I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 60


Zhang Shuai stared at Yan Shuang climbing up and down.

“Yes,” Yan Shuang said happily, “Ji Yao doesn’t like sleeping in the upper bunk.”

Zhang Shuai was speechless and said after a long time, “you look much fresher after cutting your hair.”

The hairstyle buff was lifted and the glasses buff was still there. Yan Shuang didn’t have to worry that this always affected face would commit sin. He smiled and didn’t talk again.

Although I don’t know what happened to Ji Yao after he came home, Yan Shuang can see that Ji Yao really began to change.

Your son finally fell into the world of fireworks and lived in the dormitory he had never lived in.

During this period of time, Yan Shuang was very calm. He didn’t provoke anyone except class or work.

Campus life is quiet and plain, and his relationship with Ji Yao is becoming closer and closer as described in the original book.

Intimacy between friends.

They went in and out together, went to class together, went to the canteen together and went back to the dormitory together. Ji Yao even accompanied him to send leaflets once. The emotional line was painted very stably in a long stream.

Lying on the narrow single bed, Ji Yao put one hand behind his head, holding a book in one hand, but his eyes were not on the page. In his sight, a pair of snow-white feet were pedaling in the air. After pedaling for a long time, he couldn’t find the ladder. He sat up without saying a word, grabbed his ankles and put them on the ladder.

“Thank you, thank you.”

Yan Shuang stepped on the ladder and climbed down the bunk, looking confused.

“Where are the glasses?”

Yan Shuang rubbed his eyes and yawned, “I don’t know.”

Originally, Ji Yao had no accommodation, and his understanding of Yan Shuang was more superficial. After living in the dormitory for such a period of time, he found that there were many small animals in Yan Shuang’s personality.

For example, I can’t find my glasses in the morning.

Ji Yao stretched out his arm, fumbled under the pillow on the upper berth, took out his glasses, and then put them on Yan Shuang’s nose, which was still sleepy.

Yan Shuang thanked again. After entering the bathroom, he suddenly “ah”.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Yao straightened up and asked.

A head popped out of the bathroom.

Yan’s glasses were full of water. He giggled and said, “I forgot to take off my glasses when I washed my face.”

Ji Yao silently moved his eyes and looked again at the book in his hand.

After a while, Yan Shuang came out and said to Ji Yao, “I’m fine. Let’s go. We can’t find a seat late.”

Ji Yao turned the page again.

Everyone else in the dormitory went to the auditorium early.

He waited here. Yan Shuang was one of them. He didn’t want to go very much. It was the other.

Yan Shuang walked over and stood in front of Ji Yao’s bed.

That was his bed.

“You don’t want to go?”


Yan Shuang was silent for a moment and said, “I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

Today is the Centennial day of the school. The school invited several honorary alumni to give lectures. A few days ago, it was building momentum. A large banner was pulled at the school gate, and the LED screen at the gate was also scrolling the names of those successful people.

And just yesterday, there was a name airborne on the LED screen.

Qin yubai.

When Yan Shuang saw the name, Ji Yao stood beside him.

Yan Shuang put on a dejected look and was carried away by Ji Yao with a frown.

Today, Qin yubai is coming.

Young, handsome, business legend, every label on him is enough to attract countless students.

“Always face it.”

Yan Shuang pretended to be calm.

Ji Yao only needs to look at him to know that Yan Shuang has not given up.

Or, a resurgence.

Perhaps entanglement is its noumenon form. He has seen too much, so he chooses to place his emotions in the high Pavilion, which will be very safe.

“If you don’t want to go, I’ll go alone.” Yan Shuang lowered his face and lowered his voice, but his attitude was there.

He’s going.

Ji Yao never said a word and sat on the bed, slightly frowning and turning the book.

Yan Shuang packed his bags and poured water again. He changed two coats, put on his shoes and took off his shoes. He said to himself, “it may rain today.” I went to the drawer to get my umbrella.

He dawdled and made all kinds of noise, but he just didn’t go.

After tossing for a long time, he finally had no excuse. He changed his shoes at the door dejectedly, and Yu Guang was still aiming at the bed.

“You really…”

Ji Yao got up. With a cold face, he walked to Yan Shuang and simply changed his shoes, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang’s face showed some slight joy, “thank you.”

“I hope you don’t have a chance to say sorry today.” Ji Yao said coldly.

Yan Shuang blushed and whispered, “No.”

On the way to the auditorium, there were many students in groups of three or two. Obviously, they all went to see Qin yubai, the legendary alumni.

It is reasonable to say that the candidates for this kind of lecture should be determined early in the morning. There is no such situation as adding people temporarily. People who were not interested in going to the lecture also temporarily planned to go to the scene. After they went, they found that they had to enter with tickets. Many people took advantage of their enthusiasm and could only return in frustration.

Yan Shuang was holding a canvas bag and his face was full of frustration.

Ji Yao had no expression and said, “I can’t get in without a ticket.”

Yan Shuang stood outside the crowd in silence and looked at the circle of bodyguards at the door. His eyes coagulated for a long time, and finally dimmed bit by bit, “forget it, let’s go.”

Ji Yao looked deeply at the door. Such a temporary arrangement was too deliberate. He thought Qin yubai came for Yan Shuang.

“Let’s go.”

Ji Yao turned around. Yan Shuang also turned around. He looked like he had lost his soul. His left foot tripped over his right foot and almost fell. Ji Yao held him in time.


“Mr. Yan.”

Long time no see.

Yan Shuang quietly praised Wei Yichen’s appearance opportunity in his heart.

Worthy of being a housekeeper, he is trustworthy at all times.

“Ji Shao.”

Wei Yichen first slightly bent over Ji Yao, and then his eyes fell on the back of Ji Yao.

I haven’t seen you for eleven days.

Not just missing.

Not even a word or phrase.

When he left in the sports car, he plunged into the vortex of entanglement with those rich children without looking back. Finally, he gave him an answer two days ago.

Unprepared, unprepared and bossy.

Only one sentence was added at the end.

“I miss you.”


“Mr. Yan, please come inside. President Qin has reserved a seat for you.”

Ji Yao glanced at Yu Guang and saw Yan Shuang trembling slightly, looking frightened. His eyebrows twisted up unconsciously. He took a deep breath and said coldly, “I’m not going.”

He stretched out his hand and pulled Yan Shuang’s arm. Before he made any effort, Yan Shuang had turned around and calmed down in the face of Wei Yichen. “Please lead the way, Mr. Wei.”

When he said this, Ji Yao also put down his hand. Wei Yichen thought that the arrogant childe would brush his sleeves and leave. Unexpectedly, he followed Yan Shuangshen without saying a word.

Eye contact, the eyes bent at him and seemed to say proudly, “look, I said the rich children had better succeed.”

The chest is slightly hot.

It turns out that separation can really show a person’s weight.

Without Yan Shuanghuan around him, he felt unprecedented… Boredom.

Every day before that was like that.

The stone fell into the calm lake and reverberated with ripples. The tree wanted to be quiet but the wind was not stopped.

At the moment of seeing this man, he clearly realized that he really missed him.

The backstage emotional line soared a parabola directly.

Yan Shuang was very calm.

Basic operation.

A little farewell is better than a new marriage.

I just don’t know if Qin yubai and others will see whether he will be excited to heart attack.

Xiao Qin has a criminal record of being almost stunned by him.

I hope he will take care of his body and persist until the end of their sadistic love.

The auditorium is almost full.

Wei Yichen led Yan Shuang to the empty seat in the third row, “this place has a good view.”

“Why is there only one place?” Yan Shuang asked knowingly.

Wei Yichen glanced at Ji Yao, “does Ji Shao also want to listen?”

Ji Yao glanced at Wei Yichen coldly, but he was still not angry.

Wei Yichen secretly said that the young master has changed a lot and is much calmer than before. It is self-evident who made him change.

That’s generous.

He thought he was just as bad to everyone, but he still had a preference after all.

A slight thorn sprang up in a corner of my heart.

“Ji Yao, you sit here,” Yan Shuang took Ji Yao’s arm and asked him to sit, “I’ll sit…” on your thigh.

Hold on, don’t be coquettish.

Ji Yao stood still, “you sit.”

The stalemate of the three people standing in the empty seat soon attracted the attention and discussion of many people in the auditorium.

Ji Yao, in particular, is a luminous body in school.

The tide of discussion came. Yan Shuangtou was getting lower and lower. His voice was a little anxious. It seemed that he had changed back to the weak and crying man in the past, “Ji Yao, sit down first. When I beg you, is it good?”

With cold eyes on him, Yan Shuang obviously felt Ji Yao angry.

What Ji Yao hates most and cannot tolerate most is Yan Shuang’s appearance now.

Ji Yao sits down.

The next second, Yan Shuang also sat down.

He didn’t sit on Ji Yao’s lap, but he was almost there.

Originally, the seat that could only accommodate one person was crowded with two people. Yan Shuang and half of them snuggled up to Ji Yao’s arms, and Ji Yao held their arms.

“Is that all right?”

Ji Yao said coldly, looking cynically at Wei Yichen with a low eyebrow. His arm was like iron around Yan Shuang who was still fluttering, “tell your boss to make less small moves.”

Wei Yichen stooped slightly, did not respond, and turned away appropriately.

“Ji Yao, you let go of me, how can this……” Yan Shuang twisted around in Ji Yao’s arms, thinking that Xiao Ji looked very white and beautiful, and his muscles were really hard.

“Don’t move -” Ji yaoleng drank, “either listen or go.”

Yan Shuang finally calmed down. Of course, he chose to sit in the arms of a beautiful teenager and watch his ex boyfriend’s brain congestion with anger.

The speech officially began. When the Dean introduced the alumni who came today, he gave Yan Shuang a great surprise.

“Due to some special conditions of Chen Mingfeng’s alumni, we temporarily invited Dr. Qi Feiyun, the leading surgeon in China and our honorary alumni…”

On the stage, Qi Feiyun stood up calmly and accepted the applause. At the same time, his eyes seemed to inadvertently sweep over Yan Shuang, who was crowded with Ji Yao. Yan Shuang, with his head down, did not respond, just like the emails that disappeared during this period of time.

Then, Qin yubai, who was grandly introduced, came out from behind the scenes. From the moment he appeared in the auditorium, his eyes were locked on Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang: Hi, baby, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You look really good. Your complexion is ruddy and shiny. It’s good. Don’t worry about getting angry later.

Yan Shuang shrank to Ji Yao quietly and began to tremble slightly.

He and Ji Yao are crowded together. Of course, Ji Yao is aware of it. His eyes sweep to the stage and are right with Qin yubai.

The two eyes immediately clashed with each other.

Yan Shuang felt Ji Yao’s muscles tighten.


He gently pulled La Jiyao’s shirt sleeve and whispered, “I, I still seem a little afraid.”

“What are you afraid of?” Ji Yao sneered, his eyes still staggered, and coldly confronted Qin yubai. “He is something.”

A faint voice came.

“… he’s my ex boyfriend.”

Ji Yao: ”

He finally lowered his eyes and said, “shut up.”


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