I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 77

There is wind and fire on the grassland.

The wind is him, so is the fire.

Yan Shuangwei smiled. He looked relieved and said to Ji Yao, “I’m sorry just now. I’m too impulsive.”

Ji Yao was stunned.

Just now… It shouldn’t be a kiss at all… He couldn’t simply define what it was. He instinctively did that.

“Nothing.” Ji Yao said faintly.

Yan Shuang opened his arms and hugged Ji Yao’s waist. He leaned against Ji Yao’s arms and whispered, “Ji Yao, it’s very kind of you.”

Ji Yao didn’t answer.

Because he’s not good enough.

“Will we be good friends for life?”

Yan Shuang’s voice was full of careful exploration and tension.


Ji Yao patted him on the shoulder, “yes.”

Cui Zheng sat in the hall and looked at Xiao Qingyang pacing back and forth. He couldn’t help but say, “can you be quiet for a while? You have a headache. Walking around makes me dizzy.”

“Why have they been out for so long? Won’t they fight?”

Cui Zheng sneered, “don’t say it yet. Maybe it’ll really fight.”

“How can that work?!” Xiao Qingyang was sweating, “no, I have to go out and have a look. Yan Shuang’s small body can stand Ji Yao a few times.”

“Don’t go out,” Cui Zheng said slowly. “Goblins fight. What are you doing?”

“Goblin…” Xiao Qingyang repeated half before he heard Cui Zheng’s meaning. He smiled angrily, “it’s impossible. Ji Yao is not that kind of person.”

Cui Zheng: “how can you be so sure that you are his father?”

Xiao Qingyang was speechless again. He stared at Cui Zheng and wanted to say something. He couldn’t say anything in reply.

Ji Yao is indeed a piece of white paper in this regard, but he is also 18 years old.

In fact, a man’s Enlightenment in this aspect is very early. Anyway, he had a love object when he was in middle school. It’s just that Ji Yao doesn’t notice anyone, and he always seems to be particularly disgusted with that aspect

Yan Shuang certainly looks like a poor boy, but he has been Qin yubai’s lover. Even if it is really like what Ji Yao said that Qin yubai designed Yan Shuang, the experience exists there. In any case, Yan Shuang and Ji Yao don’t match. Even if he is only a short-term love object of Ji Yao, it is extremely inappropriate.

If his uncle knew that Ji Yao was mixed with such a person… Xiao Qingyang shook slightly. He really didn’t dare to imagine the end of Yan Shuang.

Footsteps came from behind, and Xiao Qingyang turned back.

Ji Yao and Yan Shuang came in, holding hands. Yan Shuang lowered his head. Ji Yao had no expression on his face, but he looked very peaceful.

Xiao Qingyang’s pupils widened slightly. Before he could say anything, Ji Yao looked at Cui Zheng first. “Sorry, I’m too impulsive today. I shouldn’t do it with you. I apologize to you.”

Cui Zheng twisted his face and pretended not to see Ji Yao. When he heard Ji Yao’s apology, he couldn’t help breaking his work. He couldn’t pretend to be high and cold. He looked at Yan Shuang with his head down and kept silent for a moment before he said, “I’m also wrong. I shouldn’t talk so hard.”

“Well, that’s right,” Xiao Qingyang said, taking no account of anything else. He finished the round first. Then he was relieved and swept his remaining light to the hand held by Ji Yao and Yan Shuang. “Is Yan Shuang still leaving tonight?”

“He won’t go,” Ji Yao said. “He sleeps with me tonight.”

Cui Zheng didn’t respond, but Xiao Qingyang was struck by thunder on his face. He was stunned and said, “this, this is not appropriate.”

“What’s wrong with this?” Cui Zheng stood up, grinned and joked. “They don’t sleep together in the dormitory every day.”

Xiao Qingyang: ”

“Let’s sleep together tonight,” Cui Zheng pressed Xiao Qingyang’s shoulder. “Let’s have a good exchange of feelings, uncle and nephew.”

Xiao Qingyang was dragged back to his room by Cui Zheng. He was still worried. He wanted to go out and have a look. Cui Zheng Xun said, “can you control you? Why, do you control heaven and earth and whether people go to bed?”

Xiao Qingyang frowned and told Cui Zheng his concerns.

“When Ji Yao checked this matter, I was present all the way.”

“It’s not easy for Yan shuangting. For some reason, Qin yubai took a fancy to Yan shuangting. He was sold by his adoptive father and paid for it.”

“He is a victim, I admit, but you know my uncle’s style. He won’t care so much. If Yan shuangzhen has anything to do with Ji Yao, Ji Yao will be scolded at most. What about Yan Shuang? His life will be over, you know?”

Compared with feeling that Yan Shuang is not worthy of Ji Yao, Cui Zheng listens to Xiao Qingyang’s meaning that he is afraid that Yan Shuang will suffer more.

Cui Zheng held his arms in his hands and leaned against the wall. He said with great interest, “last time we discussed, we agreed that this is a little green tea. Why did you switch so quickly?”

Xiao Qingyang looked at him disapprovingly and said seriously, “Cui Zheng, do you have a heart?”

Cui Zheng: he not only has a heart, but also has a brain.

“Just think I don’t have it.”

Cui Zheng went to the sofa in the room and sat down. He poured himself a glass of wine. He remembered that he went to Ji’s house that day and didn’t take Ji Yao away. After a mysterious phone call came in, Ji wensong suddenly let him go.

He didn’t think about it.

Mainly afraid to think about it.

Now that he was beaten, it was time for him to think freely.

Xiao Qingyang is right. A master like Yan Shuang? Wandering around Ji Yao, how could Ji wensong not know and how could he let go?

Unless Ji wensong acquiesced in it.

What’s more, maybe Yan Shuang was sent by Ji wensong.

Cui Zheng took a sip of wine. The liquor was clear and spicy. He hissed and said to Xiao Qingyang, “your uncle is really cruel.”

In the other room, Yan Shuangzheng rubbed medicine on Ji Yao’s face.

Such a handsome face is hurt… Even more handsome.

“It’s not good to fight. Don’t fight again in the future.”


“Does it hurt?”

“It hurts.”

Yan Shuang almost didn’t laugh. Yu Guang glanced at Ji Yao secretly. Seeing his solemn appearance, he took back his eyes, rolled gently on his cheek with a cotton swab in his palm, “what do you want to ask me, now?”

Silence spread in the room. Yan Shuang stopped for a long time. Ji Yao still didn’t speak.

He didn’t want to ask Yan Shuang.

He was afraid of causing another injury to Yan Shuang.

So smart, but emotionally one track.

Yan dropped his hands and leaned his face against Ji Yao’s chest. He listened to the pounding heartbeat in Ji Yao’s chest, grabbed the shirt on Ji Yao’s waist with both hands and didn’t speak quietly.

“Go out on vacation?”

Ji Yao suddenly said.

“Where are you going?”

Yan Shuang’s voice was light and floating, which could not hide his fatigue.

Ji Yao rubbed his hair. “You’ll know then.”

Two days later

When Yan Shuangmei got on Ji Yao’s private plane, he knew that he had made the right friend.

“The snow mountains there are beautiful,” Ji Yao shook Yan Shuang’s hand. “You’ll like it.”

Yan Shuang looked flustered and nervous. He was inseparable from Ji Yao these two days. As Ji Yao said, he was determined to protect him and would not let Qin yubai have a chance to approach Yan Shuang again.

Ji Yao arranged the holiday. Yan Shuang was taken to the airport by Ji Yao early in the morning and took a private plane all the way.

When the plane took off, Yan Shuang pretended to be flying for the first time and hid in Ji Yao’s arms.

Ji Yao held his hand and comforted him stiffly.

“My ears are uncomfortable.”

“Hold your breath and breathe again.”

Yan Shuang said pitifully, “it still hurts.”

Ji Yao looked down at him, reached out and pinched his nose, “his mouth closed.”

Yan Shuang obediently pursed hard. After a while, the blush spread from his cheek. Ji Yao let go of his hand. Yan Shuang breathed out suddenly. He was surprised and said, “it’s really not uncomfortable.”

Ji Yao felt a little relieved at his simple happiness.

Go and relax.

He wants to take Yan Shuang to see the snow.

This is his first wish for Yan Shuang.

When the plane landed, it was daytime in Geneva. The weather was not good. It was overcast and the clouds were gray, as if it was going to rain soon.

Ji Yao prepared a windbreaker scarf for Yan Shuang in advance, wrapped Yan Shuang tightly, and led Yan Shuang’s men to the plane.

“Is it cold?”


Ji Yao forgot to prepare his gloves. The two shook hands. The temperature passed each other, but they also felt warm.

“Will it snow here?”

“There is no in the city. It will snow on the mountains.”


Yan Shuang exclaimed, and finally completely cleared the haze on his face. He pursed his lips and looked at Ji Yao, “thank you, Ji Yao.”

Ji Yao tightened his hand, “go to the hotel to have a rest first and get jet lag.”

Holding hands, they got into the car to pick up people at the airport.

When Yan Shuang got into the car, he suddenly swept to the airport bus on one side. He looked at it with fixed eyes, which led Ji Yao to turn around and take a look.

They are several Chinese people. They all come together and wear very formal clothes. One of them is particularly conspicuous. His black coat makes him handsome and slender. He wears gloves of the same color and carries a brown suitcase. The wind at the airport blows the hem of his coat up and down.

Ji Yao felt inexplicably that the other party looked familiar. He turned back and said to Yan Shuang, “do you know him?”

Yan Shuang shook his head, took back his eyes and said calmly, “I don’t know.”

I think I’ve seen it somewhere.

Ji Yao didn’t take it to heart. When he walked out of the airport hall with Yan Shuang, he saw someone holding a Chinese banner that said “warmly welcome doctors from China to participate in the Ninth International Medical seminar.”

Ji Yao stepped forward and remembered.

The doctor who spoke at school.

That day in the corridor, when he fought with Qin yubai, the doctor seemed to be there.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Shuangzheng looked at him curiously.

Ji Yao: “nothing.”

“Dr. Qi,” the doctor in the same trade said to Qi Feiyun, “will Dr. Smith also be present at this seminar? You are his favorite student. Can you introduce us at that time?”

Qi Feiyun was carrying the box. His steps were not urgent or slow. When the people around him asked again, he said faintly, “sorry, it’s not suitable.”

Peer doctors were rejected on the spot. Although it was a little embarrassing, it was not good to go on.

The person who picked up the plane was a local staff member with only one Chinese translator. However, the doctors who came this time were basically good at English and it was not difficult to communicate. After a few greetings, they went to the channel outside the airport to get on the bus.

Qi Feiyun walked at the end, and his remaining light swept to the left.

Two teenagers with a slight height difference, wearing the same Khaki coat and the same camel towel, holding hands, looked very right.

The dark luxury car came. The driver got off and opened the door. The tall boy protected the shorter boy. After getting on the car, he also got into the car.

Before the door closed, Qi Feiyun looked at the car and Yan Shuang smiled and hugged Ji Yao’s arm.

“Dr. Qi.”

Qi Feiyun turned back. The local interpreter smiled and said regretfully, “there are not enough seats on the bus. Please wait here for two minutes. There is another bus behind.”

Qi Feiyun looked around at the colleagues who didn’t know when they were empty. He looked indifferent and noncommittal.

After the bus left, another dark car came.

The door opened and the white haired old man sat in the car. He smiled kindly and said in an exaggerated tone: “my BA, my baby, my God, God bless you. You really come.”

His English has a rising coloratura and a strong flavor of enthusiasm.

Qi Feiyun replied coldly in English, “long time no see, teacher.”

Qi Feiyun didn’t show much demeanor for his mentor who hadn’t seen him for a long time. They sat side by side in the back seat. Smith praised his demeanor as still charming, but after two sentences, he turned the topic to “business”.

“Qi, I need your help. To tell you the truth, it’s like fate for me. I received the entrustment, and you happened to be here. Isn’t it God’s arrangement?”

Qi Feiyun listened quietly and said after a moment, “teacher, I’ve quit.”

“No, no, you didn’t quit. You have always been the most important part of us in my heart.”

“I know you’ve lost interest in it. You’re so excellent and talented that it’s no challenge for you.”

“To be honest, I wanted to refuse this entrustment, but…” the old man shrugged. “The Chinese are so rich.”

Qi Feiyun finally glanced at him, “Chinese?”

“Yes, Chinese.”

When Smith saw that he was interested, he immediately took out one side of the folder, “this is really a top rich man. He offered a price I can’t refuse.”

When the folder was opened, the three words “Qin yubai” were written next to the client’s signature.

“A long time ago, I refused his entrustment. At that time, he was not so rich.”

“Of course… Cross language hypnosis is too difficult.”

“But now things are different, Qi,” the old man shook Qi Feiyun’s arm, and his blue eyes showed complex emotions, “you are my God.”

You are my god。

The old man said in a deep tone.


It’s cheap faith to put these three letters on a mortal at will.

Qi Feiyun rubbed his finger on the client’s name for a moment and turned the page again.

The second page of the document is the object that his teacher expects him to perform his unique skills for his client.

——”Implementation object: Yan Shuang.”


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