I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 84

He knew nothing about the real Yan Shuang.

Qin yubai, who was bitten by his teeth, thought foolishly.

After the wound exposed from the shirt collar was found, Yan Shuang’s face was distressed, but his eyes were shining with excitement. He said, “how’s it hurt? It’s pathetic. Let me heal you.”.

Qin Yu Bai lowered his eyes.

The glasses had been taken off and put aside, and the round big eyes were slightly picked up at the end of their eyes, flashing a bright and pure light, which was totally inconsistent with what he was doing.

From the forehead to the tip of the nose, the beautiful and full curve can be seen from the perspective of overlooking. This is undoubtedly a pure face. The snow-white sharp teeth clip the dark metal zipper down slowly, and the bright red tip of the tongue looms out.

The metal zipper is crisp and separated from the teeth.

Yan Shuangshuang sat in his arms again, hooked his neck, turned his face, licked his ears, and smiled low.

Qin yubai has never heard Yan Shuang laugh like this.

The body and mind seem to be split.

The brain constantly sends out negative signals such as shock, anger and complaint.

The body is in high spirits – more aggressive than any reaction.

Qin yubai sat stiffly all the time. When Yan Shuang went to unbutton his shirt, he finally couldn’t help reaching out and hugging Yan Shuang’s waist.

Hold him tight or push him down?

Between hesitation, the shirt was ripped off his shoulder.

Qin yubai raised his face, and his eyes were already overwhelmed with amazement.

Yan Shuang untied only half of his buttons and tore away his shirt like impatience. The half opened shirt hung in Qin yubai’s bent arm.

His eyes gently swept the smooth muscles, his fingers traced along the edge of the bruises, Yan Shuang raised his eyes and said in a dreamy tone, “does it hurt?”

Qin yubai didn’t say a word. His arm was stiff. He didn’t know whether to close it or release it.

He seemed to be trapped in a fog. He didn’t know whether his foot would step into heaven or hell.

The soft palm pressed down hard on the wound. Qin yubai snorted stiffly and frowned slightly.

Yan Shuang’s expression suddenly showed surprise and confusion, “brother, don’t you even like this?”

Qin yubai: ”

He can now confirm that there is always one thing he didn’t lie to him – he did have sex with someone else.

Yan Shuang pretended not to understand Qin Yu’s anger in his white eyes, bowed his head and kissed his lips.

Qin yubai gently twisted his head and locked his eyebrows.

Yan Shuang: is this still the arrogant bully he knows? How does it feel like he’s flirting with a good family woman and man?

Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and pinched Qin yubai’s chin.

Qin yubai doesn’t need him to twist. He has twisted it very cooperatively. At the same time, he looks at him fixedly. If his eyes can speak, there must be dirty words in it now.

Yan Shuang raised his eyebrows and kissed him with his head down.

Absolute strength.

Absolute control.

His chin was tightly twisted.

The tongue made an extremely aggressive mark in his mouth.

After a sleepless night, with high emotional and mental confusion and physical injury, Qin yubai didn’t mention the idea of resistance at all.

While being controlled… It seems that you don’t have to think about anything.

All along, he has always been the absolute leader and master. Everything needs his decision, and he has never been led.

The savage tongue suddenly became gentle again, and the short hair on the back of his head was touched equally gently, but he pulled again at the moment of his relaxation.

The tingling sensation suddenly slipped from the scalp like lightning, and the tip of the tongue also felt the stimulation.

“Help me take it off…” Yan Shuang kissed his lips, with a hint of command in his tone, “be gentle.”

Qin yubai clearly remembered that he had set a trap for Yan Shuang. At that time, he thought he was tricking the ignorant lamb into a trap.

Now, he finally understood that it was he who fell into the trap.

The long white legs fell loosely, but the toes were tight.

Wild and hurried.

The fog opened, but what opened inside were gorgeous cannibals, sharp teeth and diffuse blood, swallowing their favorite prey.

Qin yubai raised his head and locked his eyes on Yan Shuang’s face. His expression was so moving that it was crazy.

“Pa -”

The slightly hot palm gave him a slap.

Before Qin yubai could react, the hair on his head was caught again. Yan Shuang held his whole head in his arms and buried it in the warm and fragrant skin.

“Kiss me…”

The low call has its own magic.

You just obey.

——As long as you obey, he will take you to heaven.


Yan Shuang sat in Qin yubai’s arms, took his reddish face and kissed him lazily. He skillfully said, “brother, do you feel much more relaxed?”

In the past hour, Qin yubai was slapped again. There is no doubt that his hair was torn off a lot. The injury caused by the fight last night was even worse, and his thigh was almost numb.

He said expressionless, “well.”

Yan Shuang said, “how did you get hurt? Did anyone hit you?”

Qin yubai didn’t want to talk more, “go on, there are a lot of things in the company today.”


Yan Shuang was obedient again. He stood up and put on his trousers. He lifted his trouser legs and said, “where did you put the things I bought for you last time? It’s troublesome to wash like this.”

Qin yubai sat on the hard chair all night. Just now he had a high-intensity exercise in this chair. When he was sore all over, he helped him down and said, “what?”

Yan Shuang glanced sideways at him.

They looked at each other. Yan Shuang narrowed his eyes. “Brother, you are good or bad.”

Qin yubai: ”

“I bought the largest size,” Yan Shuang said, putting on his trousers. “Your size.”

Yan Shuang leaned over and, as if nothing had happened, gave Qin yubai a loud “Bo” on his side.

“It’s a great day. I love you.”

The figure turned and floated away.

He is indeed like a butterfly, falling, picking honey and then flying away to find the next sweet flower.

Qin yubai suddenly realized that he had planned to get Yan Shuang who loved him wholeheartedly, and for Yan Shuang, perhaps the word “love” was scattered everywhere like no money.

He sat in his study in a mess, like a virgin deprived of his virginity.

Damn it, his first time was with Yan Shuang.


Was it the first time for Yan Shuang?

At that time, Yan Shuang was really green, but who knows if that green was the externalization of his excellent acting skills?

Forget it, it doesn’t matter anymore.

Qin yubai knocked down the table with his fist.

“Fuck –”

The study door was pushed open.

Qin yubai raised his eyes fiercely.

It was Yan Shuang who returned. He looked innocent. “Brother, did you just say dirty words? We are civilized people and can’t say dirty words.”

Qin yubai: “…”

Qin yubai: “what’s up?”

“I want to remind you that you are going to be late for work,” Yan Shuang tilted his head, “and why is housekeeper Wei missing?”

“He’s dead.”

Yan Shuang: ”

“Did you call the police?” Yan Shuang soft channel.

“It has been dragged away.”

Yan Shuang: talk nonsense seriously.

Is Qin yubai over stimulated and confused?

“Oh…” Yan Shuang pretended to believe, “brother, do you want me to accompany you to work?”

“No.” Qin yubai said stiffly.

Yan Shuang pouted wrongfully, “why? Brother, do you hate me? Did I go too far just now? You obviously liked me to call you a dog before…”

“Shut up -”

Yan Shuang: good. Dare to hurt him. He’s going to start to cry.

The previously charming eyes were filled with water mist.

It’s like crying.

Tears drop by drop.

“Did I do anything wrong?”

“I just want you to be happy.”

“I only like you.”

Get to the point, alone.

He advised him not to be unkind.

Isn’t that what he wants?

“Well,” Qin yubai twisted his face, took a deep breath and said slowly, “don’t cry.”

Yan Shuang was still singing and pretending to be poor by the door frame at the door.

Qin yubai stood up and hung his shirt loosely on his body. He walked to the door. After hesitating for half a minute, he still reached out and gently rubbed Yan Shuang’s hair top.

In any case, Yan Shuang is wholehearted to him now.

The heart was half painful and half happy. It was almost torn into two valves.

Qin yubai whispered, “listen to me more in the future. Don’t be too assertive. Do you know?”


At least Yan Shuang is clever now.

Qin yubai said to himself.

“But just now, brother Mingming was also very happy…”

The word “shut up” turned around his mouth for a long time without saying anything. Qin yubai gently covered his mouth and said to Yan Shuang’s flickering eyes, “take a bath and eat.”

Yan Shuang blinked and agreed.

Qin Yu and Bai Song opened their hands and Yan Shuang said, “brother, don’t you like the posture just now…”

Qin Yu’s white head hurt and wanted to crack. He didn’t want to argue. “I like it. It’s good and cool.” he pointed out with his hand. “Now go take a bath and eat.”

Yan Shuang: after the torture, I am satisfied.

The secretary group in the company saw Yan Shuang hanging in Qin yubai’s arms again. He looked calm on the surface and said in his heart: Your Majesty, you have finally returned to your loyal territory.

A man who can slap his boss, tell him to die, force his boss to confess in public, follow other men, and come back with his boss’s hand.

Isn’t it too much to say “Your Majesty”?

Qin yubai has handled most of the backlog of work at home. There are still things to do in the company. Wei Yichen was opened by him again. He is even more busy. After settling Yan Shuang in his office, he quickly put into work first.

In this regard, Yan Shuang deeply sympathized: their enthusiasm for work is the same!

The secretary who accompanied him was still the same.

Yan Shuang exchanged eyes with her, picked his eyebrows and said, “play with mobile phones?”

The secretary was overjoyed. “I brought switch today!”

Yan Shuang: “how many did you bring?”

The Secretary said: “… One.”

“Now buy one and deliver it to the door,” Yan Shuang waved his big hand and said lazily, “hang it on your general ledger.”

Secretary: of course, your majesty!

When Yan Shuang was having a good time playing the game, he received a text message from Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen wants to meet him.

The location is in the cafe near qinyubai company.

It’s a brave artist.

But it is true that often the most dangerous places are also the safest places.

Yan Shuang put down the game console and said to the Secretary, “I’ll buy a cup of coffee downstairs.”

The Secretary hurriedly said, “I’ll just go.”

“How can I ask a lady to help me?” Yan Shuang got up, “what are you drinking?”

The Secretary stammered and refused. Just about to stand up, Yan Shuang waved and pressed, “don’t worry, if he dares to have any opinion on you, I’ll slap him with a big mouth.”

Secretary: “…” Your Majesty’s majesty is really convincing!

Go out and turn right to the coffee shop. As soon as Yan Shuang went in, he saw the man sitting in the middle.

Wei Yichen is still dressed up as a housekeeper, with a suit and tie. There is a slight bruise on his right cheek, and a band aid is pasted on his cheekbones, which makes him look a little less stable and more casual outside the template.

It was like a glimpse of his reckless youth.

Wei Yichen raised his eyes. He obviously saw Yan Shuang at the door and raised his hand.

Yan Shuang walked slowly and didn’t sit down. “What are you looking for me?”

His attitude is alienated and strange.

Wei Yichen felt strange when he saw Yan Shuang returning home yesterday. Yan Shuang’s small actions, words and deeds to Qin yubai were like he had done to him. Up to now, when he saw Yan Shuang who seemed to be completely unfamiliar with him, his strange feeling reached the top.

“I was fired,” he said

Yan Shuangwei nodded and slightly frowned. “Elder brother said you were dead,” he raised his eyes and looked at Wei Yichen with reproach. “Did you make elder brother angry? You hit the wound on elder brother, didn’t you?”

Wei Yichen listened to him one by one. There was no expression on his face, but his heart sank slowly.

Qin yubai didn’t let him participate in whole trip to Switzerland.

He also felt strange that since Qin yubai’s headstrong personality had relieved his doubts about him, there was no need to avoid him.

Now it seems that Qin yubai doesn’t doubt him, but doesn’t want to be known by more people at all.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang is defending Qin yubai.

The hands hanging under the table curled up slowly.

It’s not like Yan Shuangtai. It’s like… Being brainwashed

“Puff –” Yan Shuang laughed, his fist covered his lips, he sat down with a smile, picked up the coffee in front of Wei Yichen and smelled it casually, “I know I don’t drink coffee and I’m about to meet here, but points will be deducted.”

Gently put down the coffee cup, Yan Shuang raised his eyes, looked at Wei Yichen with flashing eyes, and said softly, “look, you’re scared. Your little face is white. Come on, come and have a look.”

Wei Yichen looked relaxed. Although he didn’t know what had happened, he silently put his face together.

Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and slid over the bruise on his cheek. He gently opened the wound patch on his cheek and saw a faint blood stain. Yan Shuang looked at him.

Wei Yichen’s heart experienced ups and downs in a short moment. At this time, his heart just recovered smoothly. He said faintly: “the cuff link is scratched a little.”

“… really,” Yan Shuang didn’t feel much distressed in his tone. He pasted the wound stick to him again and patted hard, “it’s up to the owner to beat a dog.”

Wei Yichen was silent.

Yan Shuang gently stirred the coffee with a spoon and said, “what are your plans in the future?”


“New job,” Yan Shuang raised his coffee cup and took a sip. He immediately frowned. He didn’t pretend. He really didn’t like to drink this shit. It was too bitter. “He should have found a place.”

With Wei Yichen’s working ability, he can receive countless olive branches every minute.

“It’s settled.”

Sure enough.

“From now on, I want to work for only one person.”

Yan Shuang stirred the coffee. He raised his eyes and looked at Wei Yichen. When he found that he was serious, he sneered, “I have no money to pay you.”

Wei Yichen smiled faintly.

This is his first smile today.

He stretched out his hand, held Yan Shuang’s hand hanging on the table, drew it close to his lips, looked down under Yan Shuang’s gaze, and kissed gently on the back of his soft hand, “you have paid.”


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