I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 80

Yan Shuang opened his eyes and saw Qin yubai’s face thinner than before. There was some imperceptible tension in his expression. He showed a tentative gentle smile to Yan Shuang, “why, my head is still dizzy?”

Yan Shuangding looked at him.

When Qin yubai’s face was almost stretched by him, Yan Shuangcai smiled, “big brother.”

When hearing Yan Shuang’s voice, Qin yubai relaxed all over and put his hand on Yan Shuang’s forehead and hair, “frighten brother.”

Yan Shuang: Cao, Xiao Qin is so fast in the play that he can’t lose.

Yan Shuang hugged Qin yubai’s waist and arched with attachment, “I have a headache.”

The feeling of being held by this person again is good enough for Qin yubai to forget all the pain and reluctance during this period.

Floating pleasure fills the chest.

Qin yubai looked at the face full of attachment and knew that his choice was right.

He made this choice not on impulse.

On the contrary, he decided to take this risky move after careful consideration.

It doesn’t matter how to start at the beginning. It doesn’t make any sense to study any mistakes in the middle. What has happened exists there anyway. What matters is how he should continue to walk with Yan Shuang.

Excessive indulgence in past mistakes can only lead to missed opportunities in the future.

Many years ago, he was not cruel. He believed in the so-called human power. He thought he could help Qin Qing out of the shadow.

The fact is that he failed.

It’s better to erase all the bad past.

Yan Shuang has been growing up beside him and loved by him. There is no haze in his life and no pain between them.

How beautiful it is.

It’s like it’s all over again.

“Tell you to wear less clothes,” Qin yubai shook Yan Shuang’s hand hard. His tone was gentle and slightly reproached. “It seems that you have caught a cold. You’ll have to suffer.”

“Nothing, just a headache,” Yan Shuang raised his face. “You said you would take me to see the snow today.”

Qin yubai said quietly, “you’re not feeling well now. Let’s talk about it later.”

Yan Shuang needs to say something more. Qin yubai has released his hand and leaned over his head to kiss him gently. “The company has something temporary. Please take a break first. We’ll go home together in the afternoon and play again next time, OK?”

“OK…” Yan shuangshuanglu was disappointed, but he accepted it obediently.

He lay back in bed with fluffy black hair and white face. The look on his face was docile and docile. Everything was what Qin yubai dreamed of.

He made the wrong decision, but he was glad that he finally went back to the right path.

Qin yubai went out of the room, closed the door and immediately went next door.

Qi Feiyun is holding a cup of coffee and staring at the dark clouds outside the window.

Since yesterday, I have been looking as if it was going to rain or snow, but I have been holding on. It is gloomy today.

The door opened and he followed the prestige. When he saw Qin yubai, he put down his coffee cup and stood up.

Facing the doctor who showed his unique skills, Qin yubai couldn’t help admiring him and said, “Dr. Qi, thank you very much. I’ve given the reward to your teacher. Help yourself.”

Qi Feiyun said after a moment of silence, “his memory will be briefly confused during this period. This is a normal reaction. Please don’t try to correct him.”

Before hypnosis, Qi Feiyun had communicated with Qin yubai.

“A person’s brain is a maze. After eradication, reconstruction may cause great damage to his subconscious. Generally speaking, he may become a fool. Can Mr. Qin bear such consequences?”

“No, I don’t want him to be like that.”

“Then I can only take another way to cover my memory.”

“What do you mean?”

“He will project all intimacy and attachment to you, and the protagonist in his memory will become you. Of course, there is no pain, only beauty.”

Qi Feiyun is really capable.

After waking up, Yan Shuang said he said he would take him to see the snow.

But Qin yubai clearly never said such a thing.

It should be Ji Yao’s promise.

It’s just a small thing.

Since he chose to accept it, Qin yubai had already made psychological preparations.

Yan Shuang is just a little dependent on Ji Yao after being lovelorn.

After all, it’s all because of him.

Moreover, from today on, Yan Shuang can only see him in his eyes.

They have started again. He should look forward. Yan Shuang will soon be on track from the brief chaos.

“I understand,” Qin yubai said calmly, “I hope no fourth person knows about it.”

“Mr. Qin can rest assured of this.”

Dr. Smith doesn’t just accept him in this regard. Qin yubai has nothing to say, that is, Qi Feiyun is also a Chinese, which makes him a little uneasy.

He asked Qi Feiyun what he meant by “sweet scented osmanthus tree” at last. Qi Feiyun told him that it was equivalent to a door that locked the whole maze. Without that door, Yan Shuang’s mind would fall into the confusion and conflict between old and new memories.

Qin yubai accepted this statement and remained vigilant.

Qi Feiyun is a Chinese. Once Yan Shuang has any problems, it is also convenient to find him to solve them.

Qin yubai sent Qi Feiyun out, went back to Yan Shuang’s room, knocked on the door, said a few words with Yan Shuang and was about to take Yan Shuang away.

“What’s the matter with the company?” Yan Shuang put on his shoes and yawned.

Hypnosis lasted for a long time. His brain left a new brand like Qi Feiyun said. Naturally, he would be depressed. Qin yubai looked distressed, hugged him in his arms and kissed him on his forehead. “It’s not a big deal.”

Yan Shuang leaned lazily in his arms and said, “those people are getting worse and worse as they get older. Brother, what are you polite to them?”

Qin yubai’s footsteps gave a slight pause, and his heart showed warmth uncontrollably.

That’s what he wants.

A man with only his eyes.

Qin yubai hugged Yan Shuang out of the room. Yan Shuang realized that they were no longer in the hotel. It seemed to be a manor.

There’s a bullshit in China. Yan Shuang guesses that Qin yubai is in such a hurry to go because he’s afraid Ji Yao will catch up. After all, this is not his territory. When he returns to China and puts people in Qin’s house, Qin yubai can really feel at ease.

Yan Shuang hugged Qin yubai and walked away without any objection.

It’s good to go back home. Go back home quickly.

The clouds rolled in the sky, and Yan Shuang couldn’t tell when it was now. He simply pulled Qin yubai’s arm.

Qin Yu was coldly pulled up by him, but Yan Shuang stared at his watch and said, “it’s almost 1 o’clock.”

He and Ji Yao left the suite at 9 a.m. and it’s almost four hours now.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Yu and Bai Dao.

Yan Shuang put down his arm and smiled, “a little hungry.”

Qin yubai shook his palm, “eat on the plane later.”

Ji Yao in the hotel was dark. He listened to the person in charge of the hotel apologizing and explaining that they had turned over all the surveillance videos. He really couldn’t find anyone.

“Mr. Ji, we speculate that people may have left from the back window of the bathroom.”

The person in charge carefully used the word “leave” instead of running away.

Ji Yao recognized the meaning of his words and gave him a deep look.

The person in charge was immediately cool at that glance and dared not speak again.

In fact, Ji Yao had been waiting for no one outside the bathroom for a long time. When he went in to find someone, he found that the moment when he disappeared was burning within five. Up to now, several hours have passed, and there is still no human shadow. He looked calm on the surface, but he was really anxious and was going crazy.

His heart is straightforward and strongly points to a person – Qin yubai.

The person in charge of the hotel refused to tell the whereabouts of another guest.

Ji Yao sat on the sofa in the VIP room of the hotel without saying anything. The people of the hotel stood around him, respectful and polite, and tight lipped.

His chest was like a wave, and the cold feeling came and went again and again.

He is a reef in the vast sea. A strong sense of loneliness spreads all over him. What’s more… Helplessness

“Far away.”

“Mom can’t bear you.”

“Would you like to die with your mother?”

He looked at those gentle and desperate eyes. He didn’t speak, but watched her out of his sight.

Since then, he has no mother.

The hand hanging on his side curled up slowly. He picked up the phone.

“It’s me.”

The surprised voice of the maid appeared on the phone, “young master, my God, why are you calling…”

“Is father there?”

Ji Yao interrupted.

“Sir is in the study. Just a moment.”

Ji Yao, with his mobile phone in his hand, looked like a statue that had lost its luster and vitality under the gaze of the public in the hotel.

A moment later, his familiar and strange voice rang out on the other end of the phone.

“What’s up?”

“I’m at the helilance hotel in Geneva. Yan’s twin is gone. I need help.”

Ji wensong listened quietly to the voice of his son from the receiver held by the servant.

Calm, peaceful and impetuous, there was no reluctance in his tone, not even the shame of bowing his head to his father for help.

He swallowed all his emotions and showed nothing but unemotional stability.

Ji wensong was writing in his hand. The nib was full and the ink was about to fall. He didn’t stop. He immediately wrote first. When he went down, he showed his sharpness and looked faint. While writing, he said, “wait, I’ll call someone to help you right away… Do you have any inference?”

“I met Qin yubai in the hotel. I suspect he took people away.”

“Oh, it’s possible that the Qin family is a little crazy,” Ji wensong said slowly after writing. “After finding someone, it’s not a big deal. Don’t hurt your harmony.”


“Anything else?”

“No more.”

When the phone hung up, the person in charge of the hotel only felt that the people sitting on the sofa were filled with an unspeakable sense of tragedy. He looked straight ahead, put one hand on one side of the sofa, his fingers bent slightly, and his face was so calm that they were all afraid.

However, ten minutes later, the door of the VIP room was knocked. It turned out that the person in charge of the local police station was followed by an Asian face in suits. The person in charge of the police station negotiated with the panicked hotel staff.

The man with Asian face came and greeted Ji Yao, “young master, sir, send me for your dispatch.”

Ji Yao nodded softly and didn’t speak.

A moment later, the person in charge of the hotel came in a cold sweat, “the guest who lives on the same floor with you checked out before your friend disappeared. We have no right to ask the whereabouts of the guest, so… We don’t know where he went.”

The person in charge of the police station: “Sir, we have mobilized all available surveillance to try our best to find the whereabouts of Mr. Qin.”

“Go to the airport,” Ji yaoleng said. “All airports are guarded by people, including places where private planes can take off.”

“OK, young master, I’ll do it right away.”

After everyone was busy, Ji Yao still sat quietly in the VIP room. The fireplace in front of him was burning. The flames jumped in his eyes and cast evil shadows.


He must have power.

Otherwise, he can’t protect anything.

There seemed to be a cry of surprise outside the window, and Ji Yao turned his face sharply.

——It’s snowing.


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