I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 79

Something’s wrong.

The more Yan Shuang thought about it in the elevator, the more he felt that the picture just now was full of bugs.

Qin yubai, a sadistic man, was angry with him last time. I didn’t respond at all when I saw him again?

He and Ji Yao are still holding hands.

Even if Qin yubai doesn’t beat Xiaoji, he has to express his shock and anger in his eyes.

He looked like… He knew Yan Shuang and Ji Yao lived here early in the morning.

Yan Shuang made the first judgment in his mind: Qin yubai followed him and Ji Yao.

He didn’t take Wei Yichen with him.

Wei Yichen is his housekeeper and his special assistant. If it’s for business, he can’t take Wei Yichen without him.

He came for private affairs. Obviously, Yan Shuang was his private affair.

Qin yubai has a mad dog temper. Seeing that he and Ji Yao are so calm and indifferent, he looks a little deliberate.

The slag attack is quiet and must be a demon.

Yan Shuang made a second judgment decisively: Qin yubai is holding back his big move.

The sound of the elevator door opening interrupted Yan Shuang’s thoughts and made him feel how hard Ji Yao shook his hand.

Oh, I’m too addicted to work and I’m not happy for Xiaoji.

They are all working objects. How can he favor one over the other?

Yan Shuang also shook Ji Yao’s hand, “can I have some sweet later?”

Ji Yao looked slightly relaxed. “As long as you remember to brush your teeth at night.”

The hotel’s own restaurant has reserved a place for guests like Ji Yao.

They had a good dinner. Yan Shuang was very energetic at the dinner table and said a lot. Ji Yao listened quietly and occasionally responded, but his face was always light.

Yan Shuang was so silent and quiet. When he saw Qin yubai, he suddenly became lively.

It was like deliberately showing him that he was not affected.

Yan Shuangyue was like this, and Ji Yao felt a trace of inexplicable unhappiness in his heart.

Gently put down the knife and fork. Ji Yao said faintly, “drink some water.”

Yan Shuang’s voice suddenly stopped. He was at a loss. He stretched out his hand and took one side of the clear water cup. His voice suddenly pressed very low, “am I… Too noisy?”

There were not many people in the restaurant. They sat far away from each other, only the music played was very clear.

“No.” Ji Yao pressed down his emotions.

His mood is not right now.

When Yan Shuang saw Qin yubai, it was certain that there were waves in his heart.

He has done well.

Ji Yao tried hard to convince himself. His tone was a little stiff and said, “is it delicious?”


Yan Shuang finally fell down.

After dinner, Ji Yao took Yan Shuang back to his room to rest.

They were very close hand in hand before they went to dinner. When they came back from the restaurant, they were still hand in hand, but the atmosphere was unspeakably stiff.

“I’ll take a bath.” Yan Shuang said, taking the lead in letting go of Ji Yao’s hand.

Ji Yao stood at the door for a while, his palm empty.

I’m not used to it.

While taking a bubble bath in the big bathtub, Yan Shuang continued to think about what Qin yubai would do. After thinking for a long time, he only thought of one possibility – kidnapping.

In addition to Sheng Guangming, several scum attacks in the original book are all fanatics outside the law.

Qin yubai’s style is simple and rough.

The kidnapping fits his personal design very well.

The location is abroad. They all live on the first floor. The time and place are living.

Qin yubai deliberately ignored him, just to get rid of his suspicion after kidnapping him.

Yan Shuang thought he was right. He silently added oil to Qin yubai in his heart. Come on, kidnap him, imprison him, and then brush all the plot lines and emotional lines!

Yan Shuang came out after taking a bath. His mind was full of the plot of a small black house. He walked a little floating.

All the way back to the room, Yan Shuang set an alarm clock three hours later. Three hours later, he got up and took his pillow to Ji Yao’s room to knock on the door. Then he said pitifully that he couldn’t sleep. Tonight, he first popularized knowledge for Xiao Ji so that he could practice in the future.

Yan Shuang always has the ability to sleep in seconds. He fell asleep when he touched the pillow.

But before he slept for a while, he felt an unusual movement in the house.

Yan Shuang held back his eyes under his eyelids.

When he was on the terrace in the afternoon, he found that the terraces of the two suites were very close, only one meter in the middle.

If Qin yubai is cruel and turns into spider man, he may come and take him away.

After all, this is an ancient script.

You can understand it with a little fantasy.

After all, Qi Feiyun and Qin yubai are open. It’s fair.

Give Xiao Ji one, too.

He thinks Xiaoji has a big temper. His bearing capacity is not much better than Qin yubai. He is afraid that Xiaoji will be angry with him in the future.

Yan Shuang thought and suddenly smelled a familiar smell at the tip of his nose.

No, not spider man.

It’s Xiao Ji.

Yan Shuang calculated in his heart that he had been lying in the room for an hour at most, and Ji Yao actually came to see him? This… How could he sleep so dead?!

Yan Shuang’s body reacted faster than his brain. The eyes under his eyelids turned back and forth, his eyebrows wrinkled, his lips moved and talked nonsense vaguely.

“Wake up.”

A cold voice sounded in his ear.

Yan Shuang continued to play for a while until Ji Yao’s voice raised, he opened his eyes. Before he could see the figure in the dark, Yan Shuang had rushed up, “Ji Yao -”

The people in my arms are shaking, and my voice is full of fear.

Ji Yao discovered it long ago.

Yan Shuang couldn’t sleep alone.

He stretched out his hand and gently rubbed the top of Yan Shuang’s hair. He didn’t explain until Yan Shuang’s breath gradually stabilized: “I don’t think you’re noisy.”

Yan Shuang was silent and only hugged Ji Yao.

The room is dark. It’s a pity not to do something bad.

Yan Shuang thought that after kissing twice, he would not lay the groundwork for brewing.

Waking up from his nightmare, he was in urgent need of comfort, which was quite reasonable.

Yan’s arms relaxed a little and leaned back slightly, looking for Ji Yao’s two lips in the dark.

The night hides everything. What you can’t say or think clearly can be left behind for a while, and all this will be handed over to the night for judgment.

Ji Yao didn’t push Yan Shuang away. Even when Yan Shuang reached out to lift the hem of his shirt, he still didn’t move.

Yan Shuang is unbuttoning his shirt. His fingers are shaking. He can’t unbutton a button for a long time.

His sight gradually served the darkness. Ji Yao saw it clearly. The expression on Yan Shuang’s face was like sleepwalking.

He is drinking poison to quench his thirst.

I know it’s wrong, but I just want a moment of comfort.

But he’s still awake.

Ji Yao reached out and grabbed Yan Shuang’s wrist.

Yan Shuang was as motionless as if he had pressed the pause button.


“I’m with you.”

Yan Shuang’s wrist began to tremble again.

He leaned into Ji Yao’s arms again and said with a trembling tone: “Ji Yao…”

Ji Yao rubbed his soft hair, gently put the man down, and said in an undeniable tone, “don’t say anything or think about anything.”

Yan Shuang lies down, Ji Yao holds his hand, and he taps the back of Yan Shuang’s hand with gentle strength and a sense of existence.

“Close your eyes.”

“I’ll take you to see the snow tomorrow.”

The snow was not seen.

Yan Shuang was stunned in the bathroom of the lobby.

Originally, Ji Yao was inseparable from him, but he made a shy appearance and asked Ji Yao to wait for him outside.

Otherwise, the man who followed him secretly didn’t have a chance to do it?!

When his mouth and nose were covered with a handkerchief, Yan Shuang didn’t even brush the part of pretending to resist. He fainted when he fell dry and crisp.

Qin Dadan is really a task machine that can always be trusted.

Yan Shuangmei thought: I hope he can wear the limited edition metal products given to him by Xiao Qin when he wakes up.

Yan Shuang woke up in the same bed.

OK, in line with his preset.

Although he was conscious, he still couldn’t lift himself, completely lost control of his upper and lower muscles, and couldn’t even open his eyes.

OK, almost.

What happens next should be the story of locking the chapter?

Yan Shuang couldn’t help feeling happy.

Xiao Qin, scholars should be impressed on the third day. Let him test whether he has made progress.

“Is he awake or asleep now?”

Xiao Qin, I’m awake!

Yeah, but who is he talking to?

“I’m awake.”

Yan Shuang almost got goose bumps when he heard the familiar magnetic sound.

Qi Feiyun?!

Wait, he really came to Switzerland to brush his sense of existence in front of Qi Feiyun and stimulate the doctor, but why is Qin yubai with Qi Feiyun?

God, 3P is illegal! Irons!

While in the car, Qi Feiyun almost rejected his mentor with his indifferent attitude.

But his tutor was suddenly excited.

“Qi, this is a cause that brings happiness to people!”

“Human beings are animals that need faith.”

“Some people have lost faith, so they have a turbulent and painful life.”

“We must return our faith to them.”

“When you refused to hypnotize Mrs. Brown and made him forget the pain of losing his son, I tell you with deep sorrow that Mrs. Brown has passed away.”

“I didn’t mean to accuse you.”

“I just want to prove to you that we are doing the right thing.”

“False beauty is better than cold reality, isn’t it?”

Qi Feiyun quietly listened to his teacher’s excited and impassioned speech.

“Teacher,” he turned, his eyes cold, “don’t try to plant a hint at me.”

Dr. Smith put away his impassioned appearance, gradually returned to calm and expressed appreciation, “Qi, I said earlier that you are a genius, a God and the best of the best.”

“Well, I’m sorry you refuse, but I have to accept it,” the old man sighed. “Then I can only start the alternative plan. You know, genius is hard to find and mediocrity is everywhere. It can always have some not too bad effects.”


The sound came to him like dense sea water.

“You are very tired now…”

When Yan Shuang heard this, he first said:?, Right away:!

Qin yubai

What a surprise

Those with thick eyebrows and big eyes are still doing this kind of tricks

Worthy of being you, plot activist, focus on robbing others’ plots for a hundred years!

If Yan Shuang didn’t feel soft now, he really wanted to jump up and hug Qin yubai. Without him, how could his retirement career go so fast?!

Qi Feiyun’s ability is comparable in the book, but it is only a simple auditory feast for Yan Shuang.

He listened to Qi Feiyun guide him to put all his memories into a box.

“Throw everything out of the box one by one.”

Yan Shuang: OK, he has lost his memory now!

“You lived with your eldest brother Qin yubai since childhood.”

Yan Shuang: Wow, Xiao Qin won even Xiao Ji’s part?

“You worship him and cling to him.”

Yan Shuang: I admire him very much. The cow killed him.

“When you grow up, you fall in love with him and become a couple with him.”

Yan Shuang:… OK.

“You are committed to him. He is the only one in your eyes.”

Yan Shuang: almost.

“Well, now pack everything in the box. Remember, don’t drop that… Osmanthus tree.”


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