I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 88

Ji wensong was wearing formal clothes. It was autumn. The weather was getting colder. He added a dark windbreaker to his suit. He was wearing a pair of black leather gloves and holding the door handle. Others stood there. Although he was smiling, he suppressed the charming scenery of the room.

Ji Yao blocked Yan Shuang with a cold look, “go out.”

Ji wensong smiled, stepped into the house, closed the door with his backhand, and walked leisurely.

The tables and chairs in the dormitory were messy. Ji wensong glanced at them and frowned slightly.

Yan Shuang seemed to have recovered from the initial shock. The whole man desperately hid in Ji Yao’s arms and shook Ji Yao’s shirt.

Ji wensong went to the opposite side of the bed, glanced behind Ji Yao, glanced at a white slender arm, and was immediately blocked by his son’s food protection.

“Get out.”

Ji Yao’s tone was cold and fierce, and his muscles tightened.

Ji wensong took his time to enjoy the picture of a young man tasting the forbidden fruit. He smiled and said, “I think you’re doing something big. Even your mother’s death day has been completely forgotten.”

Ji Yao keenly felt that the trembling person in his arms was shocked.

The last heat in the room disappeared.

“I didn’t forget,” Ji Yao said coldly. “At 7 p.m., this year’s dinner is at Xiao’s house.”

Ji wensong nodded, “yes, in previous years, you always didn’t know where to go, and I didn’t bother to take care of you, but since you want to change now, I can’t help giving you this opportunity.”

“Come down first,” Ji wensong lowered his eyes and stretched out his hand to straighten the crooked tables and chairs around him. “When the evening is over, come back and play,” he looked up like a smile, “or just take people over and show them to your mother.”

“No need.”

Without the slightest hesitation, the tone was cold and angry, as if offended.

The hand holding his shirt suddenly trembled, and then he loosened it like hot. He loosened it too fast, almost in a hurry.

Ji Yao looked back and looked down at Yan Shuang curled up in a ball.

Yan Shuang’s face was still pale. His hair and clothes were all in disorder. He half pulled his sleeve and put it on his white shoulder. He was clearly embarrassed. His eyes looked a little dull into the air.

According to Ji Yao’s eyes, he trembled and hid his face in his arm.

“Still reluctant?”

Ji wensong’s mocking voice was very harsh in the quiet dormitory.

Ji Yao couldn’t talk to Yan shuangduo. He had to bear it. He grabbed the thin blanket at the end of the bed and covered Yan Shuang from beginning to end. He whispered, “wait for me here.”

There was another laugh in my ear.

Ji Yao couldn’t bear it. He glanced coldly at his father.

Father and son are very similar, and the age gap is not as big as that of ordinary father and son.

During the confrontation, they seem to see another “themselves” in each other’s eyes.

Nobody likes anyone.

They all hate another “self”.

“Let’s go,” Ji wensong said with a light smile, “or do you want to go to the bathroom to solve it first?”

Ji Yao’s face is blue. He doesn’t care and is used to Ji wensong’s sarcasm. Yan Shuang is thin skinned and confused now. He can’t stand Ji wensong’s sharp edge.

His anger surged and sank in his chest. He was worried that Yan Shuang was here. Ji Yao still didn’t turn his face. He went to bed without saying a word. He walked to the door of the dormitory and opened the door. Looking back, he urged Ji wensong with his eyes.

Ji wensong took a leisurely look at the person covered on the bed, calmly walked to the door, looked up and down at Ji Yao, and said faintly: “it’s not neat.”

Ji Yao did not refute. He closed the door first, isolated the inner and outer space, and then bowed his head to sort out the folds on his shirt.

Ji wensong looked on coldly and said for a long time, “play is OK. Remember a word called playing things and losing ambition.”

Ji Yao stopped the action on his hand, leaned over his face and said coldly, “he is not an object.”

Ji wensong said slowly, “Oh, you mean you treat him as a character?”

Ji Yao knows that with Ji wensong’s proclivity, no matter who the people around him are, Ji wensong will investigate their details clearly.

It can be heard that Ji wensong’s tone of indifference to Yan Shuang again and again, his heart was really unbearable and unhappy, and said, “he is my friend.”

“Friend…” Ji wensong tasted these two words and looked at his son up and down again. He felt it was really funny. He shook his head and sighed, “how can I raise you such a fool.”

Ji Yao is a genius. Almost everyone who knows him says so.

——Except his father.

Ji Yao, with a wooden face, neither showed his emotion nor refuted.

Ji wensong looked at his quiet appearance and smiled more. “He’s a little better than before.”

The two father and son went downstairs one after another. When they went downstairs, Ji Yao subconsciously turned back. The balcony of the dormitory was empty. He took back his eyes and looked back at his father’s cautious eyes.

“I like it so much. Why don’t you get it back?” Ji wensong said lightly, “the child is in Qin Yu’s hands,” he paused, raised his eyes and said carelessly, “that’s a plaything.”

“I’ll say it again,” Ji Yao said firmly. “He’s not an object.”

“Whatever you want.” Ji wensong didn’t care about Tao.

“Your child didn’t like to listen to his parents since he was a child. You always have to suffer a loss in order to have a long memory.”

“That’s good, so that no matter what I say to you, you don’t think I’m relying on the old and selling the old. If I don’t listen to it at all, I have to secretly sing the opposite tune with me…”

Ji wensong pointed to Ji Yao and said forcefully in the air, “just a little. Don’t learn from your mother. I can’t afford to lose this man.”

Ji Yao didn’t say anything.

He used to be too serious with Ji wensong and often had to quarrel with his autocratic father. Now he has understood a truth.

You can’t win or lose by arguing.

Whoever has a hard fist is right.

Now his fist is not hard enough, so he chooses to be silent.

Ji wensong’s eyes focused on Ji Yao’s calm face. He withdrew his hand, but there was a smile on his face. “He has made a lot of progress.”

The father and son returned to the old house first. The maid had been waiting for him for a long time. As soon as Ji Yao appeared, he hugged him with clothes.

“I’ll do it myself.”

Ji Yao avoided them and took his clothes in to change.

Ji wensong stood in the yard. Maple leaves fell from behind him. He patted the dust that didn’t exist on his body, took the mobile phone in his windbreaker pocket, lowered his head, untied a glove, handed it to the maid and typed slowly.

“He’s still a child. Don’t tease him too much.”

After writing, Ji wensong felt inappropriate and deleted it. He didn’t want to be laughed at as a loving father again.

A few minutes later, Ji Yao came out, dressed in a black suit the same as Ji wensong, with a cold face and tall figure. He was a standard young master.

The ladies hurried forward to wear Cufflinks and brooches for him and help him sort out the details of his clothes.

After the waitresses were busy, Ji wensong got a satisfied son in his mind, “have you seen the guest list?”

“No.” Ji Yao said coldly.

Ji wensong was not angry. “I’m busy with something all day.”

“Forget it,” Ji wensong gently revealed, “after so many years of confusion, it’s impossible to wake up. I can’t expect too much of you.”

It was evening when they arrived at Xiao’s house. Xiao’s house was a pure western style building. The boulevards on both sides leading to Xiao’s house lit lights. The white roses tied to the trees hung low. With the autumn wind, snow-white petals fell in the light of light yellow, paving the way.

It was Xiao Qingyang who came out to meet him.

“Uncle, cousin.”

Xiao Qingyang also wore a dark gray suit and looked less serious than his father and son.

“Tall.” Ji wensong got out of the car and said casually.

Xiao Qingyang smiled bitterly. He didn’t argue that it was impossible for him to grow tall at this age, “yes.”

Every time his uncle saw him, he just said a few words. He hasn’t changed since he was a child, and all his perfunctory words were written on his face.

“Tall.” “Big.” “How are your studies recently?”

Since he graduated a few years ago, the last sentence has been deleted.

Ji wensong stared at him, “it’s big.”

Xiao Qingyang: sure enough.

Xiao Qingyang bowed respectfully, “everyone is upstairs, waiting for you. I’ll take you there.”

“No, I’ll go by myself,” Ji wensong said as he waved his hand and walked. “Coax your little cousin. I interrupted a good thing and didn’t give me a good face all the way.”

After Ji wensong went up, Xiao Qingyang’s shoulder relaxed. He came forward and patted Ji Yao on the shoulder, “you’ve finally come back.”

“You know, I don’t want to come at all.” Ji Yao said coldly.

Xiao Qingyang sighed.

Today is the death day of his little aunt and Ji Yao’s mother Xiao Suijun, but it’s not just the death day.

Xiao Suijun committed suicide, but he said it was an accident.

Rock climbing and safety measures are not strict, and fall off the cliff.

It’s a tragic accident that sounds very consistent with the rich and noble women who love sports.

On the first day of Xiao Suijun’s death, Ji wensong held a charity party to raise money to help the families of the victims who died in extreme sports. Since then, he borrowed this to become a charity party held by Ji, Xiao and Cui in turn.

Ji Yao never attended the party.

“It’s all coming,” Xiao Qingyang put his arm around his shoulder and patted him comfortingly. “You should be regarded as coming to practice.”

Ji Yao is silent, which is really a practice for him.

“Cui Zheng is inside. Don’t fight when you meet.”

Ji Yao frowned and thought of the gray tie he had put away. Then he thought of Yan Shuang. I don’t know how Yan Shuang is now. Has his mood recovered a little.

“By the way, have you seen the guest list?”

Inexplicably, Xiao Qingyang asked similar questions.


Xiao Qingyang paused and stopped for a while before saying, “although I think it’s nothing, I think I told you in advance. Today… Qin yubai will also come.”

The footsteps on his side stopped.

Xiao Qingyang carefully observed his face. “If you feel uncomfortable, let’s go a little earlier. Like in previous years, we’ll run horses and talk to my aunt at her grave.”

Ji Yao was silent, and his slightly thin side face was radiant under the refraction of the crystal lamp.

Xiao Qingyang hesitated for fear that Ji Yao would “fall ill”.

It’s the Xiao family’s turn this year. The situation of the Xiao family has not been very good in the past two years. They have to be overwhelmed by the new Qin family. Anyway, Xiao Qingyang doesn’t want anything wrong with tonight’s dinner.

In Xiao Qingyang’s uneasiness, Ji Yao didn’t say anything and walked forward slowly in silence.

“Brother, I’m a little nervous.”

Yan Shuang sat in the car and pulled the tie between his necks uneasily.

When receiving Qin yubai’s call, Yan Shuang was reading with his legs cocked on Ji Yao’s bed. Then Qin yubai came to pick up people. After he went home to clean up, Qin yubai brought him to the banquet in the original plot.

Qin yubai held his hand and put it down. “Don’t move, the tie is all in disorder.”

“There’s nothing to be nervous about,” Qin yubai said lightly. “You represent the Qin family. It should be that others see you nervous.”

Yan Shuang smiled shyly, “I don’t have the face of big brother.”

“My face,” Qin yubai turned around with a complicated expression of love, “is your face.”

After several tangles, Qin yubai still brought people over.

In the vast sea of people, he met Yan Shuang and had such a variety with him.

It is no longer explained by a simple contract.

Even though Yan Shuang thought differently from him, he can’t give up now.

Thinking of this person is not around will be uncomfortable and irritable.

When he decided to hypnotize Yan Shuang, he also made another decision – he would be responsible for his life.

Qin yubai Tuan took his hand and said, “I’ve transferred the apartment to your name. I’ll take you to see it tonight.”

Yan Shuang:!!!

Don’t tempt him! He has already finished the whole shop. He plans to finish the four plot points of the banquet tonight: breaking up the siege – exposing the doubles – gambling – breaking up and breaking up, and then dump Qin yubai.

You can’t give him an apartment.

We can’t delay his plan.

Yan Shuang smiled at Qin yubai, leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, “thank you.”

OK, even.

Qin yubai didn’t know Yan Shuang’s mind yet. He felt that Yan Shuang was happy and relaxed. In fact, he also wanted to understand later. He was still uncomfortable to buy that apartment and send thousands of flowers out.

It’s too boring to spend money to buy some fun. The apartment is transferred to Yan Shuang’s name. At least one of the two people is happy.

Yan Shuang is happy. He is in a better mood

Qin yubai grabbed Yan Shuang’s hand and bit it on the back of his hand, “be good in the future.”

Yan Shuang was bitten by him and whispered, “how can you be good?”

Qin yubai glanced at him, “what do you say?”

Yan Shuang blinked, “I think I’m good.”

“Oh,” Qin yubai sneered, “they are all riding on my head.”

Yan Shishuang said, “go home in the evening.”

Qin yubai: ”

He silently turned his face and took a deep breath. “Don’t talk when you meet people.”

“No,” Yan Shuang said quietly, “I’m just joking with my brother.”

Qin yubai turned his face and looked into Yan Shuang’s clean eyes.

Sometimes, Qin yubai can still see the shadow of the past from Yan Shuang.

He’s not completely lying to him.

Qin yubai tightened their hands.

“I know.”


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