I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 8

Yan Shuang followed Ji Yao, holding his collar with both hands. Ji Yao walked very fast. Yan Shuang trotted all the way in order to keep up with him. His neck was tied too high by his collar.

The wheezing sound of “wheezing” came into his ears. Ji Yao kept walking until he reached the East back door of the campus.

“Go, where?”

The voice of timid doubt came. It seemed that Ji Yao stopped at a distance.

Yan Shuang blushed not far behind him. He loosened his grip on clothes, held his knees with both hands, coughed and gasped. Sweat fell from his hair into his neck. His physical strength was overdrawn too much. He obviously couldn’t run.

Ji Yao glanced over the embarrassed Yan Shuang without emotion, “keep up.”

In fact, Yan Shuang is not tired at all, but in order to cooperate with Yan Shuang’s current physical and psychological status, he pretended to be a poor lamb after being worked by a man all night and suspected to be grabbed by his roommate. He is frail both physically and mentally. Now he is a poor lamb.

Around the university campus, there are all kinds of shops, convenience stores, self-service barbecue, KTV, and… Cheap interlocking hotels.

“A room.”

Ji Yao turned back and said to Yan Shuang, who was on alert and frightened, “ID card.”

“I, I didn’t bring it.”

Yan Shuang stepped back quietly.


The cold voice nailed his footsteps trying to leave to the ground.

The front desk took Ji Yao’s ID card and opened a room for him. He handed the room card to Ji Yao. If his eyes seemed to float over Yan Shuang, who was trembling, he bowed his head and snickered. Today’s college students.

“Keep up.”

Ji Yao ordered again.

Yan Shuang raised his face. His eyes behind the lens were red. He gently shook his head, “No.”

Ji Yao frowned as if he saw something dirty.

“What are you thinking?”

Cold to almost disgusting.

The slender figure turned to the elevator and pressed the button. He didn’t look at it at all and knew that Yan Shuang would still follow up.

More cowardly than anyone he’s ever met.

Sure enough, when the elevator went down to the third floor, Yan Shuang had followed suit. He grabbed his collar again, like guarding his only last line of defense.

A pair of student lovers came out of the elevator, holding their hands tightly. The girl was dazzled by Ji Yao, her lips slightly opened, and her eyes kept looking back after being pulled away by her boyfriend.

“That’s Ji Yao…”

“Keep your voice down,” the boy said helplessly, “your voice is too loud.”

The girl stuck out her tongue, hugged the boy’s arm and looked back gossip. A thin figure passed by and squeezed in before the elevator closed.

“Who?” The girl looked on tiptoe.

“Don’t look,” the boy shook her arm. “It’s private.”


How did this high cold genius, who is almost well known in the whole school, come to this chain hotel?

Yan Shuang leaned against a corner of the elevator and remained silent.

The elevator stopped on the seventh floor. Ji Yao walked out of the elevator. This time he didn’t even bother to say anything. Yan Shuang followed the past like a shadow.

Swipe your card and open a room.

Ji Yao stood at the door but didn’t go in. He looked back at Yan Shuang hiding aside and said, “go in.”

Yan Shuang raised his face. He seemed to be afraid of Ji Yao and summoned up his courage: “what are you going to do?”

“You live here these days,” said the cold, emotionless voice, which made it difficult to tell whether he was kind or malicious. “Don’t go back to the dormitory.”

Yan Shuang, who was humiliated and deprived of everything, had no control as long as he could escape the strange eyes of others. Of course, he would regard Ji Yao’s proposal as a kind of goodwill.

Yan Shuang hid behind his trembling body and looked on coldly, showing Ji Yao’s disgust, impatience and contempt.

Ji Yao, I think he’s dirty.

“Thank you, thank you,” Yan Shuang thanked him, but he still didn’t move, “here… It’s too expensive…”

“I will be responsible.”

Yan Shuang: I hold your mother in my mouth. What do you say? Can’t I open a superior hotel?

Another stingy comparison.


Seeing that Yan Shuang is still lingering and unwilling to move, Ji Yao has to turn back and grab his arm at Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang has a flower in front of him and has been pushed into the room by Ji Yao.

“Clean, come back.”

Ji Yao left such a sentence and turned to leave.

“Wait -” Yan Shuang hurriedly grabbed Ji Yao’s arm.

At the moment Yan Shuang grabbed his hand, Ji Yao shook off his hand like a conditional launch.

“Ah –”

Yan Shuang pretended to fall to the ground.

In one day, he was thrown to the ground by two slag attacks.

There’s really him.

The boy who fell awkwardly covered the upper half of his face with scattered black hair, and the lower half of his face was pale.

And… Scarred lips.

“Are you okay?” Ji Yao frowned. He just asked and didn’t intend to help.

Yan Shuang lay on the ground and spent three seconds thinking about whether it was illegal to touch porcelain and steal money.

I don’t know. Try it first.

“I… can’t seem to stand up…”

His legs curled up hard. His thin figure was like a piece of paper soaked in water. The boy who fell to the ground grabbed his collar. When he raised his face, his face was full of tears. “Ji Yao, I can’t stand up.”

The voice in the throat trembled and broken.

The boy seemed to have endured to the limit and burst into tears.

When he cried, he was still restrained. Only his shirt was gradually wet with tears, which silently wrinkled the whole face together, and a layer of white fog appeared on the lens.

One door separates the two worlds.

Ji Yao stood outside the door, watching Yan Shuang cry uncontrollably. He felt as if he should do something, so he condescended to touch the door handle of the cheap hotel, and then closed the door.

Yan Shuang in the room: “…” this is fucking ruthless!

This is what 10% of the emotional line can do?!

Even if Qin yubai’s stingy beast is here, he has to… Er, fuck him?

Yan Shuang immediately stopped crying, took off his misty glasses and wiped the lenses with Ji Yao’s shirt corner. His beautiful face was full of displeasure.

The tragic tactics failed.

No, Ji Yao obviously should like this.

Should we change the strategy? Unscientific. Did he make mistakes in judging the situation?

“Are you finished crying?”

Ji Yao’s voice came from the door.

Yan Shuang pricked up his ears and roared. He didn’t leave.

He said his judgment of Ji Yao would not be wrong.

Ji Yao loved Qin Qing and Yan Shuang. He couldn’t bear to see Yan Shuang as miserable anyway, which would make him have bad associations.

Qin Qing is an orphan. He became a young master after being adopted by the Qin family.

If Qin Qing had not been adopted by the Qin family, would he have lived in hardship and exile?

Yan Shuang is like another possibility of Qin Qing’s life.

Ji Yao didn’t allow this to happen, so he went to pull Yan Shuangyi again and again.

Yan Shuang slowly wiped the lens while sending out a similar uncontrollable cry from his throat.

He is really good at acting. He got full marks in the entrance examination of the book company.

After pretending to cry for a while and wiping his glasses clean, Yan Shuang took another breath on the glasses and put them on again.

The door was gently opened.

Ji Yao stood at the door and glanced at Yan Shuang’s glasses with white fog. “What did you want to say just now?” The tone has eased a little.

“I, I want to ask you to help me bring my schoolbag…” Yan Shuang looked up quickly at Ji Yao and lowered his head like frightened, “please…”

“I’ll bring you literature class,” Ji Yao said patiently. “Is there anything else?”

Yan Shuang shook his head.

Ji Yao turned to go and stopped. He said to Yan Shuang, “it’s no use crying. You can only stand up by yourself.”

Yan Shuang secretly picked his eyebrows and thought that this was the dialogue that should happen when the progress of the emotional line was 10%.

Ji Yao walked for about ten minutes. Yan Shuang confirmed that he should have left the hotel and hurriedly kicked downstairs to the hotel front desk.

The front desk saw him from a distance and was very impressed by Yan Shuang, because the man who came to open the house with him was a very handsome boy, and his ID card was still pressed here, called Ji Yao. The address on the ID card was even better. It was a famous mansion in the city.

A rich and handsome Gao brought an ordinary crying boy to open a room. He came down in less than ten minutes. The front desk thought it should not be. It is estimated that the two people are not that related.

Yan Shuang went to the front desk. The front desk greeted him first, “Hello, can I help you?”

Yan Shuang: “Hello, I want to ask the man who just opened the room for me. Is it early?”

Front desk: “…”

Front desk: “including, you can go to the restaurant before 9 a.m.”

“Thank you.”

Yan Shuang was satisfied and saved another meal.

There is air conditioning and breakfast.

Literature class was arranged in the fourth section of the morning. Yan Shuang borrowed paper and pen from the front desk and gave himself online class in the room.

Yesterday Qin yubai called him away from class and was late. He studied for an hour before Qin yubai came. He didn’t finish reading. The teacher gave too much information.

There is still some time before the literature class. He should be able to finish it. Squeeze in time and do the posting homework of the forum.

The teacher in the original book didn’t say anything on the surface, but secretly turned around and deducted Yan Shuang’s usual score.

This time Yan Shuang believed that he should have won a little favor from the teacher, but it was not enough.

A good homework can completely reverse the bad impression of the teacher on him.

Yan Shuang controlled the time well and finished posting before the class alarm clock he set rang.

Looking at the words “post success” on the mobile phone screen, Yan Shuang was relieved, stretched and went to class.

This literature class is not only a European literature class, but also a big class. Yan Shuang arrived in the classroom empty handed, still occupying the middle of the class, just beside the middle corridor.

“Is there anyone here?”

Someone came and asked Yan Shuang where he was.

Yan Shuang hesitated, “someone.”

The classroom was gradually filled with students coming to class. At least seven or eight people came to ask if there was anyone at the seat next to Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang said sorry to them.

The class will start soon, and Ji Yao hasn’t appeared yet.

The huge ladder classroom is almost full.

The professor came in with his briefcase and scanned the classroom. He immediately noticed the abnormality.

The crammed classroom suddenly appeared an empty seat in the center. The professor pointed, “who?”

The classroom was silent.

“Class is coming soon,” the professor opened the computer, connected the projection, and was still joking. “Call him back quickly.” He took it for granted that the vacant seat was occupied and just walked away temporarily.

Those who knew had begun to whisper and talk to each other, and all their eyes fell on the thin, curved back.

“Who do you know?”

“No, no impression.”

“Look, he didn’t bring a book. Did other colleges come to our class?”

“Take such a good seat in class?”

“If people come first, they will occupy it.”

“One person accounts for two. I don’t think he’s fat.”

Laughter burst out in a small area.

The professor on the stage looked up and smiled, “what are you laughing at? Let the teacher laugh when you say it.”

The students under the stage covered their mouths, waved their hands and laughed.

The people next to Yan Shuang’s position still cared about him, “Hey, who do you help to occupy a seat?”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and remained silent.

“Well, it’s all quiet. Today we’re going to talk about the European Literature… Yo, Ji Yao is coming,” the professor knew the “great celebrity”. Seeing that he was still carrying a schoolbag, he laughed, “it’s really giving me face.”

Ji Yao nodded to the professor, “good teacher.” His eyes swept into the classroom.

In the center of the classroom, a man raised his head and waved to him slightly. His face burst into a bright look. His eyes behind his glasses narrowed to him. There were pure and undisguised expectations.

“Ji Yao, here.”

The mouth is silent.

Almost everyone, including the professor, watched Ji Yao slowly move towards the empty position.

The footsteps stopped beside him. Yan Shuang pressed his throat, “I thought you weren’t coming…” there was a little happiness in his tone.

The schoolbag fell on Yan Shuang’s knee from mid air. It was neither light nor heavy, but it suddenly stopped what Yan Shuang wanted to say behind him.

The hands that helped him with his schoolbag quickly took it back and put it back in his pocket.

Ji Yao passed him without saying a word and walked to the back of the classroom.


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