I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 67

Somebody, someone’s hanging up here! Yan Shuang shouted from his heart.

Qi Feiyun’s setting in the original work is a pure hanging ratio.

Surgeons can also brainwash, and their voice is charming to the extreme. Yan Shuang seriously suspects that Qi Feiyun’s feet will become fish tails as soon as they touch water.

Beautiful male fish? It’s not.

Unfortunately, he is also a comparison.


It was a surprise to Yan Shuang that Qi Feiyun had so many remaining conscience.

He wanted to let Yan Shuang go again.

Yan Shuang reached out and touched his face. Is that what the angel of the devil said?

“Qi Feiyun,” Yan Shuang called his name, his eyelashes trembled a few times, approached slowly, and only kissed his lips, “you are so good, how can I forget you?”

Pure lip touch, without a trace of lust.

Qi Feiyun’s remaining light followed the two half open lips, and his long eyelashes opened and closed. The light and shadow illuminated his white face with a light overlapping outline, almost melancholy.

Qi Feiyun’s eyes were slightly frozen. As soon as his hand buried in his white coat was pulled out, Yan Shuang’s lips had left quietly.

He stood up straight and his smile was still very willful, but he showed a really clean smile in front of Qi Feiyun for the first time, unlike the previous disguise of purity.

People are always contradictory and love contradictions most.

The innocence of a libertine is invaluable.

Since you want to go, of course, you should leave the strongest bait.

Yan shuangguang, with his upper body naked, was as comfortable as wearing Chinese clothes. He put his hands in his pockets and leaned his back against the desk. “I’ll keep my tie first. I won’t disturb your meeting.”

Qi Feiyun stared at him with cautious eyes. He was thinking that his natural and unrestrained prodigal son looked a little disguised at the moment.

This man is like a maze of overlapping.

Whenever he thought he had found an exit, there was a new fork in the road, and the scenery became more and more charming.

Li Li put on his T-shirt, Yan Shuang put his hand on the doorknob, turned back and smiled at Qi Feiyun, “I also gave you a gift. If one day I really forget you, I will bring it to me, and I will remember.”

“I promise.”

At the moment Yan Shuang went out, Qi Feiyun even doubted what Yan Shuang knew.

He never let anyone know about it.

Yan Shuang… It’s impossible to know.

But is there anything impossible about Yan Shuang?

Yan Shuang walked out of Qi Feiyun’s office, passed by the assistant’s desk and took the familiar box on the assistant’s desk.

The assistant is a kind-hearted person who is extremely compassionate to students of similar origins.

Even if the doctor asked him to dispose of the cheap gift, he still put it in a corner of the table, hoping that one day the doctor would change his mind?

The moment came quickly.

Just after the seminar, the doctor suddenly asked him, “where’s the box?”

The assistant said “ah” and happily went to the desk to find the box. Unexpectedly, he found that the box that had been put on the desk was missing.

“Dr. Qi…” the assistant felt at a loss about his mistake. “I put it there two days ago. I don’t know when it disappeared. There are too many things on the table.”

Dr. Qi was silent. The sunset behind him was golden.

“I’ll look again…”

“Forget it.”

Qi Feiyun lowered his face and said, “prepare for the operation at night.”

On the bus, Yan’s fingers passed through the key chain. The golden osmanthus tree also had a bit of brilliance in the setting sun, which attracted the child sitting on the adult’s lap next door to him to look at it again and again.

The things that take the initiative to deliver to the door are really abandoned, and the burden is very small.

Or maybe it’s the wrong time.

In fact, there is still a full year and a half before we met Qi Feiyun.

Slag attack is also human. They are not born with slag.

What must have happened in the past year and a half has led Qi Feiyun from a restrained pervert to the abyss. He completely gave up establishing a normal relationship with a person and turned to making a puppet completely controlled by him.

Who made him despair of himself?

This kind of information that the original book doesn’t have is really nerve racking.

Yan Shuang only left one year for the world.

One more day will delay his retirement.

“… the University station is here.”

Yan Shuang clenched the key chain, smiled at the children around him and said, “this is for you.”

“If you don’t like it, you can throw it away.”

Yan Shuang jumped off the bus and walked briskly in the street.

Since I don’t know who is the one who makes Qi Feiyun despair, why can’t it be him?

Back in the dormitory, Yan Shuang pushed the door open and saw Ji Yao sitting by the window knocking on the computer. The afterglow of the sunset sketched his side face handsome and charming. He heard the movement of opening the door, twisted his face and said flatly, “are you back?”

Yan Shuangxin said: Xiao Ji is so clever and beautiful. As soon as he thought of making him cry, he was… So excited.

No, no, work can’t be emotional.

Yan Shuang walked over, sat down beside him, sighed lightly, and leaned his head on his shoulder without saying a word.

Ji Yao didn’t move and quietly let him lean against him.

Wait, and then someone really comes back, relying on his feeling to make his heart feel a long lost peace.

“Very tired?”

The boy’s tone is gentle.

“A little,” Yan Shuang turned his face and put his hands on Ji Yao’s arm, “I’m hungry.”

“What would you like to eat?”

“I don’t know. Think about it.”

Yan Shuang and Ji Yao ate noodles in a new noodle restaurant outside the school. He frowned and whispered, “I forgot to say no parsley.”

“Eat mine.”

Ji Yao tried to exchange their bowls. Yan Shuang whispered, “your beef tastes too strong.”

“Then I’ll buy another bowl.”

“No, no waste.”

Yan Shuang frowned at the coriander in the bowl, with a tangled face.

Ji Yao was silent for a while, but he exchanged their bowls and helped Yan Shuang pick out large pieces of coriander and coriander foam floating on the noodle bowl bit by bit with his newly opened chopsticks.

He still had a wound on his face and a little blood scab on his mouth. Although he was still out of place in the fly restaurant, he was no longer as beautiful as he had been.

That cold and arrogant young master has become like this.

Yan Shuang smiled and said, “Ji Yao, it’s very kind of you.”

Ji Yao didn’t answer. He handed back the clean noodle bowl to him, “eat.”

He doesn’t talk much. He always prefers action to language.

When he ignores, he is absolutely ignored. After entering his eyes, he protects his head to his feet.

Yan Shuang and Ji Yao have dinner. Yan Shuang says he wants to take a walk and eat. Ji Yao agrees. They walk in the street at the gate of the University at night. Yan Shuang suddenly holds Ji Yao’s arm. Yan Shuang tilts his face and signals him to look at his side.

It’s a chain hotel.

“Ji Yao, do you remember? Last time, you pulled me out here,” said Yan Shuang with emotion, “I thought you were really handsome at that time.”

Ji Yao looked down his eyes.

It seems to have been a long time ago.

At that time, he thought Yan Shuang could sell himself for one million yuan. He was so stupid and ridiculous, his face was cold and despised.

But Yan Shuang said in a nostalgic tone, as if he didn’t remember his neglect.

Maybe he doesn’t remember, he just subconsciously only remembers people’s good.

That’s why he said he liked scum like Qin yubai.

“Many people misunderstood our relationship.”

Yan Shuang smiled, “it’s really outrageous. We’re just good friends.”

Yan Shuang held Ji Yao’s arm and looked up, “right?”

Ji Yao looked down at Yan Shuang. This was his friend. In that position, he didn’t want any accidents and changes.


The campus was crowded with people. Yan Shuang and Ji Yao walked side by side. Yan Shuang asked Ji Yao, “it’s going to be a holiday soon. Do you want to go home?”


As expected, Yan Shuang threw out the next sentence, “why don’t we go out and play together?”

Ji Yao didn’t answer.

Yan Shuang continued, “I saved some money and planed the living expenses. It should be enough to play around once.”

“Where do you want to go?”

“I didn’t think well,” Yan Shuang put on an indecisive look. “Now the weather is still hot. I heard that there is still snow in the north city. I really want to see snow. I’ve never seen snow and skiing. Ji Yao, can you ski?”


“Hey, I really want to see the snow mountain…”

Ji Yao hung his eyes and listened. He already had a worry in his heart, “yes.”

Yan Shuang grabbed Ji Yao’s arm and said excitedly, “really? Where are we going? Are we going to rush for the train ticket?”

“No,” Ji Yao said calmly, “give me your ID card and I’ll do it.”

Another expected answer.

Rich children, snow mountains, skiing = Switzerland.

Yan Shuang smiled deeply. His good friend took him to play with a doctor he didn’t know. It was great.


A heart rending cry came.

Yan Shuang paused and looked back to see a man he hadn’t seen for a long time. He widened his eyes slightly.

Yan Guofu?

Yan Guofu looked a lot thinner. They looked at each other. He immediately rushed up, “Shuangshuang, dad wants to kill you!”

Ji Yao subconsciously blocked in front of Yan Shuang.

“Shuangshuang, is this your classmate?” Yan Guofu looked at Ji Yao with a drooling face. He wandered around the casino and could see people’s worth at a glance.

This is a fat sheep. Yan Guofu immediately made a judgment.

As soon as Yan Shuang saw Yan Guofu, a burst of joy surged into his heart.

How else can he always trust Qin yubai?!

The most active Storyteller – our Qin big egg!

“Why are you here?”

Yan Shuang walked out from behind Ji Yao. He was not happy, but looked worried.

“Are you unhappy to see your father, child? Go and tell your father to go home.”

Yan Guofu couldn’t help saying that he was going to pull people up.

Yan Shuang dodged his hand.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Guofu suddenly raised his voice. “You don’t recognize your father when you climb the high branch?”

The middle-aged man’s voice was loud and abrupt on the university campus, and many passing students slowed down one after another.

The people around keenly smelled the smell of gossip and sighed when they looked at the man who dodged the man’s arm: is it him again?

“What are you doing?” Ji Yao grabbed Yan Guofu and tried to grab Yan Shuang’s arm again.

He didn’t use much strength, but the man he caught screamed like a pig.

“Hit, hit -”

The man fell down like a bone, and Ji Yao subconsciously released his hand.

As soon as Yan Guofu lay on the ground, he began to cry and howl, “my life is hard. My hard-earned son doesn’t recognize me when he is near a rich man. I work outside and take all the money away. Now I have no money and can’t eat. My life is hard. What son is this?”

With the man’s cry, his strange eyes turned to Yan Shuang.

Many people have quietly picked up their mobile phones to shoot this absurd scene.

Ji Yao frowned, stretched out his hand and pulled Yan Shuang, who was as numb as a chicken, and said decisively, “go.”

Yan Guofu, who was lying on the ground, immediately jumped on him and hugged Ji Yao’s calf.

Ji Yao’s pupil shrinks and subconsciously wants to kick people.

As soon as his leg moved, Yan Guofu, holding him, immediately shouted more loudly, “kick me, kick me, and you’ll be satisfied!”

“Little white eyed wolf, dad doesn’t want it!”

Yan Guofu spat fiercely and spat on Ji Yao’s vamp.

The surrounding air seemed to stagnate at that moment.

Ji Yao was stiff and fixed his eyes on the stain on the vamp.

He had lived for eighteen years and had never seen such a dirty, disgusting scoundrel.

He thought that living in dormitories and eating restaurants on the street were human fireworks. This stain seemed to laugh at him: bah! You know shit about human suffering!

“You let him go and I’ll go back with you.”

Very light, very light voice, can not hear any emotion, only a trace of fatigue that is almost imperceptible.

Yan Guofu immediately released his hand, got up, smiled and said, “good son, that’s right.”

Reaching out and pulling people, Yan Shuang dodged.

“Ji Yao, I’m sorry… I soiled your shoes…”

Yan Shuang bent down, pulled up his sleeves and got closer and closer to his shoes. His two arms were suddenly involved.

Yan Shuang looked up. Ji Yao was looking at him with deep eyes, pain, sympathy, pity… Too many emotions.

“Shuangshuang, let’s go. People don’t care about us. Shoes are always dirty.”

Yan Shuang has gone far.

Ji Yao stood where he was, still looking at the direction Yan Shuang left.

He seemed to realize for the first time how far Yan Shuang’s world was from him

As soon as Yan Guofu walked out of the crowd, he became a “normal” person, just urging Yan Shuang to go quickly.

Yan Shuang followed silently. Yan Guofu seemed to be familiar with him and soon took Yan Shuang to the east gate.

A familiar black car is waiting quietly on the street.

The tall figure stood beside the car. Yan Guofu rushed over and nodded and bowed, “Mr. Wei, I brought you.”

Wei Yichen flashed aside, motioned him to the back of the car, and then bent over Yan Shuangwei, “Mr. Yan.”

Yan Shuang stood quietly without making any expression.

The street was so quiet that there was only the sound of fallen leaves.

The window of the back seat rolled down, revealing his cruel and handsome face. He was determined to win, had a winning ticket, and smiled lightly, “get in the car.”

Yan Shuang stood there motionless and slowly approached the window for a long time. He looked down at the face and looked sad, “Qin yubai, do you have to be so mean?”

They looked at each other through the window.

Qin yubai’s face is also hurt. It looks no better than Ji Yao.

He pushed the door open and got off.

Yan Shuang was hit by the door and stumbled back.

Qin yubai subconsciously stretched out his hand to help. As soon as he pulled out his hand, Yan Shuang had stood firm. He turned an angle as if nothing had happened, pulled Yan Shuang’s skirt and dragged people under his eyes.

Deep eyes stared at the sad face.

“Am I mean again?”

“I just let your father and son reunite,” Qin yubai said slowly. “Where am I mean?”

Yan Shuang bit his lips and seemed to have nothing to say, staring at him with hatred.

“I said, I’ll take care of your adoptive father for one day when you’re by my side.”

“You don’t know where the wild is now. Do you want me to keep that waste?”

As he got closer and closer, his breath was sprayed on Yan’s both sides, with a smile. “Shuangshuang, it’s not like that.”

Yan shuangmeng stretched out his hand, but Qin yubai grabbed his wrist. The whole person fell into his arms and was pushed into the car by him.

“I can’t control you anymore.”

Qin yubai said, entering the car and grabbing the man into his arms again. He hugged the struggling Yan Shuang from behind and quietly smelled the taste of him. “I’m not convinced. I’m not convinced. You roll with that waste. See if Ji Yao is willing to solve this big trouble for you like me!”

“You let go of me – we don’t matter anymore, and I don’t need you –”

Yan Shuang struggled to twist and fight, and brushed KPI diligently.

Qin yubai was very uncooperative.

Don’t fight back.

“Who says we’re okay?”

Qin yubai grabbed Yan Shuang’s waving arm and smiled coldly, “don’t forget, we signed a contract. It’s not time yet.”

Yan Shuang suddenly froze, “didn’t you say you have…” his lips trembled, his words couldn’t be said, and his eyes were frightened and hesitant.

Qin yubai trembled in his heart, but he felt pain faintly, and his face was still extremely cold.

Yan Shuang seemed to know the truth from his expression, and the strength of resistance disappeared like water.

He looked at Qin yubai, smiled miserably at first, and then lowered his head.

“I knew…”

“You lied to me…”

“All… Are lying to me!”

The roar in my chest was desperate to the extreme.

The seats trembled. Qin yubai felt a kind of panic inexplicably. He forced himself to be calm and stretched out his hand to hug Yan Shuang, “what’s the trouble? You go back with me…”

“Pa -”

A slap hit him in the face.

His first reaction was not pain.

The inexplicable panic spread to the chest in general.

No, he’s right.

There is no problem in using Yan Guofu to contain Yan Shuang.

“You…” Qin yubai said patiently again, “let’s go back first…”


“I won’t go back with you,” Yan Shuang raised his head fiercely. “I won’t go back with you!”

After he said that, he directly pushed the door to get off. Naturally, Qin yubai dragged him back again.

This time, Qin yubai didn’t give Yan Shuang a chance to say no. he blocked Yan Shuang’s lips, but Yan Shuang struggled hard, the tip of his tongue resisted desperately, and his teeth tried hard to find a chance to bite him.

The lips and tip of the tongue soon broke. Qin yubai ignored it and passed the rust smell to Yan Shuang. He pressed Yan Shuang’s palm with both hands. The whole person was pressed on Yan Shuang. He raised his face and warned: “if you don’t feel at ease, believe it or not, I want you here.”

Yan’s lips were stained with thick blood, and his eyes were red. He looked at Qin yubai steadily, and his breathing gradually calmed down.

Qin yubai also breathed a sigh of relief and said patiently again: “that night, there was a misunderstanding between us. I did make a mistake. I admit my mistake to you. For others, go back first, okay? I’ll give you an explanation.”

Yan Shuang lay quietly in the back seat. There was no expression on his face.

No matter sad or angry, it’s gone.

He said, “Qin yubai, I also made a mistake.”

“I broke the contract.”

“I slept with someone else.”


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