I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 69

The temperature in the basement was lower than that outside. The ground was cold and cool. Yan Shuang was lying on the ground, but his heart was warm.

With Qin yubai’s dedicated and cooperative character goals, what else is he dissatisfied with?

Good, good, brush more plot, brush early, good.

This efficiency.

I hope the slag attack behind can learn from him.

Yan Shuang lay flat peacefully, no longer struggling, waiting for Qin yubai to brush a few more plot points with him.

The dense kisses on his neck gradually slowed down, and finally stopped on his Adam’s apple, breathing heavily.

Yan Shuangjing lay down and thought: what’s the matter? He didn’t break it. When he hit, he carefully avoided the key parts.

For a long time, those two lips left his neck, Qin yubai propped up, he looked at Yan Shuang, and Yan Shuang looked at him calmly.

Those eyes are too calm.

No love, no hate.

“Why not resist?” Qin Yu said hoarsely.

Yan Shuang looked up at him quietly, his lips moved, “is resistance… Useful?”

The eyes are glued, but it’s more like a one-man monologue.

Yan Shuang no longer has him in his eyes.

The pain in the chest did not decrease at all, but became more and more intense. A long lost sense of powerlessness swept Qin yubai’s whole body.

He has nothing to do with this man.

He only had him for a short time.

When he still liked him.

Qin yubai got up slowly. He stood and looked down at Yan Shuang on the ground. He said, “you are confused and full of nonsense. Calm down here. When will you figure it out and when will I let you out again?”

Yan Shuang was still indifferent. He turned his eyes to the gray cement roof on his head and whispered, “I want to go home.”

My heart was tingling again, and from that point it spread to the whole chest.

He wanted to hold him, pick him up at the waist, take him back to the bedroom, listen to him in the same bed and quilt, and say a few words when he was unhappy.

Qin yubai’s chest fluctuated. He cut the nail and cut the railway: “this is your home.”

Yan Shuang finally reacted. He turned his face and his black hair swung open on the ground, revealing a vague soft smile, “No.”

The negotiations failed.

Qin yubai opened his steps. He opened the door of the basement, turned his back to Yan Shuang and finally said, “if you want to be clear, wave to the monitor.”

No response.

Stubborn bones!

Qin yubai forced fiercely, and the door of the basement closed behind him, sending out a huge echo.

The servants not far away retreated timidly and did not dare to approach their angry master.

Qin yubai walked all the way to the monitoring room.

Wei Yichen at the door of the monitoring room was smoking that inferior cigarette. When he saw Qin yubai coming, he was stunned first, then pinched the cigarette and bowed down and said, “sir.”

He didn’t expect Qin yubai to be so fast.

Qin yubai stood on one side, his voice slightly hoarse, “where’s the smoke?”

The two bodyguards on one side were silent and trembling with fear. None of them dared to speak.

“I hid it.”

The housekeeper calmly took the mistake on himself.

Qin yubai stretched out his hand.

A few seconds later, he coughed twice because he was choked by low-quality tobacco. His eyebrows were locked, he took another puff, and then went straight into the monitoring room, “come in.”

Wei Yichen followed in and raised his hand to indicate that the two bodyguards were waiting outside.

In front of the spliced screen, Qin yubai has sat down and smoked the inferior cigarette. His coat is wrinkled, and the exposed shirt collar is also crumpled into a ball. It’s terrible to see. There are several bright shoe prints on the tilted left leg and trouser leg.

He was so embarrassed that he didn’t know how embarrassed he was.

And his spirit seemed to be very excited, with bright and sharp light in his eyes. He pointed to the screen and said coldly, “I think he can be tough enough.”

Wei Yichen was silent and stood quietly aside.

After smoking a cigarette, Qin yubai was still very excited and asked Wei Yichen for another one.

Qin yubai smoked and stared at Yan Shuang lying on the ground with his eyes closed. He suddenly said, “last time you said you had a desire for him, so you were good at making a claim and bought him a computer.”

Wei Yichen took full responsibility for the computer. In his confession, Yan Shuang was innocent, but he didn’t resist the temptation of loneliness and produced a trace of evil thoughts, and the biggest embodiment of that evil thought is a computer.


“Now,” Qin yubai said with a faint tone, “do you still have a desire for him?”

The whole monitoring room is full of choking tobacco smell.

Wei Yichen was silent for a long time, and finally slowly said, “I’m restraining myself.”

He did not deny it outright and blindly expressed his loyalty, which would only make his suspicious master’s doubts about him worse.

Just now, when Qin yubai came, he saw that Wei Yichen was really outside.

As he said, he is restraining himself.

Qin yubai was silent for a long time and said, “what can be restrained is not called desire.”

Wei Yichen just pinned his desire on Yan Shuang for a short time because the person he wanted was too far away from him, which was very similar to him to some extent, but why did he feel more and more uncontrollable?

“No, sir.” For the first time, Wei Yichen openly refuted his employer.

When Qin yubai looked back, Wei Yichen bowed his head slightly and said calmly under Qin yubai’s oppressive eyes: “what can’t be restrained… Is emotion.”

The air was frozen, Qin Yu’s white lips were slightly open, and he looked at Wei Yichen like a torch. He didn’t return to his mind until the burning pain came from his fingertips.

“You mean…” Qin Yu paused, smiling as if he thought things were funny. “I have feelings for him?”

Wei Yichen lowered his head and said, “yes.”

“Absurd -”

Qin yubai bluntly denied, looked back at the monitoring screen, suddenly stood up and shouted angrily, “what is he doing?!”

Wei Yichen raised his face.

The endless screen clearly records what is happening in the basement – Yan Shuang is taking off his clothes.

After Qin yubai slammed the door and left, Yan Shuang stayed alone in the basement. He turned over and chose a comfortable position. After lying down for a while, he checked the progress backstage.

Qin yubai: emotional line progress 87%, plot line progress 76%; Wei Yichen: the progress of emotional line is 89%; The progress of the plot line is 54%.

Yes, the whole has exceeded his expectations.

The backstage does not force all the original plots to be passed. Except for the unspeakable plots, no discount can be given. As long as they meet the main line operation and the effective plots generated by key characters, they can be included.

Of course, there will be many more plot points in the original plot.

Yan Shuang in the studio has been lit up. Because he didn’t break his hand or expose the identity of the double, he only brushed one point in the studio.

Now the basement is lit.

The original plot also contains an important element – he was thrown into the basement naked by Qin yubai.

Then he can do it himself!

Yan Shuang immediately sat up and took off! Take it off and it’s over!

In the monitoring picture, Yan Shuang has taken off his coat and revealed his white upper body. Wei Yichen timely avoided his eyes.

Qin yubai stared at the monitoring picture. When Yan took off the buttons on his pants with both hands, he pinched the smoke in his hand, and his voice trembled slightly, “good — good –”

The temperature in the basement is now only more than ten degrees. Yan Shuang’s thin clothes should also feel cold inside. If he takes off… The temperature in the basement will drop again at night. He will shiver if he is naked for less than three minutes. If he is frozen for too long, then

Yan Shuang in the monitoring didn’t stop.

Soon he took off his trousers.

The jade like body, bone and flesh uniform Pavilion is undoubtedly very beautiful, and this beauty brings a decisive meaning in the cold basement.

He wants to force Yan Shuang to obey.

And Yan Shuang is forcing him in turn.

Who will admit defeat?

Yan Shuang removed all the cloth from his body. He sat on his old clothes and put his legs obliquely on the ground, like a mermaid who had just landed. The monitoring couldn’t illuminate the people too clearly. Qin yubai couldn’t see the expression on his face, but felt that the dull pain in his heart burst open.

“Give me another cigarette…”

Wei Yichen handed it over with his head down.

Qin yubai didn’t light. The smoke was sandwiched between his fingertips. He would look at the monitoring screen.

Yan Shuang didn’t move. He didn’t even curl up to keep himself warm.

He was deliberately declaring war on him in his own way.

The smoke at his fingertips shook slightly. Qin yubai rolled his Adam’s apple and lowered his head to light a cigarette, but his hands shook several times without success.

He glanced at the watch in his hand.

It’s only 6:57.

The temperature will get lower and lower at night.

It’s no big deal. At most, you have a cold and fever. It’s good to have a disease. If you get sick, you don’t have the strength to make trouble.

Qin yubai persuades himself and looks at the monitor again.

Yan Shuang in the monitoring didn’t know when he stood up. He walked twice in the empty basement like a man out of an oil painting, suddenly stopped and bent down to pick up something.

It’s vague in the surveillance.

Yan Shuang seems to be holding a long strip of wood in his hands. He gestures vaguely in his arms and raises it high… It seems to fall.

Just as Yan Shuang hesitated in the basement whether to break his hand or not. He didn’t know if breaking his hand could be regarded as the plot point, the door of the basement was pushed open.


Yan shook his hands and the wooden strip fell to the ground.

He looked back and saw Qin yubai returning.

Come on, Qin yubai, cooperate. Come on, break his hand in person.

There is monitoring in the basement. By doing so, he is tantamount to directly provoking Qin yubai. According to Qin yubai, who has a temper and refuses to bow his head, it is impossible to be soft, isn’t it a threat to him? He came himself.

Yan Shuang arranged the next play for Qin yubai clearly in his heart. When the tall figure approached, he looked up and looked at each other calmly.

He sat and couldn’t see the expression on Qin Yu’s white face. He only clearly saw his lips pursed in a straight line.

The shadow fell down and Yan Shuang closed his eyes directly.

The tactility of the envisaged wood hitting the body did not come. The feeling of weightlessness made Yan Shuang open his eyes.

Qin yubai picked him up.

When they were looking at Qin yubai from a parallel perspective, Yan Shuang found that Qin yubai’s deep eyes were red. He looked at him and showed a smile that didn’t mean anything, both gentle and ironic.

“… you won.”


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