I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 86

The tie on your hand is obviously an irregular product.

Ji Yao immediately realized that this was not Qin yubai’s.

Yan Shuang looked at Ji Yao’s deep face and continued to pretend to be innocent, “isn’t it yours?”

Ji Yao glanced at him and tucked his tie into his pocket, “mine.”

Yan Shuang: take it if you like. It’s not his anyway.

Zip up the suitcase, Yan Shuang put the suitcase aside, and then took a defensive look at Ji Yao, “don’t put your things here next time.”

Ji Yao: “…”

In the quiet dormitory, the two sat opposite each other.

Originally, he sat side by side. As soon as Ji Yao sat down, Yan Shuang dodged and sat opposite with the computer.

Ji Yao didn’t follow him anymore. He was thinking about a fragment reported to him by the private detective.

“… it’s hard for people to get close. Qin yubai always takes people close to him…”

“He and Wei Yichen met. They were in the cafe downstairs of Qin. I was afraid of exposure and didn’t follow up.”

“I went in for about ten minutes and came out with a coffee bag. It looks nothing special.”

Wei Yichen.

Can this tie in the pocket be his?

That person… The one who once made him mistake Cui Zheng… Could it be Wei Yichen?

Yan Shuang has always been controlled by Qin yubai. Wei Yichen is Qin yubai’s right arm. Of course, he will get along with Yan Shuang day and night, and know more about the relationship between Yan Shuang and Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang has a soft personality. After breaking up with Qin yubai, he suffered a heavy blow in his heart. Who can be right beside him and take advantage of it?

The man’s name was almost ready to come out.

He has been hiding behind Qin yubai, so he naturally ignored it.

It’s dark under the light.

He didn’t expect such a simple truth at first.

Qin yubai probably dismissed the housekeeper who had been with him for two years because he found out the problem.

Ji Yao’s face gradually sank.

Yan Shuang’s eyes quietly crossed the notebook and observed Ji Yao’s face.

I believe Xiaoji should have locked the suspect in Wei Yichen.

He doesn’t need to do it at all.

Two slag attacks deal with one slag attack at the same time.

I believe Wei Yichen should not last long.

He gave Wei Yichen three days to beg for mercy obediently.

Yan Shuang was stunned when he closed his notebook and picked up the broken canvas bag.

Although Ji Yao was thinking, Yan Shuang moved and divided his mind. Seeing Yan Shuangzheng staring at his bag, he said, “what’s the matter?”

“Why am I carrying such a broken bag?”

Yan Shuang turned his face. He didn’t seem to dislike that the bag was too old, but simply didn’t understand.

He said to himself, “did you give it to me? I can’t bear to throw it away.”

Ji Yao was keenly aware of something. He said tentatively, “your eldest brother is very kind to you?”

Yan Shuang glanced at him and showed a little pride on his face. “Of course, I grew up with my big brother. Of course, my big brother is kind to me.”

“Bang -”

Yan Shuang was startled. “Why are you knocking on the table? I’m scared to death.”

Ji Yao’s face was tense.

How can Qin yubai be so shameless!


Yan Shuang said unhappily, slung his bag on his body, and said to himself, “but it’s quite suitable to carry it.”

Yan Shuang swaggered out of the bedroom.

Ji Yao is a genius.

He has given so many hints that it should be easy for a genius to reason out what happened to him?

Autumn leaves fell all over the Boulevard on the campus.

Yan Shuang walked, suddenly stopped, looked back and stared at Ji Yao who followed him. “Why are you following me?”

“We have the same class.”

Ji Yao said faintly.

Yan Shuang glanced up and down at Ji Yao, “Oh…” the voice fell, and he immediately ran up, as if afraid that Ji Yao would catch up, and ran into the tree lined path of the school.

After taking a few steps, the slow footsteps behind him followed up again.

Yan Shuang stood back again and stared at Ji Yao.

“You said you didn’t follow me?”

“This road is near.”

Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and waved out like a dog, “don’t get too close. We don’t know each other.”

Ji Yao stood quietly.

They stood at both ends of the winding gravel road.

Before, Yan Shuang followed him closely.

Even he hugged him from behind and begged him not to go.

Holding the shoulder strap on the bag with his palm, he would never let Qin yubai go. Ji Yao walked forward with a cold face and wiped it from Yan Shuang, leaving a trace of cold fragrance.

After he walked away, Yan Shuangcai walked slowly in the direction of the teaching building.

With? Don’t let me follow.

When Yan Shuang arrived at the classroom, more than half of the seats remained in the classroom.

Ji Yao is sitting in the middle of the classroom. There is a space next to him. It is obviously reserved for Yan Shuang.

What you delay cannot delay your study.

Although Yan Shuang has saved far more pensions than expected in the world, no matter how small the fly is, it is also meat.

Besides, he insisted on studying all the time when he was engaged in sadism. He really didn’t want to get a scholarship!

Yan Shuang’s eyes swept around the classroom for several times. Finally, he reluctantly avoided the golden seat next to Ji Yao and took a second golden seat two rows away from Ji Yao.

As soon as he sat down, Ji Yao’s eyes swept over.

Yan Shuang calmly lowered his head to take the book and pretended not to see it.

A moment later, Ji Yao asked if the people on his side could change their seats.

When Yan Shuang raised his face, Ji Yao had already sat down beside him.

Yan Shuang looked at him in shock and blurted out, “Why are you pestering me?”

In the noisy classroom, his voice was neither loud nor small, which attracted several rows of curious eyes.

The combination of Yan Shuang and Ji Yao is a fixed match in their hospital.

As we all know, the combination of high cold genius and unknown little attendant.

We often see Yan Shuang following Ji Yao. “Ji Yao” is long and “Ji Yao” is short.

Last time Yan Shuang’s father came to school and spit on Ji Yao’s shoes, it was a shame.

To tell the truth, if they were Ji Yao, they would have to be embarrassed for several days. It’s normal for them to be separated for a period of time.

However, it seemed that Yan Shuang disliked Ji Yao.

Eating melons is human nature.

Ji Yao and Yan Shuang both felt that more and more eyes were looking at them.

Ji Yao didn’t care, “we are friends.”

“Friends?” Yan Shuang sniffed, “that’s my roommate.”

He picked up the books on the desk and said, “no, not even his roommate soon.” he picked up his canvas bag, faced Ji Yao and solemnly said, “I don’t like you. Please stay away from me.”

The classroom seemed much quieter.

Ji Yao watched Yan Shuang sit in a separate empty seat in the front row.

Yan Shuang is not such a strong character. He is so stiff because he is tired of following him.

He seems to have said similar things to Yan Shuang.

Very uncomfortable.

Negative emotions like a spring opened in the chest, constantly gushing out, slowly, filled the whole person.

He thought: with Yan Shuang’s character, he should be more uncomfortable at that time than he is now.

I seem to be crying.

Before, he always thought Yan Shuang was born to cry.

Maybe… He was just too cold.

One class, Ji Yao has been looking at Yan Shuang. He is a dedicated person and never cares about other people’s eyes, so he has no distractions and scruples.

He found that Yan Shuang was really serious in class and had been taking notes all the time. Sometimes he was fascinated and forgot to move his pen. When he heard the joke told by the professor and smiled, he remembered it and hurried to fill it up. After writing a few strokes in the book, Yan Shuang suddenly turned back and ran straight into his eyes.

“Don’t — stare — at me.”

Ji Yao recognized his mouth.

Yesterday reappeared, but things are right and people are wrong, and even the content has changed from close to strange.

If Ji Yao’s face was cold, he also made a mouth to Yan Shuang staring at him – “No.”

Thin lips move up and down, similar to kissing.

Yan Shuang’s face turned red, bit his lower lip, glared at him, and raised his fist from under the table.

Ji Yao looked at him without expression. A moment later, he responded and compared the two fingers of his right hand.

Yan Shuang thought that Xiaoji was in a good mood at this time. Ji Yao’s two fingers clamped in the air, and he reacted – Ji Yao had a pair of scissors.

Yan Shuang turned back his face and didn’t look back for a class.

When the bell rang after class, he couldn’t wait to collect the book and leave. Unexpectedly, he made a mistake in his busy work. The book was obviously put in his pocket, but it deviated from the direction and fell to the ground. The students around him wanted to help him pick up the book. Yan Shuang hurriedly refused, “it’s okay, I’ll do it myself, thank you…”

One book was picked up with the help of his classmates, and the last one was not taken away when Yan Shuang went to take it. He looked up and found that it was Ji Yao.

“It’s time to change the bag.”

Yan Shuangfu: what’s the use of talking about it? Buy it for him.

Yan Shuang pulled back the book from Ji Yao’s hand again and said, “thanks.”

He hurried out, and Ji Yao followed him with leisurely steps. “I’ll take a seat for you. Why don’t you sit?”

“You are a strange man. I said I don’t know you well.”

Yan Duoduo didn’t return, and hurried with his bag in his arms.

“The first day we met, you said you wanted to occupy a seat for me.”

“Ghost pull -” Yan Shuang turned back and looked unhappy. “I only occupied a seat for my eldest brother.”

As soon as he turned back, his feet were sick and almost stepped empty. Ji Yao quickly grabbed his collar and his face was slightly heavy, “what’s the hurry?”

Yan Shuang was carried by him with a reddish complexion. “It’s not because you’re upset.”

As soon as his voice fell, Ji Yao’s hand loosened. Then he naturally went down and held his hand along Yan Shuang’s arm. In Yan Shuang’s surprised eyes, he said coldly, “what seat do you take for him? Does he go to adult education?”

Ji Yao pulled people down the stairs. Yan kept twisting his hands to pull back. However, no matter how hard he struggled, Ji Yao refused to let go and kept pulling people to the remote path.

“You let go -”

“We really don’t know each other -”

“If you bite me like this again, I really bite.”

There was no one around. Ji Yao stopped and looked back. He still didn’t let go of his hand. “Bite.”

Yan Shuang looked at him with a speechless face. “Everyone is an adult. I’m not so naive. I just want to say that it’s a little too much for you to hold my hand like this?”

“Too much?”

Ji Yao hung his face and repeated the two words low.


The connected wrist was suddenly pulled over. Yan Shuang threw himself into Ji Yao’s arms, and his chest collided with his chest, “Dong”.

Yan turned sideways and looked up at Ji Yao in amazement.

The warm autumn sun hit Ji Yao’s face and scattered a halo. Qingjun’s face was cold and hot.

“We’ve done more than that.”

“Do you want to try?”


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