I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 82

It snowed all night and finally stopped in the morning.

Qin Yu Bai liche took Yan Shuang on the plane to return home.

Yan Shuang stared at the clouds outside the window in a daze.

The hand falling on one side was gently grasped, and the voice of guilt came to my ears, “next time I’ll take you out skiing when I’ve arranged my work, okay?”

Yan Shuang: hehe, next time, the next time in the dream.

“It doesn’t matter,” Yan Shuang twisted his face, full of understanding. “Brother’s work is important, I understand.”

Qin yubai gently squeezed his hand and felt an unprecedented relaxation in his heart.

He didn’t worry about what Ji Yao would find out. He did everything without leakage. Even if Ji Yao probably guessed the problem, he couldn’t help it.

It’s done. Yan Shuang is his.

The rest is to get everything back on track and move forward in the direction he wants.

Back home, the plane landed. Wei Yichen and several secretaries of the company came to pick up the plane.

Qin yubai had a lot of work. He took a few days to bring Yan Shuang back. Now he piled up his work into a mountain. When he got off the plane, he took the documents in Wei Yichen’s hand first.

Wei Yichen confesses what happened in the company these two days while walking. Yu Guang inadvertently sweeps Yan Shuang on Qin yubai’s side.

Yan Shuang’s hand was hanging on Qin yubai’s arm and followed his footsteps. He looked clever and quiet.

“OK, I see,” Qin yubai closed the document, opened the door himself before Wei Yichen went to pull the door, and said to Yan Shuang holding his hand, “watch your head.”

Yan Shuang gave a “um” sound. Under the protection of Qin yubai’s arm, he first drilled into the car and watched Qin yubai get on the car.

Wei Yichen closed the door and walked towards the front seat.

The back is talking.

Yan Shuang’s voice was very soft and low. A burst of slight laughter came. The unconscious intimacy atmosphere spread to the front seat. It was warm and dispersed the coolness of early autumn.

Wei Yichen sat calm and calm. He was only curious about one thing: what’s Yan Shuang’s idea?

He vaguely heard Yan Shuang call Qin yubai – “big brother”.

The tone is gentle and affectionate.

The rearview mirror shows the back of the head.

Yan Shuang half leaned against Qin yubai’s arms, pulled the shirt button with his fingers, and pushed the button back hard, tossing and playing back and forth.

“How did you add such a new hobby?” Qin yubai smiled

Yan Shuang smiled but didn’t speak. He only looked at him with tender eyes.

Qin yubai saw his eyes and felt very useful. Holding Yan Shuang’s hand, he bowed his head and kissed him gently.

When the car arrived at Qin’s house, Wei Yichen came out and opened the door. Qin Yu reached out to the car after getting off the car, but Yan Shuang didn’t give him his hand. “You take me off the car.”

Qin yubai was slightly stunned and quickly adapted. He bent over and hugged him while saying, “the more you live, the more you go back.”

Yan Shuang was picked up by him, narrowed his eyes and played with his button. His tone was a little arrogant. “It’s not that he didn’t hold me,” he pulled the button in his hand, “don’t you dare to let them see?”

Qin yubai didn’t think there was anything wrong. He walked forward with a meteor in his arms and threw the man up, “what am I afraid of?”

When the driver got off the bus, he saw the housekeeper standing beside the car and whispered, “housekeeper Wei, what’s the matter?”

He shouted twice, and the housekeeper returned to his senses with a cold look, “nothing.”

The work was all piled up in the study. Qin Yu started working without changing his white clothes.

Until late at night, the accumulated work was finally handled. Qin yubai sent someone to send off the Secretary and said to Wei Yichen, “you’ve worked hard these two days.”

“It’s not hard, just stay in the company and barely take care of it.” The housekeeper did not take credit and nodded gently to the employer.

“Did I show you my apartment?”

“Several qualified have been selected.”

“Let me see.”

After a long work, Qin yubai sat at his desk and looked through the folders carefully, looking at the orientation and lighting from the lot to the bedroom.

Finally, he chose a place.


Wei Yichen took a look at the past, which was the highest comprehensive score and the most expensive of the several alternative apartments he selected.

Because the location is extremely superior, the unit price per square meter has reached the ceiling of the city’s real estate.

“OK, I’ll finish it tomorrow.”

“Don’t use the name of the company,” Qin Yu rubbed his eyebrows and stood up, “just buy it under Yan Shuang’s name.”

The action of closing the folder paused, “OK.”

“Has the gambler signed the agreement to give up adoption?”

“Already signed.”

“Well,” Qin Yu Bai Wei paused, “you do it. Don’t pass or disturb Yan Shuang. If you encounter difficulties in the procedure, report to me.”


Qin yubai left the study. Wei Yichen still stood in place. There was an indescribable strange feeling in his heart.

Qin yubai went to Switzerland.

Because Ji Yao took Yan Shuang to Switzerland.

Of course that makes sense.

Based on his understanding of the employer, he would never let go of his favorite people and rob them.

People even brought it back… It’s so much trouble in the company… But they came back together as if nothing had happened.

It may also make sense.

Who knows what game Yan Shuang wants to play?

He remembered Yan Shuang saying that he was “almost” to Qin yubai.

Strangely, there was too much calm between the two.

What Qin yubai asked him to do: buy an apartment and cut off the relationship between Yan Shuang and his adoptive father. These two things are to settle down for Yan Shuang and make a life for Yan Shuang.

It’s reasonable for me to do these two things.

Qin yubai can’t do business at a loss.

Unless he is extremely sure, even if he gives Yan Shuang the capital to settle down, Yan Shuang will not leave him.

Wei Yichen frowned lightly. He would never believe that his employer was so stupid.

Even if you don’t know Yan Shuang’s true face, Qin yubai shouldn’t be so careless with Yan Shuang’s stubborn face in front of Qin yubai.

Wei Yichen pushed open the door of the study and heard a voice faintly coming from the corridor. He turned his face. At the door of the master bedroom, Yan Shuangzheng stood in front of Qin yubai. He was wearing loose pajamas, holding Qin yubai’s waist, looked up and pecked his lips.

Qin yubai stretched out his hand to lift his slightly longer forehead, “hungry?”

“I’m not hungry,” Yan Shuang chin cushioned Qin yubai’s chest, “I’m afraid you’re hungry.”

“You’ve been busy since you came back. You don’t have time to eat.”

Qin yubai has long been used to this kind of high-intensity work. When he works, he never takes care of any signal sent by the stomach organ. He is often too hungry and doesn’t feel hungry. He falls asleep. When he eats breakfast the next day, he has a stomachache and remembers that he didn’t eat dinner the night before.

He’s used to it.

Just walked into the bedroom, but was pushed out one by one, and asked him to have supper with him.

Qin yubai stroked Yan Shuang’s face, bowed his head and kissed his eyebrows, “OK, have supper together.”

It’s time for him to form a new habit.

They went downstairs with each other.

Wei Yichen stood in the dark like a ghost.

It was dark downstairs. Qin yubai wanted to turn on the light and was stopped by Yan Shuang. “Sneaking is fun.”

Qin yubai chuckled, “where’s fun?”

“There’s a thrill of stealing, don’t you think?” Yan Shuang held his arm and his eyes were shining in the dark. Qin yubai didn’t know he had such a naughty side, so he lowered his voice, “is that so?”

Yan Shuang puffed a smile, then “booed” again, “be careful, don’t be caught by them.”

They held hands and sweated a little in their palms. Qin yubai cooperated with Yan Shuang and walked gently and carefully with him into the kitchen.

The kitchen was clean and tidy, the servants cleaned up neatly, and the huge marble countertop was empty and tidy.

Qin yubai is still playing the role of “stealing food”, whispering: “what if there’s nothing to eat?”

“Look at me.”

Yan Shuang accurately opened a hidden cabinet, took out bread from it, and shook slightly at Qin yubai, “Dangdang –”

“How do you know there’s something hidden here?” Qin yubai was so interested that he didn’t even know his master.

Yan Shuang gently tore open the plastic package of the bread and asked, “these are used by the servants in the kitchen to satisfy their hunger.”

He took a bite and smiled, “it’s delicious. You can have a breath, too.”

Qin yubai ate supper after work for the first time, but he only ate instant bread. The bread body was very solid. When it entered the mouth, the original sweetness of starch quickly spread in the taste buds.

Very simple taste.

It’s hardly delicious.

Qin yubai looked at the beautiful outline in the dark, suddenly hugged Yan Shuang’s waist and kissed him deeply.

Yan Shuang was stunned for a moment and kissed back quickly.

The sweetness filled the air, and Qin yubai was still reluctant to part with the kiss.

Vulgar to say, he realized a taste called “happiness” from this instant bread.

That’s it. He will be very good to Yan Shuang. Everything in the past has disappeared. The past can’t be traced. Their future will be very good and good.

“Do you want any more?”


The two of them ate a piece of bread one by one. Yan Shuang choked on his chest and said with a smile, “it’s too dry.”

Qin Yu only smiled on his white face and gently stared at Yan Shuang at the moment.

Yan Shuang can see from Qin yubai’s expression and the emotional line in the background that Qin yubai is very satisfied at this time.

More satisfied than the corresponding Yan Shuang in the original work when he was willing to be his lover.

This is what he has lost and painstakingly robbed from others.

They have experienced on and off, and now what they have is more precious.

Yan Shuang smiled and went to fiddle with the buttons on Qin Yu’s white-collar mouth.

Qin yubai let him untie the button. When he wanted to button it, he grabbed his wrist and looked at him deeply. The flowing information was clear at a glance.

Yan Shuang smiled, but pulled out his wrist, turned to the cooking table and said, “boil another glass of milk. It’s too dry. I want to drink milk.”

His waist was held by his arm, and his back leaned against the marble platform. Qin yubai pressed him tightly, and his body was close to him. His eyes touched Yan Shuang’s forehead, eyes and nose as if they were real, and finally fell on his lips. His voice was low, “are you sure?”

“Well, the milk you cooked for me last time was very delicious,” Yan Shuang hooked his neck, looked at Qin Yu’s white and stiff face and smiled like flowers, “if you cook milk for me…”

Are you happy?

If you are so happy, you should not feel pain when stabbing.

“… I’ll show you my little skirt again.”


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