I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 78

The car slowly drove into the circular passage of the hotel.

Ji Yao turned his face and looked at Yan Shuang leaning against his shoulder.

Yan Shuang held his arm in the car and talked to him excitedly at the beginning. Soon he fell asleep in the warm air of the air conditioner.

He slept soundly, his cheeks were reddish, and his glasses were tilted to one side on the bridge of his nose because of his sleeping position.

The vehicle quickly drove to the top of the circular passage.

For nearly a minute, Ji Yao kept looking at Yan Shuang sleeping. He didn’t find any second as an appropriate time to wake Yan Shuang up.

When the waiter came up to open the door, he saw that one of them was holding the other, and he was slightly stunned. When he didn’t know whether to close the door, the dependent boy lowered his head, opened his lips slightly on the side of the sleeping boy’s ear, and whispered softly, as if he was waking the sleeping boy.

The waiter waited patiently, thinking that the boy from Asia was really gentle.

A moment later, the sleeping boy woke up. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. His hair was fluffy, his skin was white, and his side face was beautiful. He turned his head and got out of the car. The waiter couldn’t help covering his head, “be careful.”

“How’s it going?” Ji Yao followed him out of the car. “Is it cold?”

Yan Shuang’s chin and neck were all shrank in a wool scarf, revealing only a pair of big eyes behind black framed glasses. “Fortunately, it’s not too cold.”

The lobby of the hotel is not crowded, emitting a warm and fragrant smell. The housekeeper of the hotel has been waiting for two distinguished guests from China early.

“Mr. Ji, this way, please.”

Yan Shuang was led away by Ji Yao. He didn’t say a word and silently followed Ji Yao’s side like Ji Yao’s little tail.

Holding hands, Ji Yao is getting used to the feeling of close skin contact.

He led Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang was at ease, and he was at ease, so there was nothing wrong.

Ji Yao booked a suite with only two rooms on the first floor.

The housekeeper wanted to introduce the room to them, but Ji Yao refused.

“OK, Mr. Ji, welcome to our hotel. You can call the service number if you need anything. I will be waiting online at any time to serve you.”

The housekeeper bowed, withdrew and closed the door gently for them.

The room was very warm. Yan Shuang came in and felt hot and sweating.

The suite was too big to see. Yan Shuang stood at the door, his chin buried in his scarf, his head bowed, and he neither moved nor spoke.

The palms of the hands were slightly sweaty.

Ji Yao let go.

I lost my hands like a flower.

“Here…” Yan Shuang’s voice was very light, as if he had summoned up his courage, “it’s very expensive…”

Ji Yao didn’t speak. He first reached out to help Yan Shuang untie the scarf and untie it circle by circle, revealing his pointed light pink chin and slender neck.

“Take off your clothes,” Ji Yao glanced at a little sweat on Yan Shuang’s neck, “be careful of catching a cold.”

Yan Shuang silently took off his windbreaker.

He hung a first-class windbreaker with cloth cut in his elbow, and his whole body exuded an atmosphere of embarrassment. It seems that it is only now that he remembered that private planes, luxury cars and luxury hotels are not affordable for the little money he saved from living expenses.

Ji Yao also untied his scarf and held Yan Shuang’s hand.

“If I come alone, it’s the same. Don’t think about it.”

Ji Yao pulled Yan Shuang into a room.

The room is naturally large and luxurious. On the side is a glass door. A large terrace extends out of the glass door. The terrace is hollowed out and made into an open-air swimming pool. Across the glass, the warm water in it emits the luster of gold powder in the sunset. It floats up one by one, and looks like a fairyland inside.

Yan Shuang gave a soft “wow”.

Ji Yao knew he would like it and said, “go out and have a look?”

Yan Shuang nodded softly.

As soon as the glass door was opened, the cold air outside the house rushed to his face and inhaled into his lungs. It was clean and refreshing. Yan Shuang shrunk and was immediately cured by the heat emitted from the pool. After stretching his shoulders, he took a deep breath, “it’s so comfortable.”

There was also a swing on the side of the terrace. It was inconspicuous in the room. As soon as people came out, they immediately attracted people’s attention. Yan Shuang’s eyes adhered to it. Ji Yao saw it and said, “go and sit down.”

Yan Shuang took his hand. “Shall we sit together?”

“I don’t sit.”

“That…” Yan Shuang looked at the swing reluctantly, and finally looked up at Ji Yao, “I won’t sit either.”

He is being relied on by him wholeheartedly.

He can’t move without him.

Ji Yao led Yan Shuang silently across the edge of the swimming pool, and the white fog rose between them.

Yan Shuang sat down on the swing. Ji Yao stood in front of him and was led by his left hand. A moment later, Yan Shuang stretched out his right hand again.

Ji Yao gave him his right hand.

Yan Shuang held his hand in both hands, and a reassuring smile appeared on his face.

“Shall we go to see the snow tomorrow?”

“Well, I’ve arranged it.”

The all embracing style of big parents.

Why do people always become the kind of people they hate most.

Yan Shuang shook Ji Yao’s hand and smiled softly, “Ji Yao, will you sit together? I’m sitting alone. It’s a little cold.”

Vines and trees.

Some people may think that vines are dependent on towering trees to obtain nutrients for survival, but sometimes, it is the tree that cannot be separated from the decoration of weak vines.

In this way, they can show off their power and satisfy their desire for control.

Yan Shuang shrunk in Ji Yao’s arms and gently swung on the swing. After a while, he took Ji Yao’s arm and let him ring his waist.

Without refusing, Ji Yao naturally hugged Yan Shuang a little tighter and used his back to keep Yan Shuang out of the wind.

If someone sees two people sitting on the swing from behind, they will think they are close lovers.

That protective posture, head and neck so close.

The two quietly shook on the swing for a while. Yan Shuang’s face leaning on Ji Yao’s shoulder suddenly tilted up.

Ji Yao originally looked at the sparkling water with empty eyes and noticed Yan Shuang’s eyes. He gently twisted his face.

Most of Yan Shuang was curled up in his arms. His two faces were very close and staggered up and down. There was his shadow on Ji Yao’s face, and there was Ji Yao’s shadow on his face.

Their figures were reflected on the ground into the glittering pool.

The setting sun first took a vague kiss for their shadow in the water.

Yan Shuang’s eyelashes trembled slightly. He suddenly approached and touched Ji Yao’s lips.

Like a smart little animal, he only poked his head out of the forest leaves, immediately retracted, and looked at Ji Yao tentatively with dazzling eyes.

Ji Yao was as motionless as a handsome statue, but his arms around Yan’s waist were slightly tight.

Suddenly there was another shallow kiss.

Still pure lip contact.

But this time it was a little longer than the first time, and the touch of soft pressing of lips was more vivid.

Ji Yao still didn’t move. He didn’t speak. His eyes looked at Yan Shuang a little deeply. He couldn’t tell whether to refuse or accept.

The gray clouds rolled in the sky, bringing a breeze, and the white fog was blown disorderly, flying on the swing.

Yan Shuang licked Ji Yao’s lips.

Your childe’s body is so clean that there is no superfluous smell, only the shallow fragrance in the window that is unique to him.

He is high and valuable, stingy to make any response, as indifferent as the owner of a pet.

Ji Yao hung his eyes and looked at the eyes behind his glasses, which slowly turned red.

The arm around the waist tightened slightly.

This is a real kiss.

Lips open, tongue intertwined, saliva swallowing.

Yan Shuang half fell on Ji Yao’s body, palms attached to Ji Yao’s shoulders, and looked up to meet Ji Yao’s lips.

The cold wind opened the hot breath and floated on the tips of their noses.

Yan Shuang took the initiative to start. Yan Shuang also took the initiative to push away Ji Yao, turned his head and avoided Ji Yao’s lips, and ended this sudden and just right kiss.


Yan Shuang jumped off the swing in a panic and left the terrace quickly. He pushed open the glass door. The curtain inside was blown by the wind of the terrace. It fluttered out from the crack of the door, flying to cover Ji Yao’s sight.

Wet lips.

The tip of the tongue gently licks the upper jaw.

It seems that there is still another person’s heat and taste.

One of his arms was still on the swing, as if the man in his arms had not left.

This is a kiss.

beyond all doubt.

Ji Yao thought later that this seemed to be the first time he kissed a person.

That man could be Yan Shuang.

This cognition flashed through his mind, and Ji Yao quickly calmly accepted the reality.

The glass door is not closed, the cold wind is blowing in all the time, and the temperature inside will soon drop.

Ji Yao stood up. The swing creaked and shook behind him. He went into the door, locked the glass and swept around. He didn’t see Yan duo. He went out of the room and looked for someone in the suite.

The suite is too big. Ji Yao turns around several rooms. When he pushes the door of the next room, his strength has become very heavy.

When the door knocked on the wall, Yan Shuang, who was shrinking on the sofa, shook, raised his face, looked frightened, and immediately turned red and lowered his head.

Ji Yao was relieved that the people were still there.

He stood at the door, silent for a moment and said, “are you hungry?”

Yan Shuang shrunk into a ball and pretended to be an ostrich.

Ji Yao waited a little longer. Before he could respond, he put down the door handle and went up to Yan Shuangshuang. He reached out and rubbed Yan Shuang’s head. “Eat something and sleep. I’ll take you skiing tomorrow.”

Yan Shuang remained silent.

The palm of his head moved away.

A moment later, I felt a warm breath in my ears.

“I don’t care.”

The cold voice came clearly.

Yan Shuang showed an eye from his holding arm.

Ji Yao is half squatting and staring at him. His eyes are cold. The kiss just happened seems to have no effect on him.

Yan Shuang’s eyes were slightly red, buried in his arms, and said, “I don’t know what happened to me just now…”

Ji Yao reached out again and rubbed his head.

“I clearly… Don’t like your…”

His eyes flickered slightly and his hand rubbing his hair stopped.

“I’ve gone too far to treat my friends like this…”

Yan Shuang said, but also buried his head.

Ji Yao didn’t give him a chance. He broke off his arms and held his hand. He said faintly, “it doesn’t matter.”

He just hasn’t completely come out of the state of liking a person.

It’s just… It’s a kind of empathy.

He knows best, doesn’t he?

“What would you like to eat?”

Yan Shuang got off the sofa and whispered, “just decide.”

They walked out of the suite and didn’t take two steps. Yan Shuang began to apologize again. His eyebrows were locked and his face was full of guilt. “I’m sorry, Ji Yao, I must have been obsessed just now. You are so kind to me, and I’m still so…”

Ji Yao stopped and shot his eyes coldly.

Yan Shuang also stopped. He quietly bit his lips, looking annoyed and wronged.

When he lowered his head, his chin was gently raised by two fingers. He raised his head along the inertia and wrapped an arm around his waist.

They… Kissed again.

There was no resistance to each other.

The tip of the tongue is sweet and close.

When they separated, they both added a bright color to their lips.

Yan Shuang looked timidly at Ji Yao, his eyes shocked and hesitated.

“Now it’s even,” Ji Yao let go of his arm, took Yan Shuang’s hand again and looked forward, “don’t say sorry.”

Yan Shuang really stopped talking. His fingers held Ji Yao’s hand back, quietly inserted into Ji Yao’s fingers, and clasped his fingers.

“Ding -”

The elevator door is open.

A handsome face of mixed blood appeared in front of Yan Shuangmian without warning.

Qin yubai – a person’s Qin yubai.

Yan Shuangzheng held Ji Yao’s hand. At the moment of seeing Qin yubai, his hand was slightly loose. When Ji Yao noticed it, he immediately held it tighter.

Qin yubai in the elevator looked down, coldly slipped from their hands, and walked out of the elevator without expression. He rubbed Yan’s sides, and the cold air on his body drifted away.

“Let’s go.”

Ji Yao pulls Yan Shuang close to him.

Yan Shuang followed Ji Yao into the elevator.

From beginning to end, Qin yubai didn’t look at Yan Shuang.


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