I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 87

The four eyes were opposite, and the light and shadow covered their faces with a layer of yarn. The atmosphere was familiar and just right, just as the sunset broke through the dark clouds that day. It was their first kiss.

Ji Yao stared at those frightened eyes and bent over without hesitation.

The moment their lips touched each other, their eyes closed.

The clear breath filled my mouth.

Unknowingly, Ji Yao’s tightly bound arm has slowly loosened its strength, just gently clinging to Yan Shuang’s waist.

The gentle kiss is too confusing. When the tip of the tongue is intertwined, Yan Shuangcai struggles to refuse Ji Yao’s chest like waking up from a dream.

As soon as he bent his elbow, the arm that had been loosened at his waist began to force again.

Under the pressure of the tip of his nose, Yan Shuang felt absolute strength from Ji Yao for the first time.

He won’t allow him to escape.

Saliva is forcibly exchanged and swallowed. It is too intimate to help blushing and heartbeat.

Breathing gradually became sluggish. Yan Shuang made an uncomfortable nasal sound. Ji Yao hesitated and let him go.

Yan Shuang wears glasses and is kissed by Ji Yao. His glasses are crooked. His lips are slightly swollen. He looks at Ji Yao in a trance, “why…”

He didn’t go on.

Why kiss him?

Or why did he kiss back?

Or why did he find the kiss so familiar?

All the questions were written on his confused face.

So it looks even more pathetic.

“As I said, we are friends.”

Yan Shuang: Although he fooled Xiaoji, he almost laughed.

“Why… I don’t remember at all?”

Yan Shuang’s expression was more confused. His eyebrows were slightly frowned. He gently grabbed Ji Yao’s shirt with his hands, and there was still water light on his lips. Such a weak mood finally made Ji Yao find his former feeling.

Ji Yao pondered, afraid of stimulating Yan Shuang, and said vaguely, “someone wants you to forget.”


Yan Shuang blurted out and immediately alerted: “you say my big brother?!”

His face immediately changed, like suddenly grasping a clear anchor point from his confused thoughts, “you want to provoke the relationship between me and my brother again!”

The original obedient people suddenly become open mouthed and clawed, and want to protect their “big brother” like frying hair.

Ji Yao stared at him coldly.

“The shirt is mine.”

“The seat is mine.”

“I’m the one who promised to watch the snow with you.”

The tone is more and more compelling.

“It’s all me.”

Closer and closer, the flame in my heart burns more and more.

The lips pressed up, as if it were natural, and kissed again.

After a little taste, a short exchange of breath, and a sudden deep kiss made people gasp for breath.

The deserted path is overgrown with weeds, few trees are taken care of, and the branches grow disorderly and interweave into cages.

The back is attached to the crooked trunk, and the rough bark rubs against the skin through thin clothes, resulting in a slight tingling feeling. Yan Shuang holds Ji Yao’s shirt tightly and looks up to meet Ji Yao’s kiss.

Kissing is so noisy.

The nose, lips and throat are making sounds.

It’s too tight.

The sense of oppression also goes hand in hand.

Like weeds blown by the wind, they intertwine from beginning to end and share the same frequency.

The long legs pushed into the knees strongly, and the confrontation of strength made the confused kiss more and more dangerous.

Yan Shuang suddenly turned his face away from Ji Yao’s lips and blushed, “enough, enough…”

Ji Yao almost subconsciously responded in his mind – not enough.

Kissing is not enough to leave any mark.

It will still be easily erased and forgotten.

“Do you remember anything?” Ji Yao didn’t let him go, but asked in a low voice.

“No… um…”

Wrong answer.

A stronger kiss hit him.

It’s also louder than before.

Can not ignore the intense heartbeat.

Yan Shuang interrupted and responded intermittently between being kissed, “I think, remember…”

“What do you remember?”

The thin lip is still attached to his lips, and every slight shake can be transmitted to his lips.

“The shirt is yours…”

“The seat is yours…”

“It’s you who accompany me to see the snow…”

The sound is getting lower and lower, and the eyelashes tremble behind the lens.

“… we are friends…”

Finally heard a satisfactory answer.

But the fire in my heart didn’t go out.


Cold as the tone of judgment, he was sentenced in the most intimate way close to his lips.

The punishment will come later.

He tightly bound Yan Shuang’s waist with one hand and pressed Yan Shuang’s neck with the other, completely controlling people in his arms and kissing wantonly.

“It hurts…”

A low cry interrupted Ji Yao’s irritable thoughts of running wildly, and immediately pulled him back from the state of being out of control.

Yan Shuang cried.

The eyes behind the glasses were all red, two tears fell, the lips were red and swollen, and the bright color seemed to be breaking soon.

Yan Shuang pushed Ji Yao away with one hand and wiped the corner of his eyes with the back of the other hand, “you hurt me.”


Yan Shuang raised his eyes and looked at him gently. There was not much resentment in his eyes, but infinite grievances. He gently lifted his T-shirt. Ji Yao found a crimson handprint on his waist.

He’s pushing too hard.

But at least… Left a mark.

The idea of satisfaction flashed through my mind.

Ji Yao’s eyelids jumped lightly. He pulled Yan Shuang’s hand, “go back to the dormitory first.”

Yan Shuang had no objection this time. He obediently asked him to hold hands. He just held his bag in front of him and wanted to bury half his face.

“Give it to me.”

Ji Yao reaches out to take his bag for him. Yan Shuang shakes his head and dodges.

“… it’s too obvious. They’ll think nonsense…”

Yan Shuang blushed.

Ji Yao’s thin lips are also bright red. He looks cold by nature. As a person like ice sculpture, the bright red is even more eye-catching.

Ji Yuan wanted to say it didn’t matter, but Yan Shuang still didn’t say anything.

He tried to think from Yan Shuang’s point of view.

Not everyone is like him. He should understand him.

Ji Yao sped up his pace in silence.

Not surprisingly, there was no one in the dormitory.

When the door closed, Ji Yao still didn’t loosen his hand holding Yan Shuang, but pushed the suitcase at the door.

Yan Shuang glanced at the suitcase and looked depressed. “I can’t go back now.”

Ji Yao didn’t speak and kept leading people to sit down.

He asked Yan Shuang to sit on his bed. He stood in front of the bed, and the whole person’s shadow shrouded Yan Shuang.

“You don’t remember anything, do you?”

Yan Shuang grabbed the bed under him with both hands, hesitated and said, “yes.”

He still couldn’t help saying, “I’m with my big brother about what you said…”

The cold light swept around, and Yan Shuang slowly shut his mouth.

“So,” Ji Yao said in a flat tone, but his body exudes low pressure, “your memory is all confused.”

Yan Shuang wanted to talk and stopped. Under Ji Yao’s gaze, there was still no pit sound. He bowed his head and remained silent for a while. He suddenly thought of something and looked up and said, “even if we are friends, then you, you…”

Under Ji Yao’s gaze, he twisted his face unnaturally, “… You can’t hold my hand…”

“At least you shouldn’t kiss me…”

Ji Yao grabbed the iron bar on the upper berth with both hands and leaned over slightly. He approached and Yan Shuang shrank back.

Ji Yao looked at him straight and said, “if you don’t kiss you, you will cry.”

Yan Shuang finally calmed down, and his face turned red again bit by bit.

The space of the single bed was narrow. Ji Yao stood in front of him like a solid wall. He sat on Ji Yao’s bed, surrounded by the unique smell of Ji Yao, and he shrank back, “… We can’t do this…”


Ji Yao said clearly.

He asked righteously, as if he really didn’t think it was impossible for them to kiss in the deserted woods just now.

Yan Shuang said, “we are friends.”

“So,” Ji Yao continued faintly, “why can’t friends?”

Yan Shuang: Xiao Ji is really one track minded. Such a person finds it difficult to change one thing. Even if it is different from the secular definition, he will firmly go in that direction.

Such people are more paranoid than easy to cheat.

Yan Shuang pretended to be speechless and murmured, “big brother will be angry if he knows…”

Ji Yao said coldly, “I’m so angry that you can eliminate harm for the people.”

Yan Shuang: “…” hold back and can’t laugh.

Yan Yao didn’t dare to poke his hands and feet on his cheek for a while But the man was “unstable in sitting and standing”. He fell on Ji Yao’s bed. At the same time, his right foot “accidentally” hooked and fell down together with Ji Yao.

In fact, his feet used only a little strength, and he just provided an introduction.

Just as he just provided a setting – “friends can kiss”, Ji Yao accepted it.

Soft beds are more dangerous than the deserted shade of the campus.

Yan Shuang’s face was crimson, his eyes were staring at Ji Yao, his lips were slightly open, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it at all.

His sight was completely occupied by Ji Yao.

The handsome face, the top button of the shirt, the bright red thin lips, and the lingering indifference on the body.

Ji Yao’s arms supported on his sides and leaned slightly in Yan Shuang’s eyes. Yan Shuang closed his eyes when Ji Yao gradually approached in confusion.

The breath belonging to another person stagnates at the tip of the nose.

The imaginary kiss did not fall, and Yan Shuang suddenly opened his eyes.

Ji Yuan was looking at him. At a distance of one centimeter from his lips, he looked at him, as if giving Yan Shuang time to refuse.

Yan Shuang began to struggle.

He just said it was wrong to do so. His “big brother” would be angry, and Ji Yao was clearly “luring” him

Yan Shuang finally stretched out his hand and put his palm on Ji Yao’s shoulder. When Ji Yao’s face changed slightly, his hands hooked his neck. Yan Shuang closed his eyes and kissed him up——

Maybe this is really wrong.

But they can’t control themselves.

A more intense kiss than before.

Lips and teeth are fighting eagerly.

The single bed is too small. Each other seems to be everywhere. They have no choice but to hug tightly.

The heat continues to rise.

“Ji Yao…”

Yan Shuang called his name, like a fine hook in his throat.

Ji Yao’s mind flashed past the red print on his waist, and his hand had gone to lift the clothes pasted together.

Yan Shuang snorted and didn’t stop it. He just tightened his hand around his neck. He trembled. He didn’t know whether it was fear or excitement because of the mistake he was about to make.

At this time, reason is the most useless part of emotion.

Ji Yao’s mind is full of scary and unknown pictures of cliffs, abysses and the sea bottom. Adrenaline is soaring rapidly, driving him to do something crazy.

Leave his mark on this person so that he can never forget him again.

The palm directly pulls Yan Shuang’s clothes to his shoulder. Yan Shuang’s arm is trapped in his clothes and goes to cooperate with him to find a way out of his sleeve, while Ji Yao is half kneeling on the bed and kissing his neck.

The door was pushed open at that moment.

The sound of pushing the door was very light. It was only when the door hit the wall that they woke up from a dream.

Yan Shuang was “frightened,” stiff and motionless, and his face was very white.

Ji Yao was still calm. He blocked Yan Shuang with his broad shoulders and looked back calmly. When he saw the visitor, his pupils narrowed slightly.

“It seems that I came at a bad time,” Ji wensong said with a smile. “I’m disturbing your children to play games.”


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