I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 49

“Mr. Yan, this way, please.”

The beautiful maid led Yan Shuang into the house.

The house at night is more beautiful than during the day. The glittering and translucent lights illuminate the fine white stones on the ground like jade. Yan Shuang walks by. Two beautiful maids are climbing and picking maple leaves in the yard, but they just throw them on the ground. The red maple leaves are spread on the milky white pebbles, which are extremely gorgeous between red and white.

Seeing Yan Shuang’s eyes wandering, the maid explained: “Sir, autumn is too slow.”

Yan Shuang couldn’t help but be speechless. He thought that Ji wensong had a psychological problem and had to take care of the change of seasons. No wonder Ji Yao was angry and wanted to cut down trees. Father and son were really like each other. They were like “destroying flowers with hot hands”.

The maid took Yan Shuang to the room where he met Ji wensong last time.

Compared with the dignified atmosphere of the old house, the exquisite tatami and low table in this room look much inferior.

The maid brought utensils for Yan Shuang to cook tea on site.

Yan Shuang hurriedly refused, “don’t bother.”

The maid smiled at him, “Sir is still entertaining guests. I’m afraid you’re bored.”

“I’m looking for him for business, not for fun,” Yan Shuangzheng said. “I’m not bored. I’ll wait here.”

The maid smiled and said nothing more, but she still set the utensils and began to cook tea.

Her movements are beautiful and elegant. She looks like an expert in this art.

Yan Shuang thought forget it. Anyway, she wouldn’t listen to him. She just propped up her face and appreciated it seriously.

When the hookah curled, someone pushed the barrier door, “Mr. Yan, Mr. Ji, please go over.”

The labyrinth like house seems to be small and beautiful in every room. The maid with Yan Shuang went wider and wider, and finally came to the heart of the house.

Yan Shuangxian saw the familiar figure.

Ji wensong was still wearing kimonos, light black, with a thick luster under the light light, slightly more homely Brown kimonos than before, which was extremely formal and dignified.

Yan Shuang’s heart secretly make complaints about it, like a funeral.

“Come and have a look.”

Ji wensong said behind his back.

Yan Shuang answered and walked forward two steps before he saw a small bronze in front of Ji wensong.

Yan Shuang didn’t know much about this. He just felt that the animal patterns on it were soaring and magnificent. The ancient and simple killing that seemed to come through time and space was enough to shock every audience who saw it.

“It’s so beautiful,” Ji wensong stared intently and said softly, “isn’t it?”

Yan Shuang said honestly, “it’s really beautiful.”

They were speechless. At the same time, they were enjoying the beautiful bronze ware. After a while, Ji wensong said, “what can I do for you?”

This is Yan Shuang’s first initiative to contact Ji wensong.

But he didn’t come to ask Ji wensong for anything, but to cooperate with Ji wensong.

Yan Shuang said, “you said you were very satisfied with me last time. I wonder if you think this is enough now, or do you want me to continue?”

Ji wensong finally took back his eyes on the bronze ware, and his eyes fell on Yan Shuang’s face.

Yan Shuang looked at Ji wensong for a moment, turned his face and smiled, “Mr. Ji, what are your expectations for Ji Yao?”

Ji wensong looked at him quietly and smiled faintly, “I expect him to be like you.”

Yan Shuang: “that’s too difficult.”

“Why?” Ji wensong urgently asked, in a relaxed tone.

“Some things are born, that’s talent.”

Ji wensong pondered for a moment and admitted, “it makes sense.” Then he looked out of the window with his back hands and whispered, “he’s more like his mother.”

“Indecisive, naive and stupid, self righteous and emotional…”

The steady voice counted the shortcomings of the dead wife, and finally came to a conclusion.

“Mother and son as like as two peas.”

“It’s hard to get rid of those things.”

Yan Shuang said, “Mr. Ji tried?”

Ji wensong glanced at him, smiled silently and said, “I’m not so boring.”

“You say you want to continue,” Ji wensong said. “How do you continue?”

“That depends on your cooperation, Mr. Ji.”

“Oh? How can I match it?”

Ji wensong seemed very interested in how to hurt his son. He listened carefully to Yan Shuang’s plan and didn’t mean to interrupt halfway.

When Yan Shuang finished, Ji wensong gave him a deep look. His eyes were full of praise and regret. Yan Shuang knew he meant nothing else, so he generously let him see it.

Ji wensong sighed, “your adoptive father is too bad for you.”

Yan Shuang said tactfully, “my adoptive mother is very kind to me.”

“You should have a different father.”

There was no joke in the plain tone.

Yan Shuang thought that he was not interested in recognizing another father.

And a controlling father.

When he dumps Ji Yao, he still knows who Ji wensong is.

Sure enough, it’s not good to be liked. Yan Shuang made up his mind and said with a smile, “Mr. Ji, if your father can be changed at will, with all due respect, the first person to type the application should be Ji Yao.”

Ji wensong was stunned at first, then smiled, and light fine lines rippled from the corners of his eyes.

It seems that Yan Shuang’s offensive words did not irritate him.

He reached out and rubbed the top of Yan Shuang’s hair and tapped, “I don’t approve.”

After that, Yan Shuang wanted to leave. Ji wensong didn’t leave him either. He stayed alone in the house to continue to enjoy the bronze ware and sent a maid and bodyguard to send him.

The maid took him out and handed him a beautiful wooden box.

Yan Shuang said, “shouldn’t it be moon cakes?”

The maid chuckled, “no, it’s an orange.”

Yan Shuang was stunned, “orange?”

“This orange is planted in our own orchard. It is very healthy and tastes very sweet. You will like it.”

Yan Shuang took the wooden box, lowered his head and sniffed it gently. Sure enough, he smelled the faint aroma of orange.

“This is a precocious variety. The skin is green and yellow. You don’t have to be afraid. It tastes only a little sour.”

The maid explained gently, as if she were coaxing a child.

Yan Shuang said, “thank Mr. Ji for me.”


The maid opened the door for him, “have a nice trip and pay attention to safety.”

Yan Shuang opened the wooden box in the car. There were about 20 oranges lying neatly inside. Each look was very cute. Sure enough, as the maid said, the skin was green and yellow. He picked up an orange and sniffed it. The fresh and sweet taste immediately poured into the tip of his nose, making his mouth secrete saliva.

Yan Shuang peeled and ate one.

The taste is very sweet, but what remains in the mouth is a faint sour taste, which makes people can’t help eating one by one.

For such delicious oranges, Yan Shuang thought he could endure Ji wensong for a while.

“OK, the last class is over. I wish you a Happy Mid Autumn Festival and a holiday.”

The old professor arched his hands like a naughty boy. As soon as the bell rang, he ran faster than the students, causing a burst of laughter.

The holiday atmosphere has been brewing on the campus since the morning. With the end of the last class, it finally reached the peak.

The students left the classroom talking and laughing together.

Yan Shuang saw Ji Yao leave alone with a cold face in the crowd.

I didn’t look at him.

Since they quarreled in the bedroom, the relationship between the two people has fallen to the freezing point.

Ji Yao still kept his promise to the professor, never missed any class, and often met Yan Shuang.

However, the two people ignore each other. Sometimes they look at each other and move away immediately. There is a posture that whoever moves away slowly will lose.

Yan Shuang felt that his operation of pulling heijiyao was a little redundant.

Ji Yao didn’t want to talk to him at all.

I can understand.

He has made Ji Yao so angry. If Ji Yao can still manage him, Ji Yao is not Ji Yao, but a male Bodhisattva.

Yan Shuang went downstairs with his bag in his arms. He was less than a meter away from Ji. They were trapped in a huge stream of people and couldn’t get close.

Yan shuangruo looked thoughtfully at Ji Yao’s back. He was not in a hurry. Anyway, they would meet soon.

Out of the teaching building, Yan Shuang walked slowly to the back door of the school, took out his mobile phone, confirmed that there was no error in the time, and nodded with satisfaction.

At the back door of the school, Ji Yao was there.

One shoulder bag hung on one side, white shirt and linen trousers, fresh and clean. He raised his hand and looked at his watch. He didn’t deviate his head when he heard the sound of footsteps.

Yan Shuang stopped not far from Ji Yao and deliberately looked in the opposite direction.

They really understood the cold war.

“Well, I’ve arrived.”

Yan Shuang cocked up his ears and listened quietly.

It seems that Ji wensong led Ji Yao here through someone.

Yan Shuang looked at his cell phone again.

It’s almost time.

When the Ji family’s car came, Ji Yao didn’t realize at first. He thought it was the Xiao family who came to pick him up. When he took a step forward to see the license plate, it was too late.

He was surrounded by four bodyguards who jumped out of the car.

“Young master, sir told us to take you home for a reunion dinner tonight.”

Ji Yao frowned in disgust, “get out.” He walked forward and was immediately blocked by the bodyguard.

“Young master, don’t embarrass us.”

Yan Shuang listened to the movement and never moved his eyes.

Until the footsteps behind him rubbed disorderly and the stuffy voice sounded, Yan Shuang looked at him calmly.

There was a fight.

Ji wensong’s men are really efficient.

It’s dark enough.

He also punches his own young master.

Yan Shuang lightly hooked up the lower lip corner, then entered the play, went to the kind little white flower, threw down the canvas bag in his arms and rushed up, “what are you doing?!”

A group of people are fighting in a scuffle. It’s like beating them up.

Ji Yao noticed Yan Shuang when he came out, but deliberately ignored him.

Since Yan Shuang chose to take the road that would make him black and blue.

Then he’ll wait and see.

The moment Yan Shuang rushed into the circle, Ji Yao subconsciously divided his mind, took another blow behind his shoulder, turned back and returned a foot, stretched out his hand to pull Yan Shuang’s arm and pushed the man out again.

Yan Shuang was dizzy and hit the ground. He turned around. He was held on his waist with skillful strength. After buffering most of his strength, he sat on the ground. He almost had no sense of falling, just like someone sat down with him.

Yan Shuang calmed down and saw the bodyguard smiling at him.

Yan Shuang: can you be professional.

“Who are you? Why do you beat people? I’ll call the police -”

Yan Shuang shouted in panic and gave the bodyguard a hint in his eyes.

His hands were immediately cut behind his back, so light that he hardly used any strength, and Yan Shuang still gave a scream.

Ji Yao’s action was frozen for a moment. When he swept over, he saw that Yan Shuang was controlled by someone. His icy look added to his anger, “let him go!”

“Get in the car, young master,” the little bodyguard smiled and clasped Yan Shuang’s wrist, “don’t you want to hurt the innocent?”

“You are Ji Yao’s family? Why do you treat him like this?!”

Yan Shuang asked with an unbelievable and sad look.

Ignorant words fiercely pierced Ji Yao’s heart.


What are the people around Ji wensong, his family?

Ji Yao’s face was extremely cold. “I told you to let him go -”

The bodyguard smiled and said, “young master, we can’t do anything if you spend so much time with us, but this boy… I’ll break his hand first to try his strength. Do you think it’s ok?”

Yan Shuang thought that if the little bodyguard was not excellent in acting, he was really cruel.

The tone is really not mixed with water.

It seems that as long as Ji Yao doesn’t agree, the next second, he will immediately interrupt Yan Shuang’s hand.

Ji Yao’s eyes changed.

Yan Shuang knows Ji Yao’s personality very well.

Ji Yao’s heart is quite arrogant. Being coerced is probably his most annoying thing.

Yan Shuang thought that it was Ji Yao’s limit that he could make Ji Yao so angry that night.

Now it seems that Ji Yao is far from the time to really break the defense that night.

“Don’t force me.”

Ji Yao said word by word, but he looked extremely calm. Something in his eyes was about to break through the ice.

“Ji Yao, you go,” Yan Shuang continued to add fuel to the fire. “They will come. Really, leave me alone, you go first…”

Their childish cold war dissipated under such circumstances.

He doesn’t know anything.

But he still didn’t let him go.

Still chose… To protect him.

Ji Yao looked at Yan Shuang and revealed his blood like courage.

“Ba -”

The car whistled.

A black car came fiercely and stopped on the roadside. All the people moved their eyes.

Yan Shuang: Qin Dadan, late again! Almost ruined his deployment!

Wei Yichen came down from the driver’s seat first.

Yan Shuang: the housekeeper has returned to work. It’s OK. There are many people.

Wei Yichen didn’t look at everyone, including Yan Shuang. When he got off the bus, he immediately went to the back seat and opened the door. He recovered to the 100% perfect housekeeper appearance.

Qin yubai, who came down from the back seat, was dressed in a black suit with a snow-white straight neck and no decoration all over. The only ornament was his relaxed smile at the corners of his mouth, “what is this playing?”

“Mr. Qin.”

The bodyguards knew people and immediately bent down to greet Qin yubai. The bodyguard who “controlled” Yan Shuang also loosened his hand and stood aside, bending down.

The atmosphere changed again in an instant. The scene that was ready to be fired at the touch of a sword and crossbow. At the moment Qin yubai appeared, the center of gravity shifted, and the whole audience became dominated by him.

Qin yubai ignored the crowd and went straight to Yan Shuangshuang. His deep eyes looked at Yan Shuang up and down, “are you hurt?”

Yan Shuang shook his head, “No.”

“Let me see my hands.”

The white wrist was held in the palm and looked carefully to ensure that there were no scars. Qin yubai pulled Yan Shuang’s hand and said to the bodyguard: “you are so measured. Ji wensong is really good at training his subordinates.”

The content is praise, but the tone is full of strong sarcasm.

“I’m sorry,” said the bodyguard, bending over earnestly, “I didn’t know this was your man.”

His attitude changed dramatically.

In front of Ji Yao’s insistent threat, Qin yubai becomes respectful and terrified.

“I won’t embarrass you,” Qin yubai said to the bodyguard. “I’ll negotiate with Ji wensong about this matter.” he looked down at Yan Shuang, his tone turned soft, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang was pulled by him, stopped again and said nervously: “Ji Yao…”

Qin yubai seemed to find Ji Yao now. He glanced at him carelessly, smiled at Yan Shuang and said in a friendly tone, “this is someone else’s family business. How can I manage it?”

“But they beat him -”

“Oh?” Qin yubai looked at the bodyguards and smiled, “this is your fault. At least he is also the young master of your family. Be polite. He is also an 18-year-old man. Reason with him well. Will he still listen?”

“It’s not a child anymore.”

The tone is ridiculed with laughter.

It seems that Ji Yao’s struggle at the moment is just a child’s game in his eyes.

Yan Shuang was hugged by Qin yubai and pushed into the car. He finally looked back at Ji Yao before entering the car.

Ji Yao didn’t know when he had dropped his face. His white shirt, which never had any wrinkles, had become beyond recognition in the chaotic fight and looked a little embarrassed.

Qin yubai “beat the water dog in pain” as he expected.

Just as Qin yubai calls Ji Yao “Ji Shao” every time.

Ji Yao is the young master of Ji family. Everything he has comes from this surname.

Qin yubai is the master of the Qin family.

The surname Qin is respected in the circle because Qin yubai gives it weight.

Ji Yao may be able to detect these things vaguely.

But he never seriously thought about this problem, and rarely had the opportunity to face the gap.

Your son is standing too high.

Yan Shuang must kick him.

Use Qin yubai’s strength. It’s just right.

Yan Shuang took back his eyes, and Ji Yao’s last appearance came to mind. The corner of his mouth gently hooked, wrinkled childe

——Welcome to the adult world.


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