I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 74

Yan Shuang “went home” for the first time in the world.

When he got home, he had left the Qin building for two hours after he left three slag attacks.

Shocked by the dilapidation of the house in front of him, Yan Shuang secretly scolded: shit, I knew I didn’t pretend to be that force and left with Xiaoji.

You shouldn’t have drawn so many emotional points.

Not sooner or later?

Yan Shuang shook his head and opened the window for ventilation first.

Yan Shuang’s “home” in this world is a husband’s house. Thanks to Yan Shuang’s adoptive mother, who is a teacher, the house assigned from the unit has no real estate certificate. Otherwise, this “home” would have been taken by Yan Guofu to pay off his debts.

Yan Shuang went back to his room, cleaned up briefly, lay down and wait. Someone will cook for him soon.

Throwing his cell phone aside, Yan Shuang lay in bed and read a novel about the world.

Book in book, very interesting.

About half an hour later, Yan Shuang heard footsteps.


In a flattering and obscene voice, Yan Shuang turned a page of the book and said at the moment when the door was pushed open, “I’m hungry. I’ll cook.”

The rich man of Yan state was stunned.

He was playing mahjong in the dormitory. Wei Yichen called him out from the card table.

No way, it was the God of wealth. He had to obey his orders.

This time, President Qin personally told him that he must appease Yan Shuang.

Yan Guofu was confused. Seeing Qin yubai lost his mind, he probably guessed that his ordinary adopted son had been lucky and was really liked by Qin yubai!

Listening to their tone, it seemed that Yan Shuang was greatly stimulated. But Yan Shuang looked calm and calm as he was reading in bed. What was the least unusual?

No… such Yan Shuang looks really abnormal.

“Deaf?” Yan Shuang raised his eyes. He had been crying for a long time. There was still red blood in his eyes. “I asked you to cook. Didn’t you hear me?”

Yan Guofu subconsciously said, “who are you talking to?”

“Who are you talking to?” Yan Shuang repeated his words and slowly turned over a page of the book, “I really took myself as a dog after two days of good food.”

He scolded politely. Yan Guofu didn’t understand until he turned around in his mind. He immediately blushed and said, “what are you talking about, you little rabbit!” I’m going to find something to beat people right away.

“Save your strength,” Yan Shuang said slowly, looking at the page. “Your current owner is my dog.”

Yan Shuang raised his face and smiled, “your gambling debt was designed by Qin yubai. You haven’t even tasted his means.”

“Can you move me?”

“I’m afraid you’ll have to eat public food for the rest of your life, Yan Guofu.”

Yan Shuang finished, and his sight fell on the book in his hand.

In the room, the man’s breath was short for a few minutes, and he shook his voice and said, “you, you are not Yan Shuang… Who are you?”

“I’m your father.”

Yan Shuang said faintly, then covered his mouth in surprise, looked at the hasty man and said briskly, “it seems that I can’t give birth to such a stupid son as you.”

“The third time,” Yan Shuang pointed out, “cook.”

“I’ll give you twenty minutes. I won’t be able to eat in twenty minutes…” Yan Shuang smiled, bowed his head and continued reading, leaving it to Yan Guofu’s imagination.

Yan Guofu held the door frame. He felt that the adopted son was really terrible. He was even more terrible than those who collected debts in casinos. I don’t know how many times. An idea came to his mind: did President Qin know that Yan Shuang was such a person?

“Want to sue?”

The people inside seemed to read his mind. Yan Guofu tightened his whole body and heard a voice that was clearly Yan Shuang… But extremely deterrent.

“Go ahead. Shall I call Qin yubai or Wei Yichen for you?”

Yan Shuang sat up, bent one knee, hung the novel on one side, smiled and said gently, “it’s all my dog anyway. You’re the same with anyone.”

Yan Guofu’s legs couldn’t help shaking. He was originally the Lord of bullying soft and afraid of hard. Now when he saw Yan Shuang like this, he dared to say a word of nonsense. He whispered, “I haven’t fired at home for a long time. I’ll go downstairs and buy you a bowl of beef vermicelli soup.”

“Yan yangshuang lay down with more coriander,” he said

Yan Guofu was submissive. He went downstairs to buy food and sent it upstairs to ask Yan Shuang to come out for dinner.

“The table is so dirty. How can I eat it?”

So Yan Guofu reluctantly cleaned the house.

When his wife was still there, his wife did all the work at home. When his wife died, all the work fell on Yan Shuang. He hadn’t done housework for more than 20 years. He was tired and had back pain in a while. Yan Shuang also pulled a stool he cleaned and sat beside him to eat and watch him work. He had to be picky from time to time.

“Do you have any eyesight? When I eat, you sweep the dust at me. Is it itchy?”

Yan Guofu couldn’t help but pick up the broom several times and paired up with Yan Shuang’s eyes.

Those eyes looked at him like mirrors, as if they could see through him.

He is the most observant in the casino. He knows very well that Yan Shuang… Can’t provoke him now.

Yan Shuang had enough to eat and drink. By the way, he also had a capitalist addiction. He lay in bed and gently rubbed his belly. He couldn’t help sighing: the Dragon butcher will eventually become a dragon. He really wants to be a capitalist!

“Mr. Wei called…” Yan Guofu grabbed the door frame and said carefully, “what should I say?”

“Tell the truth.”


Yan Shuang turned back and said, “ah, what? Just tell the truth.”

Yan Guofu wanted to go out with his mobile phone and was stopped by Yan Shuang.

“Right here. Hands free.”

Yan Guofu had to lean against the door and answer the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Wei…”

“How is he?”

That head is straightforward. Obviously, he doesn’t have time to greet a small role like Yan Guofu.

Yan Guofu glanced at Yan Shuang, who touched his stomach back and forth on the bed, and said, “very, very good.”

The head was silent for a moment and said, “did he cry?”

Yan Guofu: “…” he cried!

Yan Shuang: hold it, you can’t laugh.

Yan Guofu said, “I didn’t cry. My mental state is very good.”

“Have you had dinner?”

“Eat, eat, I bought him a beef vermicelli soup, and he finished it.”

“Very good. If you have any problems, please report to me at any time.”

It seemed that he was going to hang up soon. Yan Guofu couldn’t help saying: “… Wait, wait.”

“What’s up?”

Yan Guofu looked at Yan Shuang again. Yan Shuangzheng looked at him jokingly. He didn’t dare to say what he said. He kept silent for a long time, which made Wei Yichen a little anxious. “What’s wrong with him?”


Yan Shuang suddenly answered.

“He was frightened by me and was looking for a complaint.”

Yan Guofu held the phone and almost didn’t throw it out.

The other end was silent for a while and said, “are you okay?”

He asked a similar question, and his tone was obviously a little more warm than what Yan Guofu said just now.

“It’s OK, just eat too much and think deeply…” Yan Shuang paused. “Is your boss angry again?”

“The doctor just went in.”

“Take good care of him. Don’t let anything happen to him. I’m almost there.”

Almost what? Wei Yichen did not continue to ask.

When he heard Yan Shuang’s relaxed voice, he felt happy and relaxed.

He wasn’t knocked down.

He is still high above the dust.

The expectation failed, but Wei Yichen’s mood became excellent. He took the phone and didn’t know what to say to express his mood at the moment. There was Yan Guofu listening next to him. He didn’t worry about Yan Guofu hearing. For Yan Shuang, a mere Yan Guofu was nothing at all. He just

“Good night.”

The man said abruptly and hung up.

Yan Guofu was stunned for a moment and said, “he hung up.”

“I heard it,” Yan Shuang waved. “Go and burn some hot water. I want to take a bath.”

Yan Guofu was ordered like a servant, but he didn’t dare to complain at all.

Yan Shuang is right. He depends on Qin yubai to eat. If Qin yubai hates Yan Shuang, his job will be ruined. It is said that there is a lot of salary a month. He should be paid soon.

Yan Guofu first washed the bathroom and burned the water with the belief of quick salary, and then went to inform Yan Shuang, “the hot water has been burned, and I took out my slippers to wash them. I removed a new towel. You can rest assured to use it.”

“Well, it’s hard.” Yan Shuang said lazily.

After taking a comfortable hot bath, Yan Shuang came out and asked Yan Guofu, “give me some money.”

Yan Guofu: ”

After more than ten years of role reversal, Yan Guofu was stunned on the spot and said, “I, I don’t have money…”

“Come on, you bought dinner.”

“Gamblers can’t have no money. Come on, give me 50 and don’t increase the price.”

Without saying a word, Yan Guofu took 50 yuan from his pocket and gave it to Yan Shuang for fear that Yan Shuang would ask him for more later.

When a gambler gave the money out, it was like a knife in his heart. Yan Guofu was heartbroken. After Yan Shuang went out, he punched and kicked the air in the room to vent his anger.

In a few minutes, the door was knocked.

Yan Guofu scolded silently: don’t come in tonight without a key!

After scolding, I still went to open the door obediently.

When he saw the people outside, Yan Guofu was stunned, “Mr. Wei?”

Wei Yichen is still wearing daytime clothes without a trace of wrinkles. He looks stable and reassuring no matter when and where.

As soon as Yan Guofu saw him, his mind came out again, “Mr. Wei, you’re here. I tell you, Yan Shuang is wrong today. He yelled at me to cook and clean. He just asked me for money, Mr. Wei, this little rabbit…”

Yan Guofu’s words stopped abruptly in Wei Yichen’s cold eyes.

Wei Yichen said, “where is he?”

He didn’t want to say something on the phone. He wanted to see Yan Shuang, so he came.

“Just asked me for fifty dollars and went out.” Yan Guofu said.

Wei Yichen nodded lightly, “keep the door, he will come back and open the door for him.”

Yan Guofu: ”

Wei Yichen turned and went downstairs. The corridor of his husband’s house made him a little miss. He also lived in such a house when he was a child. He was kicked from one floor to another by relatives. Over time, the whole husband’s house became his “home”.

It’s rare to be so impulsive.

The object of his impulse is not here.

Maybe… This is God’s will.

Wei Yichen shook his head slightly. He went out of the dark door of his husband’s house and smelled a faint rose flower mixed with a fresh orange aroma.

He raised his eyes.

Yan Shuang stood in front of him.

A white T-shirt, blue shorts, a pair of flip flops on his feet and a plastic bag in his hand. The night wind shook his short hair. He raised the bag in his hand, squeezed the air out of the bag, pinched it into a thin box, shook it in his hand and smiled wantonly.

“The biggest size I bought, can you use it?”


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