I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 62

The large black frame glasses were taken off and put aside. The gray tie slowly approached, and the strength was not light or heavy on Yan Shuang’s eyes.

Yan Shuang closed his eyes, smiled and said, “Miss Qi, do you want to cover me? I like the new way of playing.”

After a short silence, Qi Feiyun’s magnetic voice came into his ears with a touch of reprimand, like a father’s compassionate criticism of a naughty child, “you’re too noisy.”

The tie slipped to Yan Shuang’s lips.

The soft silk filled the strength of the man’s hand and embedded between Yan Shuang’s teeth. Yan Shuang was pressed back by the strength. The man’s knees pressed down at the same time and controlled Yan Shuang’s two legs. Yan Shuang was almost strangled.

But he was still laughing.

Saliva soaked the gray tie, Yan Shuang’s eyes narrowed slightly, relaxed and lazy. His attitude was almost a provocation.

Qi Feiyun’s pupil shrinks slightly, his palm makes a slight effort, moves his tie away and goes down his flowery lips.

Under the delicate chin is the slender neck with light blood vessels floating.

The tie slipped under his chin.

Yan Shuang smiled quietly and his eyes were full of banter.

Qi Feiyun suddenly realized one thing – he didn’t understand, he was just not afraid.

What about the devil?

He just wants to taste the devil.

The blood in the blood vessels suddenly warmed up, and the arm trembled slightly due to the tight strength of the palm.

Yan Shuang smiled and said softly, “Mr. Qi, your hand is shaking.”

Qi Feiyun stared at those eyes, which were so clean that there was no content, but showed a kind of naive evil.

Kill his body.

Or destroy his soul.

Otherwise he will continue to do evil, and there will never be an end.

Or maybe… He is the sin itself.

The tight tie magically stuck to the fragile throat before it.

“Da -”

The crisp voice awakened some remaining reason in his brain, and Qi Feiyun’s palm suddenly stopped.

It’s the sound of leather shoes stepping on the porcelain drill ground.

The two men in the compartment looked at the door panel at the same time.

The sound of footsteps is slightly different from one before another. The front is fast and the back is steady. These are two people.

Yan Shuang heard a familiar sneer.

Qin yubai is worthy of being his alumni. His brain is still working well. Here we are.

Yan Shuang turned back and raised his eyebrows to Qi Feiyun. His face was relaxed again. He opened his mouth and said, “I – former – male – friend.”

When Qi Feiyun closed his eyes and opened them again, his eyes had recovered their dark gray appearance, and his expression became cold and full of business gentleness. His tight tie fell. He silently responded, “two?”

Yan Shuang almost didn’t laugh.

Mr. Qi entered the game very soon.

The finger pulled Qi Feiyun’s tie from the hanging wrist without moving.

Yan Shuang picked up his eyes and kissed Qi Feiyun’s fingertips wrapped around his tie in the sound of approaching footsteps.


The cheek is pasted with gray cloth in front of it, and the palm is gently rubbed. The expression on the face is deliberately bad.

“I want to -”

The mouth shape of the last word C happened to pull up a bright smiling face.

Stop outside.

Qi Feiyun looked down at the pure face.

It’s so bad.

“Come out.”

A man’s cold cry came from outside.

Qi Feiyun heard it. It was Qin yubai’s voice.

Even after a brief contact backstage, he clearly felt that the other party was a man used to giving orders, with strong to almost morbid pride and defiance, as if anyone around him only gave him shoes.

Such a person will control his boyfriend from head to toe and will not allow him to disagree with him at all.

Even an ex boyfriend.

Qi Feiyun palmed down and held Yan Shuang’s chin up. The boy who had just been presumptuous and provocative was now as good as a kitten. He raised his face along his strength, looked at each other, lowered his eyes, and licked the palm of his hand with the tip of his tongue.

Is it such a gesture that deceived the men outside?

Qi Feiyun thought calmly.

“I repeat,” Qin yubai restrained his anger, “come out.”

When he saw Yan Shuang leaving the auditorium, he didn’t want to stay on the stage. He cut the rest temporarily and came out directly to find someone.

All the way here.

Qin yubai has a strong feeling.

Yan Shuang is behind the compartment door.

“I know you’re in there.”

Qin yubai’s tone dropped slightly.

“Gift… I saw it.”

Qin yubai couldn’t describe his feeling at that moment.

Because there’s no feeling at all.

Completely dull, there is only a blank in my mind.

After Yan Shuang left, Qin yubai didn’t allow anyone to enter the room.

At first, he actually wanted people to empty everything in the room and burn them all.

When the words came to my mouth, I said them several times, but I still didn’t say it.

forget it.

Keep it first.

Let Yan Shuang reflect for two days, and he will catch the people back and clean up.

The house suddenly became quiet.

Unbearable silence.

The night also became very long, until he opened and closed his eyes several times, but there was still silence outside, and the night was heavy.

He has insomnia.

After tossing and turning several times, he got out of bed with a cold face and suddenly pushed away the picture on the wall. The box inside finally welcomed him in the dark.

“We were all too impulsive that night.”

“I admit… I said a lot of angry words.” once the words started, they became much smoother. Qin yubai’s language became more and more soft, with a touch of helplessness. “Come out and let’s talk.”

There was no response in the compartment.

Qin Yu, with his white hands in his pockets, waited patiently for a while, and his face gradually turned cold.

Wei Yichen stood behind him without saying a word.

His subordinates frankly confessed the occasional desire for his lover, and Qin yubai “magnanimously” expressed his understanding.

This proves that he has a good eye.

And since all his subordinates have taken the initiative to confess, if he gets angry again, it will appear that he has no tolerance.

Most importantly, even if other people like Yan Shuang, Yan Shuang belongs to him alone.

The more valuable his possessions are, the more worthy they are to be owned.

The premise is that Yan Shuang is still owned by him.

In front of his subordinates, Qin yubai didn’t get a response. Qin yubai felt that his poor patience was gradually running out. He raised his hand and knocked on the door with restraint, “come out.”

Still no response.

“If I don’t come out again, I’ll kick the door.”

The tone contains an extremely real warning.

Yan Shuang knows Qin yubai’s temper. It’s not a matter to kick the door, but he still looks at Qi Feiyun calmly. The warning outside the door has no deterrent to him. His soft cheeks cling to the thin gray cloth like a child, and his lips and nose tip touch, touch and run over with the bridge of his nose. His eyes are naughty.

The handsome and dignified doctor is still the same.

A look of indifference.

Unfortunately, all he can control is his expression.

The next face showed a successful smile.

“I count to three -”

An ultimatum has been given outside.





The low voice suddenly stopped Qin yubai’s anger.

The whole bathroom suddenly fell into an embarrassing silence.

The clear zipper sound made Qin yubai’s short-circuit brain resume thinking for a moment, and unexpectedly expressed his wrong feelings to a stranger. Qin Yu’s white face was green and red, turned directly and left. Wei Yichen, who followed him, turned back quietly.

He recognized the low voice just now.

He was the first doctor to speak.

He listened very clearly when the school introduced him.

Qi Feiyun, from St. Peter’s hospital.

Yan Shuang has been to the hospital at least twice.

The memory in his mind is like big drawers. Wei Yichen accurately found the picture he needed from the complicated drawers.

The first time, he sent Yan Shuang to the hospital.

Yan Shuang left without going in.

The second time, Yao Jing sent a picture of Yan Shuang at the gate of the hospital late at night.

Light footed.

Qin yubai walked out not far. Seeing that his subordinates didn’t keep up, he said coldly, “don’t you go yet?”

“I’m sorry, sir. The milk in the coffee this morning seems to have gone bad.”

Wei Yichen stooped slightly and spoke implicitly.

Qin yubai was still immersed in the embarrassment of telling his heart to the stranger. He gently pulled down his tie, waved his hand, locked his eyebrows and thought where Yan Shuang had gone.

Active phone call… I can’t face it again


What do you say, like him, like him is to annoy him?

Put your palm on the mobile phone in your pocket, call or not?

Wei Yichen quietly returned to the bathroom. He only stopped at the door and didn’t go in.

The doors of the first three compartments in the bathroom are open.

It was like this before he and Qin yubai came in.

Maybe someone wanted to make sure there was no one in the bathroom.

He stood quietly at the door with his hands behind his back.

Now the bathroom is obviously occupied – in the last compartment.

Is it one or two?

Wei Yichen looked pale, raised his watch and stared at the dial quietly.

Five minutes.

Maybe the doctor’s morning milk has also deteriorated.

Wei Yichen chuckled.

A faint sound suddenly leaked from the quiet bathroom.

Like sobbing.

Intermittently, if any,

Wei Yichen listened quietly for a while and suddenly took out his mobile phone from his pocket.

In the corridor, Qin yubai, who was holding his mobile phone finger and pressing the number on the address book, suddenly stopped. As soon as he looked up, he met Ji Yao who came out to find someone.

Yan Shuang came out and didn’t return for nearly ten minutes. Qin yubai followed him out again. Ji Yao sat in his seat for a while, still feeling uneasy, so he came out to have a look.

When the two met last time, Ji Yao was extremely embarrassed, but this time, Ji Yao was much calmer.

It’s really different.

Strangely, the person who decided who was at the top of the psychological peak was just a little Yan Shuang.

Ji Yao only glances at Qin yubai and takes back his eyes. He is too lazy to maintain superficial peace with Qin yubai. He walks sideways past Qin yubai and looks for someone in the bathroom backstage.

Ignored with contempt.

An unknown evil fire rose from the soles of his feet to the top of his head. Qin yubai’s anger surged, his steps stopped, and directly pressed the call button.

——The line is busy.

Fuck, the line is busy!

The mobile phone in the pocket shook twice, and the four tightly bonded lips separated. Yan Shuang reluctantly kissed Qi Feiyun’s lower lip. His voice was soft, as if he had become a good student again. “Mr. Qi, why not?”


Qi Feiyun wiped Yan Shuang’s lips with his thumb. His eyes were gentle and soon changed back to a cold look. He dressed up and stuffed his tie into Yan Shuang’s neckline. The cold silk slipped. Yan Shuang shook slightly and reached out to grasp the falling tie.

“Keep it,” Qi Feiyun pushed open the compartment door, “give it back to me next time.”

As soon as he took his step, he stopped.

Yan Shuang came out with a tie and stopped when he saw the figure at the door.

The mobile phone is attached to his ear. Wei Yichen is persistently dialing the number, although the owner of the number has looked at him.

Yan Shuang was stunned for a moment, and then returned to normal. He bypassed Qi Feiyun, walked to the mirror in the bathroom as if there were no one else, slipped his tie into the pocket of his jeans, and took out his tie when he found that it looked very eye-catching.

The T-shirt was lifted, the gray tie was clenched thin, and the slender fingers led it through the waist loop on the jeans, tying the man’s tie as a belt around the waist.

Put down the T-shirt, Yan Shuang looked at it with satisfaction, perfect.

She turned on the tap, washed her face and rinsed her mouth. Yan Shuang sorted out her slightly messy hair in the mirror and turned to the bathroom door after making sure that she looked normal.

He smiled, his face pure, naturally attached to the man at the door, stood on tiptoe and gently kissed the man’s side face, “thank you for helping us watch the door.”


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