I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 58

Outside the courtyard, the servant quietly came in to light the light. The dim yellow light echoed with the rosy sunset, dyeing the gray eaves with a layer of light purple, quiet and far away.

Cui Zheng hung up the phone and came in with a smile on his face. “Brother wensong, I have something else to do. Let’s go first.”

Ji wensong waved and the servant came up and took the cold tea from the table.

“Stay for dinner.” Ji wensong said with a pleasant face.

“No, no,” Cui Zheng waved his hand. “I won’t eat dinner. There’s business,” he paused and said directly, “brother Wen song, I want Ji Yao to do me a favor, okay?”

“Oh?” Ji wensong got up, “what are you busy with?”

Cui Zheng glanced at Ji Yao, who was like a puppet around Ji wensong.

Today’s Ji Yao looks more silent than usual, emitting an unspeakable gloomy smell.

Cui Zheng grew up with Ji Yao since childhood.

He was an old son, and because his mother had given up his inheritance right for him in advance when she was pregnant with him, such a harmless little son naturally got 100% of his father’s love, even doting.

From small to large, he did whatever he wanted, and his father never stopped him.

Ji Yao is his opposite.

When he was a child, he didn’t understand why he looked so gentle and talkative. Brother Wen song, who brought him gifts every time he saw him, would be so strict with his son.

Now that he has grown up, he has fully understood it.

Ji Yao is the only of Ji wensong.

Unlike him, he is just a icing on the cake and a dispensable son.

“Business, really business. I’m working in a technology company recently. I don’t have enough manpower. I can’t find a knowledgeable person if I want to do a software test. Ji Yao is not particularly good in this regard. I won an award in middle school. I remember, lend it to me.”

Cui Zheng smiled and put his arm on Ji Yao’s shoulder and winked at Ji wensong.

Ji wensong smiled. He was very gentle to all the younger generation. “Ji Yao, he just played for a few days. I have several talents in this field. Take them.”

As he spoke, he called the servant to come and give him a command. The servant nodded as he listened, and then withdrew a moment later.

Cui Zheng knows Ji wensong’s style and may form a serious think tank for him within an hour.

Telling lies in front of Ji wensong is really stressful. Cui Zheng hardens his head to thank him and smiles. He is still wondering how to abduct Ji Yao. He patted Ji Yao twice with his arm. Ji Yao is always indifferent and his soul is out of the body. He doesn’t take his hint at all.

Cui Zheng’s face was stiff with laughter and turned over and over again to find several excuses. No matter what he said, Ji wensong refused to let go like an iron wall.

“I’m tired.”

Ji Yao suddenly opened his mouth. He stood up and avoided Cui Zheng’s arm.

Cui Zheng’s two arms fell down and looked at Ji Yao in a daze.

That’s weird.

The last time he ran with Ji Yao at Xiao Qingyang’s Racecourse at night, Ji Yao was still the same, sharp and cold, and nothing came into the eyes of the law. Why did his spirit fall down in just a few days, like a great setback, and he was not as depressed as the great genius who regarded himself very highly.

“Stop,” Ji wensong said, not light or heavy. “Mao is impatient. Sit down.”

Cui Zheng thought that his father and son might quarrel again. When he didn’t know what to do, Ji Yao sat down numbly.

Cui Zheng glanced at Ji wensong in shock, but found that Ji wensong’s expression was also extremely gloomy.

The unspeakable depressive atmosphere filled the air, and Cui Zheng almost backed out. It was too difficult to take Ji Yao away in front of Ji wensong. Even if he had another ten mouths, it would be enough.

Just as Cui Zheng was about to ask to leave, the servant came in with his mobile phone.

“Sir, telephone.”

At this time, the phone that dares to send in must be very important. Cui Zheng stopped talking first.

Ji wensong took the phone, glanced at Ji Yao sitting there without saying a word, connected the phone and said bluntly, “what’s the matter?”

At the other end of the phone, I don’t know who said what. Ji wensong’s eyes suddenly swept over. Cui Zheng was swept by his eyes with little content. He was inexplicably nervous and unconsciously stood up straight.

Cui Zheng saw Ji wensong quietly listening to the phone for a while, and the corners of his mouth even showed a smile, “what are you doing?”

Cui Zheng has never heard Ji wensong speak like this.

It seems that the gentleness to their younger generation is mixed with some unspeakable flavor.

He was inexplicably creepy.

“Be careful.”

After giving a final explanation, Ji wensong hung up the phone, handed the mobile phone to the servant and looked at Cui Zheng.

Cui Zheng quickly avoided his eyes and pretended that he had just been “no disrespect”.

“Let’s go,” Ji wensong waved, as if bored, “take him away with you.”

Cui Zheng didn’t react until Ji wensong and the servant left. He was surprised to realize that Ji wensong mercifully agreed to his initial request and hurriedly pulled Ji Yao’s arm. “Come on, let’s go while your father hasn’t changed his mind.”

Ji Yao’s arm was pulled, but the man was indifferent. He said coldly, “I’m not interested in computers anymore…”

“What’s wrong with computers,” Cui Zheng interrupted. “I’m just looking for an excuse to take you out to play. Look at your dishes. Go and do what young people should do.”

He worked hard for a long time and finally had to say “No.”

Cui Zheng was almost speechless.

He never thought that the most difficult part of the task given to him by Yan Shuang was Ji Yao.

He thought for a moment. There was really no way. He bowed his head and came to Ji Yao’s ear to speak. Ji Yao frowned and avoided. Cui Zheng hurriedly followed up and said, “Yan Shuang is with me.”

Ji Yao stopped.

His eyes swept over like slow motion in a movie.

Cui Zheng finally saw that Ji Yao had a little vitality again.

Ji Yao only said three words along the way.

“Why is he with you?”

“Is he all right?”

“What does he want from me?”

Cui Zheng didn’t know what medicine Yan Shuang sold in the gourd. His answer was ambiguous and full of nonsense. It was difficult to deal with Ji wensong. It was much easier to fool Ji Yao. He wholeheartedly transported people to the apartment first.

“You’ll know when you see it.”

Cui Zheng got out of the car and saw Ji Yao’s face show hesitation. The general said, “why, are you still afraid of him?”

Ji Yao was not irritated. He frowned and said faintly, “I’m just afraid to disappoint him.”

Cui Zheng was stunned. He felt that Ji Yao’s expression and tone were very familiar, much like Ji wensong sometimes.

That kind of implicit self-esteem.

They regard themselves as big trees and all the others around them as vines attached to them.

All care will eventually become a kind of control.

“Go up and talk about it.” Cui Zheng carried his back and looked forward to what Yan Shuang was singing and how long he could play Ji Yao?

As soon as the elevator door opened, Cui Zheng saw the curling shadow at his door – of course, Ji Yao also saw it.

Cui Zheng thought that green tea was worthy of green tea. He clearly told him the door lock password at home, and deliberately squatted at the door to pretend to be poor. He didn’t know whether Ji Yao would eat it or not?

“How do you sleep at the door?”

Ji Yao stepped out of the elevator and vaguely condemned Cui Zheng.

Cui Zheng: Well, Ji Yao really took that set.

As soon as they walked past, the induction light at the door came on. The soft light shone on the face. Ji Yao’s footsteps stopped, and his expression seemed to have been hit by thunder.

Cui Zhengxin thought that Yan Shuang’s hair cut was very beautiful, but it wouldn’t be foolish to give Ji Yao to Mei.

And Ji Yao really seemed to have his soul out of the body again. He stared at Yan Shuang’s face and couldn’t return to his mind for a long time.

It’s so similar.

It was like before.

Now it’s more like… True or false.


Yan Shuang seemed to be hurt by the light, and his eyelids moved.

Ji Yao looked at the eyes turning under his thin eyelids and felt a trace of fear. He was afraid that his eyes would open and break the dream scene in front of him.

His clean eyes looked at him, which contained all kinds of unspeakable emotions, and finally turned into a quiet pool.

“Ji Yao, you’re here.”

Yan Shuang propped up his knees to stand up, but he shook slightly and looked like he was going to fall. Ji Yao instinctively stretched out his hand to help him.

“Thank you.” Yan Shuang leaned on Ji Yao’s arm and said sincerely.

Ji Yao said nothing.

As he thought, as soon as Yan Shuang opened his eyes, his words and actions were… Completely different.

The feeling of broken dreams in front of us is cruel and real.

Like what he had been running away from, it was torn and spread out in front of him.

It’s all because of the same person.

Yan Shuang.

Ji Yao silently picked him up. The light at the door shone brightly and brightly on Yan Shuang from head to foot, together with the mottled marks on him.

Ji Yao’s eyes coagulated.

Cui Zheng is also stupid.

I didn’t expect Dr. Qi, who looked abstinence downstairs, to play so wild.

Yan Shuang seemed to notice their eyes. He suddenly retracted his arm held by Ji Yao and said, “sorry, I washed it before I came…”

He seemed to know Ji Yao’s disgust for something and curled himself up in shame, “I came to you to apologize… Right…”

His words were interrupted by his overcoat.

The warm coat full of the cold smell of Ji Yao’s body was draped over his shoulder, and his hands closed both sides of the coat, covering Yan Shuang from his neck.

“Go in and say.”

Ji Yao glanced at Cui Zheng, who was stunned. “Open the door.”

“Oh, oh.”

Cui Zheng opened the door in a muddle headed way. They went to the balcony. He hasn’t recovered yet.

Green tea is really not what ordinary people can do.

The tone, voice and modality of speech should not only attract people’s affection, but also make people feel affectation and disgust.


Cui Zheng thought that he should let his mother learn two tricks to coax the old man, while quietly approaching the balcony to listen to the two people.

“… you’re right. He doesn’t like me at all.”

Cui Zheng thought, “who is he?” Qin yubai, Wei Yichen, or Qi Feiyun?

“The way he looks at me always makes me feel like he’s looking at another person through me.”

“Ji Yao, do you know who that man is?”

Those eyes looked at him as if they knew something.

The night wind blew on the balcony. Yan Shuangzheng was wrapped in his coat. Ji Yao was only wearing a thin shirt and sweating bit by bit on his back. His eyes were cold and unwavering, but his hands behind him were slowly clenched.

After a long time, or perhaps soon, the eyes finally moved away. Yan Shuang looked down the balcony, the light was faint, and the people downstairs had not fallen asleep.

“I’m talking silly. How could you know?”

The sound floated in the air like a silk thread.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Yan Shuang suddenly smiled, with a bitter look but a relieved look, “anyway, we’ve broken up.”

Ji Yao suddenly turned his face.

Cui Zheng thought: it’s over. Ji Yao is going to be cheated.

Yan Shuang looked at the complicated look on Ji Yao’s face and said, “Ji Yao, I really regret quarreling with you that day and saying a lot of things that hurt you. Can you forgive me?”

He really changed.

Ji Yao thought.

He thought he would cry.

“I’ve forgotten.” Ji Yao said faintly.

Yan Shuang looked at him gratefully.

“Then, can you be me…”

Cui Zheng quietly made the mouth of “boyfriend” outside and shook his head. He thought that the play was really not fresh enough, but it was nothing more.

“… a lifelong good friend?”


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