I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 52

The cold white moonlight shines into the painting room through the window. At that moment, the whole studio has become a absurd painting.

The body wrapped around the canvas was in the center of the whole painting. Yan Shuang’s face showed an inexplicable expression of surprise in time. When the housekeeper raised his feet, he finally reacted like waking up from a nightmare.

“Get out -”

One hand tightly wrapped the canvas, the other hand hastily picked up the thing at hand and threw it.

It’s an unsealed pigment.

The housekeeper averted. The red paint narrowly brushed his sideburns and splashed on the ground like a murder scene. He stopped and stood still with his head down.

Qin yubai looked back and smiled faintly, “Why are you angry again?”

He was as if nothing had happened, as if he really didn’t know what was wrong with the current situation.

Yan Shuang thought that Qin yubai loved to leave the plot, which saved him a lot of trouble. Sometimes he was too positive and always wanted to rub other people’s part.

The scene of green hat is too deep. Can he grasp it?

“Get out, you let him out!” Yan Shuang pretended to be extremely hurt in his heart. The old practice was to bite his lips, and the blood color on his face faded clean.

Qin Yu looked at him quietly for a while. His deep eyes showed puzzlement, “why?”

The tie was hung around his neck. His whole person exuded a faint laziness, and his smile was gentle and gentle.

Yan Shuang believes that this person must have this face when talking about business in the mall.

There’s a knife in a smile. It’s very insidious.

Yan Shuang clenched his teeth and his face showed pain. “Qin yubai, do you have to humiliate me again and again?”

“Nonsense,” Qin yubai chuckled and still looked like a light wind. “You’re careless. I don’t mean that. He’s just a servant. You don’t have to care about him.”

The pupil shrinks slightly, Yan Shuang seems to know him for the first time, completely stunned.

Shock, anger, sadness… All the negative emotions showed on that face, and the legs exposed outside the canvas were shaking.

Qin yubai seemed not to see Yan Shuang’s expression. He said carelessly, “what are you doing? Don’t go and clean up quickly.”

The housekeeper’s footsteps moved, and he floated over like a ghost. Since he met Yan Shuang again, he has been like this, more complete silence and a thinner sense of existence.

I haven’t even made eye contact with Yan Shuang.

Like two disconnected ships on the vast sea, they lost their signals and communication.

He squatted down, calmly picked up Yan Shuang’s clothes scattered on the ground, sorted them out and shook them off, lowered his head and handed them to Yan Shuang respectfully with both hands.

Yan Shuang didn’t pick it up. He never looked at Wei Yichen. From beginning to end, he only looked at Qin yubai.

He watched Qin yubai tidy up his shirt, put on his coat and gradually become well-dressed.

“Qin yubai…” Yan Shuang said word by word, “are you crazy?”

With his slender fingers clasping the gem cufflinks, Qin yubai raised his eyes and looked gently, “what’s the matter? What did I do wrong? I wasn’t fine just now. Why did I turn my face again now?”

He walked forward slowly and stretched out his hand as if he wanted to touch Yan Shuang’s face. Yan Shuang suddenly leaned over his face and the back of his hand slipped across his cheek. The temperature of another person was short and warm.

“You don’t want him to clean up, shall I call someone else?” The tone was like a spoiled compromise, as if Yan Shuang was making trouble at the moment.

Yan’s lips trembled slightly and his face was pale. “You let him out first. I want to get dressed.”

“Shy?” Qin yubai smiled low, his handsome face came together, and his warm breath sprayed on Yan Shuang’s neck. He was as close as a lover, “I said, he was just a servant.”

“You let him out.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes were empty, but he repeated it again.

The studio was silent.

The three stood like a strange painting, and no one made any further action.

For a long time, Qin yubai smiled again. He leaned lightly against Yan Shuang’s ears and whispered softly, “who are you doing this to?”

Yan Shuang trembled in his heart, and his face was still gray.

He turned and faced Qin yubai.

That’s how they kissed just now.

“I don’t understand. Who are you doing this to?”

The sharp edges and corners that had been retracted reappeared.

The tenderness faded, and the young man who was stabbed at first sight came back.

His addiction was only a short moment. After being hurt, he immediately fought back with a more stubborn and angry attitude.

“Last time.”

“The same is true this time.”

“Are you doubting something?”

“Qin yubai, I said that you have low self-esteem. I didn’t expect that you have reached this level.”

“You should doubt me and Ji Yao, and you should also doubt me and your housekeeper. I really don’t know who you will doubt me with again…”

“Qin yubai,” Yan Shuang looked straight at Qin yubai with burning eyes, “I’ve had enough of you.”

He put down the canvas and raised his right hand.

The palm of the hand was held one second before the handsome face on the fan.

“Pa -”

The crisp slap rang through the studio.

Yan Shuangleng glanced at Qin yubai: unexpectedly, I have two hands.

Jun’s face was thrown aside. Qin Yu’s white face still had no change in look, but his eyes were slightly cold and tightly clasped Yan Shuang’s two hands in the palm of his hand.

“Let go.”

“I told you to let go!”

The canvas slipped, and the snow-white body was exposed to the eyes of the two men at the same time, flawless and flawless.

No time is his, and bad deeds are given by others.

Yan Shuang seemed to be stimulated to the limit.

He went out and frantically struggled and kicked in the man’s arms, waving his arms and hitting the person who hurt his heart, regardless of the embarrassment of being naked at the moment.

Qin yubai stopped Yan Shuang and scanned Wei Yichen with his remaining light.

The reinstated housekeeper bowed to his knees and didn’t give a shred of attention to the fragrant farce. He always lowered his head and held the clothes picked up on the ground with both hands.

He is the only statue in this studio.

Qin yubai picked up the twisted Yan Shuang and wrapped the man in the shirt on Wei Yichen’s hand, “well, stop making trouble and let people see jokes.”

“You’re the joke -”

Yan Shuang’s firepower was fully open, his eyes were filled with anger, and his heart brushed the abusive KPI with great joy.

The relationship between him and Qin yubai belongs to pure sadism.

It’s impossible to talk well.

Only in this way can riddlers misunderstand and each other, and suspicion is the right way.

The more so, the faster the emotional line rises.

But in fact, Qin yubai was wronged.

Because he’s right about everything he suspects.

Yan Shuang: smile jpg。

Qin yubai walks out of the studio with struggling Yan Shuang.

There was only one person left in the studio.

The voice gradually moved away and fell. When he couldn’t hear it at all, Wei Yichen finally straightened his waist, his stiff arm hung down, and his coat slipped to the ground.

With a slight effort on the wrist, he quickly picked up the clothes.

The light gray suit is introverted and elegant.

Yan Shuang looks good in clothes. He really looks like a young master who grew up in a rich family. He doesn’t show timidity at all.

The corners of his mouth rose slightly, and Wei Yichen’s eyes moved down.

Unfortunately, it was stained with paint.

The hem was dyed a little dazzling red.

Even if it’s only a little, it’s dirty.

If it’s dirty, no one will want it or rob it.

Hanging his coat in his arms again, Wei Yichen patted the folds on it and took care of it – he took it as his birthday present.

The gas from the bed should naturally go back to the bed.

Qin yubai returns to the bedroom with Yan Shuang in his arms and throws the man onto the bed.

Words can’t communicate, so talk with your body.

I was caught wearing my shirt again.

Yan Shuang is resisting.

He had never resisted so fiercely.

Even when they first met, he just endured pain.

His lower jaw was scratched by something sharp. Qin yubai leaned over his face, pressed Yan Shuang’s clavicle with one hand and gently wiped his lower jaw with the other hand. Sure enough, he touched a hand of blood.

“Roll -”

Crying with hate.

Qin yubai smiled. He broke Yan Shuang’s hand, and the emerald cuffs inside rolled to the ground, shining and buried in the long carpet.

The more Yan Shuang was like this, the more satisfied he was.

This shows that Yan Shuang cares.

The kiss went on, and the blood from the wound slipped into his lover’s neck, like a throat cut.

Don’t cheat him, don’t betray him, don’t let him catch anything, just stay by his side.

He kissed Yan Shuang’s blood mark all the way along his lips, took a bite, and gently licked back and forth when Yan Shuang trembled and screamed, “well, it’s all over.”

His suspicions are over.

Not because he believed in Wei Yichen or Yan Shuang.

Just — enough.

Yan Shuang’s resistance did not last long.

Their bodies are too familiar.

Qin yubai kissed Yan Shuang’s lips and looked at Yan Shuang’s tearful eyes because of his physical weakness. “Don’t cry, I won’t make you angry in the future.”

Yan Shuang twisted his face, but tears still fell.

Qin yubai sighed and kissed the tears on his face, “I’m wrong.”

Yan Shuang was silent. When the peak came, he bit Qin yubai’s shoulder hard, and then fell down like a vent.

The two people hugged each other’s breathing from urgent to slow. They were silent. They both had wounds and pain.

“Qin yubai…”

Yan Shuang’s voice was hoarse and said slowly, “did you really tear the contract?”


There was another long silence.

Yan Shuang turned around and turned his back to Qin yubai.

Qin yubai didn’t force him. His fingers traced Yan Shuang’s beautiful butterfly bone. He breathed a little heavily, kissed his sideburns behind his head, and said again: “I’ve passed today. I don’t think so much, nor do I doubt what you said. You should get used to it slowly in the future. Don’t care so much about the servants’ eyes, they…”

“Qin yubai.”

Yan Shuang interrupted him, and his voice had recovered a little Qingming.

He was completely free from feeling.

“I admit I really hated you at first.”

“If you have two bad money, you think you’re right.”

“It’s just buying and selling.”

“I agreed to your terms, just want to finally repay my adoptive mother’s kindness to me.”

“Not because of how cheap I am.”

“You took the initiative to find me. Why is it me?”

His voice trembled slightly. Qin yubai felt an undisguised vulnerability from Yan Shuang for the first time.

He has always been so stubborn, as if he was unwilling to bow his head and admit defeat.

Qin Yu’s white look was slightly restrained and gently kissed his butterfly bone, “yes…”

“Listen to me.”

Yan Shuang interrupted him again.

Qin yubai closed his mouth, hugged Yan Shuang behind his back with both hands, and put his cheek gently on the back of his head, saying that he would listen to him carefully.

“You know what? You’re really bad.”

“My mouth is bad and bad for me. It always humiliates me and doesn’t have a good face for me. I really don’t know what I did wrong. You want to do this to me.”

“If you hate me, why hold me?”

His arms tightened slightly. Qin yubai wanted to say something, but he finally held back.

He promised to hear Yan Shuang finish.

“Later, you treated me better.”

“I don’t know if I’m really cheap. If you treat me a little better, I think you may not be so bad.”

The self mocking laughter came into his ears and seemed particularly harsh when embracing each other. Qin yubai couldn’t help touching Yan Shuang’s lips with his fingers.

Yan Shuang ignored, opened and closed his lips and wiped Qin yubai’s fingertips. He said indifferently, “I admit that when you said to tear up the contract in the garden, I thought for a moment that I might like you.”

The pupil suddenly shrunk in the dark, and an unspeakable feeling of numbness and tingling immediately spread all over Qin yubai’s body.

In this second.

Qin yubai did not choose the slightest doubt.

He was willing to believe it was true.

Move your finger to your chin and turn the face around. Qin yubai looks at Yan Shuang’s eyes, which are clean without any impurities. It is shining with tears.

Qin yubai once swore to himself that he wanted Yan Shuang to cry and beg him.

For a moment, complex emotions poured into his chest. Qin yubai couldn’t tell what it was. He just instinctively bowed his head to kiss it.

——Yan Shuang dodged.

He kissed only a salty tear.

“Qin yubai.”

“Let’s break up.”


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