I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 68

The car was quiet for a long time.

Or maybe just for a while.

Qin yubai’s mind was empty. One fragment after another flashed, including Yan Shuang’s, his own, and some strange visions. After a burst of earth shaking noise, he smiled and said, “you’re deliberately angry with me again.”

When I said it, I felt the meaning was difficult. My throat was like a wad of cotton, swollen and sore. Every word I said, the pain in my throat was even worse.

Yan Shuangmu looked at the roof seat, “I didn’t lie to you.”

“Not Ji Yao.”

“You don’t have to worry about me and Ji Yao. I know I don’t deserve him.”

“You’ve soiled me. How dare I touch him?”

The dull sound floated in the eardrum. How could it produce such a sharp echo in his ear?

Qin yubai stared at the face. He suddenly felt that the face was very strange. Neither Qin Qing nor Yan Shuang was like this.

He doesn’t approve or allow it.

There must be something wrong.

Or maybe Yan Shuang is ill and confused. Yes, he may have burned his brain, so he keeps talking nonsense.

“Well,” Qin yubai said calmly, “enough crazy talk. I think you’re not awake now. I’ll take you back and wake up your brain. You can talk to me again.”

“I’m sober,” Yan Shuang lowered his eyes and thick eyelashes, and his face was calm. “I didn’t lie. I slept with another man…”


The whole carriage seemed to tremble with the sound of drinking. The driver in the front seat was on pins and needles and couldn’t help throwing Yu Guang to the housekeeper outside the car.

The housekeeper stood by the car and obviously heard the conversation in the car clearly, but his expression was like a robot without any fluctuation.

The driver had to try his best to pretend to be deaf and dumb. At the same time, he prayed silently in his heart: Mr. Yan, stop talking and take a soft coat!

The driver has been working for Qin yubai for quite a long time. He is used to the cold and strict style of the employer. Anyway, he is just a driver. As long as he drives a good car.

But recently, even he has felt great pressure.

Employers are in a terrible mood, and their employees inevitably feel nervous.

Everyone knows that their boss is being touched by a boy.

But the funny thing is that only their boss doesn’t seem to realize it.

The driver begged Yan Shuang not to talk back, but also wanted to help Qin yubai open his mouth to deceive people.

Baby, I’m wrong. It’s all my fault. I love you. Isn’t it so simple that every man can blurt it out?

“… I was drunk that night, and I can’t remember clearly. I only remember…”

The collar was violently tightened and stuck in the neck, which was suffocating.

“I said –” Qin yubai’s eyes were red, but he still didn’t seem to have completely lost his mind, “that’s enough.”

The tone was deep and dignified. This was his ultimatum and last warning to Yan Shuang.

Shut up and stop talking, so there may be room for redemption between them.

Yan Shuang saw that he was so angry and restrained, but smiled. His ruddy lips moved, and the tip of his tongue protruded from his teeth. He smiled, like a premeditated assassination, “… He didn’t wear a condom.”

“Hum -” sound.

The harsh sound of the wrong frequency signal in the radio.

The whole body’s blood was concentrated in the brain. It was like a short circuit. Qin yubai temporarily lost his thinking ability and control over his body. When Yan Shuang stretched out his hand to push him, he was lifted aside like a piece of paper. The back of his head hit the seat in the front seat, and he didn’t feel any pain.

Vaguely in the sight, the thin figure seemed to push open the door and get off. It was noisy in his ears, as if the driver was calling him.

“Sir – Sir -”

Qin yubai closes his eyes and opens them again. His vision is clear again. The driver in the front seat has unfastened his seat belt and leaned over to help him in a hurry. Qin yubai waved his hand and gave a powerful meal with his arm. He propped himself up silently and then got out of the car.

Yan Shuang was not far ahead. He was carrying an old canvas bag. His thin figure looked bleak and lonely in the autumn street. His steps were dragging, and his steps seemed to weigh a thousand kilograms.

If you hurt the enemy by 800, you will lose yourself by 1000.

Qin yubai himself once treated Yan Shuang like this.

That’s strange.

Their relationship is based on the contract, which should be the relationship he is best at dealing with.

Why did it evolve into this?

In his mind, it was like a top spinning constantly. Every week it rotated, it sent out a torture. Qin yubai didn’t think deeply. He stepped away, from slow to disease, and finally ran up and soon caught up with the thin figure.

“You let go of me -”

This time, Qin yubai didn’t say a word. He hugged Yan Shuang with both hands and almost carried people away. No matter what Yan Shuang said, or kicking and struggling, he always turned a deaf ear, dragged people into the car, closed the door and said to the driver, “go.”

The driver glanced at the housekeeper outside the car. The housekeeper understood it and got on the car.

The driver was relieved when the car finally started.

The partition of the back seat rose gradually, so that he didn’t have to be on pins and needles anymore.

The sound insulation effect before and after was excellent. The driver was worried for so long. He couldn’t help saying to the housekeeper around him, “it’s really noisy.”

The housekeeper sat in the co driver’s seat, tall and straight, and looked unaffected by the storm. “It’s no big deal. It’s just a quarrel.”

The driver said in his heart: it’s called a quarrel. He saw that Qin yubai was about to faint.

In the back seat, Yan Shuang was kissed in a corner by Qin yubai.

As soon as he opened his mouth and started, Qin yubai came up to kiss him without saying a word.

People will automatically produce a protective mechanism against over stimulated emotions.

Qin yubai is like that now. He is too lazy or unable to respond to Yan Shuang’s resistance. He just blocks Yan Shuang’s mouth in the most primitive and simplest way.

After repeated several times, Yan Shuang finally stopped talking. He curled up into a ball and covered his face with his arms, like a small hedgehog, with only his soft abdomen gently undulating.

Although Qin yubai dragged people back to the car, he was just out of an instinct.

He is really upset now.

Anger and doubt undoubtedly prevailed.

But a faint sadness lingered like a fog.

Why does he feel sad?

Such a plaything, even if what Yan Shuang said is true, he has been touched by others. To Qin yubai, it is nothing more than two choices.

If he is not tired of playing, he will give a small punishment and continue to keep people around.

If he is tired or dirty, it’s easier to throw it away.

The choice is so clear that there seems to be no need to tangle at all.

But no matter which choice, he can’t erase his… Heartache at the moment.


His heart is aching.

It can’t happen.

If he didn’t let Wei Yichen into the studio to test Yan Shuang, or when Yan Shuang was angry, he drove Wei Yichen out of the studio at the first time, or when Yan Shuang broke up, he didn’t try to drive him out

He had too many opportunities to seize.

Originally… Yan Shuang wanted to see the moon with him that night.

The chest is stuffy and tight, and the air in and out is not smooth. No matter how deep you breathe or how fast you breathe, you are still uncomfortable.

Sad, sad has nothing to say.

With the front and back of the body shaking, the vehicle stopped.

The servant in the house came and opened the door.

Qin yubai looks back at Yan Shuang, who is still curled up in a group. He doesn’t speak, but silently pulls people. Of course, Yan Shuang resists again. Qin yubai waves his arm and beats him on the head and face without saying a word, but wholeheartedly pulls people out of the car.

When the servant saw this, he was surprised and asked for help. Qin yubai avoided him again.

All the people present could only look on as their master silently pulled another silent boy into the house.

“Mr. Wei…”

The servant asked the housekeeper in horror, “will something happen…”

“No,” Wei Yichen waved lightly and said faintly, “do what you should do and keep your duty.”

The servants dispersed after listening to the command.

A moment later, the servant in the house hurried out and reported, “Sir, dragged someone to the basement!”

Wei Yichen looked slightly, “go to the monitoring room.”

The big house is not monitored everywhere. Their owners don’t like to be monitored, except in the basement.

There are two safes in the basement. The things stored in them are invaluable.

The eight screens in the monitoring room shot the situation in the basement without dead ends. The two bodyguards immediately stood up when they saw Wei Yichen coming in. Qin yubai had been seen with people into the basement in the lens. They were hesitant to go out. After all, their master hated being monitored.

“You go out.”

The housekeeper’s order liberated the two men, and they ran out with great relief.

The huge screens are pieced together to emit Yingying light, which shines alone on a person in front of the screen.

The monitor was not equipped with a pickup, so what he saw was a silent picture.

The man pushed the boy down on the gray concrete floor. There was no doubt that they were arguing. The boy beat the man’s face and kept twisting to get rid of the shackles.

The man could only hold him tightly. He leaned against the boy’s ear and didn’t know what to say. The boy struggled even more.

Then the man kissed the boy’s lips.

Wei Yichen looked at it silently for a while, then turned and left. He walked out of the monitoring room. The bodyguard outside saw him coming out and bowed down to say hello, “Mr. Wei, can we go back?”

“No,” Wei Yichen said faintly, “wait another two hours.” in the puzzled look of the bodyguards, he smiled again, “maybe longer…” he raised his face and said to the two people, “is there smoke?”

Working in Qin’s house, all the staff are banned from smoking, but someone will always do the prohibited things.

They hesitated for a moment in Wei Yichen’s eyes, and obediently took out the cigarettes and lighters in their pockets.

It’s the cheapest cigarette in the store.

Wei Yichen took a cigarette, smoked a note from his wallet and handed it over. They hurriedly said no. Wei Yichen couldn’t refuse: “take it.”

They watched the housekeeper who was the most dutiful in the whole house light a cigarette. He took a sip and choked on the inferior tobacco.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wei. This cigarette is bad. You must not be used to smoking.” The bodyguard who provided cigarettes said sorry.

“No,” the thin lips gently spit out smoke. The housekeeper smokes skillfully and with an inexplicable bandit spirit. He returns to his face, and the metal frame reflects a little cold light, “… I like the smell.”


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