I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 81

The plane failed to take off.

The sudden heavy snow made the driver powerless. “Sir, the snow will get bigger and bigger. It’s too dangerous.”

Qin Yu’s white eyebrows tightened, but Yan Shuang around him smiled. He shook Qin Yu Bai’s hand and said, “it’s snowing. We finally see snow together.”

Qin yubai glanced at Yan Shuang with a happy face.

He really forgot everything.

His eyes are clear and bright. All the pain and sadness have passed, leaving only an innocent Yan Shuang who has never been hurt.

Qin yubai calmed down, stroked his face, lowered his head and touched his forehead, “what do you want to eat?”

Yan Shuang ordered a lot of dishes impolitely.

Qin yubai heard him name the dishes like a family treasure, which was fresh and wanton he had never seen before.

Yan Shuang said half, and his lips were pressed.

Yan Shuang hooked his neck and kissed him back without hesitation.

His tongue is lively and naughty, with the meaning of deliberate play, such as a flexible fish, which makes people feel happy.

Qin yubai kissed his lips heavily, “go, go back to dinner first.”

The snow fell quickly. When Qin yubai returned to the manor with Yan Shuang, the green plants in the manor had been covered with a shallow layer of snow.

As soon as Yan Shuang got off the bus, he happily shook Qin yubai’s hand, “brother, I want to play with snow!”

Qin yubai smiled and didn’t move. He let him shake his hand and said calmly, “eat first.”

The attendant behind him answered the phone and leaned against Qin yubai’s ear and whispered something.

Qin yubai’s face remained unchanged. “Don’t worry about him. Let him come.”

“What?” Yan Shuang asked.

Qin yubai lowered his head.

The snowflakes flew down in a hurry, turned into water vapor in the blink of an eye, hung on the thick eyelashes, and disappeared with a smile by the bright face.

“Your classmates are coming to play with you.”

Qin yubai said as he pulled Yan Shuang into the house.

“Classmate? Which classmate?”

“Ji Yao, remember?” Qin yubai said faintly.

In the original work, Qi Feiyun’s ability is against the sky. He can directly transform a person’s whole memory and cognition. All the things that have happened still exist in his mind, but he will change everything and brand it with the mark he wants to brand.

After Qi Feiyun’s hypnosis, Ji Yao should still exist in his memory.

But just as in the original book, Yan Shuang, after being hypnotized and brainwashed, projected all his love for Qin yubai and Ji Yao on Qi Feiyun.

Now, all his feelings for Ji Yao will be transferred to Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang pretended to think, frowned and said, “it seems that there is this man. I don’t know him well.”

When the door opened, the warm breath gushed out. Qin yubai said indifferently, “since you are not familiar, send him away later.”

It didn’t even snow in the yard.

After eating, Yan Shuang stood in front of the French window and watched the snow in the courtyard accumulate thicker and thicker. He looked back at Qin yubai sitting in front of the fireplace, “brother, can I go out and play?”

Qin yubai took a sip of cold wine, “when the snow stops, if you go out like this, you will catch cold if you get wet.”

Yan shuangshuanglu was unhappy, but he didn’t refute Qin yubai. He just turned his face angrily, lay down in front of the French window and looked at the courtyard outside.

The outside has been gradually covered with white. Qin yubai’s manor is much smaller than that in China. From the edge of the French window, you can see that the iron door at the door is facing a snow covered road.

The sudden heavy snow made the already empty streets more and more empty.

“Big brother -” Yan Shuang suddenly said excitedly, “a car is coming.”

He looked back at Qin yubai.

Qin yubai sat casually on the sofa, his left leg tilted above his right leg, one hand leaning on the back of the sofa behind him, and the flame in the fireplace jumped and reflected in his wine glass.

Qin yubai smiled faintly, “come here.”

Yan Shuang walked briskly past, his hands on the sofa, like a little fox running out of the snow, his eyes bright, “is my classmate coming?”

“It’s possible.”

Qin yubai patted his thigh, “come on.”

Yan Shuangwei hesitated, “it’s bad for the students to see.”

He said so, but he obediently sat on Qin yubai’s thigh, his hands naturally wrapped around Qin yubai’s neck, and a pair of big eyes flashed an attachment light.

“It doesn’t matter,” Qin yubai hugged him with one hand. “We are lovers. There’s nothing to hide.”

Yan Shuang heard the speech, his face was slightly red and lowered his head, “I didn’t mean that. I don’t know him well. How embarrassed.”

There was a muffled chuckle and the sound of ice crashing overhead.

A moment later, his chin was raised, his lips were covered by slightly cool lips, and the cold liquor passed to his mouth along the tip of his tongue. Shielding the pain, he could not even feel the spicy liquor, but only the mellow aroma remained between his lips and teeth.

After Qin yubai kissed him, he pinched his chin. “Drink some wine and strengthen your courage.”

Yan Shuang thought he was the one who had the courage to drink.

It’s impossible for Qin yubai to be afraid of Ji Yao. Qin yubai is afraid of whether Yan Shuang will remember.

Yan Shuang: don’t worry, tiezi, Xiaoji, who? I’m really unfamiliar.

Landing outside the window, the black vehicle has stopped at the iron gate.

The servant at the door came and reported, “Sir, a guest is coming.”

Qin yubai raised his hand, drank the remaining liquor in the cup, put down the glass, the glass made a “pop” on the table, and he said, “let him in.”

The servant opened the door and Ji Yao walked into the house with wind and snow. His steps were very urgent. He had walked straight to the sofa without waiting for the servant to lead the way.

From the side of the three side ring sofa entering the door, you can only see two people sitting together. When Ji Yao walked to the front, his footsteps suddenly stopped.

Yan Shuang sat in Qin yubai’s arms and was fiddling with a button of Qin yubai’s shirt with his fingers.

Qin yubai stretched out his hand and held his hand. “Why don’t you say hello when the classmate comes?”

He lowered his head slightly and spoke to Yan Shuang in a tone of intimacy and affection.

Yan Shuang raised his face. He saw Ji Yao.

Ji Yao wore their windbreaker of the same color without a scarf. His ears were a little red with cold. He exhaled white mist from his lips and looked at him with fixed eyes.

Yan Shuang found that he couldn’t understand Ji Yao’s eyes now.

Grow up again.

“Hello, what a coincidence. You’re also coming to Switzerland.”

Ji Yao’s pupil shrinks suddenly.

The person in front of him is indeed Yan Shuang. He has Yan Shuang’s face, has Yan Shuang’s voice, and his voice is also Yan Shuang’s, but the content of his words and his attitude towards him are so alienated and strange.

Yan Shuang seemed to be shy after greeting him. His face turned red. He turned and buried himself in Qin yubai’s shoulder, hugged Qin yubai tightly, and whispered, “it’s so embarrassing. Drive him away.”

Qin yubai patted him on the back, smiled at the corners of his mouth, looked coldly at Ji Yao, and said softly, “you go up first.”

Yan Shuang came down from Qin yubai, and the rabbit ran upstairs.

From beginning to end, Ji Yao didn’t say a word, and his expression didn’t fluctuate.

After Yan Shuang’s figure disappeared in sight, he looked at Qin yubai and said coldly, “what did you do to him?”

Qin yubai didn’t feel the obvious anger in Ji Yao’s tone. He picked up the wine bottle on the table, poured half a glass of wine for himself, took a sip and said, “you look like your father.”

Ji Yao was still not angered.

“He doesn’t know me anymore,” Ji Yao said calmly. “I don’t remember bringing him to Switzerland.”

“See why snow wants to go to Switzerland,” Qin yubai said with great interest. “With your blood, you should prefer Mount Fuji.”

Ji Yao: “you treat him like this because he looks like Qin Qing?”

The atmosphere was frozen for a moment.

This is a secret that only the two of them know.

Even when Ji Yao took Yan Guofu out to attack him, they tacitly ignored this point.

Qin yubai is dead. Ji Yao can’t mention it.

He didn’t expect Ji Yao to say so.

“And you?” Qin yubai soon calmed down. “Why do you treat him differently? Don’t think I don’t know anything. What do you think he is?”

They looked at each other and put all their common weaknesses on the table, stabbing each other.

In the past, Ji Yao might do something or vent his anger, but today he did nothing. He reached out and patted the water stains left by the melting snow on his skirt, turned indifferently, but went directly upstairs.

Qin yubai was slightly stunned and immediately put the wine cup and followed up.

Yan Shuangzheng stood in front of the glass window at the end of the corridor on the second floor.

His figure is thin and slender, like a devout believer in prayer in front of the arched window.

Hearing the movement behind him, he turned his face. There was heavy snow behind him. He looked puzzled, “why did you come up?”

Ji Yao looked at the falling snowflakes and precautions in his eyes behind him, silent as the sea.

Immediately, Yan Shuang’s eyes lit up. He waved, “brother, come and see the snow.”

Qin yubai breathed evenly, walked past Ji Yao’s side and came to Yan Shuang with a smile. Yan Shuang immediately took his hand. He pulled Qin yubai’s hand with his hands. The expression on his face came down at ease. He turned his face to avoid Ji Yao’s eyes and said to Qin yubai, “why hasn’t he gone yet?”

The corridor was too quiet. Although his voice was low, it fell to Ji Yao’s ears accurately.

He looked at Qin yubai and kissed Yan Shuang’s side face. He said carelessly, “he’ll go right away. Brother, watch the snow with you.”

“I also want to ski.”

“Brother, can you ski?”

“Yes, I’ll teach you then.”

“I really want to see the snow mountain…”

Yan bilaterally said, burying his face into Qin yubai’s shoulder, “I’m so bored. How can he stand there and watch…”

Qin yubai turned his face and looked at Ji Yao with a smile.

Feng Shui took turns. Today Yan Shuang finally stood beside him. That taste… Even if he paid a big price, he felt it was worth it.

“Ji Yao, I won’t send it.”

Ji Yao didn’t go. He walked forward slowly. With his approach, Yan Shuang also moved. He hid behind Qin yubai.

“Yan Shuang,” Ji Yao said, “I’m your friend.”

Yan Shuang only showed a pair of eyes from Qin yubai’s shoulder. Those eyes were clean without a trace of dirt, but they were completely strange to Ji Yao.

“Qin yubai, he doesn’t love you at all. He’s just using you.”

His voice fell, and Yan Shuang even shrank his eyes. He stretched out an arm with a sharp voice in a trembling voice, “you go, I hate you, you go!”

The sharp ending made Yan Shuang and Qin yubai frown at the same time.

Qin yubai gave Ji Yao a warning look, turned back and held Yan Shuang in his arms, “well, baby, don’t be afraid, he’s drunk and talking nonsense. How can I not love you? Well, don’t cry…”

“Get out -” Qin yubai turns back and glares at Ji Yao, “you are not welcome here.”

“Yes, get out!”

Yan Shuang, buried in Qin yubai’s arms, raised his face.

As expected, he cried, two or three tears on his face, and anger filled his eyes.

“Who is your friend!”

It was still snowing in the courtyard. Ji Yao took a few steps and felt soaked. The cold snow water slid down his neck into his chest. The water stains were as cold as snake letters.

He stood in the courtyard, turned back and looked up.

The glass window on the second floor reflected white light. He could only vaguely see the two people hugging each other.

“Will we be good friends for life?”


He didn’t break his promise. He watched the snow with him.

Ji Yao turned his face and walked towards the black vehicle parked on the roadside.

The cold temperature entered the car with Ji Yao, and the man in the back seat said, “young master, didn’t anyone bring it back?”

Ji Yao gave a “um”.

The people around him couldn’t see his joy and anger, so they had to ask, “do you need me to do anything else?”

“Shut up.”

The people around him were stunned, but the young master glanced at him and said faintly, “I need you to shut up.”

The car was so quiet that I couldn’t even hear my breath.

He seems to travel through time and space and return to the eyes of the “East Asian bastard” who came to Switzerland from Tokyo many years ago.

It’s like… They want something at all costs.


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