I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 53

In the bedroom, suffocating silence spread.

The two bodies are still close together, but the tenderness atmosphere is gone.

Qin yubai clenched Yan Shuang’s shoulder with both hands, and said angrily, “what are you talking about?”

“I said,” Yan Shuang looked at Qin yubai with a calm face, “let’s break up.”

The second essence of sadistic love – breaking up.

It’s called fart sadism.

Watching the backstage rub up 50% of the emotional line far beyond the predetermined small goal, Yan Shuang knew that he was really holding on to sadism.

Qin yubai’s face changed a few times, and finally he smiled gently. “Really so angry? I’ve recognized my mistake. How…” he lowered his head and intimately pasted Yan Shuang’s cheek with his cheek. “Do you want to beat me again to calm down?”

He pulled Yan Shuang’s hand and stuck it to his jaw.

The fresh wound hasn’t solidified completely, and it’s a little hot.

“I’m bleeding. I’m not satisfied?”

The smile is shallow, with a bit of his unique weakness. This special coquettish way is not satisfactory before Yan Shuangfang.

But this time it failed.

Yan Shuang withdrew his hand and then sat up.

The clavicle was pressed down again before he could sit up completely.

“What are you doing?” Qin yubai’s language became cold again.

Yan Shuang said nothing and stretched out his hands to pull Qin yubai’s arm. He didn’t pull it for several times. He looked at Qin yubai and said calmly, “are you going to rape me?”

Qin yubai’s eyes were cold and his anger was burning.

Yan Shuang still added fuel to the fire, “I remember you said I didn’t have that much charm.”

“It’s a pity not to be a stenographer with such a good memory.” Qin yubai sneered.

“Let me go,” Yan Shuang didn’t talk back to him. He seemed to have spent all his strength and emotion on Qin Yu. “The contract is over and we have broken up. Let me go.”

Let him go?

Qin Yu’s white eyebrows locked, his lips opened and closed for a few times, but he still choked. “What’s going on so late? What’s going on when he wakes up tomorrow.”

“I’m awake,” Yan Shuang said with a sad smile. “I’m awake.”

Qin yubai has no experience in dealing with such scenes, so he can only hold Yan Shuang down and refuse to let go.

The white skin at the clavicle had been pressed red by him.

“Qin yubai…” Yan Shuang’s face was tired and his voice was low. “Do you have to fight like this?”

Tangled up.

The four words were like a heavy axe on Qin yubai’s forehead.

He has experienced depression, and his business is not plain sailing. He has survived from coldness and ridicule to his current position.

Sitting in his present position, he can no longer tolerate anyone or anything to tarnish his pride.

The palm finally let go. Qin yubai adjusted his breathing, regained his composure, hooked his lips, smiled and said slowly, “you’re wrong.”

“I am the Lord and you are a servant.”

“How can we break up?”

“You think too much of yourself.”

He looked at Yan Shuang’s tearful face again, and his heart was filled with the pleasure of hurting the enemy 1000 and losing 800. He patted Yan Shuang’s face, “it’s just that I’m tired of you.”

“Go away.”

Yan Shuang got out of bed. Instead of drilling into the painting, he straightened his waist and walked to the door step by step.

Qin yubai half lies on the bed and squints at the figure that makes him love and angry.

Yan Shuang put his hand on the bedroom door handle.

“I liked you, I dare admit it.”

“And you?”

Yan Shuang opened the door and walked out of the room with his head held high.

Although he wore nothing, he seemed to be wearing indestructible armor.

He was not afraid of anything, including admitting that he had been interested in a person.

In the quiet bedroom, Qin yubai’s breath was short, his chest was tight, and the feeling of warm jaw came, and the tingling feeling of wound rupture was very distinct.

Contrary to the plan.

As long as Yan Shuang passes his test, he will expose all his suspicions after tonight.

As long as Yan Shuang is good in the future, he can always let Yan Shuang stay with him, so that he has no worries about food and clothing and has a bright future.

All the “as long as” disappeared.

There is no “break up” option in his “as long as”.

Breaking up… Words that had never entered his mind would come out of Yan Shuang’s mouth.


For what?

When Qin yubai doubted his life, Yan Shuang went straight back to the bedroom to pack up his things like a scum man who had gone whoring.

The canvas bag is on the bedside table.

It is estimated that Wei Yichen put it.

Yan Shuang took out the small box he had already prepared from inside. After thinking about it, he didn’t put it on the table.

He opened the wardrobe and put the humble box in the secret passage connecting the two rooms.

I wonder when Qin yubai will find out?

His expression must be very interesting at that time, but it’s a pity that he can’t see it with his own eyes.

At night, all the servants of the Qin house hid. Yan Shuang dragged the box downstairs. He had expected that he would not live in the Qin house for too long. The box was almost empty.

The box rubbed against the steps and made a “clang” sound.

In the quiet Qin house, the noise was big enough to wake anyone.

Yan Shuang: where’s Wei Yichen? Get out and send him.

When the box fell to the last step, the whole Qin house was still as empty and silent as a ghost house.

Yan Shuang wondered how Qin yubai cleaned up Wei Yichen. Is Wei Yichen so cautious now?

Is it reasonable not to come out and watch the excitement at this time?

Yan Shuang squatted on the roadside and began to regret whether he had just put his cruel words too far.

In the middle of the night, Qin’s house was biased again. Let alone call a car. He didn’t even have a dog.

I knew I would pretend to be dizzy and break up with Qin yubai the next day.

Damn it.

Why don’t you come out and chase him?

Iron son, 58% of the emotional thread, isn’t it worth chasing a husband online?

And Wei Yichen, 52% high and low.

Fucking scum attack.

Sure enough, none of them is reliable.

Yan Shuang took out his mobile phone and turned over the number stored in his mobile phone.

The Ji family’s father and son are estimated to be living PK and pass.

Xiao Qingyang… He doesn’t like him. It’s impossible to pick him up, pass.

Qi Feiyun… Gan, he doesn’t even have a phone, passive pass.

Yao Jing… They are all proletarian workers. Don’t harm others, pass.

There’s only one name left.

——Cui Zheng.

Without hesitation, Yan Shuang pulled people out of the blacklist and dialed them.

The phone was immediately connected and then hung up directly.

Yan Shuang:

He often doubts his status in the world because of his poor treatment.

After a while, Cui Zheng came back.

Yan Shuangqi.

“Oh, I’ve been released from the blacklist.”

It’s weird on the other side.

Yan Shuang: “are you free now?”

PA — the phone hung up again.

Yan Shuang:… Well, he has gradually become accustomed to the fact that there are no normal people in this world.

His fingers slipped. Yan Shuang decided to urge the housekeeper. He still had a gift for the housekeeper in his bag.

Although he didn’t plan to give it on his birthday.

The housekeeper is really a little cheap. You can’t trust him too much and give him a birthday present. He’s afraid that the Housekeeper will bow down inexplicably.

While editing the text message, Cui Zheng called again.

Yan Shuang picked up and said indifferently, “I’ll count three, give you a chance to hang up again and send you back to the blacklist.”

If Cui Zheng hadn’t donated a 100000 yuan pension to him, he would give him a hammer.

“I hung up and you won’t call again. It’s really insincere.”

The other side complained and said, “come on, why are you looking for me?”

“I’m a little off track now. I want to go back to school, but I don’t have a car. Could you please call a car for me?”

“Where is it?”

“Qin yubai is here.”

The opposite side was silent for a while, with a high tone, “you wait, I’ll come right away!”

Yan Shuang hung up and thought it was you who ate melon.

Yan Shuang rolled back and forth holding the box, silently coiled the plot line in the night, and chatted with the system for a long time.

“Am I in a state of dissolution with Qin yubai now?”

“Since the employee has proposed to break up with the plot character, the love relationship can be regarded as unilateral dissolution.”

Yan Shuang said lightly, “is it illegal for me to brush the plot line with other targets now?”

“It’s not illegal to brush at the same time.”

“All right, kneel down.”

System: “…”

It is an old partner with Yan Shuang. He witnessed Yan Shuang’s death from flustered asking what to do.


Yan Shuang’s original arrangement was Qin yubai, Wei Yichen, Qi Feiyun, Sheng Guangming and Ji Yao.

Wei Yichen’s time is short. He is placed between two people without delay.

Ji Yao is a special character, and he is the only one who holds the initiative in Yan’s hands.

As long as he doesn’t show interest in Ji Yao, they are just friends.

So brush Ji Yao’s play can be bet to the end.

It was just in time to catch up with Qin Qing’s renal failure. At that time, he donated his cornea directly.

Very reasonable.

But now he changed his mind.

Why do you have to completely brush all the plot lines and emotional lines of a character?

Cross brushing is not more conducive to the increase of sadism index?

As long as we strictly follow the principle of finding the next one after breaking up, it is not illegal.

The footsteps behind him interrupted Yan Shuang’s thoughts. As soon as he looked back, the figure coming in the night was tall and had the same clothes rack. From the outline, he could clearly see his meticulous dress.

Yan Shuang’s eyes gave a little pause, lying on the trunk and grinning, “I thought you didn’t care about me.”

“Where are you going?” Wei Yichen said coldly, “I’ll send you.”

Yan Shuang blinked and said softly, “aren’t you afraid to be found by Qin yubai?”

“I admit it.”

Yan Shuang was stunned, “admit what?”

Wei Yichen glanced at him and didn’t answer his question. He stretched out his hand to get Yan Shuang’s suitcase. “Let’s go. It’s late.”

Yan Shuang held the suitcase and dodged. His eyes were smart and cunning. There was no sadness and despair in the studio. “You haven’t answered me yet. What did you admit?”

The outstretched hand was retracted.

The eyes behind the lens were cold and light. His face was as usual, without any beauty. He said, “I admit that I have crazy thoughts about you.”

Yan Shuang widened his eyes slightly.



The housekeeper’s expression had nothing to do with what he said.

Yan Shuang thought it was no wonder that Qin yubai had to ask Wei Yichen to come in and clean up.

Wei Yichen admitted that he had absorbed most of Qin yubai’s doubts and firepower? By the way, I can help him brush Qin yubai’s jealousy.

It turned out that Qin yubai’s plot went so smoothly here, and there was an assist from the housekeeper.

More and more good, Yan Shuang propped his face with one hand and rubbed his little thumb slowly on his lips, “hey…” he smiled shallow and his eyes were shining with the remnants of the moonlight, “are you responding in the studio?”

Cold eyes swept over the beautiful face now without cover.

Purity and charm are so perfectly combined on this face, not to mention that it also carries such a moving soul.

Wei Yichen didn’t say anything, but just looked at the face in the moonlight.

The sound of the engine broke their eyes under the moonlight.

Yan Shuang turned his head and saw a fluorescent sports car speeding up, and a wagging tail stopped at his feet.

When the window rolled down, Cui Zheng glanced carelessly. When he saw Yan Shuang’s face, he was stunned and immediately showed an amazing look.

“Sleeping trough, have you had a facelift?”

Yan Shuang turned his eyes silently, “you dyed your hair.”

Cui Zheng rubbed a black board inch on his head and smiled, “I went home today.”

“I’m gone,” Yan Shuang turned back and smiled at Wei Yichen. “Thank you for coming out to see me off, but I’ve already been answered.” he stretched out his hand, pulled Wei Yichen’s tie, kissed him on the cheek, “… Happy birthday.”


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