I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 61

According to the order, Qi Feiyun was the first to speak on the stage. As soon as he opened his mouth, his voice spread through the auditorium like a water wave. The auditorium, which had a little private voice, was suddenly quiet.

Everyone was stunned, and then consciously prevented themselves from making a sound, so as not to affect this wonderful auditory feast.

Yan Shuang’s heart: there’s a hanging ratio here. Catch it!

Qi Feiyun’s voice is often heard, often new and never tired of hearing. With the microphone, it is another texture. It is mellow and deep. It feels cold and refuses people thousands of miles away, but it seems to whisper in your ear.

Damn it.

Yan Shuangqi drum.

Qi Feiyun was mute in bed last time and didn’t shout.

penny pincher!

Almost everyone in the audience was immersed in Qi Feiyun’s speech.

The content is no longer important.

Even if it is reading Buddhist scriptures, it will make people listen and want to return to the common customs.

There are probably only Yan Shuang and Ji Yao who are not addicted off the court.

Yan Shuang heard a lot and was basically immune. Unless Qi Feiyun called a bed, maybe he could politely faint.

Ji Yao is busy making eye contact with Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang: Wow, they both have good eyesight. They can stare at each other so far away.

Sparks splashed in front of him. Yan Shuang was bored. He bowed his head and played with his fingers. No one looked at him.

Qi Feiyun’s speech was very short and ended in less than ten minutes.

With one of his bows, the auditorium was still silent. When he returned to his seat, the scene burst into applause like lifting magic.

It is estimated that these students have never had such warm and sincere applause for the speaker in their life.

Yan Shuang’s ears hurt with the shock, so he avoided Ji Yao’s arms.

When the two sat close together, Ji Yao could detect his little movements.

Ji Yao glanced at him distractedly and saw that his face was wrinkled. The applause in the auditorium continued to burst. Ji Yao also frowned and stretched out his hand to cover Yan Shuang’s ears.

With warm hands covering his ears, Yan Shuang picked up his eyelashes and smiled gratefully at Ji Yao.

Ji Yao said something coldly.

Yan’s ears were covered, and there was loud applause outside. He couldn’t hear clearly. His mouth shape was probably “let’s go”.

Yan Shuang deliberately pretended not to understand, opened his eyes and said in a loud voice, “what?”

Ji Yao took a deep look at him, his eyes were cold, released his right hand covering Yan Shuang’s ears, and half of him leaned over.

The warm breath sprayed on my ears. The young man’s clear voice was like a spring in the morning, clean and cold, “let’s go.”

“Dong -”

A loud noise calmed the lingering applause in the auditorium. Yan Shuang was “surprised” and the whole person played in his position.

The ear inadvertently touched the soft lips.

Bright touch and slightly hot temperature.

Ji Yao’s pupils contracted and before he could react, Yan Shuang leaned back as if he had been more frightened. He only sat in half a chair. If he retreated, the whole person would fall down.

At the critical moment, the arm around his shoulder pulled him.

Yan Shuang was pulled by the reaction force and hit Ji Yao’s arms.

It’s also a “Dong”.

He knocked heavily on Ji Yao’s chest.

“Are you all right…” Yan Shuang hurriedly separated from him. His whole face and ears were red, his expression was panic and shy, and he looked at a loss.

“It’s all right,” Ji Yao said calmly. “Can we go?”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and bit his lower lip. Then he finally looked at the stage as if he had summoned up his courage.

Qin yubai was standing in the center of the stage, dressed in a perfectly tailored leisure suit, his left hand pressed on the microphone. He should have knocked on the microphone just now.

A spotlight fell from the top, and he stood in the center. The sense of oppression of the superior gave up his own life immediately achieved the same effect as Qi Feiyun’s charming voice.

The venue was quiet again.

“I won’t go,” Yan Shuang looked at the stage, his voice was very light, but his attitude was very firm. “I haven’t finished listening.”

Soon, the students were addicted to the new speech content.

The entrepreneur who gave the speech on the stage was imposing and leisurely. The content of the speech was not divorced from reality. He had something to say and had a lively rhythm. His eyes were always firm, just like watching one of the thousands of audience.

Since Qin yubai appeared, Yan Shuang looked at Qin yubai for the first time.

After being separated for more than ten days, Yan Shuang thought that whether Qin yubai found the gift he left, it was time to meet again.

Therefore, the invitation letter of University Alumni was timely put on his desk by the housekeeper.

Yan Shuang thought he was so considerate. He knew that Qin beast couldn’t afford to come to him and specially handed him a step down.

Not seen for many days, Qin yubai looks a little thinner, the outline of his face is sharp and clear, his eyes are slightly sunken in his deep eyes, and he brings a little imperceptible vulnerability in his coldness.

At the moment, he is staring at Yan Shuang.

Anger and emotion in the eyes are mixed, complex and difficult. It seems that there are thousands of words or nothing to say.

Yan Shuang’s eyes were empty and thought: slag attack is a cow. He felt a little embarrassed that he could stare for so long.

Yu Guang noticed that Qi Feiyun, who was sitting in the back row, suddenly stood up and nodded his head with the surrounding leaders. It seemed that he was greeting. Then he bent down and stepped back from the side. Yan Shuang lowered his eyelashes to avoid Qin yubai’s gaze and whispered to Ji Yao, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

As soon as Ji Yao listened, he also got up. Yan Shuang gently pressed his shoulder, “I can do it alone.”

His tone was low. Ji Yao immediately understood that Yan Shuang was just looking for an excuse to leave for a moment to calm his mood, so he sat down, covered Yan Shuang with his eyes and watched him leave.

The students in the audience looked at the firm entrepreneur clearly. Suddenly, it was like being held by something, and their eyes slowly turned to the door of the auditorium.

Everyone unconsciously followed their eyes, only half of them left. When they moved their eyes back to the stage, the handsome entrepreneur turned blue and the tone of his speech seemed to become anxious.

As soon as Yan Shuang got out of the auditorium, he accelerated his pace and walked to the exit at the backstage of the auditorium. With sharp eyes, he saw a wisp of gray suit enter the bathroom.

Not yet.

Yan Shuang was relieved, but he was not in a hurry to find someone.

Qi Feiyun’s time is made of gold. His schedule is so busy that he has to make an appointment for an operation at least two months in advance.

How can such a busy person come to take over the shift temporarily?

Or do such a boring thing as a speech.

Yan Shuang leaned against one wall and waited for someone to come out with great interest.

The toilets here are dedicated to leaders or visitors, and almost no one comes.

Yan Shuang waited for a long time and didn’t wait for Qi Feiyun to come out. He smiled and finally walked over.

Qi Feiyun stood in the bathroom, dressed neatly, obviously waiting for someone.

Yan Shuang has been busy fishing in this world, but he was caught for the first time.

Although each other’s fishing skills are very general.

It’s all supported by fresh and attractive bait.

He just managed to take a bite.

Yan Shuang leaned against the door and said with a smile, “Miss Qi, I thought you were constipated if you didn’t come out for so long.”

Yan Shuang is wearing a T-shirt today, facing the XX training class. It is the “welfare” he received when he was part-time. His pants are ordinary washed white jeans, sneakers and glasses. He is full of student spirit. Only the smile on his face looks a little teasing.

It wasn’t like this when I shrank in the arms of that beautiful young man under the stage.

She is as delicate and timid as a kitten.

Is that his new goal?

Qi Feiyun remembered that the boy was the one he met in the elevator.

Yan Shuang is intimate with him. It seems that he should be the prey that has been succeeded.

Yan Shuang saw his face deep and silent, put away his smile, walked lazily in, looked at Qi Feiyun’s gray eyes, and pushed open the door of the toilet compartment one by one.

No one.

It’s all empty.

He opened the door of the last room, dodged into it, opened the door a moment later, and smiled at Qi Feiyun who looked at him, “won’t you come in?”

The narrow compartment contains two adult men.

They are kissing.

It’s not who took the initiative.

When Qi Feiyun entered the compartment and Yan Shuang locked it, they naturally kissed each other.

Qi Feiyun’s voice of swallowing saliva was very sexy, which made Yan Shuangxiao forgive his silence.

The meticulous gray suit was crumpled by one hand. The boy was always like an energetic little beast, and the kiss was like war. He wanted to invade and conquer the man, and passed his intention with a kiss without concealment.

The closer their bodies are.

Yan Shuang looked up with Qi Feiyun’s lips and said with a smile, “teacher Qi, this should be the third time. What do you want to do to me?”

Qi Feiyun put his hands around his waist and looked down at the beautiful face.

This face, in the past few days, has repeatedly appeared in his dreams.

The doctrine is correct.

Human beings should be abstinent. All sexual behaviors except reproduction are not worth advocating.

Because once you start falling… You can’t go back.

Qi Feiyun loosened his hand, and Yan Shuang’s eyes were slightly disappointed.

The next second, Qi Feiyun untied the button of his coat.

Yan Shuang smiled again and stretched out his finger to hook Qi Feiyun’s belt, but Qi Feiyun resolutely pulled his finger away.

Yan Shuang’s eyes were puzzled.

“Don’t move.”

That unique king like tone will soften people’s legs in an instant.

Yan Shuang simply sat on the toilet. He looked up at Qi Feiyun. The tip of his nose was close to the gray cloth in front of him. If there was nothing, he gently sniffed it. His smile was implicit and bold.

“Miss Qi, I remember you are very sweet here.”

The gray in the pupil is getting deeper and deeper, and Qi Feiyun’s expression is still very calm.

His slender fingers touched the neat tie knot, and Qi Feiyun slowly untied his tie.

The grey silk fell on his hand and hung down like a thin snake. With a slight force on the palms on both sides, the soft cloth was tightened, and it was wrapped around the two white and flawless palms.

That face is still showing a heartless smile. He thinks he is mature, but in fact he is extremely naive. He mistakenly believes that any man hooked by him is a booty that can be occupied by him.

Qi Fei Yunju looked down at Yan Shuang with a tight tie on his hand and looked like an executioner about to be executed.

The doctrine is correct.

And he’s the devil.


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