I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 66

Yan Shuang felt the death threat in Ji wensong’s sight, but he was still very calm.

His first book when he entered the publishing house was a novel of the big male master upgrading stream under the background of Western Fantasy.

His role is a famous necromancer. He fights the landlord with skeleton ghosts at night, grows vegetables and flowers in the cemetery during the day, and occasionally works part-time to do bad things such as murder and arson. He can receive thousands of verbal or real death threats from all walks of life every day.

It’s true that it has trained his psychological quality.

But it’s just a head-on bar with the father of slag attack.

Little scene.

And Ji wensong won’t do anything to him.

If he did, wouldn’t it be a disguised admission of defeat?

He can’t control Yan Shuang, so he can only let Yan Shuang disappear.

Such an incompetent choice is more unbearable for Ji wensong than “losing”.

“Mr. Ji,” Yan Shuang changed his tough attitude and said gently, “please believe me and your son. He is not so fragile.”

“I assure you.”

The tone is sincere and firm.

Yan Shuang let go of his hand, “please send someone to send me out. I have a date with a lovely and sexy doctor.”

Ji wensong sat in his original position and looked at Yan Shuang with fixed eyes.

Yan Shuang was sure that while he was waiting for a reply, Ji wensong had arranged at least ten death methods for him in his mind.

The kind that God doesn’t know.

“Wait a minute,” Ji wensong smiled, breaking the tense atmosphere, “I’ll send you.”

Yan Shuang waited for Ji wensong for a while, during which he discussed with the beautiful maid how to make a perfect bow.

When Ji wensong came out, Yan Shuangzheng tied his tie around his waist again.

“You learned.”

The maid smiled and applauded him.

“Not bad,” Yan Shuang said to the maid. He heard footsteps, looked back at Ji wensong in a formal suit, pointed to the bow on his waist, “is it good?”

Ji wensong tightened his cuffs and shook his head, “it’s too fancy.”

His expression and attitude restored his previous mild self-confidence, partly because of Yan Shuang’s nature at this time.

Yan Shuang put down his T-shirt hem and shook his head at the smiling maid. “An old man really has no interest, right?”

The maid smiled and made no answer.

“I find you have a lot of prejudice against people.”

Ji wensong stepped forward and Yan Shuang followed.

They almost had a fierce confrontation for a round. When they resumed their plain communication, it seemed that there was a little less estrangement.

“In fact, I don’t discriminate against old men or non virgins,” Yan Shuang said briskly. “I just say this to avoid you being wrong.”

“I have no interest in you at all.”

Ji wensong smiled, “you said as if I was very interested in you.”

Yan Shuang shrugged, “although it’s narcissistic to say so, I’m really charming. I always have to be careful of some rotten peach blossoms.”

“Rotten peach blossom?”

Yan Shuang turns around and Ji wensong has a faint smile in his eyes. His recovery ability is very strong. Half an hour’s grooming time has let him get rid of the embarrassment of being forced to a dead corner by Yan Shuang.

Yan’s lips were slightly pursed, and the corners of his lips were involved, with an awkward and polite radian. “Today’s lunch was great.”

After getting off, Yan Shuang stood by the door and asked Ji wensong, “don’t monitor me anymore.”

Ji wensong was silent.

“I don’t doubt people. Don’t doubt people. Mr. Ji, relax. I’m not as bad as you think.”

Yan Shuang closed the door and staggered to the hospital gate.

Ji wensong sat in the car and said to the co pilot’s bodyguard, “send more people to stare at him.”

“Yes, sir.”

The assistant didn’t recognize Yan Shuang when he saw the time difference.

“You cut your hair,” the assistant said in surprise. “It looks much fresher.”

“Thank you. Can I help you?”

“I’m sorting out my appointment. Do you want to see it? Dr. Qi is still holding a seminar.”

The assistant sat down, pointed to the schedule at hand and said, “in fact, I’m surprised that Dr. Qi is willing to spare some time for your in-depth interview.”

Qi Feiyun had been hiding from Yan Shuang before. Yan Shuang didn’t appear again. The assistant thought Yan Shuang had given up.

No, it shouldn’t be called giving up.

Yan Shuang is a straight man like him. He just worships Qi Feiyun.

Maybe so. Qi Feiyun knew that Yan Shuang had no intention of him, so he agreed to Yan Shuang’s request.

The assistant jumped out of his old mind and thought he might have the truth.

Yan Shuang helps Qi Feiyun’s assistant organize Qi Feiyun’s itinerary next month and finds that Qi Feiyun wants to go abroad during the holiday. His destination is Switzerland.

“Dr. Qi is so busy.” Yan Shuang sighed.

“Of course,” said the assistant, “there are many things waiting for Dr. Qi to deal with every day.”

The desk phone rang, and the assistant immediately answered, “OK, OK, wait a minute.” He hung up and said to Yan Shuang, “I’ll make coffee in the meeting room.”

“Let me help you.”

In the conference room, Qi Feiyun sat at the bottom of his head, quietly listening to the speeches of his colleagues, and the tip of his pen rubbed quickly on the paper.

“Dr. Qi, what’s your opinion?”

Both sides are so noisy that they can’t tell the outcome. I hope the doer in the hospital can break the deadlock and bet on one side of the balance.

Qi Feiyun raised his eyes, “No.”

“Dr. Qi, you can’t be so ambiguous every time. You are the authority in this kind of operation. How can you have no opinion?”

Qi Feiyun was silent for a moment, “my opinion is…”

“Dong Dong -”

The meeting room door knocked and the assistant pushed the door open. “Here comes the coffee, doctors.”

Qi Feiyun looked back. The man behind his assistant was carrying coffee and smiled at him.

So far, the seminar has made little progress. People are already tired. The aroma of coffee wafts into the conference room, which immediately gives people a boost.

Yan Shuang put down the cup in front of Qi Feiyun, “Li Zhu said, black coffee, no milk, no sugar.” He lifted himself up, turned his side to Qi Feiyun, showed a big arc smile, and said softly, “nice tie.”

Qi Feiyun’s neck is an ordinary black tie.

It looks like it’s in the hospital office for standby.

Yan Shuang got up and quietly withdrew from the conference room with his assistant and tray.

“My opinion is…”

That unique voice full of charm, with a touch of laziness.

“Half an hour off.”

The assistant closed the door and glanced at Yan Shuang. “This is the virtue of the seminar. It’s like a man with prostatitis. He’s sparse, urgent, frequent and endless.”

Yan Shuang smiled, “do they often have such halftime?”

“Yes,” the assistant shook his head, “but Dr. Qi is generally…”

The newly closed door was pushed open.

Qi Feiyun came out, and the assistant was slightly surprised.

Seminars often rest, but those doctors usually don’t go out of the conference room. At best, they change a more relaxed attitude to solve some thorny disputes.

Qi Feiyun is not interested in issues such as the signature of the hospital’s internal actions and research results. Even at half-time, he just sits in situ and waits.

“Dr. Qi…” the assistant was stunned and immediately responded, “what’s the matter with you?”

“I ate too little at noon and my stomach was a little uncomfortable.”

Ten doctors had nine stomach problems. The assistant hurriedly said, “wait a minute. I’ll get the medicine.”

“No, I’ll have a rest.”

Qi Feiyun’s decision never allowed others to talk, so the assistant had to give up.

At this time, Qi Feiyun naturally — at least the assistant didn’t notice anything unusual. He turned to the quiet Yan Shuang, “come so early?”

“This is an in-depth interview. I want to come and get ready early,” Yan Shuang smiled implicitly and looked deeply. “If Dr. Qi is free, we can also cut in and solve one or two key problems first.”

When the doctor and the college students came into the office, the assistant closed the door. He was very happy for the poor student. He worshipped the doctor, and the doctor finally responded to him. For young people, how happy it is to get the response of idols.

Poor college students are being hugged by doctors and kissed warmly.

“Teacher…” Yan Shuang called him while kissing, and his body hit him tentatively, “I want you…”

Qi Feiyun’s lips and tongue were very hot, but his words were very calm, “no, I want a meeting.”

Yan Shuang loosened his arm, gently pushed his shoulder, jumped back dexterously and stood in front of the shutter.

“Are you sure?”

With his hands behind him, he gently pulled the blinds behind his lower body. The angle of the blinds was deflected, and the afternoon sun came in through the cracks.

Yan faced Qi Feiyun on both sides and held both ends of the T-shirt with folded hands. He looked at Qi Feiyun and spread his smile around his mouth, stripping his loose T-shirt off his body bit by bit.

The slender light hit the white body, and the water fluctuated. Even the face was painted with light paint, like a little savage running out of the primitive deep forest.

The naturally curved waistline was tied in an old pair of jeans.

The grey tie on the jeans is tied with a beautiful bow.

That’s the way to tie the gift ribbon.

Yan Shuang turned around. He pulled the curtain down and used a little force.

The gap of the curtain was bigger and more sunlight came in.

He has two beautiful waist sockets on his waist, full of intoxicating light, and his jeans fall loosely around his waist.

This is a perfect back.

Breathing on his shoulder, Yan Shuang’s eyes blinked outward through the gap of the curtain. He said, “I swear you must stand here and see my back.”

Qi Feiyun was noncommittal.

“Mr. Qi,” Yan Shuang stretched out his hand, picked up Qi Feiyun’s hand from behind and put it on the bow around his waist, “have you thought of me these two days…” he turned back and smiled, “do bad things?”

Such a low-level temptation.

It’s like holding a loudspeaker and shouting: welcome, welcome to corruption.

Qi Feiyun did not untie the bow, but reached out and pinched Yan Shuang’s cheeks, pinched Yan Shuang’s lips and said, “stay quiet.”

Yan Shuang didn’t let him go. He wrapped his hands and feet around him and shook around like a spoiled child. “No, I’m so bored. I want it. You were secretly painting at the meeting. I saw it. You painted a flower… That flower is good. I’ll show you on my tattoo, okay?”

As he spoke, he casually kissed Qi Feiyun on his dignified and handsome face, as if the lover everyone wanted was his private property.

Unconsciously, the two kissed together again. Qi Feiyun retreated slightly and leaned his back against the desk. Yan Shuang took an inch to untie his belt.

Whenever Qi Feiyun thinks Yan Shuang is evil, Yan Shuang always shows a kind of innocence that puzzles him.

He is like a greedy child.

The purpose is so direct and the invitation is so straightforward that people can’t help thinking that he may not be so bad.

Qi Feiyun tore away the man on his body. His clothes, hair and even his expression were confused by Yan Shuang, “wait for me here.”


Yan Shuang’s face was capricious.

Qi Feiyun said softly, “in the evening, I’ll take you home.”


Yan Shuang didn’t care, “I’m going back to the dormitory.”

Qi Feiyun stretched out his hand and pinched Yan Shuang’s cheek. He said faintly, “that boy…”

“Not yet.”

Yan Shuang said without hesitation.

“No, it’s not that I didn’t succeed. It’s too simple and challenging to hook him to bed. I mainly want to…” Yan Shuang leaned over and hugged Qi Feiyun’s neck. The tip of his nose was close to the tip of his nose, smiling excitedly, “look at his broken heart for me.”

Undisguised malice.

Maybe he doesn’t think it’s evil at all.

“Mr. Qi, don’t be attracted to me…” Yan Shuang tilted his face, put his lips on Qi Feiyun’s lips, and his eyes were gentle. “I can’t bear to break your heart.”

How true and how false is the tenderness in your eyes?

In fact, there is no need to distinguish.

Of course… Is 100% false.

He’ll break everyone’s heart.

Unless he’s not him anymore.

The thought of danger loomed in my mind. It was like ice in the sea, floating and sneaking in the sea at night, pressed down by the waves again and again – but it never melted.

The sun was shining on him warmly, which was the last warning of the Lord to him.

Close that box while you still have a chance.

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes. He raised Yan Shuang’s chin. His black gray eyes looked straight at Yan Shuang, as if with some hint or command power.

“You will forget me after sunset today.”


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