I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 72

Yan Shuang sat in the car, leaned against the window and watched Qi Feiyun get on the car.

The only doctor in the only designated medical institution in this book is sincere and does not deceive him.

He wanted to hang Qi Feiyun for some time. He sent him to the door and ran to find abuse.

It should be said that Qin Yubai is awesome enough to brush his own plot or to help others.

Worthy of praise again.

“Why don’t you talk again?”

Qin yubai couldn’t help but want to have fun again.

He wants to listen to Yan Shuang, good or bad.


His palm touched his knee. Yan Shuang looked out of the window indifferently: stop yelling and reward the cold war day.

In the matter of sadism, he must not lose to the aborigines!

When Wei Yichen got on the bus, the atmosphere in the car was very different from that in the bedroom in the morning. There was a cold breath. The two in the back seat looked to one side and were silent.

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes. He had been watching, so he saw it clearly: between them and Yan Shuang, Yan Shuang had always occupied the dominant position and grasped the string of their emotions. The more he fought, the easier it was to fall into his trap.

In fact, it’s good to see through.

If you see through, you won’t worry anymore.

Let it go.

Yan Shuang came to Qin yubai’s company for the first time. When he entered the elevator from the underground garage, he was angry again.

The decoration is fucking luxurious!

Dog day capitalist.

Another day.

Qin yubai and Wei Yichen went to a meeting together. Before they left, they left Yan Shuang in his office and specially asked a secretary to stare at him. He expected Yan Shuang not to make trouble in front of a strange secretary and reluctantly put down his heart to go to the meeting.

“Mr. Yan, President Qin said you can use this computer.” The beautiful secretary brought Yan Shuang a notebook and a large box of snacks.

Yan Shuang thanked, opened his notebook and began to study.

The secretary was supposed to go to the meeting and was temporarily left to “look after” the guests. The boy in front of him was very curious.

Qin Yu baiphen told her that she had better not let anyone leave her sight for a second. She originally thought it would be a difficult boy, but she looked very clever and gentle. The outline of her facial features was inexplicably familiar.

“You too.”

“Ah, no need…”

“It’s estimated that his meeting will take a long time. You wear such high shoes. Sit down. It doesn’t matter,” Yan Shuang said. “You can sit opposite me.”

The Secretary wanted to refuse, but when he saw the seriousness in the other party’s eyes, he couldn’t say polite words inexplicably, “then I’ll sit down.”

“Well, you can take it in if you have a job.”

“President Qin told me…”

The Secretary almost told the truth, quickly snapped his head and said, “I don’t have much work on hand for the time being.”

Yan Shuang lowered his face and looked at the computer screen, “I know. Looking at me is your job.”

The Secretary smiled apologetically.

Yan Shuang stopped talking and quietly stirred up his homework.

The secretary sat for a while and began to feel on pins and needles.

Yan Shuang still has something to do. She is almost equivalent to going to jail.

“Do you have your cell phone?”

A light and natural sound came from behind the computer.

“Play with your cell phone.”

“The company stipulates that playing mobile phones is not allowed during working hours.”

The line of sight jumped out from the top of the screen with a faint smile, “break the rules, ignore it,” the person behind the screen took back his line of sight, “play, I won’t say.”

The Secretary remained reserved for a while, but finally he didn’t stand the temptation.

Paid mobile phone play, play more fun!

Qin yubai’s meeting was held all morning. When he came back, he turned blue and didn’t look at Yan Shuang and the secretary who hurriedly stood up. People went to the desk and “slapped” the folder in their hands on the table. Then they scolded fiercely – “being old but not dead is a thief.”

Yan Shuang doesn’t know how many times Qin Yu’s white hair has been angry. Most of them are angry with him. He always wants to laugh.

Qin yubai is angry for business. It’s the first time he’s seen him.

It seems that he was soft before.

Qin yubai was so furious when he was really angry that the Secretary lady on one side was shaking. The housekeeper was calm.

Qin yubai stood at his desk with his hands on the table. He took a few deep breaths. He turned his face and looked very calm. He said to Yan Shuang, “are you hungry?”

Yan Shuang took back his eyes and ignored him.

In the cold war, don’t cue.

Qin yubai: “go to dinner when you are hungry.”

Yan Shuang knocked on the keyboard.

Qin yubai went over and directly pulled the man’s arm and pulled him up, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang: Oh, dare to do it.

The secretary looked at the gentle boy, grabbed their cold capitalist boss’s hair and pulled it hard. His mouth opened completely involuntarily, staggered back half a step, looked at Wei Yichen in horror, and asked with his eyes: don’t care?

Wei Yichen answered her with calm eyes: No.

Sure enough, the boss soon subdued the boy and shouted, “make more noise! Don’t go to school the day after tomorrow!”

Secretary: “…” what is the speech of rebellious children’s parents?

Yan Shuang was almost half taken out of the office by Qin yubai.

The Secretary’s eyes followed until they left the office. She asked Wei Yichen, “is that the boss’s brother?”

Everyone in the company knows that their boss has a brother who never goes out.

“No.” Wei Yichen didn’t follow up and picked up the snack bags left over by Yan Shuang in the morning on the table.

“I’ll come, I’ll come…” the Secretary quickly bent down.

“No.” Wei Yichen blocked her hand.

The Secretary keenly felt that Wei Yichen might not want her to intervene, so he tried and asked, “then he is…”

After cleaning up the desktop, Wei Yichen looked at the secretary with deep eyes, “what do you say?”

The Secretary pursed her lips, but she dared not say.

She really can’t believe that Qin yubai is also in love.

The whole company thought Qin yubai was married – and money.

“Mind your mouth.”

Wei Yichen got up and finally gave a piece of advice.

The Secretary smiled politely. She would for her job.

As soon as the Secretary got down to the canteen, he was held by the other secretaries, “God, you know, President Qin is in love!”

Secretary: “…” what should she say?

In the canteen, Qin yubai and Yan sat opposite each other for dinner. Yan Shuang scolded in his heart: he couldn’t kill him and took him to the canteen.

“There will be a meeting in the afternoon. There’s no time to go out for dinner. In the evening, I’ll take you to a private restaurant. The desserts there are very good.”

Oh, he can read his mind. That’s right. He doesn’t have to talk. Yan Shuang continues to eat silently in the posture of the cold war.

In public, he didn’t embarrass Qin yubai and ignored him.

“Eat more…”

Then he gave him the dishes on his plate.

Yan Shuang once again set aside the ribs Qin yubai had put in his bowl.

Qin yubai looked at him and said, “eat.”

Yan Shuang buried himself in eating, but he didn’t eat the food he had sandwiched for him, even the food touched by his food.

Qin yubai saw it in his eyes. He was angry and couldn’t get angry with people in front of so many employees. He had to endure it and said coldly, “it’s not that he hasn’t eaten my saliva.”

Yan Shuang: “poof -”

Grains of rice were sprinkled on Qin yubai’s plate, and several grains were sprayed on his tie.

Yan Shuang: “…” he said he didn’t mean it. Can Qin yubai believe it?

“How old are you? You can eat everywhere,” Qin yubai said calmly. He took a handkerchief from his suit, wiped his tie, and glanced sideways at Yan Shuang. “I won’t dislike you.”

Yan Shuang couldn’t help saying, “that’s because you’re disgusting.”

Qin Yu Bai Wei raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you stop talking? Can’t hold it?”

Yan Shuang pursed his lips, lowered his head and continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

The secretary group in the distance looked at Qin yubai slowly wiping the stains on his suit, leaned together and shook his head tremblingly.

“Did you see it?”

“… I see.”

“How terrible…”

“I also think…”

“Why is Bai Yu eating here?”

When Yan Shuang was about to finish eating, someone came to talk. He looked up and recognized an uncle at the family dinner that day.

Qin yubai’s face was faint, but he still showed a smile. “It’s too late for noon. Take a bite at random.”

“My little brother is there, too?”

The uncle reached out and patted Yan Shuang on the shoulder with a kind smile, “very good, very good.” His eyes showed contempt and disdain for him.

“Uncle three, when we’re finished, we’ll go first. I’ll see you at the meeting in the afternoon.”

Qin yubai politely said goodbye to the other party, naturally extended his hand to Yan Shuang and said gently, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang didn’t reach out. Qin yubai took him first and took him out of the canteen.

As soon as he walked out of the canteen, Yan Shuang shook off his hand.

Qin yubai looked back and held the man in his arms. Yan Shuang struggled silently. He heard Qin yubai gently say in his ear, “don’t make trouble, go back to the office.”

Yan Shuang glared at him.

Qin Yu’s white face was deep. He took people upstairs, closed the office door, and then went to hold Yan Shuang. After Yan Shuang dodged repeatedly, he still held people in his arms. Yan Shuang was still dishonest in his arms, still pushing his arm and struggling.

“I know you’ve been wronged.”

“I’m so angry that I can’t stand looking at you?”

“OK…” Qin yubai felt better again, kissed Yan Shuang’s ear tip and said, “he won’t be proud for long. In the afternoon, you stand at the French window over there -” Qin yubai hugged Yan Shuang and walked to the French window facing out of his office, pointing downstairs, “but I can see how he rolled out with my own eyes.” The tone changed from gentle to cruel, which made the listener feel that there was a lot of killing opportunities.

Yan Shuang: well done, reward one foot.

Qin yubai was hit by Yan Shuang and said silently, “you really got me dirty from head to foot today.”

It is undeniable that even though Yan Shuang did not respond, Qin yubai was much better after having a meal with Yan Shuang at noon.

The pace of the meeting became brisk.

At about two o’clock in the afternoon, Yan Shuang’s mobile phone was shocked. He took it out and saw that it was Qin Yu’s white hair.

“Go to the window.”

Yan Shuang went to the French window and looked down. Sure enough, he saw the security guard dragging a man out of the door and throwing it all the way to the street.

The mobile phone in the palm shook again.

“Is it fun?”

Yan Shuang: cut, what fun is there? You can’t imagine the fun.

Yan Shuang took back his eyes with lack of interest, and suddenly his eyes coagulated in a corner of the street below.

A black sports car was parked on the street. Yan Shuang recognized it as Ji Yao at a glance even though the people who came down from the sports car were separated by a heavy distance up and down.

The unique atmosphere of being absolutely vulgar to the people around is extremely conspicuous.

Ji Yao is here?

Scum attack is fighting again! He rushed to the crowd!

At the successful conclusion of the meeting, Qin yubai got up and left the silent people. He went out of the meeting room and said to Wei Yichen: “go to the hotel in the evening to confirm it again.”


“Better half an hour in advance.”

Yan Shuang didn’t eat much at noon. He must be hungry soon. At that time, he was angry with him and wouldn’t say it. It was him who suffered.

At the thought of this person, Qin yubai has a sour and astringent feeling, and finally has a trace of sweet feeling.

His face was still gloomy, but the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop rising slightly.

He hurried to the corner, but Qin yubai stopped.

In the narrow corridor, Ji Yao stood at the other end, wearing white trousers. With a dark folder in his hand, he said to Qin yubai, “excuse me.”

In front of the tall green plants at the end of the corridor, Qin yubai untied the button of his suit, put his hand into his pocket and said faintly, “what’s the matter?”

“I want you to let Yan Shuang go.”

Qin yubai wanted to know what Ji Yao was going to say. He simply said, “I’ll go if it’s all right.”

He didn’t have time to play with the children. After talking, he turned and wanted to go.

“Zhang Huajun.”

The three words were spoken in a cold voice, and Qin yubai stopped.

“Zhang Huajun, whose ancestral home is Jiangcheng, is 37 years old. He was jailed for theft a year ago. After his release from prison, he has always been unemployed. More than a month ago, he helped people make a game and designed Yan Guofu to owe millions of gambling debts.”

“Gamblers and thieves are hateful.”

“But I think the people who designed this bureau are more despicable,” Ji Yao said coldly and restrained his anger in his tone. “What do you say? President Qin.”

Qin yubai turned around slowly. His face looked like a smile. “What do you mean? I don’t understand.”

“The evidence -” Ji Yao raised the folder in his hand, “it’s all here.”

After Yan Shuang was taken away by Yan Guofu, Ji Yao found something wrong. When he went to check the whereabouts of people, he found that Yan Shuang had returned to Qin Yu’s white hands.

He thought of going directly to the Qin mansion.

But that won’t solve the problem at all.

The root of the problem lies in Yan Guofu.

He sank down and spent a day and night checking Yan Guofu. He didn’t expect that there was such a dirty calculation behind him.

“Give me the man.”

Ji Yao said word by word.

The smile on Qin Yu’s white face gradually faded, “what if I don’t give it?”

“You can try to call the police… See if they will accept it.” after a brief panic at first, Qin yubai also recovered his calmness and smiled again. “Do you think you can grasp my handle? Children, adults do everything without leakage. Go to the police and see who suffers in the end.”

“As for Yan Shuang, I advise you not to think about him anymore.”

“He’s mine.”

Similarly, word by word, the sound of announcement came from between the teeth.

There is no doubt that no one can interfere.

Qin yubai sneered contemptuously, lifted up the green leaves on his side, turned around, turned his eyes and stared at the corridor.

Yan Shuang stood behind him.

He looked at him. His eyes were all red. In a blink, his tears fell from his long eyelashes and fell to the ground without stopping on his cheeks.

At that moment, Qin yubai clearly heard the sound of water drops falling on his heart.

“Yan Shuang…” Qin yubai subconsciously said, “listen to me…”

Yan’s lips lifted up. He smiled. His lips parted gently, and his voice was as light as a fog.

“Qin yubai, why don’t you die?”


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