I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 51

In the banquet hall, the dining table was too long to be seen at a glance, and there were voices of conversation and laughter. The servants stood behind the guests, paying close attention to the needs of each guest, and Wei Yichen swept aside.

When Yan Shuang and Qin yubai appeared, everyone seated stood up.

“Yubai, I haven’t seen you for a long time. My uncle misses you.”

“You look good recently, yubai…”

“Yubai, who is this?”

“Don’t say hello all the time. Sit down, yubai. Sit down first.”

The atmosphere is happy and harmonious.

Qin yubai sat in the main seat and said very little. He listened most of the time.

The relatives at the table said nice words and turned to business after a few words.

We should attract investment and open up new markets.

Yan Shuang is basically asking for money.

And there is cooperation with each other.

What’s more direct, someone immediately connected to “it’s a disappointment for the family to eat and get together and talk about business during the festival. Besides, can yubai disagree with such a small thing?”

Yan Shuang: Wow, I learned a new way to ask for money.

Qin yubai smiled faintly. “The idea of Uncle San is really good. Electronic technology is really hot now. I will send someone to follow up this project in the future.”

As soon as he promised, someone jumped out immediately.

“Yubai, electronic technology is too hot now. It’s time to cool down immediately. Let me say, it’s still in the energy sector…”

After listening to a family dinner, Yan Shuang said that Qin yubai promised to invest at least several hundred million yuan.

Yan Shuang: fuck, I hate that he is not Qin yubai’s grandfather!

After three rounds of drinking, everyone at the table was drunk and began to talk nonsense.

“Yubai, the more money I earn now, the more empty I feel in my heart. I get together with you family members every few festivals and sections every year. I feel secure in my heart.”

“Really, it’s just a few days a year that’s the most interesting.”

“After all, it’s better for our family.”

“You’re right! Home is the best!”

Echoing voices came one after another, and the crowd was drinking again. More than a dozen people toasted Qin yubai alone. Qin yubai drank several rounds without changing his color. In the end, he still had to shake his hands.

Yan Shuang watched coldly, waiting for the opportunity.

Great opportunity, brush, brush hard!

“Stop drinking.”

The wine cup in his hand was suddenly taken away, and Qin yubai followed his eyes.

Yan Shuang, who had been sitting quietly beside him, silently put the wine glass aside, “you drink too much.”

“Oh, is this my little brother? Haven’t I been drinking yet?”

“Little brother, I know little brother…” someone stood up unsteadily. The servant hurriedly helped him and was thrown away by him. He took a wine glass and said to Yan Shuang, “when Dingbang adopted you, he said you were a lucky star and would be able to help him turn over. You see, sure enough, we yubai – make more progress! Come and have a drink!”

Yan Shuang thought that he finally knew why Qin yubai had a sadistic relationship with “Yan Shuang”.

People always fall in love with people who are similar to themselves.

What Qin yubai hates most is Yan Shuang’s indulgence and softness to his adoptive father.

And he is doing something similar himself.

Let these “families” suck blood from him.

They are all too lonely.

So do the “family” bought with money.

“Uncle and grandpa, you drink too much.”

Qin yubai stretched out his hand to block Yan Shuang. The person who took the wine cup was very drunk. His hand shook, and most of the glass of wine splashed on Qin yubai’s thigh.

“Oh, feather white…”

“What’s going on?”

A group of people and servants came up and surrounded them, almost out of breath.

Yan Shuang shrunk for a moment, grabbed Qin yubai’s arm, and suddenly said in a loud voice, “can you get out of the way!”

The crisp voice was clear and clear among the drunkards.

The snow-white face burned a fire. Yan Shuang recklessly pushed a cousin nearest Qin yubai, “do you want to suffocate him?”

“Oh, you –” I still hold back my ugly words. “Little brother, I care about yubai. What’s your hurry.”

“Care, what do you care about? Care is to drink around him and ask for money during the holidays? I think you are all very old. Why are you so shameless?”

“You — you –”

Yan Shuang glared fiercely, “what do you mean?” he looked at Qin yubai again. Qin yubai was looking at him with a smile on his face, drunk, and then Yan Shuang glared, “get up, don’t drink, go!”

Yan Shuang pulled Qin yubai’s arm, frowned and dragged him away impatiently.

Qin Yu was as motionless as a mountain. He couldn’t help it. He said to the old man whose face was red and his eyes were about to fall out of his eyes: “Uncle Wu, he’s young and doesn’t understand. That’s not what he meant.”

“Well, I know,” the old man groaned, and the wine seemed to wake up a little. “I don’t care about children either.”

“Thank you.”

Qin yubai finally got up and put his palm around Yan Shuang’s hand. “Let’s get here first today and get together another day.” He winked at Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen nodded slightly and stretched out his hand to command the servant to pick up those drunken relatives.

Yan Shuang dragged Qin yubai’s hand out of the banquet hall.

Qin yubai followed him with shaky steps. After walking for a while, he smiled and said, “where are you going?”

The banquet hall is far from the main house, and the road is winding again. Yan Shuang dragged people to a quiet corner unconsciously. Vines are winding and dark.

It’s still an old place.

Yan Shuang loosened his hand and was about to leave. He was hugged from behind and put all his weight on him.

“Why, leave me alone in the wilderness?”

“This is your home.”


Qin yubai took a deep breath in Yan’s Double Neck nest.

Yan Shuang didn’t drink. He tasted clean.

“Why don’t I know… This is my home?”

The voice was full of tired drunkenness.

And coquettish.


He played with him before he finished brushing the emotional line.

Yan Shuang was silent for a long time before he said, “aren’t you very ruthless? Why are you so tolerant to them?”

Qin Yu smiled in a low voice. His breath was sprayed on the back of Yan Shuang’s neck. He looked up and kissed the back of Yan Shuang’s head. “What do you say about me? Ruthless? Why am I ruthless?”

Yan Shuang paused, sneered and said, “I love your body and you love my money.”

The tone is cold and vivid.

Qin yubai laughed and immediately turned Yan Shuang around, pecked Yan Shuang face to face, held Yan Shuang’s face and said, “I remember so clearly. What else can I tell you?”

Yan Shuang glanced sideways at him and said word by word: “cheap – goods -”

“What else?”

Qin yubai’s deep eyes were full of smiles like moonlight.

Yan Shuang pursed his lips and spit out another word, “dirty.”


“I won’t kiss -”

The lips are blocked.

The strong smell of wine passed along the tip of his tongue. Yan Shuang responded meekly for a while. Suddenly he began to struggle again. He pushed Qin yubai away and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Qin yubai, what do you mean?”

Without answer, the waist was forcibly hugged back, and the hotter kiss melted the night.

Yan Shuang’s back rested on the iron door wrapped with vines. His hands were tightly clasped, held over his head and clasped in clumps of green leaves. He made a sound of rejection between kisses.

“You let go -”

“No,” Qin yubai’s eyes flickered, “our contract is not over yet.”

Yan Shuang’s Blush retreated a little, leaned over his face and said coldly, “it will always end.”

Qin yubai stared at him deeply. He was silent for a while and said faintly, “it’s better to end now.”

Yan Shuang looked stunned.

Qin yubai smiled, “why, don’t you like it?”

“Of course not,” Yan Shuang denied. His eyes flickered and his voice was light. “Are you serious?”


Yan Shuang thought that Qin yubai had been too good recently.

It won’t be called Qin beast in the future.

Take good care of the plot. Those who catch up with the progress are his good babies.

Although he saw at a glance that Qin yubai was hiding a belly of bad water.

But coincidentally, so is he!

“The contract…”

“I’ve torn it.”

Yan Shuang’s pupil shook again, and his voice trembled, “really, really?”

“Of course,” Qin yubai smiled softly, “how could I lie to you.”

Yan Shuang: laugh, who believes who is stupid.

Yan Shuang made an expression of “ah, I believe, I’m so surprised, I’m so moved, I don’t know what to do”, and then entered his familiar field – shed tears.

“What are you crying for?”

Qin Yu Bai Yuqi was helpless. Then he released his hands to control Yan Shuang and kissed him again.

This time Yan Shuang not only did not resist, but also kissed back directly.

Unfamiliar and enthusiastic.

They kissed and entangled in the dark corner. When the hem of their shirt was pulled out, Yan Shuang finally grabbed Qin yubai’s hand and turned his head to avoid his kiss, “No.”

Qin yubai looked at him, his eyes were full of burning flames.

“Not here…” Yan Duoduo lowered deeply.

Not no, just not here.

This is an alternative invitation.

No man can resist.

The servants were still in the banquet hall, and the building of the main house was also dark. Yan Shuang was pulled by Qin yubai, rotated and ran up to the third floor.

This is his first time on the third floor.

Qin Qing lives on the third floor.

The outermost door was pushed open by Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang was drawn into a colorful world.

The walls were hung with dazzling oil paintings.

The red almost fell on him from the canvas.

Qin Qing’s paintings are so strange and gorgeous.

Inexplicably, it looks familiar.

But this place… Is really suitable for doing crazy things.

Yan Shuang lay on his back on the new canvas, his body melted like paint, and his fingers pressed into the bulging muscles on Qin yubai’s back.

He was always silent.

But there is no stingy voice tonight.

The empty studio is like a huge opera stage.

The sound of shaking echoed, undulating and graceful.

Qinyu Baixin thinks he should shut Yan Shuang up.

Because the sound is so different.

The palm falls on the lip and covers it.

Yan Shuang held his palm, picked up his long eyelashes, looked at him gently, and then… Kissed his palm carefully.

Qin yubai was shocked and his palm was slightly hot.

From green to temptation.

He witnessed his changes.

This is his work.

Signed his name.

He is a man’s name.

Or maybe… He’s not the only one.

As soon as the body separated, the heat gradually decreased. The cool air climbed onto the skin and stirred up fine particles. Yan Shuang sat on the canvas and gathered the canvas on his body first. It seems that he just remembered to ask, “what’s this place?”

Qin yubai is facing his shirt with his back. The cloth covers the scratches on his back. His tone is lazy, “studio.”

“Whose studio?”

“Qin Qing.”

Qin Yu Bai turned to his face, “my brother.”

Yan Shuang: huh? This is the first studio play. Is it going to break the double’s broken hand story?

Qin yubai is too positive.

Just as Yan Shuang wanted to continue his lines, Qin yubai had put on his shirt and said, “come in.”

Yan Shuang was stunned. Before he could have any reaction, the door of the studio had been pushed open.

“Sir.” The housekeeper stood respectfully.

“Well,” Qin yubai said faintly with his fingers through his tie, “clean up.”


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