I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 75

The hem of the suit was slightly blown by the night wind, and the fresh aroma lingered at the tip of the nose for a moment, and then went away elusive.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang with fresh water vapor in front of him. He seemed to have become a hairy boy of 17 or 18 years old.

His youth was thin and dark, and there was nothing left except the desire to grow up urgently. That was the time he was eager to abandon, skipping all the sour and sweet feelings of love.

He thought he would never have the chance to experience such childish and excess emotions in his life.

It didn’t fall from the sky until now.

It’s late.

But it came and knocked him down in an instant with the infinite power accumulated over the years.

He took out his hand buried in his pocket and walked forward. As he approached, the palm had picked up Yan Shuang’s cheek.

Everything is just right.

The lips touched each other, and a feeling of numbness spread from the top of the head to the limbs.

It’s strange.

It’s just a simple touch between two tissues of the human body. Why does he vibrate so much at this moment?

“Patter -”

The plastic bag fell to the ground, and a wild cat ran over the top of the head and lightly stepped on a flower leaf.

The shoulder was tightly hugged by the man. Yan Shuang closed his eyes and leaned against Wei Yichen’s arms. He grabbed Wei Yichen’s waist suit with both hands and pulled the meticulous suit into a ball.

The Adam’s apple rolls and swallows.

The man has been patient for too long.

Even kissing is so urgent.

But he is extremely… Gentle.

His tongue, his breath, and even his arms around people are like a solid wall, giving people an endless sense of security.

As long as he is still there, he will always be your retreat.

“… up?” Yan Shuang raised his face, and a light mist rose on Wei Yichen’s lens. His always calm and self-contained eyes became flowers in the fog, emitting a light, “or… Open the room?”

Wei Yichen stared at Yan Shuang. He wanted to find out Yan Shuang’s real mind from the look on Yan Shuang’s face.

But he failed.

He saw only a delicate mask.

He refused to let him see.


The housekeeper’s voice was low, elegant and slightly emotional, which was as charming as his appearance tonight.

Yan Shuang chuckled, “what and why?” He stretched out his fingers and gently traced the outline of the housekeeper’s side face. “You are affectionate, I intend to,” the long eyelashes lifted up and the eyes flashed, “it’s a hit, can’t it?”

Casual and frivolous.

Yan Shuang has been like this since they first met.

Wei Yichen once thought it was a wild disposition, but now he doesn’t think so.

Yan Shuang just doesn’t care about anyone.

All are toys, all will be discarded.

The moment he got it, the shelf life of these people began to count down.

Some people are long, others are short, but the end result of all the tired toys will only be the trash can.

From small to large, he has been abandoned by too many people.

Wei Yichen stared deeply at Yan Shuang’s face. He whispered, “No.”

Don’t want to be abandoned.

Especially don’t want to be abandoned by this person.

Yan Shuang was slightly stunned. He really didn’t expect Wei Yichen to refuse. He immediately checked the backstage. Wei Yichen’s emotional line progress was 99%.

In other words, it was almost over between them.

In principle, after rolling over the sheets, the emotional line rises 100%, even if Qin yubai’s iron comparison is no exception.

But Wei Yichen refused him???

Is he not coquettish enough tonight, or is Wei yichenti unable to move his gun?

Seeing Yan Shuang’s face without false amazement, Wei Yichen smiled. He smiled very gently, bowed his head and kissed Yan Shuang’s lips again, repeating his refusal, “No.”

Yan Shuang: ”

I’m very angry.

“Can’t you?” Yan Shuang is not a guest.

Wei Yichen just looked at him and smiled. He didn’t even defend himself.

Yan Shuang: Wow, the scum attacks are really better than each other. Can you bear it?

Yan Shuang glanced up and down at Wei Yichen and threatened, “if you don’t use the things you buy, I’ll give them to others.”

Wei Yichen loosened his hand, bent down to pick up the plastic bag from the ground, took it out and took a look at the size above, “this is my size.”

Yan Shuang: “…” roll the calf, have you used it? Just put it there.

“I took it.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Take things and return them?

Yan Shuang was almost angry and asked for countless times: is he the general victim of the world?!

“OK, if you miss tonight, you won’t want to sleep with me all your life!”

Wei Yichen didn’t speak. He looked softly at the angry Yan Shuang for a while, reached out and rubbed Yan Shuang’s head. Yan Shuang avoided him. Yan Shuang glared at him, “don’t touch me.”

“Really so angry?”

“You are insulting my personality. Do you understand?”

“I didn’t.”

“You…” Yan Shuang waved his hand and took a deep breath. “OK, I’m unlucky to meet an impotent man like you. Wait, I can call a high-quality man to spend the night with me now. I think I like you so much…” as he said, he really reached for his mobile phone.

The man opposite him looked at his random dots on the mobile phone screen, silently took out his wallet, took a few notes and handed them to Yan’s eyes.

Yan Shuang raised his eyes, “why? Do you think I won’t find a strong man if you give me money?” He impolitely took away the note in front of the ground and pretended to put the phone in his ear, “I’m not only looking for it, I’ll look for more!”

“Go shopping.”

Yan Shuang’s broken thoughts suddenly stopped.

He turned his face slowly and looked at Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen looked very calm and said, “we should still pay attention to safety.”

Yan Shuang: ”

The hand holding the mobile phone dropped directly. Yan Shuang was stunned. After looking at Wei Yichen for a while, he slowly said, “Wei Yichen, housekeeper Wei, brother Wei, I’ve taken it, I really take you…”

Yes, the green hat doesn’t understand!

Yan Shuang turned speechless and his arm was pulled again. Yan Shuang didn’t return. He replied in a flat tone: “I just deliberately stimulated you. Don’t worry. I have a threshold for sleeping. You don’t sleep with me. I can sleep at most. Ji Yao is very safe. You don’t have to worry, thank you.”

Wei Yichen was silent again behind him. A moment later, Yan Shuang’s curled palm was flattened, and a cool thin and hard card was placed in the palm.

As soon as he turned back, Wei Yichen was rolling up his hand and holding it again.

Yan Shuang looked down and saw a little golden card edge on both sides of the palm.

Yan Shuang’s heart beat for a moment, raised his eyes and looked at Wei Yichen. Wei Yichen was also staring at him. His eyes behind the lens recovered their calm appearance.

“Payroll card.”

Yan Shuang: ”

“The password is six zeros.”

Yan Shuang raised his eyes. He wanted to be angry, but he gave too much!

Yan Shuang couldn’t help showing a trace of joy, “how much money is there?”

Wei Yichen reported a number that Yan Shuang wanted to insult Qin yubai with passion again.

Just pick on him, don’t you?!

“If, I mean if…” Yan Shuang was coy in front of Wei Yichen, “I want to donate money…” he raised his eyes and blinked his eyelashes quickly, “would you… Not happy?”

Wei Yichen said plainly, “it’s yours now. You can use it at will.”

Yan Shuang: I forgive you!

Yan Shuang smiled and put the card back into Wei Yichen’s hand. After receiving the promise that Wei Yichen would donate money, Yan Shuang opened his arm and rushed into Wei Yichen’s arms. He jumped in place twice, kissed Wei Yichen’s side face, snuggled in Wei Yichen’s arms, and gently circled his fingers on Wei Yichen’s collar, “brother Wei, I like you so much.”

Wei Yichen didn’t ask the stupid question “do you like me or my money”.

He once thought that if Yan Shuang were really a bitch.

How cheap it would be to buy him with money.

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes and stroked Yan Shuang’s face. Yan Shuang swept away the ferocity before and skillfully showed a sweet smile.

“I have only one request.”

Yan Shuang nodded obediently, “uh huh, you say.”

Wei Yichen bowed his head and kissed his lips. “I want to… Be the last one.”

The soft touch on his lips oppressed him. Yan Shuang involuntarily opened his lips and kissed back.

In Wei Yichen’s gentle request for a kiss, he was suddenly impressed.

Wei Yichen… Is not a so-called “green hat slave” at all.

He’s just too afraid of being abandoned

From small to large, he was displaced, and he was too eager for a stable and long-term relationship.

That man will be alone.

He’s alone.

But he has been abandoned too many times and no longer believes that anyone will really choose him.

Unless Yan Shuang is full of holes and no one cares, he can safely pick up the scarred Yan Shuang.

He wants to be his retreat so… He doesn’t have to worry about being abandoned.

Wei Yichen kissed Yan Shuang’s lips and finally his forehead.

“Good night.”

He came here to say these two words to Yan Shuang himself.

Yan’s eyes sent him away, thinking: according to the tone of Wei Yichen, it seems that his arrangement has to be readjusted.

Without 100% confidence, Wei Yichen will not make a move.

Yan Shuang squatted down decadent, scratched his hair in the evening wind, and stood up again.

Can such a small setback prevent him from retiring?

Although he didn’t brush the last bit of emotional line, he got a huge pension.

No loss.

Yan Shuang affirmed his harvest tonight. He went upstairs with his hands on his back and thought about Wei Yichen’s emotional line. 99% of Wei Yichen’s emotional line would passionately turn in his salary card. If Qin yubai’s emotional line was full, would he

Yan Shuang just smiled and left again.

Forget it, he won’t think about iron stingy’s money.

Yan Shuang shook his head upstairs. Suddenly his mobile phone rang again and took it out for a look.

Cui Zheng.

Hey, I’m not in the mood today. I don’t care.

Yan Shuang hung up decisively.

The opposite phone calls in seconds.

Yan Shuang hung up again.

Another call came from the other side. It looked like there was something urgent.

Yan Shuang was baffled. When he wanted to answer, the phone hung up again.

Then, another call came in.

Xiao Qingyang’s.

Yan Shuang, something must have happened.

Probably something happened to Xiaoji.

Yan Shuang slowly opened the call button. Before he could speak, there was a roar on the phone. The background sound was very noisy, like someone scolding his mother.

“Come to the racecourse! No, you explain -”

Yan Shuang heard a noise on the other end of the phone, and then Cui Zheng scolded.

“Fuck you, I slept with him. What’s the matter?!”

Yan Shuang: ” Who slept who?

“You fucking want to die -”

Yan Shuang: “…” isn’t that Xiao Ji’s voice?

“Cui Zheng, don’t fucking bullshit!”

This is Xiao Qingyang.

Yan Shuang: OK, OK, we have a parents’ meeting. Mom is all together.

On the other side, Xiao Qingyang failed to pull a stand, so he had to rush to his mobile phone and say, “fuck! Now I can’t explain clearly. Come here right away! If you come late, you’ll die!”

There was a soft voice on the phone.

“It’s too late.”

“All the buses here have stopped.”

Xiao Qingyang: ”

“Can’t you take a taxi?”

The head was calm. “I don’t have money for a taxi.”

“I’ll reimburse you!” Xiao Qingyang roared, almost adding a sentence about his ancestors.

“Well, I’ll take a taxi. Let them play slowly and try to hold on until I come to persuade the fight, or I’ll go in vain at night.”

Xiao Qingyang: “…” he should turn on hands-free and let those two silly x listen to what kind of person they are fighting for!


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