I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 48

Wei Yichen once considered going to Ji’s office. After investigating Ji wensong, he resolutely gave up the decision.

Working around this person will be alienated into a machine without self, and the degree of danger has exceeded the limits he has set for himself.

When Yan Shuang mentioned the name, the smile on his mouth was still so careless and careless.

The flesh and blood in his body seemed to be dismembered and reborn. Wei Yichen felt that the blood in his body was boiling. He looked at Yan Shuang intently, as if he knew him again.

Yan Shuang showed him with a big smile. “Go back to work early,” he held out his hand, held Wei Yichen’s face, and touched his forehead like an old friend. “Make more money, only money will never betray you.”

“Don’t try to make up for your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to do anything wrong to make me angry.”

“The past is over. I don’t hold grudges.”

“As long as you behave better in the future, I’ll be satisfied.”

The tone is helpless with a little doting, which makes people feel as if they are loved.

love dearly.

Those who can give him pain are qualified to give him love.

Even if that love is just a temporary novelty to toys.

What’s the point.

No matter how powerful people are, they are just more expensive toys.

You’ll get tired of it.

It’s all for throwing.

In Yan Shuang, all beings are equal.

He is as fair as death.

Wei Yichen’s mouth was slightly hooked and his tone was stable. “OK,” the hand behind him moved slightly, reached out and brushed the leaves falling on Yan Shuang’s shoulders, “I’ll try to be good.”

Yan Shuang put down his palm and smiled without any haze. “Look, this is a good start. You have become good.”

Waving to the housekeeper, Yan Shuang still went back with Qin yubai’s notebook.

After his figure completely disappeared, Wei Yichen lifted the gift box on the ground.

Although abandoned.

But it doesn’t matter.

He believes that sooner or later, another gift will come to the same end.

Maybe more embarrassed than him.

He no longer expected the day when Yan Shuang fell into the abyss, but he could still expect Yan Shuang to push others down.

——He waited below.

Near the Mid Autumn Festival, the corridor of the hospital is also full of various gifts.

“Dr. Qi, there are too many things…”

Assistant distressed way.

There was almost no room in the corridor to put down the gifts given to Qi Feiyun by those male and female suitors.

“Get rid of it.”

The head in front of him didn’t lift. Looking at the case, his fingers turned a page and realized that the assistant hadn’t left yet. He raised his face and asked, “what else?”

The assistant was uneasy, “there are a lot of valuables in it…”

“Just decide.”

The assistant was shocked again. No matter how ordinary words came out of Qi Feiyun’s mouth, they seemed to have changed flavor. For him, it might be just trouble, but it was difficult not to have some subtle feelings when he handed over the power to deal with other people’s gifts like this.

The longer you stay with Qi Feiyun, the more you can understand the madness of your last assistant.

He can only resist the past with his straight nature.

Strange to say, although Dr. Qi has many suitors, there are really few who can stick to it.

The assistant knew a lot about Qi Feiyun’s affair before he came to apply for the job. He heard that Qi Feiyun occasionally accepted the invitation of those people who were constantly entangled, but often after they went out once, the person would never appear again.

It sounds like a horror erotic urban legend.

The assistant squatted in the ocean of gift boxes and felt the joy of removing the blind boxes for the first time.

“Can I help you?”

The assistant was comparing the size of a ring. When he heard the sound, he almost threw the ring out. As soon as he looked back, he saw a familiar face.

To be exact, it’s not a familiar face, but a familiar dress.

Simple clothes, invisible hair, the only landmark is the unexplained vitality and enthusiasm all over the body.

“Is that you?!”

Assistant he hadn’t seen Yan Shuang for a long time and thought he had given up.

“Long time no see, Happy Mid Autumn Festival.” Yan Shuang took out a small box from his canvas bag and handed it to him.

The assistant said in surprise, “for me?”


Qi Feiyun’s suitors regarded him as a thorn in the flesh, probably because he could follow Qi Feiyun in good faith every day, so he was unhappy. It may also be because the former assistant’s extraordinary behavior made his successor have no good reputation.

It’s rare for someone to be kind to him. The assistant was a little moved, “can I open it?”

“Of course.”

In the small box is a small rabbit’s mobile phone chain. It looks like the most common one on the outside of the commodity shelf. It is hung on the mobile phone shell. When you call, your tail will flash.

The assistant didn’t feel shabby.

He also noticed a patch on Yan Shuang’s canvas bag.

Anything given by a student from such a poor family is a very precious heart.

“Thank you. I like it very much,” the assistant thanked sincerely and volunteered, “do you have anything I need to transfer to Dr. Qi?”

Yan Shuang immediately took out another box from his canvas bag and handed it to him.

The assistant said, “it’s also a mobile phone chain?”

Yan Shuang shook his head and smiled happily. “It’s a key chain. I made it myself.”

During the Mid Autumn Festival, the convenience store took out last year’s gift inventory and cleared it. Colleagues wanted to throw it away, but Yan Shuang stopped it.

“It’s a good thing. Why throw it?”

Yan Shuang painfully packed them all into his canvas bag.

The colleague said with a speechless face: “there are still people who want these things as gifts. The goods that are not tied up are rubbish at all. No one will pick them up when they are thrown on the ground.”

“No,” Yan Shuang said with a smile, “I think someone will like it.”

The assistant opened the box. The key chain in the box looked like a sweet scented osmanthus tree, with clear flowers and leaves and golden brilliance.

The value of a very rough and crude thing is far from that of the gem ring he holds in his hand.

Just like the distance between Yan Shuang and Qi Feiyun is like a natural moat.

The assistant himself was born in a poor family. He couldn’t help feeling sympathy for Yan Shuang. He sighed and pointed to the corridor where there was almost no place to walk around. “Do you know what these are?”

Yan Shuang said, “is it a gift for Mr. Qi?”

The assistant thought he was not stupid, so he spread out the ring inlaid with precious stones in his palm to Yan Shuang, “well, do you know how much it is?”

Yan Shuang: he doesn’t know. He just wants to drool.

“I just checked, at least more than 50000.”

Yan Shuang: fuck, it’s sour – no, he’s not sour. He checked the notebook sent by Qin beast later. It’s really expensive. It’s rare for a stingy Qin beast to be so generous. He thanked Qin beast for his kindness and left the biggest key chain for Qin beast.

The door of the consulting room opened quietly, and the voice of conversation came into my ears clearly.

Qi Feiyun stopped and didn’t go out to interrupt their conversation.

His assistant is helping him out. He shouldn’t go out and stir up the situation.

“Do you understand what I mean?” His assistant’s tone was grave.

The other end was silent.

It should be the first time for a child to clearly realize how far he is from him and others around him.

Things are going well, and he should leave soon, Qi Feiyun thought.

“I understand.”

Sure enough.

The voice is still so energetic.

Nothing seems to quench his enthusiasm.

“Mr. Qi is so powerful that of course the people who like him are also powerful.”

“This ring is really beautiful. It must be very suitable for Mr. Qi.”

The assistant was stunned and speechless for a while. He followed Yan Shuang’s words and said, “so you really have no advantage, you know?”


“There are too many people pursuing Dr. Qi…”

“Wait –”

Yan Shuang stared, stretched out his hand and made a stop gesture, “did you misunderstand something?”

Assistant: ”

Yan Shuang grabbed his hair and looked innocent. “I don’t want to pursue Dr. Qi.”

The assistant was stunned.

“You… You didn’t come to deliver food and ask Dr. Qi. Don’t you, don’t you like Dr. Qi?” The assistant is stuttering.

He doesn’t believe that other men within five meters can escape the magic of Dr. Qi!

He can’t stand it!

“I like Mr. Qi very much, no, no, I mean I admire him very much and want to be as powerful as Mr. Qi, but… It’s not like that…” Yan Shuang looked embarrassed. “I don’t like men.”

Assistant: “…” really? He doesn’t believe it.

“These are all likes. I mean, do those who like Mr. Qi give gifts to Mr. Qi?” Yan Shuang stretched out his fingers and pointed to the various gift boxes on the ground, “let me help you dismantle them together.”

Seeing Yan Shuang’s face without any objection, the assistant began to doubt his judgment.

Maybe inertia caused the illusion.

Qi Feiyun had so many suitors around him that he subconsciously classified Yan Shuang into that category.

Think about it carefully. What Yan Shuang did doesn’t seem to be a suitor.

About dinner – about the university canteen.

Deliver meals – just once.

Mail – all rainbow farts.

Assistant: in his lifetime, he can really see someone immune to Qi Feiyun’s charm.

The assistant squatted down and opened the gift box with Yan Shuang.

He felt uneasy and said, “don’t you think Dr. Qi is very handsome?”

“Handsome,” Yan Shuang answered naturally, “when I first saw Dr. Qi’s picture on the Internet, I still thought that the repair of the hospital was too exaggerated.”

“Cough -” the assistant choked with saliva.

“When I saw Ben, I found that the photos were still too bad.”

“Dr. Qi himself is more handsome than the picture. By the way, his voice is also very good.”

“Yes,” the assistant strongly agreed, “just listening to the feeling of pregnancy.”

Yan Shuang slightly stared round eyes, “men can’t get pregnant.”

Assistant: “…” OK, he believes he is straight.

They talked and laughed, and the conversation was getting better and better.

The warm and cheerful boy, without any scruples, shares all his feelings frankly and frankly with a person he has not met a few times.

Simple, sunny, straightforward and afraid of pain, it is a white paper willing to accept everything.

He knew nothing. He was surprisingly bold and dull. He was unconscious of dangerous things.

Qi Feiyun leaned against the wall.

The corridor was full of gifts, one of which was most suitable for him. It was like Pandora’s magic box tailored for him.

Open or not?

“Dr. Qi asked me to dispose of these gifts. Some of them are really too expensive. I really don’t know how to deal with them…”

“You can donate it. It’s good to donate it to the welfare home.”

“Hey, you have a good idea. I have to contact. I don’t know much about welfare homes.”

“I know. I’m from the welfare home.”

The boy spoke loudly and without scruples about his identity as an orphan.

He was really tough enough, from body to heart, with a light gray in his eyes, staring at the long incandescent lamp in the office, motionless.

Yan Shuang knows that Qi Feiyun’s eight achievements are hiding in the office and has been working hard to sell himself intentionally or unintentionally in the dialogue with his assistant.

Unfortunately, Qi Feiyun didn’t come out until he confirmed the donation process with his assistant.

“It’s hard for you,” the assistant smiled. “You really helped me a lot.”

Yan Shuang: “you’re welcome. I feel very happy to help Dr. Qi.”

The assistant shook the small box in his hand, “I’ll try to give this gift to Dr. Qi.”

“OK, thank you,” Yan Shuang finally glanced at the door behind him, “then I’ll go first.”

“OK, bye.”

The assistant was counting the gift list when the office door finally opened.

The assistant quickly reported Yan Shuang’s visit and donation plan to the welfare home to Qi Feiyun.

Although Qi Feiyun said to let him deal with it, they were all gifts for Qi Feiyun after all.


Qi Feiyun agreed to donate.

The assistant breathed a sigh of relief and quickly took out the humble small box in his pocket. “Dr. Qi, this is a key chain made by Yan Shuang. It’s very cute.”

“You get rid of it.”

An unexpected response.

The assistant still couldn’t help feeling depressed for Yan Shuang, “Dr. Qi, Yan Shuang didn’t mean that. He thought you were a great doctor and admired you very much…”

“Get rid of it.”

The tone of the interrupted words was still gentle, but it made people feel that it was an order for no reason.

An order that has no room for rejection.

His back felt an electric shudder, and his throat was stuck by glue. At that moment, he could hardly think, and the assistant could only barely nod.

Until the white robed figure disappeared in the corridor, the assistant just woke up, exhaled a big breath and sat on the ground limply.

He thought to himself: maybe those terrible legends are true.

Dr. Qi… It’s really terrible


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