I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 59

When Yan Shuang said that he had been a good friend all his life, Cui Zheng was shocked.

When Ji Yao was silent for a long time and said “good”, Cui Zheng couldn’t help roaring: Ji Yao, do you know what friends in Xinhua Dictionary mean? You agreed?!

Yan Shuang was not surprised by Ji Yao’s answer.

This was originally the story of Ji Yao and Yan Shuanghui leaving.

The only difference is that when Ji Yao asks Yan Shuang to donate a kidney for Qin Qing, Yan Shuang asks Ji Yao what their relationship is.

In the case of two people who have rolled the sheets many times.

Ji Yao replied, “friend.”

It’s reasonable to move the plot in advance.

And he kindly added the deadline to his life.

Until he left the world, Ji Yao could have the title of “good friend”. He felt honored for Ji Yao when he thought about it.

“Thank you, Ji Yao,” Yan Shuang’s voice choked slightly, and he opened his arms. “Can you hold me as a friend?”

The balcony was dimly lit, and his face was full of cautious expectations. Although he had been pretending to be free and easy, his red eyes still revealed how hard he had spent before he came.

It must have been crying for a long time.

Ji Yao knows the truth, but he can’t say.

Because doing that may hurt another innocent person.

Between the two, there is no trade-off in his heart. Compared with the people engraved in his heart when he was young, Yan Shuang’s weight is still… Too light.

He can only satisfy Yan Shuang’s harmless request.

Qingjun youth hesitated to open his arm.

The night breeze was slightly cool, and the faint citrus aroma was blown around.

Embrace strange and stiff.

The soft cheek was on his chest, which was the temperature of another person, and the heart accelerated slightly uncontrollably.

Such a hug has nothing to do with any feelings, which can only be regarded as… A compensation.

“Ji Yao.”

“You know what?”

“You are my only friend.”

Yan Shuang murmured in Ji Yao’s arms, and his words were full of trust and attachment.

“From small to large, you are the first person willing to care about me except my mother.”

“Every time you get angry with me, you actually care about me for my good, right?”

He raised his face in Ji Yao’s arms, and his red eyes exuded urgent brilliance. He had just lost his love and needed to find another kind of emotional comfort.

How could his only friend disappoint him?


The voice was low and reassuring. The picturesque eyebrows and eyes faded a trace of beauty and showed steadiness after converging their edge.

Four eyes are opposite. Both of them see each other’s change from each other’s eyes.

Eyes intertwined, feelings inexplicable.

Both seemed to feel that the gaze at the moment was inappropriate, but no one looked away first, as if who moved first was guilty.

Frank friends, simple hugs, why don’t you dare to look at each other?

“Ji Yao…”

Yan Shuang opened his mouth in front of Ji Yao’s deep eyes. He held Ji Yao’s arm. His thin shirt showed the temperature of the human body and returned to his fingertips. He whispered, “can we sleep together tonight?”

“Poof -”

Cui Zheng looked at the eyes of the two people together, covered his mouth and waved his hand. The exposed half of his face was distorted quickly. He retreated and said vaguely: “I didn’t hear anything…”

He admitted that he was careless.

Where is little green tea?

Is this cannibal flower?!

The upper and lower lips move and run to eat people!

Under Ji Yao’s gaze, Cui Zheng retreated from the living room, turned to the corridor and signaled that he would no longer eavesdrop.

When Ji Yao looked at Yan Shuang again, Yan Shuang’s face was red, “don’t get me wrong, I mean like in the dormitory… Just sleep in one room, I have a lot to tell you, too many things have happened these two days… After you go back, your family hasn’t embarrassed you…”

“Did you eat?”

Ji Yao interrupted, obviously not talking about his family affairs.

Yan Shuang looked at Ji Yao’s expression without trace. He thought Ji wensong must have cleaned up Ji Yao.

According to Ji wensong’s temper, he must have pulled down Ji Yao’s pride and stepped on the soles of his feet.

Otherwise, when Ji Yao came over, how could he look so bleak and depressed?

Your son lives in his own world. His world is unbreakable and needs someone to help him break him. In this way, he can build his will in the process of helping him rebuild the world.

He helped Ji wensong get the cold son he expected.

Only one reward.

“No,” Yan Shuang shook his head, “and you?”

Ji Yao just said casually to avoid Yan Shuang’s questioning. After Yan Shuang asked back, he didn’t want to say any more.

In the past two days at home, he hardly ate anything.

Ji Yao suddenly remembered something and said, “how did you come here?”

Yan Shuang explained in a few words, half true and half false.

Cui Zheng took the initiative to contact him before, but he ignored it. This time, when he came out of the Qin family, he happened to meet Cui Zheng, and Cui Zheng brought him back.

Ji Yao didn’t think much, but said, “don’t get on a stranger’s car next time.”

Yan Shuang nodded softly and explained, “I know he knows you before he got into his car.”

Ji Yao thought that people who knew him might not be good people.

For example, his father

“Have you two finished talking?”

Cui Zheng popped out of the corridor and looked like he was laughing. “I’m hungry. I ordered a takeout. Can we eat together?”

In the evening, there was nothing delicious around. Cui Zheng ordered a pizza and ended his hunger. Today, he was full of melons and pizza. Finally, he wiped his hands and said, “I’ve cleaned up the guest room. You two can sleep there tonight.”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and looked a little coy. “Do you still have a quilt? I can make a floor berth.”

Cui Zheng glanced at Ji Yao and said, “yes, it’s in the cabinet.”

“Thank you.”

Ji Yao remained silent and did not express any opinions.

Cui Zheng saw that Ji Yao had acquiesced.

He is a bystander and knows Ji Yao very well.

The brain is an undoubted genius. It’s a little strange in dealing with people and things.

He seems to have formed his own system.

Step by step, he put all the people he met in his life in the corresponding position.

Rigid and inflexible.

I don’t know where Yan Shuang is in his heart at present.

It should not be low.

The guest bedroom space is not small, because no one has lived for a long time, and there is no furniture in it. It looks very empty.

Yan Shuang found a quilt from the cabinet, spread it next to the big bed, found a thin quilt to cover it, and distributed a pillow of the big bed to the floor.

He carefully made a small bed, sat on the bed quilt, looked up and smiled at Ji Yao standing, “it seems that we are sleeping in one room for the first time.”

Ji Yao looked down at him and said, “get up.”

Yan Shuang didn’t know why, so he stood up obediently.

Later, Ji Yao sat where Yan Shuanggang had just sat, looked up and directly closed his clothes and lay down.

“Ji Yao…” Yan Shuang’s expression immediately showed a trace of panic, “that’s what I sleep. You sleep in bed.”

“I don’t like sleeping in the upper bunk.”

Yan Shuang almost laughed.

Ji Yao is always serious enough to say something that makes people want to laugh.

Maybe he’s too serious.

Occasionally a joke sounds very funny.

Yan Shuang squatted down. He leaned against the high bed and stared softly at Ji Yao’s face.

Ji Yao let him look for a while and suddenly stretched out his arm. As soon as his slender arm touched the wall, the whole room fell into darkness.

Night can hide a person and release a person.

Because they can’t see each other, they seem to be closer.

Yan Shuang said he had a lot to say, but he didn’t say anything at this time.

He just sat, and even his eyes no longer fell on Ji Yao.

Both of them entered the empty state.

From small to large, Ji Yao was often alone.

He is used to being alone, and it is difficult to judge whether he likes it or not.

Like now, it is a fresh and strange experience to have someone around you.

He’s so quiet.

Ji Yao thought.

The room was filled with another person’s breathing sound, with different rhythms, and no one deliberately converged.

This tranquility can almost be regarded as a kind of enjoyment.

Ji Yao’s tired body and mind finally got a breather at this moment.

For a long time, a soft voice sounded in the empty room.

“I’ll never cry again.”

The tone contained firm determination.

After a brief silence, Ji Yao replied faintly, “it’s nothing to cry.”

It is this kind of genuine tenderness that can move people’s hearts most.

He only has the arrogance of your son, but he doesn’t have the arrogance of self surplus.

He’s his own school. He’s just himself.

“Ji Yao, I have a gift for you.”

His arm was suddenly pulled up, and a small box fell gently on his palm.

“I made it myself.”

“In fact, on the holiday day… I wanted to give you the last class, but… We were still arguing at that time…”

Yan was angry and shy.

“Shall we never quarrel again?”

The box is light.

The things inside are probably not expensive items, but they may be the most precious items he can take out.

Ji Yao clenched the box.


extremely elegant and valuable.

Yan Shuang smiled. He sat up, climbed to bed, lay on the bed and whispered, “good night.”

“Good friend.”

The next morning, as soon as Cui Zheng woke up, he went to see what happened to the two people. He found that Ji Yao still looked like a innocent virgin. He was disappointed. When Ji Yao went to wash, he asked Yan Shuang, “master, why didn’t he win?”

Yan Shuang said faintly, “yes, but it’s not necessary.”

Cui Zheng: ”

“I tried so hard to help you get people…” Cui Zheng complained in a low voice.

“Really?” Yan Shuang looked at him with a smile. “Did you really bring people here?”

Cui Zheng was stunned.

“I’m ready.”

Ji Yao came out of the bathroom.

Yan Shuang immediately changed into a little white face, “let’s go back to school, Cui Zheng. Can you give us a ride?”

“Ah, OK, ok…”

Cui Zheng said foolishly. After entering the elevator with the two people with the car key, he was still thinking about what Yan Shuanggang just said and the look on his face.

In his mind, Ji wensong’s expression when he answered the phone call from someone who didn’t know who came suddenly appeared, which seemed to be like that, like a joke.

“Ding -”

Cui Zheng’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the elevator opening. Before he had time to think about how he could have such absurd associations, he saw that the head of the person entering the elevator was down again. He subconsciously said, “Dr. Qi!”

The voice was too high, causing a faint glance of Ji Yao.

The gray pupil collided with the young man’s eyes and then moved away. Qi Feiyun entered the elevator and stood at the vacant position in the elevator.

Cui Zheng involuntarily uses Yu Guang to peek at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuangzheng stood between Ji Yao and Qi Feiyun with his head down.

Cui Zheng: “…” fuck, he’s getting excited. What’s going on?

The elevator screen shows the floor gradually downward.

The doctor’s hand hanging on one side was suddenly lightly touched. He lowered his eyes. It turned out that the long sleeve of the boy’s coat touched him.


The boy whispered an apology to him and attracted the attention of another boy beside him.

“What’s the matter?”

“The sleeve touched accidentally.”

The short conversation shows their intimacy.

Gray eyes stared at the elevator screen, his face as heavy as water.

“Ding -”

The elevator door opened.

The four people in the elevator filed out. The doctor was closest to the button. He stayed at the end and pressed the door key with grace.

The boy passed him.

The hand carrying the briefcase was touched again, and the soft finger abdomen swept over the tight green tendons on the back of the hand. The touch was smooth and delicate, but it was frightening.

The boy looked back slightly and bumped into the doctor’s smoky gray pupil.

He lifted his shoulders, and his wide coat slipped slightly, revealing a thin neck.

The kiss mark is faint.

The cold boy around him seemed to notice and put his hand naturally to close his coat for him.

The boy grabbed the arms of the people around him with both hands and looked up with a smile.

Yan Shuang walked out not far, and his mobile phone shook slightly.

He took out his cell phone, saw the prompt in the upper right corner of the mailbox, and stepped down.

Ji Yao was followed by him and his eyes coagulated.

Yan Shuang raised his mobile phone, “the teacher urged me to do my homework.”

“Group work?”


Yan Shuang smiled, took the initiative to sit in the back seat of the car with narrow space, turned on his mobile phone and clicked the red prompt on the mailbox.

From: Qi Feiyun.

“First time.”

Yan Shuang replied: “what do you mean, Mr. Qi? You want to say that you were actually the first time yesterday? Do you want me to be responsible? You said earlier, I would. I like you best, Mr. Qi.”

After a while, there was another reply.

“The second time.”

Yan Shuang understands.

After three, this is Qi Feiyun’s hint to him.

If you provoke him again, he’ll probably do it.

Yan Shuang thought, does Qi Feiyun want him to stop here or continue to provoke?

The doctor sat at his desk with his mobile phone in his hand. The mailbox that was reinstalled on the desktop kept beating with incoming tips.

Thumb one by one.

That name didn’t appear again.

He was so clever that he guessed what he meant.

As he expected, he immediately put it behind him.

The gray eyes are dim and inexplicable under the light reflection of the mobile phone screen.

What a bad boy.

Lack of discipline.


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