I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 73

It’s over.

It’s all over.

There is a definite judgment in the brain, but there is no further instruction on what to do.

At this time, instinct took over the body. Qin yubai heard himself say in a very calm voice, “stop making trouble.”

Yan Shuang… Just making trouble again

Qin yubai stretched out his hand to pull people, but Yan Shuang didn’t hide.

He held a pair of soft and cold hands, “Why are your hands so…”

“Pa -”

Wei Yichen’s secretary couldn’t help crying out, and then covered his mouth in horror.

“I should…” Yan pursed his lips, and a faint pain appeared on his beautiful face, with trembling language, “… I liked scum like you…”

There was a sudden stagnation of breath.

The sharp pain in the temple quickly swept the whole brain with tinnitus. It was like stepping on the soft sand, falling constantly, and the whole body’s strength and soul seemed to be taken away by something.

Qin yubai stood still, his brain was blank. In addition to tinnitus, he was breathing with different weights, one by one, superimposed like a tsunami, which pulled him into an illusory world.

Yan Shuang looked at Qin yubai, who was lost and lost his soul, and thought he couldn’t fight any more. Give him another slap. Xiao Qin really wanted to give 120 first aid for cerebral congestion.

Once upon a time, when he was a necromancer, his hand was a little heavy, and a large number of men died directly. He was so anxious that he almost called system father.

Discretion, discretion is very important.

Yan Shuang made a look of despair and turned around with staggering steps.

The appearance of Yan Shuang was also beyond Ji Yao’s expectation. He specially chose to come to the company to have a showdown with Qin yubai for fear of bumping into Yan Shuang.

Even if Qin yubai is a complete asshole, he never wants to expose Yan Shuangfang.

For Yan Shuang, it was no different from another major blow.

Holding the folder, Ji Yao pushed away Qin yubai, who was blocking in front of him, and walked forward step by step. He grabbed Yan Shuang, who was shaking, and half hugged him in his arms.

Yan Shuang stopped and looked up into a pair of cold eyes.

Once upon a time, he could not be seen in those eyes, but now, the worries and apologies in those eyes all rushed towards him.

Ji Yao comforted Yan Shuang silently with his eyes and his powerful arms.

He and he.

Yan Shuang turned back and rushed into Ji Yao’s arms in front of the crowd, holding Ji Yao’s back shirt tightly with both arms.

“Take me… Please take me…”

Tears were pouring down at this time.

His chest was soon soaked with hot tears, and Ji Yao almost felt pain.

He was in pain for Yan Shuang.

He tried his best to pay off his debts for his adoptive father, but in the end he found it was such a bad plot and even fell in love with the culprit.

Why are some people so fooled by fate?

He hugged Yan Shuang’s shoulder, and Ji Yao put his arms around Yan Shuang, protecting him in his arms and strode forward.

The secretary group headed by Wei Yichen blocked their way with a human wall.

Ji Yao raised his eyes and glanced coldly at Wei Yichen in front of him, “get out of the way.”

Wei Yichen stood still, his eyes shining from his eyelashes, and quietly looked at Yan Shuang buried in Ji Yao’s arms.

Are you really crying? Or pretend to be sad?

Yan Shuang really… Doesn’t know. No matter how smart and ruthless he is, he won’t think he was calculated from the beginning.

And the truth is far more than that.

Now holding him and protecting his young master may really break his heart in the future.

He wants him to be invincible, and expects him to be covered with filth.

He was ambivalent about his growing possessiveness.

Wei Yichen nodded respectfully and stepped aside. He moved, and the secretary group behind him also stepped aside.

The footsteps wiped the side of the body. Wei Yichen raised his eyes and looked at the back of the two people who left.

The white fingers are clenching your childe’s shirt, like grasping the last straw.

They embraced each other and entered the elevator.

Wei Yichen turned back and performed the duties of housekeeper, “Sir, are you all right?”

Qin yubai was still in the same place, as if he hadn’t heard of it.


Wei Yichen frowned and raised his voice.

Qin yubai raised his face just like waking up from a dream. The blood color on his face faded, and his expression drifted for a moment. Then he opened his mouth and said slowly: “Yan Shuang…”

“Ji Shao took people down.”

Wei Yichen replied without any ups and downs.

“… go down…” Qin yubai repeated, and the cold feeling trembled all over his body. His brain finally resumed its operation, and immediately shouted: “stop them… Let the security guard downstairs stop them!”

Wei Yichen bowed slightly, “do it right away.” Immediately turned around and called the security office downstairs.

Qin yubai walked to the elevator step by step. Seeing that the elevator was descending, he said to the secretaries behind him, “let the employees on each floor below the 20th floor press the elevator -”

The secretary was stunned and yelled, “now!”

“Okay, okay -”

The secretaries hurriedly began to call at once.

The stagnant corridor suddenly moved.

After Qin Yu baiphene’s instructions, he turned and walked to the safe passage.

We can’t let Ji Yao take Yan Shuang away

This was the only thought that filled his mind.


He won’t allow it.

This is the relationship started by him. He didn’t stop. How can it end?

His footsteps quickly echoed in the empty safety passage, his heart beat faster and faster, and clumps of sweat came out of his back. Qin yubai quickly went downstairs and pulled his tie.

Push open the safe passage door on the first floor, and the security guard has been waiting in advance, “President Qin, people haven’t come out yet.”

Qin Yu Bai Wei stretched out his hand, pulled off his tie, untied the two buttons on his shirt, took a few deep breaths and walked to the elevator.

The number “2” flashed on the screen.

“Ding -”

The elevator door opened.

Before Qin yubai could see the people in the elevator, he was knocked down by a punch.

His back hit the cold and hard marble floor heavily.

Last night’s hangover, work pressure, emotional ups and downs, coupled with the reckless rush just now

Qin yubai fell to the ground and gasped slightly. He had… Completely lost his strength to stand up.

After going down three floors, Ji Yao found that each floor stopped, but no one got on the elevator. He guessed something was wrong. His inner anger accumulated until the elevator door opened.

He has vowed not to use such low-level means as violence, but some people really deserve to be beaten.

“Go -” Ji Yao turned back and hugged Yan Shuang with his head down in the elevator again. He didn’t look at Qin yubai who fell to the ground.

In front, the sound of clattering footsteps rushed up, and the security guards who received the order formed a human wall and guarded them carefully.

“Get out of the way.” Ji yaoleng road.

No one paid any attention to him.

They are all from the Qin family. They don’t care who the young master is in front of them.

The elevator behind him rang again. Wei Yichen walked out of the elevator. When he saw the situation in front of him, he immediately went up and helped Qin yubai who fell to the ground, “Sir, how are you?”

Qin yubai got up with his strength, shook his heavy head and said, “I’m fine.”

He stood up straight, rearranged his messy shirt, patted the dust on both sides of his arms, picked up his steps, slowly moved forward, and stopped half a step behind the two hugging each other.


He called him that in a very gentle and intimate tone.

“Go home and make trouble again, okay?”

Ji Yao has been provoked by Qin yubai’s shamelessness. When he releases his hand and turns back to confront Qin yubai, Yan Shuang opens his mouth.


His voice was still crisp and clean, with a slight cry, which was restrained by him.

Ji Yaozhong hugged him again. Yan Shuang had turned around and faced Qin yubai again. When he saw Qin yubai’s embarrassed appearance, his eyes flickered slightly.

Yan Shuang: he’s really worried about whether Qin yubai can carry him to brush all the data.

Jun’s face is pale, but his cheeks are red.

Based on his experience, Qin yubai is going to bed again.

“Is that my home?”

“My home… Has been destroyed by you.”

Yan Shuang carefully considered his words for fear that Qin yubai would be shocked on the spot.

Qin yubai’s face was ugly and his tone was still stable. “I don’t shirk responsibility for your father’s affairs, but his nature is so. Sooner or later, he will come to that step, leave that home and come to me. Is there anything wrong?”

Yan Shuang: he really wants to give Qin yubai a thumbs up and say: brother, you are this.

It was really a scum attack. The logic was too strict. He couldn’t refute it for a moment.

“Shuangshuang,” Qin yubai said immediately when seeing Yan Shuang’s silence, “you’ve met all the Qin family. You’re a recognized member of them. Isn’t that enough to express my sincerity to you?”

Yan Shuang: “…” his words stopped.

Ji yaoben listened and asked Yan Shuang to solve the problem himself, but when he saw Yan Shuang lowering his head and being silent, he immediately stretched out his hand to pull Yan Shuang’s hand.

Qin yubai has been staring at them. How can Ji Yao insert another hand when Yan Shuang wavers? He took an arrow step forward and opened Ji Yao’s hand. His face had completely recovered his composure, and even showed a faint smile.

He deliberately grabbed his handle, and he did catch it. He caught it very well, which can be said to impress him.

But what’s the use?

Yan Shuang still likes him.

Ji Yao looked at Yan Shuang with cold eyes. He couldn’t believe that Yan Shuang would be soft to Qin Yu Bai even for this.

“Sincerity? What sincerity?”

Yan Shuang suddenly said. He raised his face and smiled with tears.

“Is it your sincerity to let me go to bed with you as your catharsis tool?”

“Yan Shuang -” Ji Yao suddenly raised his voice.

Yan Shuang turned a deaf ear. He looked at Qin yubai and whispered, “in your eyes, I’m so cheap.”

“… no,” Qin yubai paused for a moment and said immediately, “it’s all angry words. People will say angry words when they are in mood. It’s not true, is it? Weren’t you talking angry just now?”

“I’m not angry.”

Yan Shuang said slowly.

“I said, I slept with others after breaking up with you. That’s not angry.”

Ji Yao’s pupil suddenly shrinks and his eyes shoot at Yan Shuang’s face.

And Yan Shuang is still talking.

“I said that the man didn’t wear a condom, and it’s not angry.”

“I said I hope you die…” Yan Shuang smiled again, tears falling from the corners of his eyes, “it’s not angry.”

He was not angry, but he cried the most at the last sentence.

“Let me go…” Yan Shuang raised his hand and covered his face. “I don’t want to be so cheap anymore…”


He begged him.

He is so stubborn that he never says a soft word.

Now… He begged him.

Qin Yu’s diphtheria knot rolled slightly and his steps moved forward gently. Ji Yao was stunned and didn’t stop anyone. When he returned to his mind, Qin yubai had already hugged Yan Shuang.

“You’re not cheap,” Qin yubai said, trembling, and there was a surge of heat in his eyes. “I like you, so… You’re not cheap.”

The people in his arms suddenly burst into tears, as if they were going to cry out all their grievances. Qin yubai trembled and trembled all the time. Qin yubai was afraid and happy, and hugged the people in his arms.

There was a touch of water sliding in the corners of his eyes. Qin yubai immediately rubbed on his arm. He loosened his hand and hugged Yan Shuang and coaxed him softly: “OK, go home, baby.”

Ji Yao watched coldly, only feeling that the hot blood in his chest was cold to the bone.

What the hell is he doing? What kind of person are you trying to help?


It’s disgusting.

Ji Yao turned and left.


A word nailed him in place again.

Yan Shuang put down his hand to cover his face. His face flushed with tears, but his eyes revealed a clear firmness.

“I told you.”

“That’s not my home.”

“I don’t like you anymore.”

Yan Shuang turned around. The security guard hesitated to let him go. Ji Yao on one side came to lead him, but Yan Shuang avoided him. Yan Shuang stretched out his arms to protect himself. He said, “I can go by myself.” he raised his eyes and looked at Ji Yao. His eyes narrowed and smiled gently, “I won’t dirty you.”


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