I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 65

Ji wensong, this is a surplus of “father’s love”. Did you pour it on him?

Yan Shuang secretly make complaints about her heart.

“Why, I’m too busy?”

Abdominal Fei was immediately seen.

Yan Shuang thought he’d better make it clear, so he said seriously, “Mr. Ji, my biological father is dead, and my adoptive father is no different from a dead man in my heart. I don’t need a father or need a father.”


Ji wensong took his seat after making comments. “Is there anything wrong with being my son?”

Yan Shuang also sat down, “OK, you’re not my father, Mr. Ji. Think about it in another position. If someone suddenly wants to be your father…”

Yan Shuang’s implicit place has been so far.

Ji wensong smiled again and said, “you’re right.”

The lunch was delicious, but Yan Shuang still couldn’t figure out what Ji wensong wanted him to come after dessert and the servant served tea.

Is it just to help him improve his food?

“Last time he went home, he reflected quickly and well.”

Ji wensong finally opened his mouth.

This is to get to the point. Yan Shuang put down his tea cup and looked like he was listening carefully.

“He grew up faster than I thought,” Ji wensong shook his head with a smile. “Sometimes I wonder if it would save me so much effort to let him fall in love earlier.”

Yan Shuang held the field and smiled.

“But I think since he has such great potential, why not put more pressure on him?”

“People will not grow up until they encounter real setbacks.”

Ji wensong pointed to the white hair on his temples and said with a smile, “you see, a major setback, I’ve grown several years at once.”

Ji wensong’s joke is different from Ji Yao’s joke.

Ji Yao is a young man. His enthusiasm is too warm. When such a cold-blooded teenager is so cute, people can’t help smiling.

Ji wensong’s jokes always make people feel that he has something to say and can’t say the pressure.

If he thinks it’s funny, you have to laugh.

Yan Shuang was vaguely aware of Ji wensong’s meaning.

“I’ll give you three days.”

“Dump him.”

A plain tone, a tough attitude that is not negotiable.

Yan Shuang felt a chill in his heart.

“Three days?” Yan Shuang repeated, pretending to be embarrassed, “we are just friends now…”


According to Ji wensong’s current attitude, Yan Shuang only thought of one word – “see for a picture”.

From the beginning of today, Ji wensong indicated him to wipe his sweat in the challenge arena, to “flirt” on the road, and then to the later “father’s speech”, Ji wensong was demonstrating his strength, suggesting that he could suppress him physically and mentally.

Yan Shuangwang looked at Ji wensong.

Ji wensong is also looking at him. His Taoist clothes are slightly open, sitting steadily and domineering, like a lion.

Although he played with his son under sharp claws again and again, he never really hurt his beloved son.

He already saw it.

The only reward Yan Shuang wants from him is his son himself.

The boy he sees who wants to help his son grow up quickly is not what he thinks. He is just a figure who swims among the rich children.

His real purpose is to take out his son’s heart. Maybe after getting it, he will crush it at his fingertips, let the residue fall into the muddy ground, and open a bottle of champagne with a smile.

So, that’s enough.

only this and nothing more.

Yan Shuang has already seen it.

Although this is a man full of shortcomings, he is not suitable to be a father at all.

But he did love his son.

In his own way.

“Mr. Ji, are you partial to doting when you give up halfway?”

Yan Shuang never showed any tough attitude in front of Ji wensong.

However, now that we know each other’s cards.

Now is the time.

“The way Ji Yao looks at me always makes me feel that he is looking at another person through me.”

“At first, I thought that person might be his first love or something.”

“But then I realized who he was looking at with his pathetic eyes.”

Yan Shuangqiao raised his long legs and folded his hands, posing as the dominant party in the standard negotiation.

“Mr. Ji, who do you think he thought of?”

“A person who deeply loves the wrong object… May have paid the price of his life…”

Yan Shuang looked relaxed and smiled innocently at Ji wensong. “Do you know that man?”

Ji wensong looked light, “you know a lot.”

Yan Shuang shook his head, smiling at the corners of his eyes and eyebrows, “I’m just guessing.”

“So?” Ji wensong played with the teacup at hand. “He saw his suicidal mother through you, so you think you have mastered enough capital. You know, if he knows you are the one I sent… Believe me, I know my son better than you.”

Yan Shuang shook his head again. “Mr. Ji, you seem to have made a mistake.”

“You did find me, but I just gave you a ride.”

“I’ll get Ji Yao,” said the red lips gently. He played the name between his lips and teeth and said firmly, “whether you intervene or not, you can’t stop it.”

Turning the wrist of the teacup, Ji wensong stopped and looked at Yan Shuang.

This is a child.

At the age of 18, he had just reached adulthood, but his mind, strategy and ability to resist pressure were stronger than anyone he knew.

Eighteen is no longer a child.

When he was 18, he had successfully annexed his mother’s industry, expanding Ji’s scale to an unprecedented level.

What a pity.

Why is Ji Yao not like him.

Ji wensong took a rare sip of cold tea. When he put down the cup, his tone had faded.

“We have different interests.”

“I pursue power and she pursues love. This is personal freedom, and there is no right or wrong.”

“But she’s dead and I’m still alive. I think I’m at least safer than what she pursues, don’t you think?”

When Yan Shuang heard this, he realized that Ji wensong was talking about Ji Yao’s mother.

Since Ji wensong took the initiative to mention a great opportunity to deeply understand the character’s background, Yan Shuang has no reason not to. It is very beneficial for him to brush the emotional line.

“Why did she kill herself?” Yan Shuang said sharply, “you betrayed her?”

Ji wensong chuckled and then straightened, “until she died, I never betrayed our marriage.”

Yan Shuang said, “why?”

“Her husband didn’t betray her,” Ji wensong said calmly after another sip of cold tea. “It’s her lover who betrayed her.”

Yan Shuang almost didn’t hold his expression.

Well, he really didn’t stretch.

Yan Shuang’s eyes almost stared out.

He really can’t imagine Ji wensong’s strong desire to control such a perverted man wearing a green hat.

Maybe he looked like a child again with his eyes wide open. Ji wensong’s expression was much easier. As soon as he relaxed, the tense atmosphere between the two people disappeared.

“Our combination is only for commercial purposes.”

“I got a bigger business territory, and she got a free and fair deal.”

“What’s more,” Ji wensong paused, “she gave me a son.”

“I never interfere in her love, of course, this is my mistake,” Ji wensong shook his head, “but a piano player…”

Yan shuangbian listened to Ji wensong talk about his wife, but he looked like an outsider.

What kind of children will such a strange family raise?

Ji wensong’s style must be impossible to accompany Ji Yao much.

Ji Yao’s mother will commit suicide for love. Presumably, her mental condition should be extremely poor at that time.

Young Ji Yao is surrounded by only his neurotic mother and his father, who can’t see each other several times a year.

Until his mother died.

What a pity.

“What happened to the piano player?” Yan Shuang asked.

Ji wensong glanced at him and said with a smile: “he is in a very safe place where no one can disturb him.”

Yan Shuang thought it must not be a good place.

He was silent for a moment and said, “Mr. Ji, I think you love her.”

Ji wensong shook his teacup and said generously, “of course I love her. She is my wife. I love her naturally.”

Yan Shuang was silent again for a while. Well, his judgment was wrong.

If Ji wensong really loves his wife, he will never tolerate his wife not loving him the same.

He said, “you say Ji Yao is not like you, but I think you are very similar.”

Both father and son seem to have a set of formulas running in their heads, putting everyone in the right place step by step.

His wife is a partner, so he loves her and avenges her.

Qin Qing is white moonlight, so he loves him because he can sacrifice others.

Finally figured it out.

“Be vulgar,” Yan Shuang said, looking at Ji wensong calmly, as if analyzing his soul. “You don’t know what feelings are.”

“Mr. Ji, please don’t hinder me.”

Yan Shuang stood up, hung his hands on his side, and bowed slightly to Ji wensong, who was sitting in situ. “Watching may cause regret, but intervening may not have a better result.”

When he raised his face again, there was no soft thing on Yan Shuang’s face, “otherwise, you might regret it more.”

Ji wensong smiled, “are you threatening me?”

“No, it’s a piece of advice.”

“Mr. Ji, you don’t have to feel that you led a wolf into the house and caused future trouble. I have made it very clear that even if you don’t intervene, I will get Ji Yao. Therefore, please continue to watch, just like watching your wife’s death.”

“And… There’s nothing you can do.”

In the face of such a person with strong willpower, if he is not knocked down at one time, he will be in the way behind. Therefore, he must work hard, wave by wave, wave by wave stronger than wave by wave, and he will die in one breath.

Yan Shuang said in a completely mechanical and emotionless voice, “admitting your incompetence is the performance of the strong. Mr. Ji, congratulations. You have the opportunity to grow up with your son.”

He stretched out his hand and patted Ji wensong on the shoulder like Ji wensong used to patting him. “In addition… I only sleep with virgins. It’s a pity that you don’t have a chance in this regard.”

The arm was jerked back.

Ji wensong sat with a strong spark in his eyes. “Didn’t you ask me where the piano player is?”

Yan Shuang looked at him quietly.

“He’s in one of the intensive care units in the northernmost hospital here.”

The northernmost hospital in the city.

A mental hospital.

The intensive care unit in a mental hospital must not be much better than a cell.

Yan Shuang smiled for a moment. His smile was harmless and gentle, just as he first met Ji wensong.

“Don’t worry, I won’t force Ji Yao there.”


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