I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 7

There was no superfluous emotion or business attitude in the boy’s voice. This title meant nothing to him. It was just two ordinary words, and he was far from submission.

In the dark, Qin yubai slowly approached Yan Shuang. He raised Yan Shuang’s chin. At the moment, he couldn’t see the expression on Yan Shuang’s face. Only his glasses flashed. He simply took off Yan Shuang’s glasses, hugged Yan Shuang’s waist with one hand, and tightly stuck people and himself together.

The sight gradually adapted to the darkness. Qin yubai still couldn’t see the expression on Yan’s face. Was it humiliation, resentment or as usual bland?

In fact, Yan Shuang did nothing wrong.

Every man is innocent and bears his sin.

Yan Shuang’s fault lies in this face, which is too much like Qin Qing. It will make Qin yubai’s heart produce restless waves, but even the best fake is not worth holding in the palm of his hand. That is an disrespect to the Buddha.

Qin yubai lowered his head. The tip of his nose met Yan Shuang’s bridge of nose. He smiled, “it’s cheap.”

The bright eyes were shimmering in the dark. They should have been pure like a Wang stream, but now they were forcibly stirred out of the vortex. What was Yan Shuang thinking? Qin yubai thought, maybe he was scolding him? How can a silent and stubborn boy scold him? Qin yubai suddenly became interested in it.

When he realized that he was interested in a substitute other than the body, Qin Yu Bai coldly looked down and suddenly pushed Yan Shuang away. Yan Shuang was pushed staggering by his sudden action and fell directly to the ground.

The boy was obviously unprepared. He fell and sat on the carpet. After humming, he hung his face and didn’t move.

It looks like an outdated toy thrown away after being bored.

Qin yubai knew that Yan Shuang was not wrong at all. He designed Yan Shuang’s father to be in debt. He turned Yan Shuang into bed. He took Yan Shuang’s body and self-esteem. He was like a moody tyrant who plundered the innocent boy inhumanely.

He is the knife that is lingchi Yan Shuang, a fresh fish, from which he satisfies his unspoken desire for immorality.

be at sb.’s mercy.

He is not to blame for the cruelty of the world.

Qin yubai threw his glasses on the carpet and walked away without nostalgia, as if the lingering overnight didn’t exist at all.

When the door closed heavily, Yan Shuang squatted down, picked up his glasses, wiped the lenses with his clothes, and checked the progress of the plot line and emotional line with Qin yubai.

Plot line: 4%.

Emotional line: 2%.

Yan Shuang’s hands trembled slightly, put on his glasses, his thin lips moved slightly, and his words were correct and round.


Shit, I’m so angry.

He has worked so hard. Why is the progress bar so slow! Iron stingy!

To clear up his mood, Yan Shuang looked at the time. At 7 a.m., he hurried back immediately. He should still be able to catch up with the morning class.

It doesn’t matter if he is late for the station. If he is late for early class, he will deduct the average time, which will affect his evaluation of the scholarship.

Yan Shuang hurried to the door of the hotel and unexpectedly found Wei Yichen waiting for him.

In the original book, the housekeeper didn’t appear so frequently in the early stage. Most of the time, he watched people’s love and hatred coldly.

Even the original book did not clearly mention whether Wei Yichen liked Qin Qing or not.

He was like a cold poisonous snake, hiding in the dark in a perfect disguise, waiting for an opportunity. No one knew what he was thinking and what he wanted.

“Mr. Yan,” Wei Yichen was still very cold, “Mr. Qin asked me to take you back.”

“No.” Yan Shuang refused and bypassed Wei Yichen and the black luxury car.

Wei Yichen caught up. He stood in front of Yan Shuangshuang with deep eyes. “Mr. Yan,” his tone was still a little gentle, but the words he said were very cruel. “The most important things have been sold. Is there any need to insist on others?”

Yan Shuang understands.

Wei Yichen didn’t wait for him out of his own ideas.

But Qin yubai worried that he didn’t recognize the reality, so he specially told his capable subordinates to add a few more knives to Yan Shuang, and be sure to chop up Yan Shuang’s remaining self-esteem.

That’s really hard.

Yan Shuang smiled and said in the same soft voice: “at this point, there will be a traffic jam on the way back to school. If you are late, you will be scolded by the teacher.” he pouted and made an affectation. “If you really want to humiliate me, throw me five yuan for taking the subway, brother Wei.”

With a light and soft “brother Wei”, coupled with a joking expression and a smile that saw through all the tricks, Yan Shuang showed his mockery incisively and vividly.

The eyes flickered slightly behind the silver rimmed glasses.

Yan Shuang bypasses Wei Yichen again. When he passes by Wei Yichen, his arm is pulled by the other party.

Yan Shuang turned back and looked at the eyes behind Wei Yichen’s lens. From there, he clearly saw the repressed light.

It is suggested that Qin yubai leave the word “true cheap” to his subordinates.

Yan Shuang said blandly, “I’d like to stay and flirt with you.” Wei Yichen’s expression changed. Yan Shuang continued: “but I’m really going to be late now,” he mercilessly shook off Wei Yichen’s arm, “next time.”

“Wait –”

Wei Yichen opened his mouth. In Yan Shuang’s impatient look, he untied his smoky gray suit coat and took out a leather wallet from his inner pocket.

Yan Shuang thought that he didn’t really want to take out five steel bars and hit him in the face?

OK, five dollars is also love!

The slender fingers with distinct bony joints should hold a pen or play the piano. Now, it is holding a brand-new pink hundred yuan bill and handed it to Yan Shuangmian. Wei Yichen said faintly, “don’t look for it.”

Of course, Qian Yanshuang accepted it impolitely and gave him a bright smile without adulteration.

“The rest is a deposit.”

“Give priority to you in the future.”

Yan Shuang turned and walked out a few steps. Suddenly he turned back. Wei Yichen was still looking at him. The meticulous housekeeper’s suit was open and looked like a silk unruly taste. Seeing Yan Shuang turning back, his expression was still calm. Yan Shuang smiled and stuck the pink note in his hand to his lips.

The boy’s scarred lips pasted on the note, then his eyes moved, his white hands lifted up, the note raised, and gave the man a natural and playful kiss.

This kiss is worth 100 yuan.

In the morning light, Wei Yichen stood beside the car for a long time. His leather shoes rolled on the ground and got on the car with a smile.

Thanks to public transport, Yan Shuang successfully finished his morning class and was not late.

After being punished, the mental explosion is entirely his personal part, so skipping the punishment is harmless. Later, the part with master Ji in the dormitory is still very important and must be brushed.

The scene of breaking the appearance has been painted in advance. Today, we won’t arrange the boring scene of being taken care of. It’s time for Xiaoji to catch up with the progress.

Yan Shuang was moved to tears by his efforts. Today’s serious work will be replaced by the future beach retirement. Migrant workers, come on!

After the morning bell rang, Ji Yao stepped into the school door.

After Yan Shuang was taken away by Wei Yichen yesterday, Ji Yao didn’t want to go to class after he went back, so he left directly after class break. The professor didn’t say anything, but he wasn’t afraid of Ji Yao’s family background.

Ji Yao is a genius. He entered the school with almost full marks. He was originally a student in the Department of finance.

Because he was angry with his family, the genius transferred to the College of Arts within one month of the beginning of school.

The school cherished talent and let him toss around, but the professors of the College of Arts tacitly agreed that the genius would eventually return to where he should go, so they turned a blind eye to Ji Yao’s absenteeism.

Shuttling around the campus, Ji Yao is surrounded by his peers, but he feels very upset. They laugh, fight and talk about some boring and vulgar topics. All this makes Ji Yao feel bored.

Although Ji Jia disgusted him, now it seems that accommodation is not a good choice.

The cheap orange smell still seems to linger.

Open the dormitory door. The dormitory is empty. The morning class has just ended. Now the most lively is the canteen.

Ji Yao looked relaxed. As soon as he stepped into the dormitory door, he heard a low sob in the bathroom on the left.

Ji Yao froze.

The moment Ji Yao opened the door, Yan Shuang knew that Ji Yao was back.

The temperature in the bathroom drops instantly. It must be the humanoid air conditioner back to the dormitory. Thank Ji Yao for bringing a trace of coolness to the stuffy university dormitory in the hot summer.

The cry was very light. I was forced to swallow it as soon as I came out of my throat. It was intermittent. I was very wronged when listening.

Ji Yao remembered that Qin yubai’s housekeeper took Yan Shuang away in front of him yesterday. Yan bilingualism was unknown, like a trembling lamb, saying that he was voluntary.

Ji Yao frowned and didn’t intend to take care of it.

I made up my mind, but I still moved to the bathroom.

The door of the bathroom wasn’t closed tightly, and a wide seam was missing. Ji Yuan wanted to close the door. When he touched the door handle, he heard an exclamation.

Yan Shuangzheng was sitting on the ground at the bathroom door. He noticed the movement and looked up at Ji Yao with tears all over his face.

“No, I’m sorry…” Yan Shuang stammered an apology and stood up slowly holding the wall. “You want to go to the bathroom, don’t you?” He was slow and moved close to the wall like a gecko. Ji Yao’s eyes hit Yan Shuang like a searchlight, and his anger ignited his cold eyes.


Yan Shuang froze as if frightened.

The lighting in the bathroom was bad and it was dark in the daytime. Half of Yan Shuang was exposed outside the bathroom. Ji Yao saw the trace on Yan Shuang’s neck.

The red and purple kiss marks are stacked one by one, which is terrible.

Grumpy emotions filled Ji Yao’s chest.

It’s clear that Zhang has a face similar to Qin Qing. Why is it so dirty?!

Ji Yao endured his anger and jumped out word by word. “Are you going to school like this?”

Yan Shuang shivered against the wall, “I, I…”

Yan Shuang couldn’t say anything for a long time, but his head was getting lower and lower, and he was about to bury his face in his chest.

There was a faint sound of talking and laughing outside. Ji Yao frowned, vigorously pushed Yan Shuang back to the bathroom, followed him in, and immediately locked the bathroom door.

It was as like as two peas when they first met.

The dormitory door opened, the heat wave rolled in, the boys’ loud talk and laughter and the smell of breakfast.

Yan Shuang in the bathroom looked like he had been stabbed. His head was even lower. He was like a wounded little beast, curling up to protect himself. He was so flustered that he didn’t know what to do.

Footsteps close to the bathroom, someone went to screw the bathroom door, did not screw, so he shouted: “who locked the door, I’m going to shit!”

A roar of laughter came from the dormitory.


The cold voice is not high or low, but it makes the dormitory quiet in an instant.

The people at the door of the bathroom immediately panicked, hurriedly apologized and stepped back for several steps.

Ji Yao’s eyes coldly fell on Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang lowered his head. The collar of the white T-shirt was wet. It was soaked with tears.

Ji Yao took back his eyes, raised his hand to unbutton his shirt, finished unbuttoning it neatly, took off his shirt and threw it on Yan Shuangtou.

“Put it on.”

Yan Shuang raised his face from his shirt and his eyes were as red as a rabbit.

“Don’t understand?” Ji Yao frowned and lowered his voice in a stern tone, “button up!”

“What about you?” Yan Shuang said timidly, glancing at Ji Yaoguang’s naked upper body, and then lowered his head like frightened.

It is worthy of being one of the five slag attacks. It looks like a white faced scholar, but it has a long body of tendons and flesh. Yan Shuang has no doubt. With Ji Yao’s physique, he punches a little weak like him.

“It’s none of your business.”

“Put it on.”

Yan Shuang accepted Ji Yao’s kindness and put Ji Yao’s shirt on the outside of his T-shirt. Ji Yao’s body is much taller than him. His shirt is wide and big, the cloth is very comfortable, and he also exudes a faint aroma. Yan Shuang buttoned the button all the way to the top, which can cover the kiss mark on his neck, but the collar is too high. He seems to be tied around his neck by one hand.

He hurriedly tucked the hem of his long shirt into his pants and washed his face. Yan Shuang was finally able to go out and meet people. He hesitated to take a look at Ji Yao.

Ji Yao: “go out and get me a dress.”

Yan Shuang nodded hard and pushed the door out.

Ji Yao was making a noise in the bathroom, but Yan Shuang came out. This big change surprised the whole dormitory.

When it comes to Ji Yao, the people in the dormitory don’t dare to ask. They stare at Yan Shuang for several times, watching him open Ji Yao’s suitcase, take a shirt out and go to the bathroom.

At this time, someone found that the shirt Yan Shuang was wearing seemed to be Ji Yao’s shirt. Others also found that Yan Shuang, a poor boy, only wore those clothes. How can he afford such a high-grade shirt?

The people in the dormitory exchanged eyes with each other and seemed to ask: which one is this?

A moment later, Ji Yao came out of the bathroom. His face was as cold as ice. Yan Shuang followed him with red eyes, as if he had been bullied.


Ji Yao said only one word, and Yan Shuang obediently followed up.

When they left the dormitory, the stiff air in the dormitory flowed again.

Zhang Shuai bit the pancake fruit and swept to the rest of the people, “friends, did we witness a campus violence?”

“Stop teasing, that’s Ji Yao.”

Yes, it’s Ji Yao, a young master and a genius. His eyes are long on his head. He doesn’t have to bully a little transparent. He’s the one who doesn’t care.

What just happened?

They exchanged eyes again. Even if Ji Yao left, they still didn’t dare to talk about Ji Yao’s gossip behind his back.

That’s Ji Yao.


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