I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 56

The living room is very quiet.

Qi Fei sat on the sofa with a solemn and steady look. He didn’t mean to be intimate at all. It was like the most common inquiry of a doctor to a patient.

Yan Shuang also looked ignorant and pure.

I don’t think the whole apartment can find anyone more serious than the two of them.

The four eyes were opposite. The gray in Qi Feiyun’s pupil was as clear as the light on the tip of the knife. It was bright and bright, coldly reflecting Yan Shuang’s pretended ignorance face.

Seen through.

Yan Shuang slowly retracted his round eyes, and the warm liquid from the corners of his eyes flowed down. I don’t know whether it was the tears forced by stimulation or the potion just dropped by Qi Feiyun.

Yan Shuang casually wiped the corners of his eyes with his index finger and provoked a smile. “Mr. Qi, sometimes it’s a virtue not to expose it.”

Now that you’ve seen through it, there’s no need to install it again.

If we continue, it is also a embarrassing joke.

Qi Feiyun doesn’t look like a person with a sense of humor. It should be difficult to appreciate his poor performance.

Without this, he still has 999 routines ready at any time.

There’s always one for him.

Qi Feiyun’s expression remained unchanged and his eyes shrouded Yan Shuang.

If there is something like nothing, there is an answer at last.

Pandora’s magic box is really tailor-made and well prepared.

Enthusiastic, energetic, cheerful, naive, ignorant, afraid of pain, and even a carefree orphan.

Everything is too coincidental.

Like knowing everything he longed for most in his heart and deliberately teasing his nerves.

Like a perfect disguised trap, it is specially designed to trap his favorite prey.

“How do you know?” Qi Feiyun said faintly.

“Know what?”

Qi Feiyun stared at Yan Shuang with a smile in silence. His eyes were very oppressive, but Yan Shuang just smiled, as if he looked so funny at the moment.

“My preference.”

Four words said, Yan Shuang felt Qi Feiyun’s mood getting worse bit by bit.

It’s impossible for ordinary people to notice.

Qi Feiyun’s packaging for himself is so good. He always looks so steady and self-contained, calm and gentle. He seems to be able to pick up the scalpel and come to the stage at any time.

But Yan Shuang guessed that when Qi Feiyun took the scalpel, he might want to cut people’s throat with a knife and let the hot blood shoot from the blood vessels and splash on his light gray eyes!

Yan Shuang leaned back on the sofa with his legs folded and said lazily, “teacher, is it difficult to find out? To tell the truth, I can see that you are –” he paused and smiled deeply, “what kind of goods.”

The last word “color”, the teeth gently bite the tip of the tongue, the tail sound is elongated, frivolous and disdainful, the eyes are bent like a new moon, and the pure face is completely innocent with the tone.

Qi Feiyun was silent, quiet and elegant. The gray light in his dark eyes was like smoke and fog.

He looked at Yan Shuang, from hair to skin bag. He tried to see the prototype of the gift through the shell of the box and find out what the other party was called.

Yan Shuang let him look at it. If Qi Feiyun is good at camouflage, he is camouflage himself.

When Qi Feiyun had seen enough and moved his eyes, Yan Shuang stood up.

Qi Feiyun looked straight ahead and didn’t continue to follow him.

The next second, the soft body fell into his arms.

Yan sat face to face on Qi Feiyun’s lap.

Qi Feiyun’s folded hands hung behind him.

There are many ways to get a man hooked.

He can tailor a dream lover who can fully meet his expectations for this person.

It can also be the most eager and afraid of touch.

Give him an angel he doesn’t want.

Yan Shuang lowered his eyelashes and tried something else?

They looked at each other again.

Qi Feiyun’s eyes were still so inorganic cold and beautiful. Yan Shuang hooked his neck, his lips pursed slightly, and his face was wronged. “Teacher, what should I do? I’m not the kind of good child you like.”

“The scar on my neck was bitten by a man.”

“He’s my ex boyfriend.”

“He has a tendency to be violent. The first time we met, I shed a lot of blood…” Yan Shuang stared at his calm eyes and carefully captured the jumping changes of his emotions. “But… Not only do I not feel pain,” he leaned over his face and licked Qi Feiyun’s earlobe with a soft voice, “but he also felt very enjoyable.”

Sharp teeth bite the man’s white earlobe.

This is a man carved like white jade.

The shell is flawless, and the damage is all inside.

Yan Shuang is trying to draw out the evil soul hidden in Mr. perfect.

The hot and humid tip of his tongue licked the tooth mark he had just bitten on his earlobe, licked it gently along his auricle, and kissed Qi Feiyun’s ear gently with his lips, fierce and circuitous temptation and invitation.

Qi Feiyun was as motionless as a statue. He neither refused nor responded to Yan Shuang’s language and teasing.

If Yan Shuang’s Yu Guang hadn’t seen his Adam’s apple rolling one after another, and the frequency was much higher than the normal range, he really thought Qi Feiyun was cold.

The last kiss was on the tip of his ear, and the lip touched lightly. Yan Shuang separated from it, and he faced Qi Feiyun again.

The dignified and handsome face still didn’t fluctuate at all, but the eyelashes drooped, and his eyes were staring at Yan Shuang’s plump lips.

“Mr. Qi…” Yan Shuang gently grasped the rolling Adam’s apple with his fingers, picked it up on his eyelashes, and a little light jumped out of his eyelashes. “Don’t you think it’s more interesting to teach a bad student?”

The cold living room was filled with an atmosphere that had never existed before.

Like the city of steel, it suddenly hit a tropical rain forest.

It’s hot and humid.

The colorful poisonous snake surrounds the thick trunk, and its slender body surrounds the big tree again and again. It perches on the top, pretends to be the same as the flowers in the jungle, thinks it is the king of the jungle, and defies what it can’t provoke.

Qi Feiyun finally moved.

He took back his hand, and the glue glove provoked Yan Shuang’s chin and said faintly, “how bad is it?”

Yan Shuang turned his head, flashed the finger, smiled cunningly, “Miss Qi, don’t you know if you try?”

Two fingers pinched Yan Shuang’s chin again. Yan Shuang dodged again. Yan Shuang hooked his neck and said unhappily, “I don’t like this glove.”

He can brush Qi Feiyun’s plot first, but extreme sports should be shelved first.

These gloves can easily remind people of scalpels, hospital beds and anesthesia. They are dangerous goods.

“You can take it off.”

Qi Feiyun’s voice is really a top enjoyment for those who hear him.

He doesn’t need to do anything more. A few words can shake people’s mind.

Yan Shuang changed back into a good card as if he had been subdued. He reached out to take off Qi Feiyun’s gloves, but Qi Feiyun hid him.

Yan Shuang looked up and looked into Qi Feiyun’s eyes again.

Those eyes are really like the sunset. The next second is always darker and more beautiful than the last second.

“Use your mouth.”

An irresistible command tone.

It was the king’s orders to slaves.

Yan Shuang was stunned, then smiled, as if he was very interested in the new game, and said softly, “OK.”

He lowered his head and bit his teeth on the outer edge of his gloves. His bright eyes always looked at Qi Feiyun. His eyes flashed pure light. This may be his talent. Qi Feiyun thought that he could pretend to be pure all the time.

With a slight force between the teeth, the colloidal gloves lingered in the palm. Yan Shuang was working hard, and his eyes became more sharp. He pulled off the gloves and vomited to one side. Yan Shuang licked between the teeth, and his face showed displeasure. He bit Qi Feiyun’s fingers, rolled them hard, looked up, and the tip of the teeth came out of his lips. He smiled and said, “Mr. Qi, your fingers are so long.”

The palm of his hand covered Yan Shuang’s neck, Qi Feiyun lowered his eyelashes, and his eyes lingered on the clusters of cyan blood vessels on his slender neck.

“There’s another one.”

Yan Shuang smiled and tilted his head. “Keep the other one. I’m afraid to dirty Mr. Qi’s hand.”

“Master Cui said that Mr. Qi’s hand is a golden hand, which is very expensive.”

Yan Shuangshuang hugged Qi Feiyun’s neck again. He bowed his head and his lips were very close to him. He was about to kiss, but he was indifferent. He bit in the air and touched the upper and lower rows of teeth. He smiled savagely and wantonly, “I want to try how good it is.”

The black sofa is produced in Italy. The leather is as soft as human skin. The biggest difference between it and skin is color.

Pure and strong black.

Chaotic and dirty white.

The contrast struck people’s eyes strongly.

The white body is full of criminal evidence.

Yan Shuang bared his face without shame and used his fingers to hook Qi Feiyun’s ears, “Mr. Qi, in fact, I’m not afraid of pain at all, so you can work harder…”

The best thing a surgeon’s hand can do is hold a scalpel.

Qi Feiyun is used to holding the knife with the piano and relies on his wrists and fingers to control the scalpel. His power control is accurate and strict to the point of metamorphosis.

He knew he was really ill.

He has been restraining himself and hiding his dark things.

He is willing to live in a cage all his life.

But now someone… Opened the door.

The things inside had been locked up for so long that he didn’t even know what he had become.

“Mr. Qi…” the call was mixed with pain.

Qi Feiyun knelt on the sofa on one knee, similar to the posture when he drugged Yan Shuang.

He just wanted to treat him, and now… He wants to break him.

His white arm twisted around the sofa behind him like a vine. He seemed to grow on the black sofa. Under the control of the surgeon, he was cut into the soft abdominal cavity, revealing the bloody organs inside.

The body is completely under control.

All the blood poured into the hand.

Yan Shuang called Qi Feiyun. He called his name and his teacher. His voice was gentle and arrogant.

Qi Feiyun looked on coldly and looked at the pure face with a look of pain and fascination.

He ignited him and in turn infected him with the suppressed pain like a virus.

Put gloves on your skin.

Slightly cool touch, moist and sticky.

Under the thin skin, the flow of blood exudes young and healthy vitality.

Qi Feiyun was unconsciously fascinated. His fingers were like a paintbrush, tracing the clear and beautiful skeleton with the liquid on his gloves.

“Mr. Qi…” Yan Shuang slowed down. Qi Feiyun’s fingers tickled him. He smiled foolishly, turned up, knelt down on the sofa with his soft body, climbed up Qi Feiyun’s shoulders with his arms, and said with a smile: “can I help you, too?”

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes. He was noncommittal until Yan Shuang stretched out his hand.

“Use your mouth.”

Yan Shuang paused, looked up and smiled, “I can’t. Mr. Qi will teach me, okay?”

Qi Feiyun stared at him as if to distinguish whether it was another lie.

After a while, he said, “I believe you will learn quickly.”

Pinching his upper cheek with his palm, Yan Shuang hid again. He knelt down, hugged Qi Feiyun’s waist, raised his face, smiled brightly and innocent, “I want Mr. Qi to kiss me first.”

He asked for a kiss, but his attitude was so casual.

Qi Feiyun dropped his face along the white arm like a vine.

He is thirty-one years old.

Kiss someone for the first time.

It’s a boy.

The kiss was mellow, savage and enthusiastic, as if to eat him.

The red lips were slightly thick, plump and full of water. He said, “Mr. Qi, you are sweet.”

Then he lowered his head, stared for a moment, raised his face and smiled again, showing his sharp teeth, like a little beast, “let me try if other places are as sweet.”


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