I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 57

Qi Feiyun was born in a family full of Christians.

Three generations live together, and every family member has the same faith.

The purest and abstinent family raised the most stable and excellent child. He grew up little by little, from a young child to a teenager and youth, and then into adulthood.

There is no desire in his life.

The more forbidden, the more delusional.

The long and dense eyelashes fanned slightly, and the light in the eyes was still so clean. Looking up at him, it seemed that I didn’t know what I had done.

Everything is too natural for him.

Yan Shuang leaned back, and the tip of his tongue vaguely poked out of his lips. He didn’t think it was wrong to give up halfway, so he stretched out his hand to pull Qi Feiyun’s waist.

Qi Feiyun is narrow, thin and strong. His muscle lines are symmetrical and undulating. He looks like a vigorous cat without any superfluous burden and waste. Yan Shuang smiles at him, “Mr. Qi, I’m tired. Shall we change another way?”

He hinted to him that the ends of his eyes had been quietly entangled.

Qi Feiyun still looked at him condescending, raised his hand, took off his gloves, and pressed his fingers from Yan Shuang’s lips, “No.”

The cold refusal seemed less cruel in a more charming voice after being a little hoarse.

Qi Feiyun looked at the beautiful face and showed a fierce and unhappy expression, like a child without sugar.


Yan Shuang doesn’t believe Qi Feiyun doesn’t want to.

It’s all on the line. What pure feelings do you put here.

Qi Feiyun gently stroked Yan Shuang’s face with cautious eyes.

Yan Shuang was stunned and smiled, “Mr. Qi,” he said clearly, “are you afraid of getting sick?”

Qi Feiyun just looked at him and looked at the patient with the doctor’s eyes.

Those dilapidated organs are full of holes, but they are close to death.

Yan Shuang lay down discouraged, put his hands behind his head, tilted his toes, said carelessly, “I’ll give you three minutes to go downstairs to buy a set,” he tilted his head slightly and smiled brightly, “or, you can ask the next door for a loan.”

Qi Feiyun knelt beside him and did not move. His hands suddenly grabbed Yan Shuang’s knees and dragged people to his side, “mouth.”

Yan Shuang shook his head and gently spit out a word, “No.”

“Either sleep with me, or sleep with your left or right hand,” Yan Shuang looked coldly, completely different from his body’s response, indifferent and disdainful, “don’t pull down.”

This is really a bad boy.

Treat sex as casual as eating and drinking water.

Whoever you like will do everything possible to get it.

When you get what you want, you may leave.

“Cut, old men are trouble,” Yan Shuang sat up and bent down to pick up the T-shirt that fell on the ground. “I won’t let people wear it without a cover. It’s an exception to see Mr. Qi. You look like a clean and good man.” he put on his T-shirt first and then put on his pants. No matter how excited he is, he put it on at will and muttered in his mouth, “I’m in my thirties. I’m not a virgin. I’m poor and pay attention to what.”

One sentence after another seemed unintentional, but actually he deliberately stabbed Qi Feiyun hard.

The waist was pulled over unexpectedly.

Yan Shuang was lying in Qi Feiyun’s arms with a smile on his face. He stretched out his arms to hug Qi Feiyun’s neck. His voice was light and soft. “Don’t worry, Mr. Qi, I’m very clean.” he put his arms hard and slowly looked up. His lips were close to Qi Feiyun’s dry lips and licked them again and again. “Is it interesting to live so tired?”

“It’s a big deal… I’ll die with you…”

A nerve stretched in my mind is broken.

Yan Shuang was resisted on his shoulder and screamed. His tone was full of excitement and happiness, “Mr. Qi, the bone on your shoulder is pushing against my stomach. I’m going to vomit. Please walk slowly…”

The pattern in the bedroom is the same as that of Cui Zheng. The bright and concise three colors of black, white and gray clearly make it clear that the bedroom with good daylighting looks gloomy and cramped inexplicably.

Yan Shuang was pressed onto the bed.

The pillow is dark gray, soft and fluffy.

Yan Shuang’s whole face was buried, and the palm holding his neck was like cast iron.

I’m out of breath.

The pain was shielded, and the feeling similar to suffocation was like being held in the crater. The flame lit his head and face bit by bit, and the hot sweat came out in a moment.

When Yan Shuang was about to fail, the short hair on the back of his head was pulled. Yan Shuang raised his face and breathed greedily. His whole body was tight and contracting.

The palm held a clump of short hair, soft and wet. The fingertips touched the thin scalp. The brilliant sparks from the young man’s brain seemed to burn to his fingertips.

The ash in Qi Feiyun’s eyes is shaking and spreading wildly.

I can’t stop.

He knew he would have such a day.

Fall to destruction.


“Mr. Qi,” Yan Shuang leaned lazily on the bed and was half covered, “I guess you must have no smoke.”

Qi Feiyun went out of bed without saying a word.

Yan Shuang admired his vigorous back and the smooth muscle lines of his back.

He deserves to be the man with the longest plot line.

Living is better than Qin yubai!

How fierce.

They are all virgins. Why is there such a big gap?

Looking forward to Xiaoji more and more.

What if it surprises him?

Qi Feiyun left in his pants and came back with a small dark brown bronzed box in his hand.

“Cigars, will you?”

“Wow,” Yan Shuang sat up, “premium goods, I haven’t smoked cigars yet. Is it the same as cigarettes?”

“I don’t know.”

Qi Feiyun’s voice was more tempting than tobacco. When he opened the box, there was a strong and charming aroma of tobacco.

Yan Shuang took a deep breath and said excitedly, “come on, I want to try.”

He is just a young adult and has unlimited curiosity about everything.

At the very least, enthusiasm and vitality are not fake.

Qi Feiyun was silent for a moment and said, “there’s no fire.”

In the kitchen, Yan Shuang was lying on Qi Feiyun’s shoulder. He was wearing Qi Feiyun’s big gray T-shirt. Like pajamas, he was loose and covered his hips all the time.

Qi Feiyun was robbed of his coat and didn’t look for new clothes. He was so naked and lit a cigar for his first night object by the fire in the kitchen.

The light blue flame was obviously too hot for the cigar. A moment later, the aroma of tobacco savagely filled the space, and the smoke rose. Yan Shuang sniffed it, “let me try it.”

The slender fingers carried the cigar to the rosy lips.

Yan Shuang took a sip and said with a smile, “it’s so bitter.”

Said bitter, but took another sip.

He is still too young, even bitter as a game.

His lips spit out a little white smoke. Qi Feiyun’s neck is hooked off. His red lips stick to his lips and pass the cigar in his mouth to him.

His mouth, which had never been invaded by tobacco, was soaked with a fresh spicy smell. The tip of his tongue teased his tongue, passed all the taste of that cigar to him, and finally tasted a little sweet.

His lips pressed his lips and murmured, “Mr. Qi, this one is sweet, like chocolate.”

They smoked half a cigar together, each mouthful had a different taste, and each mouthful had the taste of the other.

The saliva stirred the fog. Yan Shuang jumped into Qi Feiyun’s arms again. He pulled Qi Feiyun’s short hair, pulled it aside fiercely for revenge, stared at Qi Feiyun’s handsome and upright face, with a sweet smile and cold tone, “Mr. Qi, are you afraid of getting sick now?”

Qi Feiyun stared at him with inexplicable emotion in his eyes. Only Qingyu was bright and eye-catching.

Yan Shuang smiled and said, “in fact, I’m really sick. You’re finished.”

The cheek was pinched by the palm of his hand, and Qi Feiyun lowered his head. He took the initiative to kiss the two red lips. With a slight force, he bit and sucked a little of each other’s blood from the wound.

Instead of playing with Yan Shuang in language, he simply responded in his way.

Yan Shuang kissed him back meekly and whispered softly between the kisses.

“Mr. Qi, it’s very kind of you. I like you so much.”

Cui Zheng waited at home for a long time before he realized that little green tea had gone to hang a man. Why did he wait so obediently at home?

He can go out and have fun.

When the fluorescent sports car flew out of the underground garage, Cui Zheng excitedly called Xiao Qingyang in the car, “big nephew, where is Ji Yao?”

Xiao Qingyang scolded first and said, “he was caught back by my uncle. Today he was on a TV, a local news station.”

“I saw it, me and…” Cui Zhengdun said, “I saw it with my friends. I want to go to Ji’s house to see Ji Yao. By the way, can I have a private look at the bronzes donated to the museum? No, are you going?”

“Then don’t think about it. Don’t you know my uncle’s temper? Everything has been donated. He can’t give you any privileges in private.”

“It doesn’t matter,” said Cui Zheng. “I’m mainly concerned about Ji Yao. Just say whether you’re going or not.”

“I can’t go,” said Xiao Qingyang with a wry smile. “There’s something at home.”

Cui Zheng knows that he is nothing more than his parents’ quarrel, blind date and marriage. Sometimes Cui Zheng is glad that he has lost the inheritance right of the Cui family from birth. There is no need to pay attention to those troubles.

Like Xiao Qingyang, the only successor of the Xiao family, countless responsibilities.?

“Whatever you want, I’ll go.”

Cui Zheng hung up and Xiao Qingyang felt strange.

The relationship between Cui Zheng and Ji Yao is separated by a layer.

His father Cui Huan, that is, Cui Zheng’s eldest brother and Ji wensong are brother-in-law. They have a little relationship with the Cui family and the Ji family. In addition, their three ages are similar, so they can be regarded as a small circle.

However, Cui Zheng always dislikes that Ji Yao is too boring and not fun. He has little personal contact with Ji Yao in private. How come he is so interested in Ji Yao recently?

When Cui Zheng drove to the Ji family, Yan Shuangzheng and Qi Feiyun forgot their feelings in bed.

Virgin meat.

The old house is on fire.

When the two situations are combined into one, we can imagine how fierce the war is.

Yan Shuang can only rejoice that he has shielded the pain, otherwise his waist must be very sore now.

He was lying on Qi Feiyun’s shoulder, his eyes were loose, and the whole person exuded the taste of laziness and leisure. He used his fingertips to describe Qi Feiyun’s beautiful face.

“Mr. Qi, you look better.”

The tone is misty and soft.

Qi Feiyun glanced faintly. Yan Shuang leaned over and kissed him again. “It’s so handsome. I really love you.”

The sweet words of little boys in bed don’t come out like money. There are many kinds of car loads. It’s full of temporary enthusiasm and excitement of getting fresh toys.


Qi Feiyun answered.

The man who also had a stingy voice in bed responded to the casual words of love.

Yan Shuang smiled and his eyes flashed out, “Mr. Qi, please be my boyfriend.”


An unexpected answer.

Yan Shuang looked puzzled, “why?”

“There’s no reason,” Qi Feiyun turned his face, the sun was sinking outside, and it was almost dark, “you go.”

Yan Shuang thought Qi Feiyun was still a gentleman. He was in such a hurry to jump into his fire pit. He still wanted to let him go.

The plot of the original book is too sloppy, and most of the characters are flat and single.

Now it seems that Qi Feiyun is not necessarily a purebred pervert.

Maybe he needs to develop slowly and release the beast in his heart bit by bit.

“OK, let’s pretend… Nothing happened today.”

The tone is simple, no nostalgia.

After going to the bathroom for a simple flushing, Yan Shuang came out and saw Qi Feiyun still sitting on the bed in the same position as before he entered the bathroom. He thought it wasn’t mourning his lost virginity.

He bent over, leaned over and kissed Qi Feiyun gently on the cheek. “I’m very happy today.”

The young man got what he wanted and left with his little tail cocked up.

Qi Feiyun stared at the direction he was leaving. His eyes stayed for a long time and gradually fell into the night with the sunset.

Yan Shuangmei came back upstairs with her new plot point and emotional line, turned back to the lazy salted fish, knocked on the door, no one answered, and directly dialed a phone to Cui Zheng.

“You’re not at home?”

“Grass -”

Cui Zheng scolded at the other end.

Yan Shuang said inexplicably, “why?”

“Your voice…” Cui Zheng paused, “it’s like being rotated by several men.”

The teacup was gently put down, and two similar faces swept towards Cui Zheng, one gentle and one cold, all of which were generally unhappy.

Cui Zheng felt pressure, raised his hand, got up, pressed the receiver, smiled and said, “I’ll go out to pick it up.”

“Where am I now? I guess you can’t guess.”

Cui Zheng stood in the yard. Yu Guang looked back at the Ji family father and son behind him and said with a snickering smile, “how’s it going, got it?”

Yan Shuang didn’t answer his question, but said lazily, “you’re in Ji’s house.”

Cui Zheng gave another cursive voice and said, “how do you know?”

Yan Shuang smiled.

The laughter scraped Cui Zheng’s eardrums. He was about to say don’t seduce him. Yan Shuang over there had continued to talk.

“You bring Ji Yao back.”

“Shall I show you a good play?”


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