I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 55

How did you recognize it?

Yan Shuang, he doesn’t understand.

Has Qi Feiyun’s hanging in this book been opened to perspective? Is it too much!

“Doctor Qi, do you two know each other?” Cui Zheng took over.


The towel was handed under his eyes again. Yan Shuang rigidly extended his hand to take the towel, raised his head and showed a bright smile to Qi Feiyun, “Mr. Qi, what a coincidence.”

Cui Zheng was keenly aware of Yan Shuang’s different attitude. He smiled with his lips and didn’t speak, looking like waiting for the performance.

Qi Feiyun nodded to Yan Shuang and saw that Yan Shuang’s face was still the same, “go take a bath.”

The gorgeous voice is elegant and charming. A very ordinary sentence makes him say like an invitation.

Cui Zheng couldn’t help picking his eyebrows.

Yan Shuang didn’t dare to wink at Cui Zheng. He was afraid that Qi Feiyun would see something in the comparison. He could only pray that Qi Feiyun would either keep high and cold and leave quickly, or Cui Zheng was smart enough to stop talking.

Otherwise he had to admit it.

If he overturns, he will overturn. Anyway, his character is good at waves.

Yes, but not completely.

Disheartened, Yan Shuang enters the bathroom of Cui Zheng’s room. Yan Shuang glances at the mirror and his eyes freeze.

OK, Qin yubai, give him a slap next time.

Why did you hit him so hard on the neck?!

Numb, people numb.

According to the original book, Qi Feiyun is still a virgin. Yan thought: what if he thinks it’s an allergy?

Yan Shuang came out after washing. Qi Feiyun had left. Cui Zheng was sitting in the living room, playing with a small box in his hand.

Yan Shuang saw the box in his hand. His heart stopped again. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Hey, it’s not good for you to rummage through my bag like this.”

“No -”

When Cui Zheng saw him coming out, he looked at him up and down first and praised him: “Oh, the great beauty of water.” Then he explained: “what’s in your bag? It’s loaded with so much. It fell on the suitcase and spilled all over the floor. I’ll pick it up for you. Don’t beat up a rake and wronged a good man.”

Yan Shuang looked at the entrance.

The suitcase and his canvas bag stood there quietly, which seemed particularly out of place in this high-end apartment.

Yan’s eyes blackened.

OK, the car turned over really well.

After all, who would have thought that a passer-by like Cui Zheng lived in two buildings?

Now Yan Shuang wants to know one thing.

“Was Qi Feiyun there when things fell out?” Yan Shuang said calmly.

“Yes, Dr. Qi picked it up for me.”

Yan Shuang: “…” ha ha, I want to laugh.

“Hey, what’s your relationship with Dr. Qi?” Cui Zheng tossed the box from his left hand to his right hand, tossing it back and forth, with an excited face. “I asked him how you two met, and he said, ‘hospital’, you see him? I remember he was a surgeon, specializing in that kind of incurable surgery. You have a incurable disease?”

“Yes, I’m terminally ill and dying,” Yan said expressionless. “I can’t go out with you this afternoon. I’ll go back to school first.”

Cui Zheng stayed for a moment, laughed again, smiled for a while, and then said, “you’re dying. Why do you go back to school? Of course you have to go out and have fun in time.”

Yan Shuang thought that even if he died and was buried in the earth, he would shout out that sentence – “I want to retire!”

It doesn’t matter. Don’t panic. It’s just that the villain pretended in front of the character collapsed. What’s the big deal?

Ace employees always have a way to solve problems.

Yan Shuang went to tow the suitcase without saying a word.

Cui Zheng sat on the sofa and didn’t stop him. When he opened the door, he said slowly, “it seems that you can’t go to Dr. Qi’s appointment.”

The door closes.

Yan Shuang turned back, smiled standard, and folded his hands solemnly in front of him, “what about?”

Cui Zheng was laughing with the box and had a stomachache.

When he lived to be twenty-five, he had never seen anyone more interesting than Yan Shuang.

It turned out that after Yan Shuang went in to take a bath, Cui Zheng sent Qi Feiyun out and asked Qi Feiyun about his relationship with Yan Shuang. Qi Feiyun always kept silent.

When they reached the porch, Yan Shuang’s bag fell and the small box spilled all over the floor.

“I still think it’s something valuable, a pile of junk,” Cui Zheng said with a smile, “so we can help you clean up.”

“Your glasses fell out of your bag. I casually mentioned that you were invisible all night.”

“Dr. Qi still cares about you,” Cui Zheng glanced at Yan Shuang’s eyes, which are still as red as rabbits. “He said it’s big or small. He asked you to go to his house and have a look.” At the end, his lips turned up and joked, “your taste is mixed enough.”

“But your eyes are really good. Dr. Qi is a famous golden hand in the circle. An operation is worth thousands of gold.”

“Others hold money, he holds life.”

“People in this circle cherish their lives and dare not offend the doctor.”

Cui Zheng finally commented: “at least not worse than your housekeeper.”

“But I still don’t understand,” Cui Zheng threw away the box in his hand again. “Any one of Ji Yao and Qin yubai is enough for you. Why do you want to stay close and stay far?”

Yan Shuang reached out and intercepted the box thrown by Cui Zheng from the air. He said calmly, “the most basic investment theory tells us that eggs can’t be put in the same basket.”

Cui Zheng was shocked by his agility, and then grinned, “what do you think of me?”

Yan Shuang glanced at him.

Cui Zheng put a pose that he thought was very handsome.

Yan Shuang took out the glasses in his bag and put them on. He said faintly, “I don’t think you like men at all.”

Cui Zheng stared, “can you see it?”

Yan Shuang pushed his glasses. “Put your things here. I’ll go back.” he opened the door, went out and leaned back. “If I don’t go back, don’t come downstairs to find me.”

The elevator goes down one floor.

Yan Shuang came out of the elevator and saw two doors facing each other.

It’s all his eggs.


The one on the left is Qi Feiyun’s.

Yan Shuang rang the doorbell. The doorbell rang twice and the dark door opened.

At Cui Zheng’s house, Yan Shuang kept his head down and didn’t look at Qi Feiyun at all.


So beautiful in the world, you can make money at a glance.

Qi Feiyun changed into a very homely dress. His gray loose T-shirt showed his slender arms hidden in his white robe. His hair was not combed as meticulously as in the hospital. It was soft and scattered, not gentle, but it seemed a little untrue.

Yan Shuang: he gave Qi Feiyun 9.5 points today. If Qi Feiyun believes that his neck is allergic, he will give Qi Feiyun another 0.1 points!

“Mr. Qi, what a coincidence,” Yan Shuang scratched the back of his head with a stupid straight man’s face, “I didn’t expect you to live in master Cui’s upstairs.”

“Come in.”

Qi Feiyun didn’t answer and opened the door directly.

Qi Feiyun as like as two peas in Cui Zheng’s home is almost identical, but the decoration style is quite different.

Cui Zheng’s room looked like it had not been moved after the developer installed it.

Qi Feiyun’s room has quite a personal style, symmetrical, stiff and cold.

What is the reason for a person who loves extreme sports to put his home in a cage?

“Please sit down.”

The pure black leather sofa has been blown by the air conditioner all day. It’s cool to sit on it.

A glass of water was placed on the black marble tea table in front of him, “wait a minute.”

Yan Shuang didn’t drink.

He was afraid that if he drank it, the chapter would be locked the next second.

Qi Feiyun turned and walked into the innermost room. The bathroom corresponding to Cui Zheng’s house was the Leaky Bathroom.

After a while, Qi Feiyun came out with a tray in his hand.

Yan Shuang noticed that he was wearing a pair of gel gloves.

Milky white gloves cut his wrist and palm, and the visual texture of skin and rubber will make people feel nervous involuntarily.

There are some bottles and cans on the tray.

Qi Feiyun sat down. The leather sofa was soft and collapsed. The vibration was transmitted to Yan Shuang. Yan shuangzhen made a decision and said, “I worked at night last night. I came back too late and forgot to take out my contact lenses. Mr. Qi, what’s the problem?”

The cold touch of the gloves touched his face. Yan Shuang subconsciously dodged for a while and was twisted back by the strength of not light but not heavy.

“Don’t move.”

“Let me check.”

The glasses were taken off and the eyelids were pulled up. Yan Shuang could only see Qi Feiyun’s lips from his perspective. They were thin and looked a little dry.

“Does it hurt?”

The lips move and the sound is ecstatic.

Yan Shuang: “… It hurts, especially. It’s sour.”

I almost forgot his fear of pain.

“No big problem,” Qi Feiyun let go. “Drop some medicine first, and then observe for two days.”

In fact, his tone of voice is very flat, but his voice and attitude are so gentle that people will have the illusion that he is being concerned.

“Look up.”

Yan Shuang smelled the speech and looked up obediently.

The neck was lightly scratched.

It’s still so cold.

“Lift it up a little more.”

Yan Shuang tried his best to raise his head. The skin on his neck felt pulled, and the Adam’s apple rolled unadaptedly.

Qi Feiyun glanced at his neck.

Slender, white, and a kiss that hasn’t expired.

“I’m going to drop the potion.”

Qi Feiyun leaned over and Yan Shuang involuntarily put his hands on the sofa behind him to keep his balance.

“It will be a little cold.”

A drop of liquid medicine was low. The red eyes instinctively blinked, and the eyelashes fanned rapidly. When they opened again, they were filled with a Wang of water, like crying.

Yan Shuang saw a large white chest in the hazy mist.

Qi Feiyun’s T-shirt neckline is too big. He is kneeling on the sofa on one knee. His bending posture makes the neckline empty. His sight goes straight, and he can clearly see the scenery inside.

The line of abdominal muscles is great.

Yan Shuang praised in his heart.

Both eyes were dripping with liquid medicine. Yan Shuangzheng wanted to sit straight, and his eyes were covered by gel gloves.

“Close your eyes and have a rest.”

“OK, thank you, Mr. Qi.”

Yan Shuangyang raised his head and looked honest and clever.

Even if the gloves never left after he promised, he didn’t express any dissatisfaction. Instead, he took the initiative to say, “Mr. Qi, I don’t know what’s going on on on my neck. It’s red, stabbing and painful. Is it allergic?”

He has a careless attitude.

Deprived of sight, the rest of the senses become particularly prominent.

But Yan Shuang didn’t feel the slightest change in Qi Feiyun’s breath.

“What did you do or eat last night?”

The tone is bland. It is the doctor’s attitude to ask the patient.

“I worked last night. After that, young master Cui asked me to stay with him for two days and clean him up. It’s a part-time job. I had dinner and drank some wine here… I’m not allergic to alcohol…”

Yan Shuang said slowly in a puzzled recall tone, “Mr. Qi, what you ate yesterday doesn’t seem to be anything special. Do you think it’s allergic or bitten by insects?”

The living room was so quiet that there was only the ending of Yan Shuang’s doubts.

The gloves covered on the eyes are slightly hot because of the temperature of the human body.

“It’s not an allergy.”

“It’s not a bug.”

Qi Feiyun let go of his palm.

Yan Shuang sat upright, rubbed his neck and blinked twice before he innocently said to Qi Feiyun, “what’s that?”

His hands folded and fell on his knees. Qi Feiyun looked at him quietly. His eyes seemed to pass through Yan Shuang’s clean eyes and looked into the deepest part of his soul.

“What do you say?”

The tone is light.

“I don’t know.”

Yan Shuang stared with round eyes and pretended to be pure.

“Really?” Qi Feiyun lowered his eyelashes. “That may… Need further examination.”

“Take off your clothes.”


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