I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 6

The Ji family and the Qin family are aristocratic families. If we really talk about the high and low, they were equal many years ago, but now the Ji family is the top.

The decline of the Qin family from the previous generation, it was useless for the people in power to turn the tide until Qin yubai, who saved the declining trend of the building.

Ji Yao and Qin yubai, one is the young master lying on Jinshan, the other is the Savior of the old Dynasty. There is a gap in seniority between the two, but their status in the circle is equal.

Without him, Ji Jia’s strength is too strong now, enough for the young master to show off his money and power.

Wei Yichen naturally knows the fierce relationship between Qin yubai and him.

When Ji Yao spoke, he could only stop, “what does Ji Shao have to say?”

“He doesn’t seem to want to go with you very much.” Ji Yao said faintly.

Wei Yichen looked back at Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang quickly buried his head in his chest, looking miserable and trembling.

Pretending, Wei Yichen frowned.

“Mr. Yan,” said Wei Yichen coldly, “is that so?”

“No, no… I volunteered.”

Yan Shuangsheng is like a mosquito and a fly, and the ending is trembling. Anyone can feel that there is another secret in it.

Wei Yichen was as if he hadn’t heard, “Ji Shao, can we go?”

Based on his understanding of Ji Yao, Ji Yao is not a nosy personality. He was surprised that Ji Yao would ask aloud.

Ji Yao knows Yan Shuang? What did Yan Shuang say to Ji Yao? Or did you do something?

Wei Yichen’s eyes narrowed behind the lens.

Ji Yao’s cold eyes flashed over Yan Shuang’s long black hair covering most of his face.

Under his black hair was a face very similar to Qin Qing, but a weak, dirty and cheap soul quite different from Qin Qing.


The word “no temperature” fell into the air. Ji Yao wiped Yan Shuang expressionless and turned directly to the other end of the corridor classroom.

After confirming that Ji Yao entered the classroom, Wei Yichen’s eyes fell on Yan Shuang with sarcasm, “is it fun?”

Yan Shuang raised his head and showed his plain face. “Generally, the rich children are really boring.”

The tone seemed to ignore the young master Ji Yao at all, with a bad attitude of “I can play with him in the applause room at any time as long as I want”.

The chest makes a tight thump, and the heart seems to be stimulated to accelerate rapidly, which is the instinctive reaction of the body after encountering danger.

Wei Yichen suppressed his heartbeat and his voice was dry. “Let’s go. We’ll be late.”

Qin yubai was late.

Qin yubai sent Wei Yichen to pick up the people and came later. However, Yan Shuang waited for half an hour in the suite and didn’t wait for Qin yubai to come.

Yan Shuang frowned impatiently.

If he is late and delays in brushing the plot, another 0.5 points will be deducted!

“Can I use this computer?”

Wei Yichen waited with Yan Shuang. It was clear that there was a soft sofa, but he didn’t sit. His hands overlapped and stood straight, maintaining the image of a perfect housekeeper.

Yan Shuang refers to the notebook in the study in the suite.

The hotel is the property of the Qin family. This suite is the exclusive private suite of Qin yubai. Of course, the furnishings in it are all Qin yubai’s personal belongings.

Strictly speaking, Yan Shuang is also.

“No, that’s president Qin’s computer.”

“The computer can’t work. Can WiFi always be used?”

Yan Shuang took out his mobile phone, “how much is the WiFi password here?”

Wei Yichen: “I can help you lose.”

“Thanks.” Yan Shuang hands the mobile phone to Wei Yichen.

The hand is a model famous for its cost performance in a domestic machine. The upper right corner of the screen is broken a little, not to the extent of the whole crack. It can be used. The mobile phone desktop is a white wall, gray tile and blue sky.

Wei Yichen recognized that it was the outer wall of the Star welfare home.

He lowered his eyes, connected WiFi for Yan Shuang without waves, and handed back his mobile phone to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang took off his shoes and curled up in the soft sofa. He held his mobile phone in both hands and tilted his head. He completely ignored Wei Yichen.

Anyway, Qin yubai was late. He took the time to log in to the mailbox. First, he went to see the teacher’s PPT for today’s class to make up for the class.

The suite was very quiet. There was almost no sound except the sound of their shallow breathing.

Wei Yichen feels as if he is crazy.

Yan Shuangwo was in a group on the sofa. The way he played with his mobile phone made him think of the four words “years are quiet”.

Yan Shuang, how quiet are the years?

He’s really crazy.

A boy who easily betrays himself.

A boy who doesn’t reject selling himself or even bargain.

A boy who deliberately pretends to tease the children of a rich family.

A boy lying on the window who wantonly and frivolously asked him to make an appointment in advance

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes.

Thin lips are silent.


Yan Shuang waited for an hour. Qin yubai came late. When he heard Wei Yichen say hello to Qin yubai, Yan Shuangcai turned his head and said expressionless, “you’re late.”

Qin yubai was dressed in a suit. The buttons of his coat and shirt were tightly buttoned. His whole body was filled with the smell of elite scum. Yan Shuang made rude remarks. He didn’t turn his face. He patted Wei Yichen on the shoulder and motioned him to go out. Then he slowly untied the buttons of his suit, approached the sofa, supported the sofa with both hands, surrounded Yan Shuang, raised his lips and sneered with contempt, “Can’t wait to get fucked?”

Yan Shuang’s eyes crossed his shoulder. Wei Yichen was closing the suite door with light hands and feet. He hung his face as if he had no ears.

Before closing the door, the boy’s cold answer came into his ear.


When Wei Yichen closed the door, he raised his face. Qin yubai was bending down in the crack of the door. The boy leaned over his face, his glasses fell on the carpet, his eyes jumped over the man’s shoulder and shot at the crack of the door that had not been closed. It was like catching his favorite prey. His eyes were slightly bent and narrowed with a bad smile.

Wei Yichen closed the door, holding the door handle, the palm heat surged up, and a little fine sweat came out, greasy and sticky.

Qin yubai is biting Yan Shuang’s neck.

He did it on purpose.

As a bought servant, Yan Shuang acted too rebellious.

This is not in line with Qin yubai’s expectations for Yan Shuang.

He wants to defeat Yan Shuang’s shallow stubbornness and pride and make Yan Shuang completely surrender to himself from body to heart.

The neck is a dangerous and ambiguous part.

It will not be wrapped in cloth, which can be seen by everyone, but it will not be easily touched by others. It will leave conspicuous marks in such parts. This is an alternative intimate mark, so that everyone knows that a person has gnawed down along the cyan blood vessels until they can’t see.

The tender neck can’t stand strong sucking, and the pain is shielded. Yan Shuang can still feel Qin yubai’s lips everywhere. The tingling itch sensitively mobilizes the rest of his nerves.

Yan Shuang bit his lower lip and endured without making any sound.

There was a silent predation on the sofa.

The prey held back and angered the hunter.

“Are you mute?”

Qin yubai clasped Yan Shuang’s cheek.

The old wound on the lip was not healed yet, and a new wound was added. It seemed to be torn apart, with a little blood color.

“You only bought my body,” Yan Shuang said faintly. “You didn’t buy my feeling.”

Qin yubai sneered as if he had heard a joke. “You mean, you don’t feel at all?” The thumb severely ran over Yan Shuang’s injured lips. Yan Shuang had no expression on his face, not even the expression of eating pain. His eyes with low myopia were calm.

Qin yubai calmed down. How could he be more ugly than Yan Shuang? What is Yan Shuang that deserves to make him angry? “Well, I hope you keep in mind that you’re going to play a dead man.”

Yan Shuang was dragged to bed by Qin yubai.

Qin yubai, a dictator with excessive desire for victory and defeat and bursting self-esteem, was urged to try everything.

Compared with the first venting rudeness, Qin yubai, a beginner, tried to use some means. These things were originally engraved in each male’s DNA. As long as he wanted, he could constantly explore them at any time, gently with the stimulation of plunder.

Since pain can’t make this person change color, what about another way?

Yan Shuang: cool, but he doesn’t say.

Qin yubai’s contemptuous eyes fell.

“No feeling?”

The voice is magnetic and lazy, with some cruel pride.

Qin yubai pinched Yan Shuang’s cheek as if he had completely controlled the man. It was a wonderful substitute. He hooked his lips and smiled, “speak.”

Yan Shuang took back his eyes and looked at Qin yubai, “bah.”

Qin yubai: ”

Yan Shuang: tiezi, don’t ask too much. We’re going through a sadistic drama. Bah is his highest respect for him.

Qin yubai was so angry that he did everything he could to reflect the virgin’s strong self-learning ability after meat. Yan Shuang couldn’t help biting the pillow. The next moment, Qin yubai clasped his cheek and said, “let go.” He wants to hear Yan Shuang cry out.

His hands strengthened, and the seemingly weak boy still didn’t let go. Although his tender cheeks had been pinched red, he still stubbornly bit the pillow, as if to preserve his last bit of dignity.

He will never admit defeat.

Even if the body has been lying under the man, the feeling has betrayed the master’s will, but the soul is still arrogant.

Qin Yu Bai song let go of Yan Shuang’s cheek. His strength loosened and Yan Shuang’s mouth opened. The corners of his mouth were wet and looked lax. Qin Yu Bai’s heart was hot, picked up the sweaty Yan Shuang and suddenly turned Yan Shuang over

Another sleepless night.

Qin yubai got out of bed and went to the bathroom at dawn.

Yan Shuang loosened his mouth that had been biting the pillow, rubbed his sour and soft face, and wiped the saliva on his chin. This is the second time. Should he be able to make an appropriate cry or two next time?

There are five or six bathrooms in the suite, and Yan Shuang also went into the bathroom to wash.

When Qin yubai came out, Yan Shuang had been washed and was standing by the bed wearing his coat. There was no light in the room. The curtain had excellent shading effect. Only the faint light penetrated through the gap at the edge, outlining a graceful posture. Under the wide T-shirt cover, the flexible and slender waist disappeared.

Without saying a word, Yan Shuang slowly moved to the sofa and picked up his old canvas bag on his back.

“Stop.” Qin Yu said coldly.

Yan Shuang looks like two people are equal. He just comes to the most common date.

Qin yubai hates the so-called Yan Shuang.

Before he is bored with Yan Shuang, he hopes Yan Shuang can clarify the relationship between them.

He bought it.

What belongs to him.

Yan Shuang stopped.

“You don’t seem to know your identity,” Qin yubai said in a deep voice. “Do I allow you to leave?”

Yan Shuang didn’t look back. He turned his back to Qin yubai and said faintly, “can I go?”



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