I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 89

The waiter at the door of Xiao’s house came to open the door. Qin yubai got out of the car first, turned back and handed out his hand to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang’s hands are very soft. There are some cocoons in the palm. They fall on Qin Yu’s white hands warmly, which makes him feel a kind of strange steadiness.

Yan Shuang drilled out of the door with his head down. The snow-white rose petals fell on his hair. As soon as he looked up, the petals slid down his black hair. He smiled at Qin yubai with an implicit and restrained smile.

Yan Shuang is wearing a pure white suit today, which Qin yubai customized for Yan Shuang early. He prefers Yan Shuang to wear white and thinks this color is most suitable for clean and flawless Yan Shuang.

Of course, this is what he doesn’t “understand” Yan Shuangshi’s idea.

However, Yan Shuang still wore this suit very well.

It really suits him.

The dim yellow light sprinkled on his face, reflecting his exquisite outline more hazy and beautiful. He showed him a brighter smile, “big brother.”

Qin yubai was shocked, and an idea flashed in his mind – it’s really like his little bridegroom.

Qin yubai coughed softly, clenched his clenched hand and said softly, “I can’t hold you all the time after you go in. You should follow me. Don’t run around and talk to people casually, you know?”

“I see.” Yan Shuang nodded cleverly.

Qin yubai is about to become mentally weak due to Yan Shuang’s face changing day by day. Opening his bedroom every night seems like an adventure. It’s rare to see Yan Shuang’s good appearance, but he still feels a little unaccustomed.

You can’t make a fuss at home. You hang on to him and cheat. You can put forward any excessive requirements in bed, but you’re obedient when you go out. You look a little nervous and afraid of strangers

The nest is horizontal.

Qin yubai said softly in his heart, endured again and again, and added a sentence: cute.

Not many people came to the dinner party. It was a small party. The invited guests were not expensive. Qin yubai said that he could no longer hold Yan Shuang after entering. He did let go of his hand, but let Yan Shuang hold his arm.

Yan Shuang honestly took Qin yubai’s arm as a pendant.

Qin yubai is a upstart in the circle. He is not completely groundless. The legend of turning the tide and returning to the peak is talked about. Naturally, he has become a favorite at the dinner party and attracted the active greetings of many guests.

Yan Shuang, who hung on his arm, was always asked.

“What is this?”

“My brother.”

“Oh, it’s your brother…”

The other party suddenly realized it and boasted Yan Shuang, “the last painting exhibition was really…”

Qin yubai interrupted each other at the right time and quietly shifted the topic to the other end of the business. He paid attention to Yan Shuang and found that Yan Shuang stared at the dessert on the cooking table. He didn’t listen to what they said at all. He couldn’t help but smile and end the greeting in a few words. He said to Yan Shuang, “are you hungry?”

Yan Shuang reluctantly took back his eyes and looked at Qin yubai with big eyes. He honestly said, “I’m not hungry, but I’m a little greedy.”

Qin yubai smiled.

Yan Shuang saw Qin yubai smile like this for the first time.

In fact, Qin yubai’s age is not big, but his temperament is very mature. In addition, he doesn’t like to laugh. He always has a stereotyped face that can fire his subordinates at any time. Most of his smiles are sneers or mean sarcasm.

Like now, Yan Shuang has only seen a pure smile just because he is happy.

Yan Shuang also smiled, revealing neat teeth and bright eyes. It was a very infectious smile that people would smile with when they saw it.

Qin yubai saw himself smiling in his smiling eyes, and was stunned.

His smile is real.

There is no reluctance.

It turned out that he was very satisfied.

“Eat whatever you like,” Qin yubai said. “If you don’t like it, eat less. When it’s over, I’ll take you to have supper.”

Yan Shuang: stop tempting him and break up tonight! It’s not negotiable!

“I’ll look over there.”

Yan shuangsong opened his hand, and his bent arm became empty in an instant. Qin yubai hung his arm uneasily and calmed down. He thought he had to choose a time to find a formal occasion to let everyone know that there was another young master in the Qin family.

Brother’s identity… It’s not convenient.

In case

Qin yubai shook the glass in his handshake, drank a mouthful of champagne and calmed down. He was thinking about something.

It’s good to keep people around like this. How can I praise them.

Qin yubai glanced at Yan Shuang in front of the dessert table.

Yan Shuang is holding a tray in one hand and a fork in the other. He is observing a wide range of desserts on the dessert table with a very serious expression. His expression gradually becomes distressed. It seems that he has fallen into selection difficulty.


Two words reappeared in my mind.

Bold and underlined, hit him hard on the nerve.

Strange to say, before, he just wanted to get Yan Shuang. It doesn’t matter what Yan Shuang feels. He likes it, so he wants to possess it.

After seeing Yan Shuang’s other faces, Qin yubai has a different feeling.

A little deeper than like.

… I like it very much.

Obviously, some people like the distressed appearance of pure and beautiful teenagers.

Someone went up to chat up.

He is the little owner of Linxie electronics. He looks gentle and elegant. When he comes up with a wine cup, he looks like a dog leg. Qin Yu’s face is white. He puts the wine cup in the past. When he approaches three steps and two steps, he hears two people talking.

“… this is very sweet,” the man said with an attempt. “It’s easy to grow cavities.”

How old is Yan Shuang? He has decayed teeth and a terrible way to chat up.


Qin yubai sniffed.

“Really? Thank you for reminding me.”

“Cough –”

A heavy cough sounded, Yan Shuang turned back, and his face was still smiling, “big brother.”

“Mr. Qin,” the man also looked surprised, “I heard you would come. I was looking for you everywhere just now.”

“I have something to tell my… Brother. Excuse me first.”

Qin yubai put his arm around Yan Shuang’s shoulder and nodded. He could not refuse to hug Yan Shuang and walked out of the banquet hall through the heavy crowd until he reached the balcony.

“Didn’t I tell you not to talk to anyone?” Qin yubai taught him first.

Yan Shuang held an empty plate and looked innocent in the night. He looked at Qin Yu’s white sinking face and said plainly, “brother, are you jealous?”

Qin yubai: ”

The handsome and mature face slowly turned red from the lower jaw.

“Brother, you blush.”

“Shut up -”

Yan Shuang sipped his mouth and handed the plate under his eyes, “I’ll eat the sweetest one.”

Qin yubai’s gloomy face gradually turned cloudy to sunny. He took the plate and said, “right here, don’t run around or talk to others.”

Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and zipped up his mouth. He nodded his head twice and looked very good.

Qin yubai returned to the banquet hall with the dinner plate and went to the dessert counter to install the sweetest one for Yan Shuang. Suddenly, he thought, “brother” is still inconvenient. When he faced the man who came to chat up just now, he was not justified at all.

Yan Shuang on the balcony was lying on the railing, blowing the cool wind at night. The night wind brought a trace of mellow tobacco aroma. As soon as he bowed his head, he was seeing a little orange flame flickering in the garden under the balcony.

When the rose fell, Qi Feiyun didn’t react. He was hit on the top of his head. With a soft shock, he looked up and saw Yan Shuang lying on the balcony. He was playing with a bright yellow rose in his hand, with a cramped smile on his face.

“Uncle, smoking is not allowed here.”

Qi Feiyun never saw Yan Shuang again after Switzerland said goodbye.

At first sight, he could hardly recognize it.

Full of noble spirit, casual and casual, wearing expensive suits, Yan Shuang, who used to be poor, seemed to be a dream that came and disappeared very quickly.

Another rose fell.

Qi Feiyun reacted this time, but he still didn’t dodge. The rose hit him on the shoulder and fell to his feet.

“Did you hear that?”

The tone is also very arrogant, a spoiled child.

This is the illusory life he built for him. I never thought it would be so real.

Qi Feiyun lowered his head, pinched his cigarette, stretched out his arm and waved that he had done it.

He stepped forward, but was stopped again.

“Hello -”

Qi Feiyun stopped.

“Have we met somewhere?”

Qi Feiyun did not answer or look back.

He wanted to see how such falsehood would end.

He believed that God could not control the world.

Qin yubai came back with dessert. Yan Shuang took two bites of the plate he was holding and frowned, “it’s really too sweet. It’s not delicious.”

“Don’t eat if it’s not delicious…” Qin yubai said and was about to throw it. Yan Shuang saved him. Yan Shuang held the plate and said, “that can’t be wasted.”

As soon as this sentence came out, he didn’t seem to feel anything, so he began to eat the dessert. Qin yubai was slightly shocked.

“It’s good to eat two more bites when I’m used to it…”

Yan Shuang said to himself while eating.

The plate in his hand was suddenly taken away.

Yan Shuang stared at Qin yubai.

Qin yubai’s face sank again, more gloomy than before. “You are the young master of the Qin family. You don’t have to force yourself.”

Yan Shuang opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but he couldn’t say it. He frowned, “I don’t know. I just think it’s bad to waste food. It’s good to be full. How can I be picky…”

“Enough –”

Qin yubai whispered again. Yan Shuang’s expression was completely frightened. Qin yubai couldn’t help frowning.

Hypnosis builds new memories.

But the person… Is still the same person.

He never grew up in rich clothes and food, never became a young master, and never enjoyed the care of the so-called big brother. Everything is false. No matter how to ignore it, the marks of those tragic past on Yan Shuang’s body will still come out, like a thorn in Qin yubai’s heart.

He felt incompetent.

Even if he had more money, he could never change Yan Shuang’s past.

It seems to have become his fault.

If they had met earlier, would things have been different?

Maybe it will come to today after all.

When they met, he didn’t understand… What is love.

“It’s too sweet. It’s easy to decay teeth,” Qin yubai said abruptly, borrowing an excuse that doesn’t go into the stream. “Shall I take you to eat something that suits your taste in the evening?”

Yan Shuang nodded softly, “Oh”, as if he didn’t care much about this episode, but his eyes still stared at the plate on Qin yubai’s hand, and his face showed a pity expression uncontrollably. It seems that if Qin yubai loses this dessert, maybe he won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Qin yubai took the fork on the plate, forked up the leftover dessert on the plate and ate it.

“Well, I’ll eat it. Don’t waste it.”

Yan Shuang really showed a relieved expression.

It’s really too sweet. It’s greasy and bitter. My throat is a little sore.

“No, the food here is made by the French. It’s boring,” Qin yubai pulled Yan Shuang’s hand. “In the evening, I’ll take you to the private house. The dessert master there is from Guangdong. His craftsmanship is very old. You’ll like it.”

Yan Shuang: help! Stop tempting him!

Yan Shuang asked the master’s name and secretly decided to take a slag attack at random to reward him and take him to eat.

When they returned to the banquet hall, the lights in the hall had dimmed, the seats were lined up below, and all the lights were on the stage.

Qin yubai went in and took Yan Shuang’s hand and sat down in the first row.

As soon as he sat down, he heard the man on the right surprise: “we meet again!”

The young owner of Linxie electronics is looking at Yan Shuang on his side with bright eyes. Yan Shuang also said hello to him, “Hello, Mr. Lin.”

Qin Yu’s face turned white and black and clenched Yan Shuang’s hand. “You can see more clearly when you sit here.”

Yan Shuang was pulled by him to change his seat. Qin yubai was not relieved and heard another familiar voice.

“Wow, master, you are beautiful enough today. It’s amazing.”

Qin yubai turns around and sweeps Cui Zheng’s face. Seeing that Cui Zheng’s familiar expression gives Yan Shuangbi’s thumb, Qin yubai is angry again. How many secrets does Yan Shuang have that he doesn’t know?! When did you get involved with this little dandy of the Cui family again?!

“I don’t know you.” Yan Shuang said faintly.

Cui Zheng touched his board inch and sat down with a smile. “Unexpectedly, I’m so handsome that you can’t recognize me.”

Yan Shuang: he laughs that he is a dog.

Cui Zheng is a famous broken mouth in the circle. As soon as he opened his mouth, the third brother next to him pulled off his arm and said in a low voice, “don’t talk to people blindly. It’s from the Qin family.”

Cui Zheng said lazily, “I’m from the Cui family. Am I not qualified to talk to the Qin family?”

As soon as he finished speaking, his third brother beat him on the back of the head.

“Shut up and shout again. The new car has been scraped.”

Cui Shao apologized to Qin yubai through two people. “Sorry, my little brother’s personality is too open.”

Qin yubai replied, “nothing. After all, his surname is Cui.”

Cui Shao was annoyed by Qin yubai, reluctantly smiled, secretly pinched Cui Zheng, and said with his mouth: “don’t talk.”

Cui Zheng bared his teeth and stretched out his hand to pull Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang hid in the past. Half of Yan Shuang leaned against Qin yubai’s arms, “brother, he pulled me.”

Cui Zheng: “…” he no longer believes in human beings!

Qin yubai’s face was so smelly that he changed seats with Yan Shuang. At least the young owner of Linxie electronics also wore a human skin. At most, he said a few words with Yan Shuang. The little son of the Cui family is not necessarily able to do anything.

The scene under the stage was clearly seen by Ji Yao on the stage, and his hand on his knee curled slightly.

Ji wensong glanced at his son and said, “don’t do anything humiliating.”

Ji Yao was silent and looked away at Yan Shuang.

After Yan Shuang took his seat, he didn’t look at the stage.

He should know he’s on stage.

He is deliberately avoiding.

The climax of the charity party is the auction of donations.

There are a variety of collections, and most people don’t care what they shoot. What matters is how much money they spend to show their strength.

Qin yubai actively raised his cards frequently and photographed more than 40 million collections.

Yan shuangpan scolded him eight times.

Why are you so stingy with him?!

Ji Yao on the stage suddenly got up and got off the stage from the side. Before he stepped down, he glanced at Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang’s eyes were caught by him, and his relaxed expression suddenly became dignified.

He lowered his head and said to Qin yubai, who was bidding with people by raising his cards: “brother, I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Qin yubai has seen Ji Yao step down.

Before giving a lecture at school, Ji Yao held Yan Shuang under the stage like this. Now Feng Shui turns in turn. He doesn’t feel much happy. A little boy can’t compete with him. He nodded gently when he heard the speech. Yu Guang took a deep look at Yan Shuang, “go and come back quickly.”

Yan Shuang walked really fast. He walked quickly to the road from the side door to the bathroom. As soon as he reached the door of the bathroom, he was pulled in.

“Click -”

The bathroom door was locked.

Ji Yao stared at him with deep eyes. “Didn’t he say to wait for me in the dormitory?”

“I… brother, he called me and told me to go back. I can’t listen to him… HMM…”

The lips were badly blocked.

Yan Shuang struggled hard and resisted with all his strength, “no – big brother will see -”

He put his elbow against Ji Yao’s neck, half his face turned away, and his face that was not covered by his arms was red.

Ji Yao stared at him. His hand pressed on Yan Shuang’s shoulder. He could feel Yan Shuang’s body undulating and trembling slightly at the moment.

He wants to.

Ji Yuan loosened his strength and leaned against Yan Shuang’s ear. His voice was low, “I’ll be a little lighter.”

“No way…” Yan Shuang still refused, “I’ll go back soon…”

I haven’t finished yet.

The lips are soft and close together, and the strength is indeed very light. People can’t help but put down their vigilance. Their tongues are wrapped together again. Their respiratory rate resonates and brings some meaning of satisfaction.


Yan Shuangqing pushed Ji Yao away and lowered his head deeply, “I really can’t. If it takes too long, brother will be suspicious…”

“Go back to the dormitory tonight.”

Ji Yao’s voice carries a sense of oppression that Yan Shuang must agree.

Yan Shuang was silent for a moment and whispered, “I’ll try my best.”

Ji Yao still wanted to hold him, but he wanted to adhere to his “warm water” policy. Without stimulating Yan Shuang, he tried to remind Yan Shuang, so he let go.

As soon as he let go, Yan Shuang wanted to pull the door, and Ji Yao clasped his shoulder again.

“Don’t move,” Ji Yao turned the man with his head down. “His clothes are wrinkled.”

The cloth was smooth. Ji Yao helped Yan Shuang tidy up his clothes and cut his hair.

If he changed the past, he didn’t mind letting Yan Shuang go back like that, just to let Qin yubai know that it’s meaningless for him to be such a villain.

However, Qin yubai can even do brainwashing. Ji Yao doesn’t want to annoy Qin yubai until he is sure to take Yan Shuang to his side.

It was only Yan Shuang who was hurt in that way.

“Let’s…” Yan put his hands on the door handle and gently stirred up with his long eyelashes, “… At night…”

These words seemed to have made him extremely shy. When he finished, he immediately unscrewed the door and rushed out.

“Ah –”

Yan Shuang bumped into a strong chest and raised his eyes. Qi Feiyun was watching him quietly.

Yan Shuang pretended to be flustered and turned and ran.

Qi Feiyun turned his eyes to the bathroom.

The noble boy was washing his hands and looked as usual.

If Qi Feiyun hadn’t clearly seen how he eagerly pulled people into the bathroom and locked the bathroom door, he would really think nothing had happened.

Ji Yao wiped his hands and walked past Qi Feiyun without expression.

The two passed by, and Qi Feiyun’s eyes accurately swept Ji Yao’s face. It turned out that this was the type Yan Shuang liked.

Even if I forget, I still struggle.

God really can’t control the world.

Qi Feiyun washed his hands slowly.

As a representative of the hospital, Qi Feiyun didn’t want to come at first. After seeing the list, he was curious. In fact, he was silently looking forward to it – what if he came, what if… What if he thought of the osmanthus tree?

The water ran through his fingertips and Qi Feiyun lowered his face.

He said he liked his hands very much.

It seems to be a lie.

Qi Feiyun returned to the hall. Before he took his seat, he heard an excited voice on the stage.

“… I heard that besides being good at painting, young master Qin also has quite high attainments in piano. I wonder if my collection is lucky enough for young master Qin to play a song and add light to it?”

With the little owner of Linxie electronics on the stage reaching out enthusiastically, the light also hit the first row.

The spotlight showed a beautiful face at a loss.

He doesn’t seem to understand or know anything.

Qin yubai’s face was already dark and wanted to destroy the city. He never dreamed that Lin Xie electronics, a young owner who looked very normal, would be such a demon.

Qin Qing has been locked at home. Qin yubai can’t bear to bury him like this. He has been holding a painting exhibition for Qin Qing and producing piano CDs to let everyone know how excellent the young master of the Qin family is.

But… That’s not Yan Shuang

Qin yubai had a feeling of regret at this moment. He regretted that Qin Qing’s name spread all over the circle

“Big brother…” Yan Shuang pulled his sleeve, looking innocent and ignorant, “is he talking about me?”

Qin yubai froze.

Such a scene was completely beyond his expectation.

Everyone has looked this way. The little owner of Linxie electronics on stage has made a move and is ready to step down and invite people in person.

Yan Shuang’s expression began to become flustered, “I, I don’t…”

“I’ll do it.”

A cold voice sounded.

The footsteps of the few owners of Linxie electronics stopped.

A tall figure stood up in the master’s seat on the stage.

Ji Yao was dressed in a pure black suit with a cold and arrogant expression. “I want to play a song for my mother.”

This was originally a charity party to commemorate Xiao Suijun. His own son, who never attended, wanted to play music. Naturally, no one objected. Even the little owner of Lin Xie electronics, who proposed to let Yan Shuang play the piano at the beginning, was surprised and happy, “then please come to Ji shaolai, better and better.”

The light moved away from the panicked Yan Shuang and hit Ji Yao who sat down in front of the piano on one side of the stage.

He was dressed in a black suit, which made his body slender and neat, his side face exquisite and beautiful, and at the same time, he had an awe inspiring and inaccessible taste.

Ji Yao plays the piano very well.

Playing requires plenty of emotion, but Ji Yao is calm and calm, with a lack of freedom from emotion. At the same time, his techniques are accurate enough to be impeccable. Such contrast brings a different and shocking taste.

He is so ruthless that he is willing to play for one person.

Yan Shuang sighed in his heart: it is worthy of being a song that captured Yan Shuangxin in the original book. It’s OK. It’s on a par with his level.

At the end of the song, there was silence under the stage. Ji wensong’s eyes were silent on the stage and took the lead in clapping. The rest of the talents clapped like waking up from a dream.

After Ji Yao finished playing, he returned to his original seat. Ji wensong, who was beside him, said slowly, “I thought you would never touch the piano again in your life.”

Ji Yao’s face was faint, “nothing, just a musical instrument.”

Ji wensong’s eyes swept to Yan Shuang.

Somehow, he had a sense of going back in time.

Just like many years ago, when he came home, Xiao Suijun told him that she had hired a piano teacher for Ji Yaoxin. She was a newly talented pianist in China.

He glanced at the photos on the information and saw a handsome face. He didn’t care.

He always thinks that everything is under his control.

It turned out that he was careless.

The rest of the auction ended smoothly, and Qin yubai didn’t raise the card again.

Because Yan Shuang looks very lost.

While he wanted to care about Yan Shuang, his throat was blocked. After the auction, he went to pull Yan Shuang’s hand, “go back, I’ll take you to have a snack.”

Yan Shuang looked wooden and said neither good nor bad.

“Master Qin…”

Qin yubai glanced fiercely at the man on his side.

Lin Xie’s young boss was stunned by him, and he couldn’t help swallowing the rest.

Qin yubai pulled up Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang didn’t seem to stand firm. He tripped and moved his chair, making a harsh sound.

“How’s it going? Aren’t you hurt?” Qin yubai helped others.

Yan Shuang was held by him. He was still stunned. He looked up at the little owner of the Lin family who was also concerned about the other side and said, “my surname is not Qin.”

“Shuangshuang -”

“I can’t draw,” Qin yubai clutched his hand harder and harder. Yan Shuang continued calmly, “I can’t play the piano either.”

The young Lin opposite was stunned, “this… This…”

Yan Shuanglian turned to Qin yubai’s side, “brother, who is that man?”

“Who is master Qin who can draw and play the piano?”

Qin yubai’s brain was blank. Under Yan Shuang’s eyes, he couldn’t say a word. Complex emotions surged. For the first time, he didn’t want to mention the name he had always cared about.

“Qin Qing.”

Qin yubai twisted his face fiercely when the voice of danger langdang came.

Sitting in his original position, Cui Zheng picked his eyebrow and looked at him with a lively expression, “Qin Qing, the little young master adopted by the Qin family, the baby in the palm of President Qin, open an art exhibition and produce a Piano CD. Who doesn’t know in this circle.”

The hand he was holding was shaking. Qin yubai didn’t know whether Yan Shuang was shaking or himself.

In a completely unexpected situation, the mine he buried a long time ago was detonated.

In his brain, he could only listen to nothing and think nothing. He turned his face and whispered to Yan Shuang, “go.”

He stretched out his hand and pulled Yan Shuang down. He didn’t know whether it was too much sweat in his palm, or whether he was in a mess and lost his strength. Yan Shuang’s hand slipped from his palm.

He turned back and Yan Shuang looked at him with integrity, “brother, who am I?”

One wave after another, Qin yubai didn’t know what to say. He just said dryly, “go home.”

Yan Shuang blinked, seemed to recover a little, nodded dully, “OK, go home first…”

He stretched out his hand and paused when his fingertips were about to hold Qin yubai’s hand.

He looked a little trance and said, “is that really… My home?”

The same blank expression as before.

He is a substitute, a soap bubble floating in the air. He will never be able to play that really shining role.

In the hot sun, it breaks at the touch, and even the fragments can’t leave a trace.

Tears suddenly fell down.

But his expression was still so confused. He looked at Qin yubai and said, “brother, why do I cry?”

“Why did I…” tears grew more and more. Yan Shuang grabbed his collar, “… So sad…”

He didn’t even know why he was sad. He was asking the culprit in panic and even praying for his protection. He didn’t know that everything was caused by his favorite and most trusted brother in front of him.

——Qin yubai knows.

“Go -” Qin Yu, with a tight throat, put his hand around Yan Shuang, forcibly locked the man in his arms, lowered his face to cover up his red and swollen eyes. He can’t lose his temper here, “you’re ill…”

Yan Shuang stumbled in his footsteps.

Some people were as like as two peas in their bodies, but they were surprised to open their mouths to greet them. “Feather white, I haven’t seen you for many years. You and Qin Qing have not changed a bit. They are exactly the same as when they were little.”

The man in his arms suddenly grasped his waist.

“Qin Qing and I……”

The language murmured with fear.

“It looks as like as two peas”.

Go, go, you must leave here right away. He just saw Qi Feiyun, so he has to contact Qi Feiyun again. This time, this time, don’t give Yan Shuang the identity of “brother”. Lover, no, “lover” and “lover” are OK… Qin yubai’s mind is swollen and almost recklessly holds Yan Shuang out.

Suddenly, Qin yubai grabbed the man in his arms with a strong force. Qin yubai hugged him too tightly and was dragged out by the force. When he stumbled, he only had time to grab Yan Shuang’s arm, turned around and shot his eyes sharply at the man holding Yan Shuang’s other arm.

Ji Yao grasped the temperature in his hand with a cold and determined look.

“This time, I won’t let you take him away.”


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