I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 54

“Don’t look, pay attention to driving safety.” Yan Shuang said lazily.

Cui Zheng took back Yan Shuang’s eyes, looked at the dark night ahead, and suddenly said, “so you look like this.”

Yan Shuang: “just send me back to school, thank you.”

“Hey, did you kiss Qin yubai’s senior housekeeper just now? Were you contracted by Qin yubai or had an affair with his housekeeper?”

Cui Zheng was so excited that he couldn’t see the fatigue of coming late at night.

Yan Shuang yawned lazily, “you’re right.”

Cui Zheng: “…” he opened it directly!

Cui Zheng excitedly asked, “what about Ji Yao?”

Since he called people, he had to satisfy his curiosity. Yan Shuang replied, “just friends.”

Cui Zheng didn’t believe it. “Don’t tease.”

Ji Yao is like that. He has played idol dramas for several episodes. How can he be just a friend?


“How true?”

“Never kissed, never slept, not a friend, what is it?”

Cui Zheng almost choked on his saliva.

He shook his head, meditated for a moment, and came to a conclusion, “Ji Yao was killed by you.”

Yan Shuang didn’t speak.

He saw that Cui Zheng was a big guy who didn’t mind watching the excitement. Simply telling him what he did didn’t do any harm. Maybe he would get assists at some critical moments in the future.

As the car gradually drove towards the city, Yan Shuang guessed that Cui Zheng could not safely send him back to school. Seeing that the road was wrong, he didn’t show a different color, but yawned lazily.

It’s too late today. It’s exhausting and sleepy to engage in sadistic love.

“Your school is too far away. Just make do with me tonight. Don’t worry, I’ll live alone.”

Cui Zheng unfastened his seat belt and walked along.

Yan Shuang also unfastened his seat belt and said lazily, “don’t worry about living alone.”

Cui Zheng grinned. “Do I look so like an old color batch?”

Yan Shuang got out of the car and took his luggage. He covered his lips with one hand and yawned. “It’s not very similar. It’s mainly because I’m too charming for fear of your fall.”

“Beautiful people talk hard.”

Cui Zheng was full of melons and expected that Yan Shuang would continue to bring him joy in the future, so he took Yan Shuang’s luggage and canvas bag with an easy-going attitude. They entered the apartment hall. Cui Zheng brushed the card and other elevators while continuing to talk to Yan Shuang, “you have a mark on your neck.”


“Who bit it?”

Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes and looked at him with a smile, “guess.”

Cui Zheng said with a smile, “don’t seduce me. My concentration is very general.”

Yan Shuang took back his eyes and said faintly, “the dog bit.”

Cui Zheng bent over with a smile and patted Yan Shuang on the shoulder. He almost didn’t pat the sleepy Yan Shuang on the ground, “man, you’re really interesting. I like it.”

“Don’t like me too much,” the elevator opened. Yan Shuang entered the elevator and looked tired. “There are too many people who like me. I can’t be busy.”

Cui Zheng laughed all the way to the door. His hands were shaking when he opened the door.

Yan Shuang followed in and said directly, “I’m sleepy. Go to sleep first. Don’t disturb me.”

“The one on the left,” Cui Zheng casually put his luggage and canvas bag on one side of the porch, “don’t go wrong. I don’t accept throwing myself into the arms.”

Yan Shuang opened the door on his left, simply entered the room, washed it hastily, and went straight to sleep.

A night without a dream.

When Yan Shuang woke up, he was already making rapid progress. He first touched the mobile phone beside the pillow and looked at it. It was very good. It was always an unpopular day.

He got up from bed and rubbed his head. After his hair was cut, his head fell a lot lighter, very refreshing.

Yan Shuang opened the bedroom door and immediately heard the huge TV sound in the living room.

“Good morning -”

Cui Zheng was sitting on the sofa. After dyeing the golden hair back, he looked serious. He still had a glass of milk in his hand. When he saw Yan Shuang, the whole person leaned out, “Wow, what’s the matter with your eyes?”

Yan Shuang: “what’s the matter?”

Cui Zheng put down his glass and walked over, “don’t move.”

If so, Yan Shuang still avoided his extended hand.

Cui Zheng smiled. He smiled without haze and sunshine, and his dandy smell was much less. “Look, I’ll see your eyes. Your eyes are as red as a rabbit. Why, Qin yubai doesn’t want you anymore. You cried sadly all night last night?”

Yan Shuang:?

What nonsense are you talking about? It’s possible for Qin yubai to cry all night.

His eyes were red… Yan Shuang suddenly realized something. He reached out and touched his eyeball. Sure enough, he said calmly, “I forgot to take it off.”

Cui Zheng shook his head in silence.

“… thank Mr. Ji wensong for his gift to the city museum during the Mid Autumn Festival…”

Yan Shuang heard the familiar name and turned his eyes to the huge TV in the living room.

He took off an invisible eye, the two eyes had visual differences, and the TV screen looked dizzy and blurred.

Ji wensong, dressed in a black suit and holding scissors to cut ribbon, is smiling faintly in the camera.

“Brother Wen song is really big this time.”

“Quietly brought things home from Tokyo.”

“I said that the circle was talking about how many Japanese came in and out of his small courtyard recently. I didn’t know what they were doing. I thought he was going to transfer his industry to Japan.”

“I didn’t expect to play so well.”

“To show strength and benefit public opinion, the stock price must not go crazy.”

Cui Zheng tut twice, pointed his hand and said, “Hey, come and see if Ji Yao is in that corner?”

Yan Shuang picked the other invisible one and looked closer.

It is indeed Ji Yao.

The row standing in front of the ribbon cutting looks old. The back row is the younger generation. Ji Yao also wears a black suit. He is tall and looks good. He is as handsome as a chicken in the back row.

With a knife cut, the crowd dispersed, the bright red curtain and ribbon on the top fell, and the beautiful bronze ware immediately appeared on the screen.

“It’s really dazzling. It’s an object thousands of years ago… Brother Wen song hid it very well. He transported it back to China. It’s a pity that he didn’t let us open our eyes first and sent it to the museum.”

Cui Zheng sighed and said, “didn’t Xiao Qingyang say that the father and son were trying to separate? I don’t think it’s very good.”

In the live camera, Ji wensong and Ji Yao stand one after another. They look similar, but their temperament is quite different. They are quite different from mountains, rocks and pines, and they are also a pair of father and son with excellent appearance in the crowd.

Ji wensong turned his head and smiled. He didn’t know what to say to Ji Yao. Ji Yao’s face was cold and didn’t respond.

It seems that the father son relationship is still very stiff.

“Where is the bathroom? Can I take a bath?”

Yan Shuang withdrew his eyes without interest.

“The innermost part,” Cui Zheng pointed out and said, “we’ll go out to play later?”


After washing, he ran away and went out to play a fart. He didn’t have the spare time to play games with these idle dandies.

Cui Zheng’s apartment is also estimated to be unusual, and almost everything in it is new.

After washing in a hurry last night, Yan Shuang slowly enjoyed the relaxation brought by the hot water washing his body, and thought about the following plot at the same time.

Wei Yichen is getting better and better.

Since he is so good, let alone him, Yan Shuang thought with a smile.

Let’s go to Ji Yao to brush a wave of plot lines first.

While it’s hot.

Xiao Ji looks so abstinent in a suit.

Match his poker face with the flower of kaolin.

It’s amazing.

In fact, he is not an old color batch, work, all work.

While Yan shuangpan was calculating how to turn Ji Yao to bed, the bathroom door was knocked.

“Hey, have you finished washing?”

“Not yet.”

“Come out first.”

Yan Shuang thought that although you are not bad looking, you are not the object of work. He hates overtime most, “what’s the matter?”

Cui Zheng’s tone outside the door was embarrassed. “The one downstairs came up and said that the bathroom was leaking. They all dropped on him.”

Yan Shuang: ”

“OK, you wait.”

Yan Shuangcao wiped his wet hair, put a towel on his head, and found an unopened bathrobe to wrap himself. He pushed the door open and heard Cui Zheng apologize. “Sorry, Dr. Qi, I haven’t been back here for a long time. I really don’t know the situation. I’ll go in and have a look.”

Yan Shuang’s footsteps stopped abruptly. He lowered his head, and the tip of his hair was dripping water drop by drop, hitting his instep, winding along the instep and flowing out water stains.

He thought to himself: can’t it be such a coincidence?

There are many doctors surnamed Qi in the world. This is not a novel… No, this is a novel!

“It doesn’t matter.”

The low and magnetic voice came, unconsciously sexy, and the water droplets rolling into the neck seemed to become hot.

Yan Shuang swallowed his saliva.


Qi Feiyun actually lives downstairs of Cui Zheng?!

Wait, isn’t Sheng Guangming also downstairs?!

Yan Shuang was confused. His head was getting lower and lower. He wrapped his bathrobe tightly and moved aside quietly to reduce his sense of existence as much as possible.

Qi Feiyun should not recognize him.

He met Qi Feiyun before, but they all wore glasses.

From Qi Feiyun’s perspective, he should be just an ordinary looking, naive and ignorant poor college student.

If the sight seemed to stop on him for a moment, it immediately moved away.

Until Cui Zheng came out, Yan Shuang didn’t feel Qi Feiyun take another look at him.

Fortunately, Qi Feiyun is also an old Gao Leng person and is not interested in strangers.

Yan Shuang breathed a sigh of relief.

He showed up in the apartment of rich children and obviously took a bath overnight. Although Qi Feiyun was round, Qi Feiyun was not a fool. I’m afraid his personal setup in front of Qi Feiyun would collapse by at least 10%.

What’s more, he had better not show his face in front of Qi Feiyun now.

What if Qi Feiyun wants to play extreme sports with him at the sight of his face?

He has to hurry to sleep Xiaoji first.

“There seems to be something wrong with the sewer inside,” Cui Zheng said to Qi Feiyun and patted Yan Shuang’s ass, “you go to my room to wash. I should have no problem.”

Yan Shuang trembled without saying a word. He turned silently. He lowered his head and saw only a pair of dark leather shoes and a straight line in the middle of gray trousers.

He walked around carefully and opened the door of Cui Zheng’s bedroom next to him.

I don’t know whether the feet were too wet and slippery, or the slippers in the bathroom were too big. When taking the last step, Yan Shuang rushed out with half his foot, and his body immediately lost its balance.

“Be careful -”

“Be careful!”

Two voices sounded at the same time. Yan Shuang’s two arms were pulled from left to right, and the towel on his head fell directly to the ground.

“Be careful,” Cui Zheng was amused and let go of his arm first. “Is it so exciting to enter my room?”

Yan Shuang: “…” if he didn’t speak, he wouldn’t reveal his secret. He tried to hold back his impulse to reply and rushed into the room first.

The right arm was also released.

Yan Shuang raised his feet to go. A pair of bony hands appeared in his low vision. He picked up the towel on the ground and handed it to him.

“Be safe.”

“Classmate Yan.”


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