I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 64

Ji Yao was injured, but Yan Shuang was crying.

Yan Shuang held Ji Yao’s arm and cried all the way.

In fact, Ji Yao already said he was fine, but the more he said so, the more Yan Shuang cried.

Yan Shuang was silent when he cried. He just kept crying and hit Ji Yao’s sleeve drop by drop.

Almost everyone passing by the campus will cast strange eyes on them. Ji yaohun doesn’t care. He only looks at Yan Shuang with his head bowed deeply.

Love the wrong person.


What happens every day in the sun.

The people in the dormitory haven’t come back yet.

As soon as the door closed, Yan Shuang threw himself into Ji Yao’s arms and shed tears.

Ji Yao was still a little stiff and not used to it. He stood still for a while, and finally reached out and stroked Yan Shuang’s head. His movements were clumsy and unskilled to comfort him.

“From today on,” Ji Yao said in a flat tone, “I won’t let him near you again,” he paused and added, “you are not allowed to approach him again.”

Yan Shuang was buried in his chest. With a thick nasal sound, “um”, he raised his head and showed his face white with tears, “Ji Yao, will you let me see your injury?”


“I’ll just take a look when I beg you.”

It was always so easy to show such a pitiful expression. At the beginning, he was very bored. Ji Yao thought so, untied the button under his shirt and lifted the hem.

Yan Shuang saw the bruise on Ji Yao’s abdomen and his eyelids jumped slightly.

Qin yubai hasn’t even touched his abdominal muscles. If he breaks them, he’ll be done if he slaps them.

The fingertip touched lightly.

The muscles of the young man’s waist and abdomen are smooth and elastic. They are slightly hot due to injury. When they are touched like that, they fluctuate like water waves, and their steps retreat with them, with their eyebrows slightly locked.

“Must be very painful?” Yan Shuang’s face was full of guilt and his eyes were pure.

Ji Yao shook his head, “nothing.”

He pulled his shirt to button up, and Yan Shuang grabbed the skirts on both sides.

“Where else? Let me see.”


“Just let me see, or you’ll bleed when we go to the hospital…”

The tone was anxious and flustered, with a crying cavity that seemed to become thicker again.

Ji Yuan wanted to open Yan Shuang’s hand. He tried a little hard and worried that it would hurt Yan Shuang.

“No, I must see…”

Ji Yao kept retreating. He didn’t know what he tripped and fell onto the bed, together with Yan Shuang who was grabbed by him.

The narrow single bed gave a heavy “creak”.

The incessant words and incessant pulling came to an abrupt end.

Four eyes are opposite.

One pair of eyes was deep and calm, while the other was full of amazement and accident.

The wrist clasped in the palm was as thin as a piece of paper. Yan Shuang lay on his chest, and his round eyes were stunned. Somehow, Ji Yao didn’t move his eyes or let go of the palm holding Yan Shuang’s wrist.

They kept this strange posture quietly.

There seems to be an invisible net in the air that binds and entangles them.

Like that night on the balcony.

Who first moves away his eyes, as if there was a ghost in his heart.

In order to prove their magnanimity, they must look directly at each other without care.

Yan Shuang took the lead in moving away his eyes. He buried his face and squeezed his voice out of his throat, “you let go…”

The temperature of the palm suddenly rose, and Ji Yao almost subconsciously shook off Yan Shuang’s hand.

Yan Shuang didn’t seem to expect him to be so simple. Without the support of Ji Yao’s arm, he fell down all at once.

“Well -”

His lips banged heavily on his neck.

The sudden close touch of the body “scared” Yan Shuang immediately tried to get up.

At this time, the more flustered, the easier it is to make mistakes.

Yan used his hands and feet together. He didn’t know where his knees touched. Ji Yao snorted stiffly and suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Yan Shuang’s waist.

“Don’t move.”

The voice was low and steady.

The next second, Yan Shuang and Ji Yao changed up and down – Ji Yao held his waist and lifted him from his body.

Yan Shuang lay dizzy on the small bed. In the line of sight above, Ji Yao only stayed for a second and straightened up.

Ji Yao stood by the bed, his shirt untied in disorder, revealing a large area of skin from his chest to his abdominal muscles, but he still looked calm and self-contained, overlooking Yan Shuang lying on his bed.

The glasses were tilted to one side and cried too long. The eyes and nose were red, and the lips were slightly swollen. The whole person looked pathetic.

“This injury is nothing,” Ji Yao said faintly. “He’s hurt worse than me.”

Yan Shuang: I see. You won.

Yan Shuang was silent for a while. When he wanted to speak again, he was robbed by Ji Yao, “don’t say sorry again.”

So Yan Shuang closed his mouth gloomily again.

“It’s not your fault.”

The young man’s voice is always so clean and powerful that it is irrefutable like the advent of truth. No matter how depressed and sad people are, they will rekindle the fire of hope when they hear his words.

Yan’s eyes were slightly bright.

Ji Yao looked at him and resolutely repeated, “it’s not your fault to meet him.”

Strong and gentle will pull up the people who fall into the mud with an attitude that can not be refused.

Yan Shuang stretched out his hand.

Ji Yao hesitated for a moment and handed him his hand.

There was a trace of sweat on his palm, as did Yan Shuang.

Palm to palm, heat flow surging.

Yan’s eyes were filled with tears. He held Ji Yao’s hand tightly and showed a grateful smile. “Ji Yao, meeting you is the most correct thing in my life.”

There are too many misfortunes in his life, only this glimmer of light.

Ji Yaofan held his hand. He didn’t say anything in response. He just thought: he has only him.

When Ji Yao went to the bathroom to take a bath, Yan Shuang finally had the opportunity to take off the tie on his waist. Fortunately, the T-shirt was long enough, otherwise Ji Yao would have exposed his stuffing.

After thinking about it, Yan Shuang still tied his tie back to his waist.

It’s not safe to put it anywhere to avoid long dreams. I’d better return the tie to Qi Feiyun himself.

Yan Shuang took his mobile phone and sent Qi Feiyun an appointment email. The wording was quite serious. After all, the assistant would also see it. Don’t scare the straight man.

Yan Shuang stood at the door of the bathroom, “Ji Yao.”

The sound of water in the bathroom stopped immediately.

“I have to go out to work this afternoon. It’s too late. I’ll go first.”

A moment later, Yan Shuang heard Ji Yao’s “um”.

“You still need to deal with your injury. If you don’t want to go to the hospital, you can go to the school infirmary, or when I come back from work, I’ll buy a bottle of medicine oil for you to massage. It will get better soon…”


The sound of water rang again.

Yan Shuang: No, it’s best. I don’t have the money to buy you medicine oil.

Yan Shuang just walked to the bus stop. Qi Feiyun replied by email. He had a seminar in the afternoon and was not free until 7 p.m. Yan Shuang could find him in the hospital in the evening.

It seems that the old virgin after driving meat has a taste of marrow.

Yan Shuang smiled and was about to turn back to school. He was going to the library to spend some time. His mobile phone shook again.

“East gate, lunch.”

Yan Shuang came to the east gate and got on the bus. Seeing that the co pilot was sitting with a familiar little bodyguard, he first joked, “if I don’t go with you, do I want to interrupt my hand?”

“Mr. Yan,” the little bodyguard turned back with a sunny smile, “how is that possible? It’s illegal to use violence.”

Yan Shuang thought stop teasing.

As soon as the car started, Yan Shuang began to chat with the bodyguard, mainly about what happened after he and Qin yubai left that day.

“We took the young master home smoothly. Sir is very happy.”

This time, the car came to a place I hadn’t been to before. It was a martial arts school.

Yan Shuang jumped in his heart and thought that Ji wensong didn’t love that his son was beaten. He immediately asked him to punish him and beat him up, didn’t he?

He can accept abusing KPI with slag attack, but he can’t accept abusing his father with slag attack.

The martial arts school was very quiet. He was led into the courtyard by a small bodyguard.

As soon as Yan Shuang entered, he saw the wooden challenge arena in the center of the courtyard. On the challenge arena, two men in karate clothes were fighting hard.

One of them is Ji wensong.

Yan Shuang watched it for only one minute, and the victory was decided on the stage.

The fallen man was panting and waved his hands.

Standing Ji wensong put his belt in his hands and said with a smile, “you’re old.” After he said that, he looked back at Yan Shuang on one side and naturally said hello, “coming.”

Yan Shuang nodded lightly.

The bodyguard behind him suddenly came forward. He didn’t know when there was more white towel in his hand. Instead of handing it to Ji wensong, he handed it to Yan under his eyes.

In a moment of silence, Yan Shuang reached for a towel and walked slowly to the challenge arena.

Ji wensong stood by the challenge arena.

Before Yan Shuang came, he should have fought with each other for a long time. He sweated a lot on his forehead and looked at Yan Shuang coming towards him with sharp eyes.

Yan Shuang went to the side of the stage and handed the towel forward.

Ji wensong didn’t answer. He leaned lazily on the side rope. The man who had just carried out intense exercise exuded a stronger sense of oppression than usual. He looked at Yan Shuang. His eyes seemed to have a smile, but they didn’t.

Yan Shuang looked at him for a moment, stretched out his hand and lifted it up again. The towel gently wiped the sweat on Ji wensong’s forehead.

“If you don’t learn kung fu well when you are young, you will suffer losses when you grow up.”

Ji wensong’s meaning is funny. It seems that he is also a little gloating.

Yan Shuang was relieved.

It seems that Ji wensong likes to see his son beaten.

He withdrew his hand and said, “he’s not losing.”

Ji wensong waved his hand forcefully, and the relaxed look on his face suddenly became deep, “if you don’t win, you will lose.”

Yan Shuang had no intention to discuss the educational concept with him, and his face showed an official smile of “what you said is right”.

Raising the side rope, Ji wensong jumped off the challenge arena, put on a pair of soft slippers, reached out and gently grabbed Yan Shuang’s shoulder, “you seem to have a good time recently.”

Yan Shuang was led forward by him, smiled and said, “what does Mr. Ji mean?”

Ji wensong didn’t say anything. He took Yan Shuang’s shoulder and entered the martial arts school. The maid opened the door. A table of delicious food had been arranged in the room.

Ji wensong lifted Yan Shuang’s T-shirt hem with his palm down.

A thin waist fell into his eyes and a gray tie tied around his waist.

“I really can’t keep up with the trend of young people now.”

Yan Shuang smiled but did not speak.

To tell the truth, he hasn’t understood what Ji wensong called him today. It doesn’t seem to be aimed at what happened to Ji Yao.

The tie on the waist was pulled gently.

Yan Shuang’s fight was a dead knot. When Ji wensong pulled him, he followed him and touched Ji wensong’s hot body.

“I also bought such a tie.”

The tone is gentle and soft with a smile.

Almost for a moment, an idea flashed in Yan Shuang’s brain. He raised his eyes and looked into Ji wensong’s eyes full of power and plunder.

Ji wensong… What is he implying?

Yan Shuang rolled his Adam’s apple. “Mr. Ji, I’m not very good at beating around the bush. With all due respect, do you mean…” Yan Shuang paused, looked at Ji wensong’s eyes and said calmly, “do you want to sleep with me?”

Ji wensong smiled more deeply in his eyes, “no?”

Yan Shuang said coldly, “No.”

“Why?” Ji wensong said with great interest, “I’m thirty-seven this year, and I’m not much older than the doctor.”

Yan was stunned.

Ji wensong smiled and his eyes narrowed slightly. “Why, don’t you?”

Yan Shuang nodded honestly, “your hair is white.”

“Ha ha,” Ji wensong loosened his hand and raised his hand to touch his temples. “The past can’t bear to look back,” he stretched out his hand and patted Yan Shuang on the shoulder. “I don’t mean that. A child.” he rubbed Yan Shuang’s hair top with his palm in a gentle and strict tone, “don’t be too playful.”


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