I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 63

Wei Yichen glanced and looked at Yan Shuang’s lips, which were still slightly red and swollen after pouring cold water.

The breath is completely clean, only the smell of water.

But who knows who it just kissed, or what it contained?

Yan Shuang saw the meaning of Wei Yichen’s eyes. He smiled and patted Wei Yichen on the chest, “I’m disappointed. It’s just kissing.”

He flew away. Wei Yichen heard him calling Ji Yao’s name from a distance and looked at the end of the corridor. The two boys were only half a head tall. Standing together, they looked very harmonious.

He looked at the doctor again. Wei Yichen pushed his glasses and said calmly, “have you done it?”

Without saying a word, Qi Feiyun went to the washing table and washed his hands.

Without a tie, the formal dress looked very disharmonious, so he untied two shirt buttons.

The steady and dignified doctor was a little more unruly in an instant.

When he walked to the door and passed the people at the door, a cold warning like word came into his eardrum.

“He won’t get in.”

Qi Feiyun stopped. He turned his face and looked at Wei Yichen slightly.

Human beings are often deceived by appearance and mistakenly think that good looks represent good people.

The person in front is the most standard deputy’s dress and temperament.

Try to be decent and unobtrusive, minimize your sense of existence at any time, and give reliable help to the employer at the critical moment.

But it’s just appearance.

“Your cufflinks are crooked.” Qi Feiyun said faintly. He nodded his head and walked past each other.

Wei Yichen slightly lowered his head and raised his hand. He found that the cuff link on his left sleeve was slightly tilted up. Probably when he called just now, the cuff link was pressed on the screen.

Not an ordinary doctor.

Yes, Wei Yichen smiled. If he was just an ordinary doctor, how could Yan Shuang see him?

There was no trace of temperature or taste left on the cheeks.

Too fast, skimming the water, full of perfunctory, even the aftertaste is not enough to hold up.

At the end of the corridor, the proud young master raised his voice slightly, and the two seemed to have a quarrel.

The doctor had gone by without a pause and without squint.

“Did he force you again?”

Ji Yao looked coldly at Yan Shuang’s slightly swollen lips.

“No…” Yan Shuang denied, but his expression was embarrassed and ashamed. He looked as if he would cry again soon.

Compared with their entanglement, Yan Shuang’s unilateral insult made Ji Yao more angry.

Now Yan Shuang is under his protection.

Why did Qin yubai move him?

Is it true that, as Ji wensong said, without his help and with his own strength, he could not even protect a small Yan Shuang?

Seeing that Ji Yao’s face turned red with anger, Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and pulled Ji Yao’s sleeve. He was pitiful on the surface and secretly fanned the flames, “Ji Yao, don’t do this… I just fell and accidentally knocked on my mouth…”

“Shut up -”

The boy’s cold and angry roar stopped the doctor who had walked half a meter away. He turned his face and looked behind him.

The boy was stunned by the roar. Then he loosened his sleeves and quickly stepped back. He raised the back of his hand and wiped his eyes. It seemed that he was crying.

The boy with a bad temper obviously froze when he saw the other party crying.

“Why are you crying?” Ji Yao said coldly, having to suppress his anger. “Didn’t he say he would never cry again?”

Yan Shuang only choked for a moment, then put down the back of his hand and looked like trying to hold back tears.

“Sorry… I made you angry again…”

When he finished, he couldn’t help pressing his eyes with his wrist to stop the tears coming out. But his lips and rolling Adam’s apple were telling Ji Yao how sad he was now and how hard he tried to restrain it.

What a pity.

How could anyone be so pathetic?

Qi Feiyun looked at the cold young man, took a half step forward, stretched out his hand, hugged Yan Shuang slightly clumsily, buried his face in his chest, and said something with his head sideways.

Maybe he’s kidding people to stop crying or something.

He looked back and suddenly looked at the man at the other end of the corridor.

They tacitly watched a young man fall.

What a sin.

“Yan Shuang -”

The roar came from behind and the doctor looked back.

The entrepreneur’s demeanor was fed to the dog. He hurried, frowned, and was full of unspeakable anger. He almost rushed to the two hugging people.

When passing by the doctor, his coat was blown up by a gust of wind.


Qi Feiyun turned on his cell phone and told the assistant that he had to postpone the afternoon seminar.

Yan Shuang trembled conditionally when he heard the roar.

Pure instinctive response.

But Ji Yao probably thought he was afraid, so he hugged him and let him go, hiding him behind him.

Yan Shuang: Da baa! At this position, he can’t see Qin Yu’s face with brain congestion caused by Bai Qi! This is not the best viewing place, he refused!

“Qin yubai -” Ji Yao preempted, and his anger spread from his eyes. If his eyes were arrows, Qin yubai has been shot into a hedgehog by him now, “you are so fucking mean!”

Your son, who never eats human fireworks, uttered dirty words in his mouth, especially full of aggression.

Qin yubai came up and just wanted to pull Yan Shuangxian out and make it clear. He didn’t want to ignore Ji Yao. After all, he had to give Ji family three thin noodles.

When Ji Yao greeted his immediate family like this, Qin Yu baiton didn’t care about those superficial skills.

He has been unhappy with this suckling boy for a long time!

Two people love each other under the stage, when he dies?!

“What the fuck are you talking about?!”

“I warn you, stay away from him. You’ve broken up.”

“Joke, who told you we broke up? Who are you?”

“I’m his friend.”

The five words almost made Yan Shuang, who was hiding behind Ji Yao, burst into laughter.

Qin yubai didn’t have Yan Shuang’s concern. He directly laughed and said, “friend?” Then his tone was cold, “then get the fuck out of here –” after saying that, he stretched out his hand to drag Yan Shuang hiding behind.

As soon as Ji Yao saw him stretch out his hand, he immediately opened his hand impolitely, “what are you doing?”

“You can’t take care of our two affairs,” Qin yubai said disdainfully, pointing to Ji Yao. “Get out of the way.”

“I repeat, he is my friend.”

“Let me be clear. When he was in my bed, you didn’t know where the fuck he was…”

“Qin yubai!”

Yan Shuang screamed and showed his face from behind Ji Yao. His face was full of anger, sadness and… Deep disappointment.

It was those disappointments that made Qin yubai’s heart suddenly pull.

“This year’s Mid Autumn Festival, I have a small wish. I hope to see the moon with you, OK?”

The handwriting on the note in the box was beautiful and elegant, as careful as the man’s heart.

They didn’t look at the moon in the end.

While Qin Yu was shaking his mind, his fist fell directly on his face.

Qin Yu Bai suddenly took a punch and staggered back two steps. When he looked back, his anger was about to explode.

Ji Yao’s outstretched arm was pulled by Yan Shuang.

“No, don’t fight.”

Yan Shuang was worried and bit his lower lip.

Qin yubai’s eyes noticed that Yan Shuang’s lips were swollen.

Ji Yao looked at Yan Shuang’s worried expression, frowned and said coldly, “he asked for it.”

As soon as the voice fell, your childe was beaten to the ground with a punch before he could react.

Yan Shuang screamed and was pulled aside by the housekeeper.

“How dare you fucking touch him –”

“You fucking dare to touch him!”

The two men said as like as two peas.

They punched each other hard and hit each other directly.

Yan Shuang was pulled by the housekeeper to make an atmosphere.

“Stop fighting!”

“Please don’t fight!”

You can’t beat dead people like this!

Ah, no, you can’t die. Just hit it twice. Don’t really hit anything. The body abuse KPI is not painted like this, iron children!

Yan looked at them with red eyes. Really, he quickly shouted with true feelings, “stop!”

He wanted to jump up, but his arms were locked behind him calmly by the housekeeper.

The two of them fought so hard that Qin yubai had to take time to shout, “hold him, don’t let him come!”

It’s so sweet, Mr. Qin. Yan Shuang was moved to think that he won’t go there.

Both of them seem to have been educated in fighting since childhood. When they fight, you come and go, and the screen is full of long legs.

Especially when Ji Yao’s shirt flies, he can vaguely see his well-defined abdominal muscles, which is quite ornamental.

In contrast, Qin yubai is a little backward. He is too serious. The three piece suit seriously hinders his play. However, his clothes are almost in no disorder and have the flavor of a suit mob.

Yan Shuang: add 0.1 point each.

After shouting for a long time, Yan Shuang was also tired. He pretended that he was hoarse and watched the play quietly.

Qin yubai hit the grid with a knee, and something in his trousers fell out.

He was distracted when he heard the sound. Ji Yao punched him on the right head, shook his head slightly, made a mess under his feet, and knelt on one knee.

“Qin yubai!”

Yan Shuang saw that the time was almost right. He called his name at the right time. Tears rushed up, hugged Qin yubai and pressed his arm which had been beaten several times.

It’s his turn to brush his body KPI!

His mouth was full of blood smell, and even a buzzing sound came from his head. Even Yan Shuang’s call seemed to be near and far, mixed with the noise of radio disconnection. Qin yubai shook his head slightly. After barely calming down, he looked at Yan Shuang holding him.

Yan Shuang cried badly.

In fact, when he first saw Yan Shuang today, he noticed that Yan Shuang’s eyes were light red, as if they had been crying for too long.

The anger in my heart was suddenly overwhelmed by an inexplicable and powerful emotion.

He said, “something fell.”

Ji Yao gasped and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. He recovered and saw Yan Shuang picking up things.

A metal keychain.

Yan Shuang picked up the key chain and came back. He held Qin yubai again, spread out his palm and burst into tears. “Is that it?”

“Yes.” Qin yubai clutched Yan Shuang’s hand and held the big and round moon together. His face was colored. His deep eyes were embedded in the sunken sockets, showing a little light compromise, “go back with me.”

Yan Shuang just cried.

He cried twice, his arm had been pulled up, and he was pulled up, and the key chain in his hand “clattered” to the ground again.

Qin yubai looks up and shoots at Ji Yao with sharp eyes and disgust.

He still won.

Yan Shuang has softened his heart.

Ji Yao saw his mind, sneered and took out his pocket.

The key of the dormitory hangs down and hangs a little rabbit key chain that looks very different from Ji Yao’s temperament.

Qin yubai’s pupil suddenly shrinks.

He looked at Yan Shuang with unbelievable eyes.

Yan Shuang… Turned his head slightly and avoided his eyes.

“Let’s go.”

Ji Yao hugged Yan Shuang’s shoulder and felt a sense of great victory. Although he was hurt a lot, seeing Qin yubai’s face, he knew how thoroughly he won today.

Ji Yao hugged Yan Shuang and left Qin yubai’s sight step by step.

Qin yubai sat on the ground and couldn’t recover for a long time.

In Yan Shuang’s heart, Ji Yao has such a heavy weight

“Sir,” Wei Yichen leaned over, “there will be a meeting in the afternoon.”

Qin yubai still knelt on the ground. After a long time, he reached out and picked up the moon key chain. He stood up with his knees and clenched his hands.

He swore that he would recapture his moon.

Wei Yichen followed Qin yubai and passed the doctor watching the play. The doctor’s eyes swept in the palm of his boss’s hand, and then aroused an ambiguous smile.

Wei Yichen took two steps and suddenly understood something in his mind. His steps stopped. His always calm and self-contained face could hardly maintain the mechanical mask.

If there was a mirror now, he would see the face of a “lost dog” in that mirror.

Qin yubai, Ji Yao, Qi Feiyun, perhaps Cui Zheng, or others he doesn’t know.

Only he didn’t.

… only he doesn’t deserve it.


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