I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 85

The cafe was very quiet. Yan Shuang stared at the gentle face and smiled. He gently took back his hand, “I refuse.”

Want to be his retreat until he has nothing and is black and blue?

Yan Shuang has figured it out. In fact, sometimes things are the same in reverse.

Why can’t Wei Yichen be the one who is broken irreparably?

He would make him desperate, and had to kneel at his feet and beg for mercy and a little pity.

Sure enough, he still couldn’t accept changing his plan because of the plot characters.

Now that his work and his plan have been done well at the beginning, no one can waver.

Yan Shuang pushed aside his chair and stood up with a quiet smile. He reached out and gently scraped Wei Yichen’s side face, lifted it slightly on his chin and said softly, “I don’t need waste.”

His eyes moved, and his eyes scraped across his face without nostalgia. Together with Yan Shuang, he left like the wind.

Wei Yichen almost felt real pain.

He is worthless in his eyes.

Even if he gave everything, he still scoffed and laughed. Don’t take out such a little rag to make a fool of yourself.

It was trampled on.

Even the other party doesn’t get any fun from this behavior.

It’s like stepping on a piece of gum stuck to the ground.

Just tired of getting rid of it.

Wei Yichen gently lowered his eyelashes. His face was reflected in the bitter dark liquid, like another person and another pair of eyes.

They stared at each other and laughed at each other.

So he really smiled.

“Pay the bill.”

Before the end of the holiday, Qin yubai recruited a new housekeeper, who is a kind grandpa with a smile set in ancient novels.

In the company, Wei Yichen’s role is equivalent to that of a deputy. There are a lot of standby candidates behind him. Qin yubai picked a steady first and finally put all his work and life on the right track.

Now the only derailment is… Qin yubai looks at Yan Shuang with complex eyes.

Yan Shuang leaned against the bed, revealing half of his white shoulders. The lines and curves of his body were as beautiful as a poem from any angle.

Red lips gently held a thin cigar and spit out a mouthful of smoke. He was smiling at him with a soft voice, “brother, you are getting better and better.”

Yan Shuang reached out and frivolously stroked Qin yubai’s arm.

He didn’t coax Qin yubai.

Qin yubai belongs to the development type. He has made progress again and again, and his return is more ecstatic.

Qin yubai was silent. He didn’t know Yan Shuang would smoke.

Even he didn’t have time to taste the cigars in the study. Yan Shuang took them away with sharp eyes.

Looking at Yan Shuang’s skilled posture, I knew that he didn’t smoke for the first time.

Yan Shuang finished smoking half of his cigar, put out his cigar, turned his head and leaned over to kiss him, and passed the cigar through Qin yubai. Qin yubai always coughed by him.

Yan Shuang laughed, “brother, you are so stupid.”

Qin Yu Bai Mu coughed from side to side with a face.

Yan Shuang saw that he coughed red in the face, rolled over and pressed his shoulder, stretched out his hand to pinch his cheek and kissed him deeply.

Qin yubai’s mood is very complicated.

He never thought that after hypnosis, Yan Shuang, who had only him in his eyes and projected all good feelings on him, would be like this.

Enthusiasm, intensity, debauchery

Suffering from inner anger, but I can’t help being tempted

Only now did he know that kissing was so fierce that it was enough to ignite every drop of blood in his blood vessels.

Before, he and Yan Shuang could only play house in bed.

Under the guidance of Yan Shuang, Qin yubai sometimes even feels like an inexperienced little boy.

His lips were gently stroked by his thumb. Qin yubai looked up. He saw Yan Shuang sweating, a faint blush on his white face, and his eyes blurred as if he were dreaming.

He narrowed his eyes and smiled. He held his face and praised: “brother, you did a good job…”

This is indeed a dream.

Yan turns off the lights every night.

Qin yubai choked again. A slight tingling sensation in his throat pulled him back to reality. Before he frowned and thought, Yan Shuang jumped up again and pecked his cheek.

“I love you.”

While in a trance, Qin yubai suddenly thought: who does he love to death?

Wei Yichen? Or… Others?

At the end of the carnival on the last night of the holiday, Yan Shuang lazily didn’t want to move. First, he was coquettish. After Qin yubai didn’t respond, he climbed up the mountain on Qin yubai’s back with his feet, step by step, and laughed when he climbed to Qin yubai’s head.

“Crazy enough?”

Qin yubai turned back and grabbed his ankle.

Yan Shuang giggled, his chest slowly undulating, “that’s enough.”

Just now, the indescribable plot of the background display and Qin yubai has been finished.

Although the timeline is still far from the specified 66 days, it is obvious that they cooperate with tacit understanding and brush very hard. The amount of 66 days of the original plot only takes half the time to brush enough plot points.

Yan Shuang was carried to the bathroom by Qin yubai.

He taught Qin yubai how to clean him.

Afterwards, he rewarded Qin yubai with a kiss.

“Hard work.”

This is the last kiss between them.

The next day, at the end of the holiday, Yan Shuang wanted to go back to school. The old housekeeper sent him.

“Sir said you would not stay in the future. Today, he cleaned up everything in the dormitory. He bought you an apartment where you can live.”

Yan Shuang smiled vaguely, “OK.”

“Is the property in my name?”

“This… Doesn’t seem to be.”

The old housekeeper was a little embarrassed.


penny pincher.

Yan Shuang snorted coldly, but Xiao Ji had enough oil and water.

After Xiaoji came to the door in Switzerland, he specially checked the backstage. Ji wensong donated $5 million to the welfare home at one go.

Whether to say it or not, Ji wensong is very tired of being a father. It’s very happy to make money.

Pure coin scattering.

Yan Shuang got out of the car and entered the school. As he walked, he made his work plan.

Qin yubai can’t describe that it’s full. The ordinary plot of body abuse and heart abuse and the emotional line are only a little short. After the double is revealed, it should be full directly.

Ji Yao brushes a lot of ordinary plot points, which cannot be described. The plot points are blank, and the emotional line is poor.

Yan Shuang made the idea of finally brushing Ji Yao’s plot point from the beginning.

A year later, Qin Qing had an accident with his kidney. At that time, he donated his cornea together. The next day, he was discharged from the hospital and waited for someone to pick him up. He could directly complete the task. Bye bye. Bye. Never see him again – perfect.

The housekeeper, the doctor, the boxer, and the three of them went to brush when he was in a “friend” relationship with Ji Yao.

In fact, Sheng Guangming’s plot is the best.

It’s love anyway.

Unfortunately, Sheng Guangming is now on a global tour and has no time to return home.

When he finishes painting Qi Feiyun’s, it’s time for Sheng Guangming to retire and return home.

He has made good arrangements. Wei Yichen has to add any chaos.

Unconsciously, Yan Shuang has reached the gate of the dormitory. Yan Shuang found that many settings in the world are basically to serve the plot. As long as he and Ji Yao brush important plots in the dormitory, the roommate will not be there.

Yan Shuang opened the door and saw the empty dormitory. His heart said: sure enough.

Qin yubai asks him to clean up, so he can clean up, but he doesn’t intend to live in Qin yubai’s apartment.

Expose the double identity and abuse it in one breath. Move back and forth.

Go straight to the doctor.

Yan Shuang packed his bags slowly, thinking that Ji Yao should also appear.

He has been tied by Qin yubai these days. Ji Yuan can’t help looking for him. He should be suffocated.

Xiao Ji has grown up.

Should have learned to send someone to follow him?

The sound of the key inserted into the lock cylinder came from the door. Yan Shuang was happy and came.

After returning from Switzerland, Ji Yao’s time began not to be controlled by him.

He had figured this out for a long time.

At the moment when he prayed for his father’s help, he was equal to accepting his father’s arrangement.

He no longer completely belongs to himself.

Following Ji wensong, Ji Yao saw the filth, cruelty and hypocrisy he hadn’t seen in the past 18 years.

His father called it “reality”.

He neither refuted nor echoed.

But he did… Send someone to keep an eye on Yan Shuang and follow him.

Ji Yao pushed open the dormitory door.

Hearing the news, the man who was packing looked back at him and then withdrew his eyes with lack of interest.

Xiao Ji is thin.

He was a handsome young man with a vigorous fire. Now his cheeks are a little thinner than before. The shadow is deep. The fire is still burning, but it doesn’t necessarily bring warmth.

“What are you doing?”

When Yan Shuang heard Ji Yao speak, he didn’t lift his head and said, “pack up.”

“What are you packing for?”

Yan Shuang stopped his action and looked at him suspiciously, “what’s none of your business?”

He took it for granted that he didn’t mean to be strange at all. He really seemed to be unfamiliar with him.

Qin yubai did it without leakage.

Ji Yao only managed to find out in Switzerland that it might have something to do with a doctor.


Ji Yao guessed something vaguely, but he didn’t dare to think about it.

How dare Qin yubai treat Yan Shuang like this?

He is alone.

A living person.

Yan Shuang was watched by Ji Yao’s eyes, and then avoided Ji Yao’s eyes like a little hairy, lowered his head and answered Ji Yao in a way of talking to himself.

“The dormitory is too crowded. My eldest brother loves me and asks me to move out.”

“I think it’s good, too.”

“Anyway, there is a car at home, so I can see my brother every day.”

Yan Shuang showed a sweet smile, “if you don’t stay, don’t stay.”

Ji Yao’s mind suddenly emerged what Yan Shuang said to him at the beginning, “stay. We can have classes, eat and sleep together when we live together. How good it is.”

Qin yubai… A strong negative emotion surged up in his heart. Ji Yao was still solemn. He wanted to say something, but he was afraid to stimulate Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang was frightened that day.

“Well, why is there such a big shirt here?”

Yan Zibai said, “is it a pair of shirts for me?”

Ji Yao’s eyes suddenly focused on his shirt.

Yan Shuang took out the shirt from the small bag pressed at the bottom of the box.

Obviously, it’s well hidden.

“It seems old. How can there be wine stains?” Yan rubbed his hands and frowned. “Wine stains can’t be washed away…”

“Is it brother’s…”


Yan Shuang’s muttering was interrupted. He turned his face and was immediately “scared” by Ji Yao who was approaching one step.

“Why are you…” Yan Shuang stretched out his hand, as if to keep a safe distance from him.

“It’s mine.”

Ji Yao looked deeply. “This shirt is mine.”

Yan Shuang pretended to be surprised and suspicious. “What are you talking about? The shirt is clearly in my box. How can it be yours? Besides…” his voice dropped gradually, and his head was buried gently, “… What am I doing hiding your old shirt…”

He hid his old shirt.

Put it in the most dark place.

When he was hugged, Yan Shuang shouted and immediately tried to hold him tightly, “you, you let me go…”

“It’s mine.”

Ji Yao repeated, breathing in his ear.

“It has my initials on it.”

Yan Shuang seemed to freeze. He looked down at his shirt. Two abbreviations were indeed written in the collar of the shirt.

Then he threw out his shirt as if he had been ironed.

“I, how can I have you, your shirt…”

He stammered, as if he had made a mistake, and pushed Ji Yao holding him harder.

“You let go, even if it’s your shirt, you, you can’t hold me like this…”

The voice is getting lower and the meaning of shame is obvious.

Ji Yao lowered his head and saw the red tip of his ears. His hand was still gently released.

He looked at Yan Shuang gently and said softly, “you don’t remember anything?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

His shoulder was pushed away. Yan Shuang avoided him, but subconsciously picked up the shirt on the ground. When he picked up the shirt in his hand, it was like waking up from a dream. Then he threw the shirt at Ji Yao.

Ji Yao reaches out his hand to catch it. The gloom on his body has been swept away. His eyes follow Yan Shuang. He doesn’t know why his heart is soft. He just wants to… Hold Yan Shuang again.

“This is yours, too…”

Yan Shuang muttered and threw something over. Ji Yao subconsciously stretched out his hand to take it.

A soft, gray tie fell on his palm.

——This is not his.


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