I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 71


Qin yubai glanced at Wei Yichen who came back empty handed.

Wei Yichen shook his head, “Mr. Yan didn’t open the door. The servant put the milk at the door.”

Qin yubai drank the wine silently, “let him go.”

When he said this, his eyebrows were locked so tightly that anyone could see who he was worried about.

“Sir,” said Wei Yichen suddenly, “there will be a meeting tomorrow morning. You can’t drink any more.”

The gesture of raising a glass on his hand was a slight meal.

His housekeeper was right. There will be a very important meeting tomorrow. The first thought in his mind is – what about Yan Shuang?

If he doesn’t watch, Yan Shuang will run.

Lock people up? According to Yan Shuang’s temper, there may be some big trouble.

Qin Yu’s imagination of chaos has begun in Bai naohai. Yan Shuang hasn’t done anything yet. He’s afraid first.

“Meeting…” Qin Yu’s white lips moved a few times, but he still couldn’t make the decision to abolish the public for personal reasons. He clenched the wine glass in his palm. He put down the wine glass heavily, and his expression gradually changed from anger to calm. “It won’t be easy one day.”

Wei Yichen said: “Sir, if necessary, I can try to arrange the meeting to be postponed or rescheduled.”

Qin yubai glanced at him and said, “you like to make your own decisions now.”

“I just stand in the position of Mr. and consider the best choice for you as much as possible.”

“Oh?” Qin Yu Bai Leng said, “do you think my best choice now is to postpone or cancel tomorrow’s meeting?”

He didn’t hide the questioning and anger in his tone. If Wei Yichen knew enough, he should change his mouth immediately.


A plain and frank answer.

Qin Yu’s white lips were slightly open. After a moment of silence, he sneered, “are you learning from him? Do you think anyone can ride on my head now?”

“Sir, I don’t mean that. You know, I’m just telling the truth.”

“In your current state, it is not suitable to make any major decisions. The most urgent thing is that you should first return to your work state. I think that if you rashly participate in such an important meeting before solving your personal emotional problems, the results may not be conducive to the legal development of the group.”

Wei Yichen bowed slightly, “my duty does not allow me to harm the interests of the employer. If you feel offended, I’m sorry.”

The atmosphere in the kitchen is quiet and dignified.

Qin Yu Bai Jing sat for a long time. He said, “tomorrow’s meeting will be held as usual.”

“OK,” Wei Yichen said calmly, “follow your decision.”

The servant said, “yes, I’ll take the cup downstairs in the morning.”

Wei Yichen nodded slightly.

“When people get up, I put my clothes outside as I did last night. I don’t know if Mr. Yan will wear them.”

“Well,” said Wei Yichen, “go and be busy.”

The servant left with a cup. Wei Yichen returned to the guest bedroom on the first floor and reported, “I got up.”

Qin yubai was wearing his coat in front of the mirror and said, “where’s the doctor? Are you coming?”

“Here we are.”

“Take someone up to check him and see if there was any frostbite last night.”

With his arm in his sleeve, Qin yubai shook his coat and sorted out the folds on his clothes. When he saw Wei Yichen standing still, he turned his head and said, “can’t you understand?”

Wei Yichen nodded slightly, “I’ll do it now.”

The housekeeper returned to the living room. The doctor was sitting on the sofa waiting quietly.

“Dr. Qi,” Wei Yichen walked over, “I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Just now, they had met each other in the hall, exchanged eyes with each other, and felt clear in an instant.

“Director Zhang is so polite. I heard that Dr. Qi is the trump card in the hospital. It’s really overqualified and underused this trip.”


As he stepped up the stairs, Qi Feiyun almost guessed who the young master who needed a physical examination was.

a young master?

Did you pretend to be poor?

“Mr. Yan,” Wei Yichen knocked on the door and said calmly, “the doctor for examination is coming.”

There was a response from inside the door.

“I’m fine.”

“Let the doctor check it,” Wei Yichen said, “otherwise, Mr. Zhang will be worried.”

“Then let him worry.”

“Tell him not to go to my bed all his life!”

When the young man roared, Wei Yichen turned back and smiled at the doctor, “sorry, Mr. Yan is in a bad mood.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Qi Feiyun said faintly, and there was still no expression on his face.

Wei Yichen turned back and knocked at the door again.

“Roll -”

There was a louder roar than before.

“Shout what?”

Qin yubai, who was dressed neatly downstairs, also came up. As soon as he came, he saw them standing at the door, glancing at the doctor in gray suit. He felt that the other party seemed familiar. He didn’t think much and went directly to open the door.

“Get out -”

As soon as the door was opened, Qin yubai was hit by the oncoming pillow.

“Early in the morning…” Qin yubai saw the scene in front of him and immediately closed the door behind him.

Yan Shuang is wearing trousers.

With long legs in trouser legs, he stood by the bed with one foot. After throwing a pillow, he lost his balance and fell askew on the bed.

“… what’s going on.” Qin yubai finished his unfinished words, frowned, came forward and grabbed Yan Shuang’s foot, pulled up his trouser legs a little bit for him, and scolded, “you can’t wear pants.”

“Who said I can’t wear pants? Let go!” Yan Shuang took his foot to kick him. Qin yubai buckled his ankle and warned, “if you make any more noise, don’t wear it.”

Yan Shuang pursed his lips, pulled back his trousers from Qin Yu’s white hands, put on his trousers in silence, and stretched out his hand to take one side of the shirt and put it on.

His displeasure and disgust were all written on his face. Every button seemed to have a deep hatred with the button. The button and the hole in his clothes fought in his hand.

Qin Yu Bai Jing looked at it for a while and pulled out his shirt, “clumsy.”

“Don’t you come…”

“Shut up.”

Qin yubai pulled his shirt again and shot at Yan Shuang with sharp eyes, “I say the last time. If you make trouble again, you don’t have to wear anything.”

The tone was full of warning and seemed to have a different meaning.

Yan Shuang gently twisted his face and didn’t want to see him.

Qin yubai fastened the button for him wholeheartedly, picked his eyes, paused for a moment on his slender neck and delicate skin, and said, “check honestly. Don’t jump up and down in front of outsiders.”

“When will I…”

“Come in.”

Yan Shuang’s words were interrupted. At the moment when the door was opened, he stepped on Qin yubai’s feet as revenge.

Both of them were wearing soft slippers. Qin yubai didn’t feel much, but gave him a warning look.

Yan Shuang turned his face again and sat at the head of the bed with his back to the people coming in.

“He was a little cold last night. Show him.”

Qin Yu Bai Wei waved and pulled the chair in front of the desk to sit down.

“You don’t have to pretend. Just say what you want.”

“What do I want to check?” Qin yubai’s left leg cocked up, “you talk about it.”

Maybe there was an outsider, and Yan Shuang didn’t say a word again.

Qin yubai knew that his skin was actually thin. He sneered and deliberately asked, “why don’t you go on?”

Yan Shuang looked back, his eyes first bumped into a rare gray pupil, then glanced over without pause, and stared straight at Qin yubai, “shameless.”

As soon as he was angry, Qin yubai calmed down and said, “people don’t feel shameless. How can I be shameless if I ask?”

“You –”

Yan Shuang twisted his face again. It seemed that his back was shaking with anger.

Qin yubai chuckled. His smile involved the muscles on his face and brought out the pain of drunkenness last night. His temples swelled. His smile disappeared and said, “just take a look for him.”

Qi Feiyun hung his hands and stood aside. “Mr. Qin, it’s been a night. If Mr. Yan thinks he’s okay, he’s probably okay. If he’s not at ease, I can check his muscles to see if there are any other problems.”

“Yes.” Qin yubai has no objection. He can rest assured only after professional people have seen it.

“Mr. Yan, please put your legs on bed.”

Yan Shuang sat on the edge of the bed, holding the quilt with both hands, neither talking nor cooperating.


Qin yubai raised his tone and was about to stand up.

“It doesn’t matter.”

The gentle doctor gently nodded his head, bent one knee in front of the wayward boy, and lifted up a long leg in front of him in a posture of almost kneeling.

The calf in the palm of the hand is stretched by the touch of strangers through thin pants.


Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes and pressed his elastic legs with both hands.

“Don’t be so nervous.”

Palm up the calf.

Passing through the back of the knee, the other party trembled, as if he felt a little itchy.

Yes, he is very sensitive here.

Especially the slender bones on both sides of the meat.

On his arm, he would tremble up and down.

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes and clearly saw the soft slipper upper arched.

It’s too itchy. He can’t help but bow his instep. The beautiful arch of his feet is tight and even his toes are exerting force. It’s a very lovely part of his body.

He only tasted it once and wanted to forget it.

The palm was suddenly caught.

Qi Feiyun raised his eyes and saw a crimson face, which was almost annoyed with shyness.

His eyes were opposite, his face was a little more red, his legs were flustered, and Yan Shuang ran away from him.

He jumped at the man sitting in front of the desk. Without saying a word, he went up and beat him. The man grabbed his wrist.

“Qin yubai, did you deliberately send someone to humiliate me? It’s not a serious doctor at all, is it?!”

“Make trouble again…” Qin yubai clutched his wrist and was not angry at all. “Others are experts in the hospital and came to check you. I’m so boring in your heart?”

“I don’t want…”

Yan Shuang’s voice gradually lowered, his head lowered, and his voice was so low that he could hardly hear, “he kept touching me…”

Qin Yu smiled on his white face, “what do you say, speak louder, I can’t hear you.”

“I said die!” Yan Shuang raised his head and roared.

Qin yubai smiled and hugged Yan Shuang in his arms. No matter whether there was anyone else, he kissed Yan Shuang hard on his forehead, “it should be all right with such sufficient spirit.”

“You let go of me, I want to go back…”

“Today is a holiday. Where are you going?” Qin yubai hugged him and lowered his head. “Go to work with me.”

The silent Wei Yichen glanced at them.

“I’m not going.”

“You have to go if you don’t go.”

“You’re sick.”

“Are you sick? I think you look like ADHD. I’ll take you to pediatrics another day.”

Qin yubai got up and walked down with a strong hug. “You can’t go to the company like this.”

“I said I wouldn’t –”

“If you don’t obey, the security guard in the company will take you away. I don’t care about you.”

“Who wants you to take care of…”

The noisy voice gradually went away. Wei Yichen looked back and said to the doctor who was still squatting on one knee: “it’s hard, I’ll send you.”

Qi Feiyun stood up slowly and patted the folds of his trouser legs.

He seems to have seen a romantic comedy.

The hero laughs and scolds, flirts and flirts, and he… Is just a passer-by witness.

Qi Feiyun followed him without saying a word.

The housekeeper took him downstairs and suddenly said, “just get used to it.”

Qi Feiyun glanced at the housekeeper around him. The man looked the most competent and standard housekeeper. His face was calm, as if what he had just said was not what he said.

When Qi Feiyun doubted whether he had heard wrong, Wei Yichen spoke again, but his eyes were always looking ahead, and even made Qi Feiyun guess whether he was talking to himself.

“That’s how he is…” Wei Yichen turned his face and looked at the handsome and dignified doctor. His eyes stayed on the doctor’s face coldly and contemptuously for a moment. A little smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. His tone was broad and gentle, like spoiling a naughty child, “… Too fond of playing.”


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