I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 5

The empty upper bunk was piled with a dirty suitcase and two or three water basins, as well as many other sundries. People couldn’t bear to look straight at it.


Ji Yao asked with a cold face.

The player quickly took off his headphones and said, “the suitcase is mine.” he hurriedly came to get the suitcase and whispered, “sorry, we all thought no one was coming.”

The stagnant air came back to life, and everyone went to get their own things piled on the upper bunk.

In the dormitory where he moved things like rush buying in the market, Ji Yao looked on coldly and watched the people’s embarrassment. Only Yan Shuang, a thin one, stood with his head down in the corner of the wall with steam on his body. He didn’t do anything. He looked pitiful. The night wind blew his wet hair, and the bad orange aroma floated to the tip of his nose. Ji Yao frowned and turned out of the dormitory.

Everyone in the dormitory was relieved to see that others had left.

“Shit, I thought the headmaster was coming.”

“Yes, where did you come from, you can make a show as soon as you come,” Zhang Shuai shook his head and said, “our dormitory will not be peaceful in the future… Alas, who, do you think?”

The voice of the “who” who was cue heard was light and soft, “yes, it’s not peaceful in the future.”

Ji Yao didn’t come back until the lights were almost off.

In the dormitory, make complaints about the circle, and all of them are fast asleep. They are all washing and tidying up. The lower berth is neatly laid. The man has already slept in it, and has put half his head in the quilt, only showing the top of his hair.

Yan Shuang noticed that the air pressure in the dormitory was low again. He knew that Ji Yao must have returned. He leaned out his head and looked at Ji Yao standing in front of his bed.

Ji Yao was in a trance. He seemed to see Qin Qing.

Peace often looks different from cold and lonely. His cheeks are white and energetic, and his eyes are bright with some water meaning.

“Do you sleep like this?”

Different sound lines broke the dream in front of him, and Ji Yao’s eyes became clear again.

The things on the upper bunk were cleaned, leaving only the bed board, and Ji Yao’s posture seemed to plan to make do on the bare bed board all night.

“If you don’t mind, you can squeeze with me.”

The voice pressed in the quilt, stuffy, some shy kind invitation, does not contain any other meaning, but it reminds people of the forbidden fruit of summer for no reason.

Ji Yao lowered his head and avoided his wet eyes.


Ji Yao took the key and wallet from the bag on the table and hung his hand on his side, “thank you.”

He can never be cruel to Qin Qing. Even if he has a face similar to Qin Qing, he will choose to respond.

Yan Shuang slowly buried his head in the quilt again. Alas, what a pity. What a good chance to brush the plot. Ji Yao is too sullen. If Qin yubai replaced him, he had to brush at least two plot points.

The next morning, the atmosphere in the dormitory was still very depressed, as if afraid that Ji Yao would suddenly come back.

Yan Shuang received the book calmly. According to the plot, Ji Yao didn’t go back to school until the afternoon of the next day.

As a studious protagonist, Yan Shuang came to the classroom early and chose C in the classroom to listen.

In fact, the original owner was originally excellent in learning. After he was involved in the love game of slag attacks, he was pulled out by which slag attack to engage in sadistic speculation when he had nothing to do, and his performance naturally plummeted.

Yan Shuang will never allow this to happen.

Thirty thousand scholarships at the end of the semester!

We should not miss any opportunity to make a reasonable profit.

Learn, learn hard!

The classroom is almost full of people.

This is a big class. There are at least 200 people attending the class.

Seats near Yan Shuang were soon full.

This is an institution of higher learning with a large number of learning tyrants. Those who can enter this university are very excellent.

Yan Shuang: I feel the malice of the bookstore. It’s hard to get this scholarship!

Before he was almost full, a figure unexpected to Yan Shuang appeared at the door.

Ji Yao.

He changed his clothes without changing his style. There was no simple dress with a logo all over his body. The quality was all reflected in the excellent cutting and cloth.

As soon as Ji Yao appeared in the classroom, the whole classroom was like the dormitory last night. The air pressure suddenly decreased, and even the temperature seemed to drop a few degrees.

Cold eyes swept the class and paused slightly when passing Yan Shuang.

Wearing black framed glasses, Yan Shuang looked unimpressive. He saw himself. His eyes behind the lens bent with laughter and waved to him slightly.

Ji Yao looked away and sat down in the last few empty seats in the classroom.

Yan Shuang followed his figure and turned his head. After Ji Yao sat down, he waved to Ji Yao and said with his mouth: I’ll help you occupy your seat next time.

More than ten rows apart, Ji Yao couldn’t see what Yan Shuang was talking about.

He saw only two broken lips.

Last night, he was shocked by Yan Shuang’s and Qin Qing’s similar looks. Ji Yao didn’t care about the details at all.

Yan Shuang has turned his head back.

Ji Yao put his hand on the desk and his mind was full of the two lips he had just seen.

Plump, slightly swollen and scarred.

Ji Yao lowered his eyes, and the thick eyelashes covered the violent mood in his eyes.

During the recess, Yan Shuang took the initiative to go to Ji Yao, who remained in his original position. He made a shy look of summoning up the courage to make friends, “I’ll help you occupy a seat next time.”

Ji Yao raised his face and glanced at Yan Shuang’s lips. When he was close, he could see more clearly. The wound on his lips was fine and different in depth. The fool could see who had bitten him fiercely.

“No,” Ji Yao said coldly. Seeing Yan Shuang’s injured eyes, he turned his face and said colder, “stay away from me.”

With that, he got up and walked out of the classroom without looking at Yan Shuang again.

Yan shuangruo touched his lips thoughtfully.

If he is right, Ji Yao just looked at his lips.

In the plot, Ji Yao’s love for Qin Qing is like a pilgrimage. In his heart, Qin Qing is so beautiful. He regards Qin Qing as a God. He does not allow God to be desecrated. Even Yan Shuang, who is similar to Qin Qing, has the same expectation.

Therefore, after learning about the contract between Yan Shuang and Qin yubai, Ji Yao was angry, and then his attitude towards Yan Shuang was so bad and ignored.

Knowing that Yan Shuang was forced, Ji Yao’s attitude improved slightly. At the same time, he also helped Yan Shuang who was humiliated by Qin yubai many times.

Every time he makes a move, in fact, he does not have much sympathy and goodwill for Yan Shuang, but out of a kind of empathy similar to “love house and Ukraine”.

He couldn’t bear the slightest harm to Qin Qing, even if it was a substitute for Qin Qing.

Yan Shuang thought Ji Yao was special enough for him, but he didn’t know that Ji Yao was unique to Qin Qing.

So it was Yan Shuang’s misunderstanding, Yan Shuang fell in love with him, and Yan Shuang took the initiative to give up his body.

Ji Yao just accepted it passively from beginning to end.

He never said he liked it. Everything was Yan Shuang’s amorous and wishful thinking.

Yan Shuang put down his hand to touch his lips. He likes this single arrow plot best! Ji Yao just lay down and let him move. The plot thief is easy to brush! Not easy to be dragged back!

Look, but after showing his face in advance, Yan Shuang has quickly advanced Ji Yao’s plot to “hate impure Yan Shuang”, good job.

Another reason why Yan Shuang is anxious to brush Ji Yao’s plot progress is that Ji Yao’s plot line and Qin yubai’s plot line are intertwined and spiral.

When Yan Shuang and Qin yubai had a sadistic relationship, Ji Yao was the jealous tool who caused the misunderstanding between them.

When Yan Shuang had a sadistic relationship with Ji Yao, Qin yubai shouldered the role of jealous tool man.

Qin yubai has accelerated there, and Ji Yao has to accelerate here, otherwise there will be no jealous tool people at the critical moment, and the plot and emotional line will be pushed very hard.

No way, people are cheap. Some people compete for more incense than no one wants, and others have the most incense in their mouth.

Ji Yao didn’t come back to class until the end of the recess.

Yan Shuang thought that Xiaoji would not be stimulated. Is he incompetent and furious in any corner of the school?

According to the plot, Ji Yao is in the stage of “Damn it, I don’t want to inherit hundreds of millions of family assets” and splitting up his family. He was very upset. After meeting Yan Shuang, he can be said to be super double.

Yan Shuang: Alas, poor little virgin, just be angry. There will be plenty of anger in the future.

smile. jpg。

The second half of the class didn’t start for a while, the classroom door was knocked.

Yan Shuang thought that the No. 2 egg came back, and quickly adjusted his facial expression to “a poor state of being careful to touch but afraid to touch”.

The professor went to open the door.

“Hello, I’ll pick you up.”

It’s Wei Yichen.

Yan Shuang: Waste expression.

The professor was confused. “Who will you pick up?”

Wei Yichen’s eyes fell on Yan Shuang, who was stunned and at a loss.

Yan Shuang looked at what Wei Yichen took out his mobile phone and showed the professor. The professor’s face immediately changed, “who is Yan Shuang? Come out.”

Yan Shuang stood up, walked out with a helpless look, and said timidly to the professor, “teacher…”

“Let’s go first.” The professor has a pleasant face.

“But I…” Yan Shuang looked at the professor anxiously and looked at Wei Yichen again. “I have to have class…”

The ending tone gradually lowered in Wei Yichen’s cold gaze.

“Mr. Yan, do you need me to remind you of your identity again?”

The voice is not high or low, there is no emotion, and there is a contempt for trying to destroy people.

In the attention ceremony of everyone in the classroom, Yan Shuang embarrassed to pack his schoolbag and slowly walked out of the classroom to the door. He said to the professor, “teacher, the class left today…”

“Never mind,” said the professor kindly, “I will upload the PPT and materials of the class to the public mailbox. You can teach yourself by yourself. If you don’t understand, you can send an email to ask me.”

“Thank you, teacher.”

When the classroom door closed, Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang, who was still reluctant to part, and said without sympathy: “the car is at the back door.”

Yan Shuang turned his face. His expression was weak and pitiful. “Mr. Wei, I did a good job just now. In this way, the teacher should not deduct my usual points.”

Wei Yichen: ”

“You don’t have to play,” Wei Yichen sneered. “He won’t deduct your usual points.”

Fart, in the original plot, although the professor let go on the surface, he secretly deducted Yan Shuang’s usual score.

Yan Shuang put away his pitiful face and smiled, “I still think the latter is safer when others help and work hard.”

Wei Yichen sneered and made no comment.

They walked to the stairs, Wei Yichen in front and Yan Shuang in the back.

At the corner, Wei Yichen suddenly stopped.

“Ji Shao.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes lit up after him.

Oh, roar, the first meeting between egg two and egg five in the plot line! Memorable!

Egg No. 1 is hidden behind egg No. 5, so this is actually a three egg meeting!

If you brush carefully, several emotional lines will move forward!

“Why are you here?”

Ji Yao’s voice is as cold as ever.

“I’ll pick someone up.”

Wei Yichen was respectful and vague.

As Qin yubai’s most trusted housekeeper and secretary, he knows what to say and what not to say.

Ji Yao leaned against the stairs with his head slightly tilted. He seemed to smell the bad smell of citrus.

His sight swept behind Wei Yichen.

Yan Shuang, with his head lowered and his palm clenched the belt tightly, was exposed in Ji Yao’s sight.

The pupil contracted sharply.

Broken lips, similar looks, Qin yubai’s housekeeper.

Between lightning and flint, Ji Yao’s brain has pieced together a complete story line.

“Excuse me.”

Wei Yichen stooped slightly, looked at Yan Shuang behind him and motioned Yan Shuang to follow.

Yan’s double head was even lower. When he walked slowly past Ji Yao, the back of his hand holding the bag was so strong that his bones were turning white.



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