I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 50

On the bus, Yan Shuang was still talking about worrying about Ji Yao. Qin Yu and Bai Jing listened to him, and their eyes fell on his face, “no?”

Yan Shuang made an inexplicable expression, “what’s gone?”

“Do you have nothing else to tell me except Ji Yao?”

“Say what?”

Qin yubai smiled and said, “don’t you miss me?”

Yan Shuang choked and was still thinking about what he meant. When he blushed or gushed back, Qin yubai had smiled brightly. He reached out and rubbed Yan Shuang’s hair, “it’s too long. I’ll take you to have your hair cut.”

He skipped Ji Yao’s story lightly.

Yan Shuang pulled the topic back, “they beat Ji Yao so hard, won’t Ji Yao’s father be angry?”

“Of course, they dare to do that only when they are allowed,” Qin yubai seems to be in a particularly good mood today and patiently explains to Yan Shuang. “You don’t have to worry. They have discretion and won’t really hurt him. If they really want to do something hard, he would have fallen down.”

Yan Shuang nodded, relieved.

The car was quiet. In this sudden silence, Qin yubai still stared at Yan Shuang deeply and smiled.

Yan Shuang thought Qin beast did well today, and finally blushed, “Why are you staring at me?”

“Nothing,” Qin yubai said without turning his eyes. “I think you and Ji Yao are really close.”

“We are friends.”

Yan Shuang determined his relationship with Ji Yao.

“Oh? How did I hear you quarreled?”

Yan Shuang: “how do you know?”

“The Ji family has only one seedling. Everything is a big event.”

Qin yubai naturally covered up the past with another sentence.

After the emotional line rose and the emotional investment increased, Yan Shuang obviously felt the difference between Qin yubai and before.

Qin yubai didn’t care about him before.

Most of what was displayed in front of him was his worst side.

It’s ugly.

Now Qin yubai really has the taste of being at the helm of the Qin family.

Such Qin yubai is more difficult to deal with.

Every time it was more difficult to get to the back, and Yan Shuang was used to it.

Fight, worker!

But just a street lamp pendant, afraid of a ball!

“We disagree a little, but Ji Yao is really good,” Yan Shuang said. “He is my only friend.”

After a while, the title will rise from “friend” to “only friend”. In a few days, will it be upgraded again?

Qin yubai sneered in his heart. Yu Guang swept Wei Yichen, who was driving smoothly in front of him, and said to himself: it doesn’t matter. Whether this in his arms is a person, a ghost or a goblin will show up soon.

Yan Shuang thought that Qin Yu Bai would take him to what senior hairdresser or beauty salon, and so on. Ancient books did not write that way. “Cinderella changed”. Before entering woodlouse, one came out and was shocked by the passers-by.

In fact, it’s about changing your hair style, changing your clothes, and changing a pair of contact lenses at most.

“Isn’t it a haircut? Why did you go home?” Yan Shuangdao.

Qin yubai paused when he got out of the car, turned back and held Yan Shuang’s hand, “who said he couldn’t cut his hair at home?”

The servants in the hall are busy preparing for the family dinner in the evening.

Yan Shuang was dragged by Qin yubai to the small meeting living room on the first floor.

The reception hall has been arranged, and there are all kinds of tools and equipment.

Yan Shuang was pressed by Qin yubai and sat down. When Qin yubai took off his coat, rolled up his sleeve and pulled out a pair of scissors from the drawer, his expression on his face almost couldn’t hold.

Qin yubai wants to cut his hair himself?!

Don’t you want to assassinate him?

“Sir, Mr. Yan’s bag has been put away.”

“Well, I see. Go down.”

Qin Yu Bai man waved his hand carelessly.

Wei Yichen stooped slightly and stepped back.

A little look, even Yu Guang didn’t give it to Yan Shuang.

It seems that the housekeeper is really good after returning to work.

In various senses.

Give it a compliment sometime.

“Will you cut it for me?” Yan Shuang looked at Qin Yu. His white fingers had lifted his hair and asked.

Qin yubai smiled in the mirror, “can’t you?”

“Can you cut your hair?”

As soon as Yan Shuang’s voice fell, “click”, the hair lifted up by Qin yubai in front of him was lost in an instant.


Yan Shuang: you can use a fucking hammer.

Yan Shuang saw it.

Qin yubai is deliberately fooling him.

Before Yan Shuang broke out, Qin yubai had cut several strands of hair on Yan Shuang’s head like cutting flowers and plants without scruples.

Yan Shuang didn’t complain.

The broken hair fell in succession. It is estimated that you have to go in with one mouth, and your eyes can only be closed.

Passive shut up. Yes.

I hope there will be a miracle when I open my eyes.

The transformation of the protagonist in ancient novels must not fail!


Yan looked at the man in the mirror without expression.

It’s said that the hairstyles eaten by dogs are poor dogs.

Qin yubai, I really have you.

Slag attack, as expected, will always be slag attack, either trample on your dignity, humiliate your soul, or abuse your body.

In this way, it belongs to all-round abuse.

Seeing that there was no rising data in the background, Yan Shuang was so angry that he wanted to ask the system for an explanation immediately.

This hairstyle is not abusive?!

“Do you like it?” Qin yubai said with great interest.

Yan Shuang looked at Qin yubai strangely. He thought that they were not having an affair. He picked up the scissors and gave him a look. He immediately brushed up the data of abuse.

Qin yubai also seems to think Yan Shuang’s current hairstyle is ridiculous. He rubbed Yan Shuang’s hair and smiled for a while, and suddenly kissed Yan Shuang in Yan Shuang’s increasingly angry eyes.

It’s been a long time.

I don’t know why I often think of this person, but I just don’t contact him.

Yan Shuang didn’t take the initiative, so he didn’t think he had this person.

Deliberate neglect.

Work devoted to.

But put it in again. How can you put it in now?

The setting sun outside the window dyed the whole side hall with a layer of light gold. The broken hair fell on his cheek with a little gold. Qin yubai kissed him, put his lips on his lips and whispered, “have you thought about me these two days?”

Yan Shuangyang raised his head. There were fragments of the sunset in his eyes. He was warm and soft. When he heard the speech, he dodged for a while. His voice was clear and shallow, “no…”

Qin yubai smiled, “OK,” reached out and brushed the broken hair on his cheek, and said in a loud voice, “come in.”

Yan Shuang jumped in his heart and thought that Wei Yichen would not be outside all the time. Qin yubai would like to make some tentative tricks again? Is this a mad dog again? He said Qin yubai was too normal today and looked a little abnormal.

A group of people rushed in, uniform clothes, and bent to Qin yubai, “Mr. Qin.”

“Well,” Qin yubai straightened up, “fix it for him.”

When Yan Shuang was surrounded by the group and asked him to lie down and wash his hair, he realized that these talents were real stylists.

It turned out that Qin yubai had already prepared, and that meal operation was just to promote and suppress.

Yan Shuang lay down and glanced at Qin yubai. Qin yubai smiled faintly, leaned over Yan Shuang’s forehead and flicked, “I’m not as bad as you think.”

Yan Shuang closed his eyes and opened them again. His face showed tame softness. He reached out and grabbed Qin yubai’s arm, “you’re kidding me.”

The tone of intimacy is a little overbearing.

“Didn’t you play with me?” Qin yubai smiled.

“When did I fool you?”

Qin yubai took out his arm and pinched the back of his hand. “I’m gone. You can’t think of it. I’ll let them shave your head.”

Qin yubai said to go, waved and immediately walked out of the reception hall.

“Where are you going?”

Yan Shuang moved and was immediately gently pressed on his shoulder by the people around him. “Don’t get excited, Mr. Yan. Mr. Qin is kidding you.”

Yan Shuang blushed for a moment, “I know.”

Professional people do things differently.

Shampoo is very comfortable. Gently massage his head.

Someone took off his glasses and told him to close his eyes.

A little itching came from his eyebrows. It should be trimming his eyebrows.

“Do you want to trim your eyebrows?”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Yan. Just trim some messy hairs. Your eyebrows look good. Mr. Qin told us not to mess around, or you’ll be angry.”

There was a fine laugh.

Yan Shuang’s face turned red again. “Did he really say that?”

“Mr. Qin’s original words are -” the eyebrow trimmer smiled foolishly, “you’ll bite.”

Yan Shuang: keep blushing.

These are all Qin yubai’s people. His people are unified.

In the ambiguous period, Yan Shuang opened his belly like a hedgehog, and his head was soft.

After a toss, Yan Shuang almost fell asleep.

When someone straightens him up, it’s the barber’s turn.

The barber showed Yan Shuang a picture, “do you think this hairstyle is OK?”

Yan Shuang glanced.

Qin Qing’s hairstyle.


Doubles should have the consciousness of doubles.

The more he looks like Qin Qing in appearance, it means that he is getting closer and closer to the turning point.


“Sir, our people have arrived one after another.”

Qin yubai is dressing in front of the mirror.

He is wearing old clothes.

It was worn by the ancestors of the Qin family and reformed.

The custom-made clothes are left with surplus and cloth. After being changed again, they fit and iron, with the charm of some old years and symbolizing the inheritance of the family.

Wearing these clothes on important occasions will make him feel that he is not alone at this moment.

Wearing the emerald Cufflinks his grandfather once wore, Qin yubai stretched out his sleeve and said, “Qin Qing still won’t come down?”

“The young master is not used to this occasion.”

Qin yubai was silent for a moment and said, “it’s better if he doesn’t go.”

“What about the man?”

“Still preparing.”

“I’ll go and have a look,” Qin yubai said. “When people come, take them to the banquet hall and let them have some wine first.”


Today’s family banquet was arranged properly by Wei Yichen. There were no outsiders in the main hall. It was still quiet. Qin Yu white man went downstairs. The servants went to the family banquet, and the whole building was empty.

Walking towards the reception hall, Qin yubai stopped without taking two steps.

Qin Qing stood in front of him.

His black hair is soft, his cheeks are white and red, and his eyes are shining with divinity. The expression on his face is a kind of natural shyness without affectation. He is the most unsuitable person to be a model. When he appears, all his attention will be attracted by him. He doesn’t care what he wears or what he wears. He is dazzling enough.

“Does it look good?”

His hands pulled the hem of his clothes slightly cramped.

“I’m not used to wearing this for the first time.”

Broken dreams.

Qin yubai Gang really thought what he saw was Qin Qing.

If Qin Qing didn’t grow up out of shape when she was young, it should be like this.

“Not good-looking?”

Yan Shuang reached out to touch his head. As soon as his hand touched the top of his hair, he heard Qin yubai say, “don’t move.”

Qin yubai walked up to him with soft eyes that Yan Shuang had never seen… And nostalgia.

“My hair is all messed up.”

Even the voice is incredibly gentle.

Like being loved.

Yan Shuang thought that his shape must be very similar to Qin Qing.

Otherwise, Qin yubai looks fascinated.

Qin yubai stretched out his hand and carefully arranged the hair he had just met for Yan Shuang. He looked focused and serious. After doing it for a while, he released his hand with satisfaction and looked at it again. Only then did he affirm: “it’s good.”

Yan Shuang: why is it good? Will Shuai blow it up.

In order to make employees have a sense of substitution, the faces of roles are basically fine tuned according to their own settings.

Yan Shuang’s face was slightly adjusted in the direction of weak reception, which was very similar to himself.

There is a saying that he himself should be more natural and unrestrained. His outline is not so soft and tends to be cold and hard.

Not weak enough, anyway.

Qin yubai stood at Yan Shuang’s side. He took Yan Shuang’s hand and said, “today is a family dinner. Many relatives have come. Your identity is my new brother. Do you understand?”

Yan Shuang paused and said, “I understand.”

“Let me hear it, brother.”

Yan Shuang: do you know that you have to pay more for this substitution play?

Qin yubai shook his hand, “will you take you back to the welfare home in two days?”

If you go to the scene, you must donate.

Yan Shuang made a thoughtful compromise. He coughed a little, his face was slightly red, twisted his face a little, and said, “big brother.”

It doesn’t sound like.

But it looks… It’s so similar.

Even that tiny mood is very similar. For example, the time when Qin Qinggang was willing to call him big brother was also their closest time.

Qin yubai’s fingers tremble slightly. Can he respond? Has it exceeded the initial limit?

forget it.

Now that it’s all like this.

Then replace it completely.

The fingers are embedded in the fingers, and the feeling of crispness spreads all over the body in an instant. They hold each other’s fingers, “as in the past”.

He once took his younger brother’s hand and begged those uncles to help him, but he was shut out and received cold eyes.

At that time, Qin Qing held his hand. He was obviously younger than him, but he looked very determined.

“Brother, you will succeed in the future. At that time, we will step on the soles of these people who despise us!”

Qin yubai tightened his hand and smiled faintly, “let’s go and meet the elders.”


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