear arc and a smile, but with a knife every sentence.

“Qin yubai is a bedding and Ji Yao is an ornament. What about you? At best, it’s a condiment.”

“I think I may use you occasionally when life is not exciting enough, but if you really treat yourself as a dish, I will be very upset.”

“Once a man thinks he is right, he is not cute at all.”

Red lips gradually approached, and the distance between them was almost kissing. Wei Yichen didn’t smell any smell on Yan Shuang.

It is not that Yan shuangzhen has no taste, but that he has held his breath unconsciously.

“Among so many people around me, your only advantage is that you are knowledgeable enough to promise me…” your fingertips slide slightly on your full tie and pick on your eyes and tail. On that pure face, they are out of place to send out aggression, squint, and turn into innocence. “Hold your little tail, okay?”

The chest inhales a great deal of air, Wutong leaves, soil, water mist and extra strong citrus aroma.

An undisguised malice.

Wei Yichen finally understood that he never wanted to tame anyone.

All people are just his toys. They are tired of playing and throw them away. Outdated toys are never placed in his window.

Who can hurt him? Who can hurt him?

He can’t, nor can anyone.

Wei Yichen had many employers, but he never felt that he had really become anyone’s servant.

At this moment, he had the impulse to bow down and become a minister.

If Yan Shuang can never fall down like this, he is willing to take him as his true faith.


The red lips leaned towards his ears, and the warm breath seemed to float by his eardrums.

“You’re not the first to see me wearing that dress.”

——”Ji wensong is.”


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